The long-awaited Jesse Jackman/Christopher Daniels scene from Incubus 2


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Almost from the start of shooting, rumors about “the scene with the grapes and the rain storm” were circulating around the adult industry. The performers themselves – Christopher Daniels and a then-unknown Jesse Jackman – had shot the scene that started in the blistering sun and was interrupted (but not stopped) when a freak thunder and lightning storm (almost unheard of in Palm Springs where half the movie was shot) opened up and dumped on the cast and crew.

Francois Sagat took it as a sign that the gods up in the mountains above the set approved of the action and he kept going.

(watch a behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of this scene here)

The end result is the stunning visual assault of colour and light and sound and a sexual energy that explodes out of your screen. Jesse Jackman is a massive, muscular hunk, sucked, pissed on and fucked by the god Bacchus who (in a rather amazing visual effect) rises out of a huge pool full of red wine. It looks like the gay porn version of Wrath of the Titans. A bit ironic when you consider what studio Francois trusted to bring his vision to life.

But don’t let the surrounding mystique distract you from what is a mega-hot sex scene with four big cumshots, big cocks, big muscles and shows just why Jesse Jackman has gone from a totally unknown performer to one of the biggest names and Multiple Grabby Award nominee in a few short months.

Watch a clip from this scene here.

Watch a trailer for the full Incubus 2: The Final Chapter here.

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Last modified: Apr 3, 2012

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