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How To Put On A Four-Ring Cock-Ring. Today’s Random Cell Phone Clip


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check out this fun clip shot at the Oxballs Toy Factory while Nick Prescott and Matt Stevens were shooting their scene for Foul Play. Nick gets to try on and demonstrate the silicone 4-ring cock ring.

Watch and Download the resulting scene at Titanmen.

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Nick and Matt spontaneous action on set… Today’s Random Cell Phone Clip.


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We weren’t rolling yet and in fact we weren’t even ready to roll. Before Nick Prescott and Matt Stevens started shooting their scene for Titan Rough’s Foul Play, they did a short product still shoot for Oxballs (we were shooting in the Oxballs factory).

That didn’t stop the guys who were SO ready to get into it that they spontaneously started dry humping. We were kinda worried he was going to blow his load up Matt’s back before we shot the scene but Nick gave us his signature cocky smile and said “Oh, don’t worry, I’m saving that for later…”

you think the build up was hot… download the full scene from Foul Play at Titanmen.

Some pics from that scene after the jump…
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Tyler and Matt are Friends With Benefits


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On the couch, Tyler Edwards has his arm around shaved-headed Matt Stevens—who has his hand on Tyler’s knee. Matt turns off the TV and dives in for a kiss as the two rub each other’s bods. Tyler stares at the tattooed muscle man as Matt unzips him and sucks his throbber. Tyler sucks him back, Matt’s dangling pink sac getting brighter with each slurp. The camera looks up at his hot bod, veins bursting from his biceps. Matt looks down at the sucker: “Yeah? Like that?” he says, tilting Tyler’s head up and smiling at him.


The two kiss, their cocks jostling before Matt offers his ass. “Yeah! Get in there!” he moans as Tyler buries his beard in the hairy hole, soon fucking him from behind (“Fuck yeah! Take my hole!”). The verbal Matt gets on his back, stroking as he stares at the top (“Your dick feels good!”), a constant smile on the bottom’s face.


He sits down on Tyler, his own boner bouncing. Tyler wraps his arms around the bottom and squeezes his nipples, Matt’s muscles tightening as he lets out a juicy load before Tyler squirts.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Sweat


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Our buddy Gay Comic Geek reviews Sweat.

We always love to hear Paul’s opinion on our movies and his style is not only informative and insightful, it’s also funny and a blast to watch.

Yes…we’re hoping that one day he ends up in front of our cameras, too.

Check out more from Gay Comic Geek at his Mancast Channel, his Blog or on Twitter.

You can see the whole movie Sweat at

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Matt Stevens and Alex Graham Sweat It Out


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After a hard workout, Alex Graham needs to relieve lower back pain with a massage from hairy muscle man Matt Stevens. The towering masseur rubs Alex’s smooth muscles, then asks him to turn over. “Oh wow! Look at that!” he exclaims when he gets a look at Alex’s big, throbbing cock. “Your body’s looking really good, man,” he says, continuing to work his magic as his hands graze his moaning client’s pulsing cock.

swet_scene01_012Matt finally strokes Alex, who rubs the stud’s massive arm and body—then reaches in Matt’s shorts and releases his throbber. Matt sucks Alex, then feeds his dick to him. “I got something else for you to suck on,” he says, sitting his jock ass down on Alex’s scruffy face. Alex eats and fingers Matt, then fucks him doggie style (“Open up…you got it!”). On his back, Matt gets fucked and jacked by the top—who goes all in and out.


Matt squirts a hot wad that lands on his pec, then gets soaked by Alex—who rubs his wet dick on the bottom’s balls.

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Check out the gallery after the jump…

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Struggling With A Cock Ring


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When your hands are that lube-coated and you’re trying to put a cock ring on someone else… things can get a bit… slippery.

Here’s a cute video of Ox from Oxballs getting Dirk Caber suited up before hey shot the new “head shaving” scene from Titan Rough’s Hard Play.

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SPLROINK!!! (that’s the sound of a “dude” cock sheath coming off)


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Dirk and Matt were shooting a scene for Titan Rough… Ox hauled out the camera. That “dude” Cock Sheath makes a very… odd noise when you pull it off.

You gotta love the conversations these guys were having…

They were shooting the new “head shaving” scene with Dirk Caber and Matt Stevens for Titan Rough.

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A couple months ago, we posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes clips from this scene while they were playing around on set before the shoot. Check that out here.

I’ll also have a LOT of video from that shoot coming over the next week so keep checking back. It’s HOT.

Dirk Caber got his head shaved by Matt Stevens for the new Titan Rough movie Hard Play. The guys were having a great time at the Oxballs studio for a couple hours before playing with all the toys and taking a bunch of pictures.

Once we were ready to shoot some video, the guys were both hard as rocks, dripping precum and ready for action. Matt grabbed the clippers and shaved at Dirk like a mad man. We had to run around fast and capture all that hair coming off. There was no second take with that.

Once the clippers part was done, we got Matt to slow it down a bit with the shaving cream and razor. It was obvious this action was making them both hotter than they already were and it was time for some REAL action between the men.

rf27_scene01_004They fucked long and hard for this one. Matt and Dirk deserve a metal for the scene and we’re sure this is going to be one of your favorites.

Once the shaving ends and the fucking begins, the men are back to full speed. We had a lot of trouble keeping up with them as Dirk went from the submissive role getting shaved to turning Matt around and fucking that rock-solid ass of his.

Download it DRM-Free or stream it in crystal-clear HD at along with the entire Titanmen Online Collection. Spanning back 19 years, there’s some of the hottest gay porn ever shot… all in your back pocket in case the mood strikes you. Anywhere, Anytime. And since it’s all streaming online, nobody needs to know but you.

Cool, huh?

Also On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen Store.

Check out the gallery after the jump…
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Nick Prescott and the Ball Stretcher


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Some fun behind the scenes on set with Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and Matt Stevens while shooting a Titan Rough movie at the Oxballs factory in Los Angeles.

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Titanmen Production Blog Day Three


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Moving to a new location for day 3, the guys set up in a loft apartment in Potrero Hill, shooting a scene with Matt Stevens and new Titanmen recruit Tyler Edwards.

Watch for that scene at next year.

Clearly a great time was had by all, although word from the set is that “parking was a bitch.”  The joke from the production crew members I spoke to was ” if you have a job where you get to hang out with men that hot and shoot video of them fucking and the biggest problem you can think of is that it’s hard to find a place to park… you win.”

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Titanmen Production Blog Day 2


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Young Buck Alex Graham got his change to top the rugged and dangerous “bad daddy” Matt Stevens today in a scene directed by Jasun Mark. Word from the set is that it started out as a massage scene that the crew “lost complete control” and the stars made it their own.

We can’t wait to see it.

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