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Director’s Blog: Adam Ramzi Gets Gooey


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This was a fun scene to shoot, but there were a LOT of… bumps in the road.

The scene called for an arial shot of the Silverlake Hills. I had wanted to use a shot of the actual lake… the problem was that at the time, the “lake” (really a reservoir) was empty. So I instead turned the drone 180° to show the actual hills and park. It’s a pretty opening shot but I do wish I’d gotten the water… Oh well…

The opening bit had Adam Ramzi and Dakota Rivers cruising for sex as they walked through the residential streets. Again, that felt a bit odd but we work with what we have. I had to keep stopping shooting because pedestrians kept getting in the shots…. That again… not what we want.

Finally… we shot this at the house of a friend of mine, but he’d forgotten to tell me that there was a construction crew working on the back of the property. They were nowhere near where we were shooting, but we could hear the conduction noises through the whole scene (which I mitigated by getting the guys to walk through the front of the yellow tape so viewers would understand why they were hearing the sounds of jack hammers and drills).

And of course… the guys were taking a fluff break while the crew changed out lights. And while they lay on the couch in the living room sucking dick and kissing… one of the workmen from the back yard walked into the room looking for the owner.

Oh dear. He didn’t stay. Pity, apparently he was hot.

The big surprise, though, was that HUGE cumshot that Dakota blew. We weren’t even going for a face shot and… as you can see.. Adam got a face full anyway.

Anyway… you can see the whole LA Cruising movie at Titanmen by clicking here.

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Titanmen Classics: Making Cop Shack on 101


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Here’s a short excerpt from the “Making Of Cop Shack on 101.”

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Check out some stills from the movie below…

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Behind The Scenes with Dred Scott: Making Trespass.


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Trespass is one of the most popular and iconic gay porn films in history. It made a mega-star of Dred Scott and it’s still a favorite among die-hard Titanmen fans. And now that it’s been remastered in stunning 1080HD and streaming to your computer or mobile devices…it’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket. (Members can also download their favorite scenes DRM-free).

One of the best perks available to members of is the HUGE amount of mega-hot bonus content. Trespass alone has over 90 minutes of extras for fans… Water Sports Extras, Model Interviews, Out-Takes, video of the Photoshoots with the guys laughing and getting each other hard for still pictures and “Making Of” features. At, you’ll find a much longer version of this BTS feature… You’ll feel like you’re really getting to know the guys. And hearing Dred’s hot accent and seeing just how turned on he is… makes the movies even hotter.

The way he says “I’m ready to fffuuuuuuuck” is enough to get me off alone… enjoy.

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Director’s Blog: Making Bad Cop with Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario


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Bruce had been gone for a while. A LONG while. A detached retina had left him enduring numerous surgical procedures, unable to work out or exert himself… production assistant/camera man Don Simmer and I are both blind in one eye and did our best to be supportive, but we mostly just had to wait for him to fully recover and get back in shooting shape.

Those few months were really hard on Bruce and when I got the call that it was time and he felt ready to return to shooting… I told him we’d do everything we could to make it a good experience. I even told him to give us some suggestions for scene partners… He timidly asked if he could shoot with his friend Jason Vario. He was expecting us to say “no” (they’d already performed together in my movie Cauke For Free (as well as another studio), but we were actually just fine with that… fans had LOVED seeing them together and had wanted to see them paired up again. Their undeniable chemistry was apparent just sitting around having dinner… paired up naked they looked hot and the action was perfect.

So sure… we’d do another Jason/Bruce scene.

We were in Los Angeles shooting in a friend’s basement. He’s got a full play room, all the fetish gear you’d want (Including 2 slings, one of which I slept in once) and as a uniform collector, he has a GIGANTIC collection of just about every kind of uniform you’d want in just about every size you could need. I say “Just about” because Jason has such huge shoulders, traps and lats, getting him in and out of his shirt was… pretty much impossible. We had to resort to some editing magic to get that police shirt off of him.

Bruce’s eyes are one of his most unique features. His eyes are just a bit bigger than most, which gives him one of the most intense but somehow soft looks. The sky blue colour of them give him that jaw-dropping handsomeness that is his own. But since his eye wasn’t fully healed after the multiple surgeries… so we had him leave on his aviator shades. I was a bit worried it was going to look wrong but it doesn’t. Totally fits. Score another one for “Cop Uniforms.”

The scene itself is everything you’d want it to be. Action is intense but the kind you’d expect from men who have sex regularly in their private lives (fun side note: Jason had slept over at Bruce’s house the two nights before and they… were really ready to go when they arrived on set).

With such a low ceiling, we had to get creative with lightning. But we made it work (I had to attach a reflector to the ceiling for a couple of the angles).

My favorite position is that riding on the floor. Seeing Jason’s HUGE dick slamming into Bruce’s perfect ass is a thing of beauty.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Full picture gallery after the jump…

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Director’s Blog: Liam And Luke had an uninvited audience watching us shoot the new scene…


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Shooting this scene was a study in “while things are going crazy around you, stay focused and complete the job.”

We had thought that the sky would be deep blue and we’d be under a heavy sun…so we got up early and spent a long time hanging the scrim above the men to dissipate the light and give that soft look on them… However, once we were done shooting the stills (which are always done first), we still didn’t have sun… a thick cloud cover was still over us and… we just kept shooting.

THEN the wind started to gust and nearly blew the scrim over… nearly falling on the camera crew AND the performers. That could cause some rather serious injuries so we had to shore it in place… and we just kept shooting. Watch it:

Then we started to smell a barbecue… and then started to hear a bit of dance party music… and then we started to hear…. voices.

Seems that a large group of (quite handsome) men from Chicago had come to Palm Springs for Bear Week and had rented the house next to us…

Well…. someone looked over the fence and saw a porn shoot going on… That’s probably not something you see a lot in Chicago so we now had a rather riveted audience.  I guess the good news was that we had an audience that wanted to see Luke Adams fucking Liam Knox and then Liam Knox fucking Luke Adams?

Anyway… we just kept shooting.

Then our head of production, Keith Webb, came out to tell us that he’d had a word with the guys next door and told them they could watch but “no pictures.” They didn’t have a problem with this, so… we just kept shooting.

Then the loud road work started… then the three LOUD leaf blowers from three different directions… We just kept shooting.

The best part of it all was that Luke and Liam were SO into each other that they just kept the action going… every so often, they’d have to stop and laugh at the absurdity of the situation, but really… porn is always absurd even when everything goes right, don’t you think?

OK let’s get to the scene itself… it’s amazing. We wanted it to look maybe a bit surreal like those old Perfume/Underwear commercials from the 80s. Just two men with beautiful bodies having really great sex… all standing up..taking turns fucking each other. We got some mega-hot footage…

Luke takes a nice load of cum all over his handsome face at the end… he really likes that.

Don’t Forget… Joining Titanmen doesn’t just get you full and unlimited access to the newest scenes (multiple releases weekly give you an endless supply of new stuff to watch), it gives you COMPLETE access to the Entire Titanmen On-line Catalogue. That’s OVER 20 YEARS of the hottest gay porn ever made… from the top directors like Bruce CamBrian MillsTony BuffJoe GagePaul WildeFrancois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

Members can stream in crystal-clear HD to their computer or mobile devices… so when the mood strikes, you have a complete Titanmen DVD catalogue in your back pocket.

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Director’s Blog: Luke Adams and Adam Thicke


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The thing I remember most about shooting this scene was that it was shot during an event in Palm Springs (I think maybe the International Bear Convergence). That meant that the house next door had been rented by a big group of men in town from the midwest and they’d never seen a porn movie get shot before… so once one of them took at look over the fence… they ALL were taking a look over the fence. We had a full audience while we were shooting and in a couple places we had to be careful not to get them in the shot.

Meh… the stars didn’t mind being watched so we just kept going. And we got an amazing scene out of it all. Luke had shown up with a full beard. He was about to go shave it off when we told him not to… we loved the look he had and his hairy chest popping through gave him a manly look that was rather amazing… hard to bellevue that this was the same guy who only two years ago made his debut in Like Father Like Son.

The biggest challenge was dealing with the light… it was so beautiful outside that even when we came INSIDE (to get away from the noise of the party next door), I wanted to still have that background. That meant I had to make it as bright inside as it was outside… So we pulled every light we had cranked them all way up to the top… placed them JUST outside the frame of the cameras and as close to the performers as possible and adjusted our aperture to that bright light.. it meant that we still got to see all that greenery and the pool in the back.

Adam… well he was a total newbie but you’d never know it. He did such a great job I was blown away… Keith called him “a natural.”

And WOW those cum shots


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Gay Porn Star Carpool Karaoke “GO”


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After shooting a scene for the movie “Swap,” (featuring Liam Knox and Steve Roman, back seat) Jasun Mark and the guys climbed into the Mark Mobile with Jesse Jackman (passenger seat) and drove around Palm Springs looking for some fun… which they found with this catchy Kelly Clarkson rarity called “Go.”

Liam and Steve can be seen together in the new Titanmen movie “SWAP.”

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Director’s Blog: Making BOOM with Liam Knox and Matthew Bosch


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This was a fun scene, although every scene has a unique set of challenges.

For the opening scene from the movie Boom, we had a bit of a walk-through of changes that will be coming to the house that’s being renovated. This is the third but kind of fifth movie in the “Titanmen Renovation Series” (that includes Blue Print, Say Uncle, Parole, Demolition and now BOOM).

We started that series with the movie Blue Print that introduced Bruce Beckham to the Titan family and also featured Matthew Bosch, Dallas Steele, Eric Nero, Adam Ramsey, Dirk Caber and Max Sergeant. At the time, Titan had a large house we’d used to shoot a bunch of scenes for various movies (including Rent and Silverlake),  but they had decided to renovate it and that meant we had a lot of fresh locations for the movie… but they’d all be construction sites and as time progressed, it would get harder and harder to shoot as we had to grapple with no shower… limited  access to electricity and at one point, a house with virtually no walls.

The script called for Matthew to lead Liam down a narrow hallway as he walked him through work that was going to have to be done… This was a rough shot to get that required me to walk backwards down the hallway in front of them with a steady cam  while one of our camera men walked with a boom mic right behind me. We lit the shot with lights in each room but that meant that the light level went drastically up and down as they walked past each door… So in post we had to slowly adjust levels through that 20-second clip to help balance out the light as they moved in and out of each light pool.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of what the shot looked like before and after.

Liam and Matthew are both great guys… Matthew is tall and lean, Liam is shorter but very muscular… the body types contrasted well and their natural chemistry meant that we were able to just shoot the action how it would unravel… We didn’t have a huge space to shoot in, so we had to improvise with props and lighting. Worked well… usually a scene on a couch is hard to shoot but the one we had there was minimal enough that it looked great and allowed us to shoot the men without much in the way.


The one thing I remember more than anything was that it was hot… we couldn’t leave the air conditioning on, so it ended up being very hot inside between takes.

When it came time for cumshots, both men were happy… they told me they’d been so turned on that they’d been holding back for a long time… they both blew their loads fast and we had another scene shot… that’s always a good feeling.

Don’t Forget… Joining Titanmen doesn’t just get you full and unlimited access to the newest scenes (multiple releases weekly give you an endless supply of new stuff to watch), it gives you COMPLETE access to the Entire Titanmen On-line Catalogue. That’s nearly 20 YEARS of the hottest gay porn ever made… from the top directors like Bruce CamBrian MillsTony BuffJoe GagePaul WildeFrancois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

Members can stream in crystal-clear HD to their computer or mobile devices… so when the mood strikes, you have a complete Titanmen DVD catalogue in your back pocket.

Prefer to download? Members can download their favorite scenes DRM-free.

Featuring the hottest roster in all of gay porn… men like Dred ScottDean FlynnJesse JackmanFrancois SagatDamien StoneHunter MarxDario BeckNick PrescottJay BentleyDavid AnthonyScott Hunter and MANY more…

Click Here to see the full scene at Titanmen.

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Bruce Beckham sees his own asshole. That means 6 weeks of hot or something…


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Here’s a cute, if not oddly-framed out-take from the Bruce Beckham/Alex Mecum scene in Beards.

The Titanmen crew usually uses two cameras for the main sex action in a scene to get the best coverage. You can see the dick being inserted and then editors are able to show you the real facial reaction of the bottom. It makes the viewing hotter and more real… but it ALSO gives us these rare moments of comedy.

In this clip, Alex Mecum was getting ready to fuck Bruce… Bruce got into position and then saw both his own face AND his own asshole on the monitors. And hilarity ensued.

Here’s the trailer from the finished scene

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Happy Anniversary to Queer Me Now


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While shooting the sequel to the smash hit Titanmen movie Cauke For President, the cast (including Jesse Jackman, Alex Mecum, Alex Graham and Jason Vario) took some time from the pool to make this cute video for Queer Me Now, one of the best sources for Gay Porn news you’ll find.

Jasun Mark shot and edited this but the whole team came up with the idea along with head of production Keith Webb. They clearly had a lot of fun doing this… shows what a great atmosphere you’ll find on set with Titanmen.


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Gay Porn Star Car Karaoke Telephone…


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After an exhausting week of shooting our new movie, we had some fun in the car on the way to the gym. We work hard, we play hard.

Or, I guess in this case, we lip sync to Lady Gaga songs.

in the car were Jason Vario, Jesse Jackman, Alex Graham and your old buddy Jasun.


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Making OUT. Scene One: Director’s Blog


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outt_slider_911x330_3While I was still buried neck-deep in piecing together Cauke For President, shooting/recording the extra scenes, bumpers, graphics, fake campaign commercials, celebrity cameos and extra footage to complete the movie, Keith Webb told me that he and Jesse Jackman were hard at work on an idea that we’d thrown around for a while. A movie about a gay baseball player coming out.

I was intrigued. While Cauke For President tells the story of a closeted gay politician who attacks the gay community in public while covertly sucking dick in private, Out was about a gay man who privately was quite open with friends and family about his sexual orientation but wouldn’t publicly discuss it.


The contrast between the two characters was what excited me the most. While Mike Cauke is a smarmy jerk who gets outed in a humiliating revenge-porn video by a Manhunt hookup (and then becomes a story of personal revolution and redemption), AJ Benson is an honorable athlete who takes control of the story and comes out in a nationally-televised interview.

Unlike Cauke For President, I had virtually nothing to do with the story and script. Keith and Jesse based the character on Jesse’s real-life experience as a gay athlete and when I read it, I was drawn to the likability of the characters. How real it all felt. How emotional it was in all the right places and how it never strayed away from the goal of getting your audience turned on. Porn often ends with the asshole getting what’s coming to him, but I’ve always liked watching good guys winning in the end.

We shot the two book-ending scenes with Jesse, Nick Prescott and Dallas Steele last July in Palm Springs. It was swelteringly hot (which worked for the setting of AJ’s spring training home in Arizona) and as part of a grueling production run that had us waking up at 4 A.M. to get sunrise footage… we were all earning our stripes.


What I wanted for this scene was to bring the feeling of “Spring Training” into view. I wanted blooming flowers, lush green grass, blue sky and the feeling of that fresh, clean desert air. But it still had to take place inside. The easy solution was to shoot with Nick and Jesse in front of open glass doors opened to the green back yard… That looks great to your naked eye… but to a camera, without the proper lighting, you’ll have a dark foreground and a totally blown-out, burned-up background. Your image will look horrible. We’ve all seen those poorly-lit movies where the guys are lit a bit too dark to see the action and the windows are just a bit wall of white. That wasn’t going to do.

I’d planned for this shot for a while. We brought every single light we had at our disposal and lit the guys brightly from every angle. I had lights on the floor, the ceiling, spots across the room, reflectors adding warmth and gels matching the blues outside. The end result is pretty stunning. The guys look perfect.. their skin tones are warm and natural… like healthy athletes… and the outside is bursting with a bright colour explosion of nature. The hedges and flowers and sky are all exactly the colour they needed to be. It took us a long time to light that shot, but it was worth it. I’ve always said that a porn movie should look so warm and bright and colorful that you feel like you could peel off your own shirt and join in the action. This setup is where the story actually starts… with Jesse/AJ getting  the text message that sets him on the path to have his coming-out interview with “Jim Weaver” (played perfectly by Dallas Steele… more on that in three weeks).

The film originally opened up with Nick’s face buried in Jesse’s crotch. The two men in baseball gear is a mega-hot image but when we had our first screening, Keith, (lead editor) James Sheridan and I all agreed that we needed to put who these guys were into context and explain to the audience that they were rumored to be a couple in the press. “Leave that to me, I’ll come up with something,” I said, and a day later… I had THIS…

This cute little 38-second bit brought in enough info to explain that Nick and Jesse were rumored to be gay and sexually involved, that the press was onto them… that they were, in fact, major league baseball stars and that the press was hounding Jesse’s character for a “quote.” Now when Jesse gets the text message while Nick is sucking his dick, it doesn’t come out of nowhere. (btw… that weird Japanese commercial… we’ll explain that one soon, trust me, it makes sense in the final movie).

Nick and Jesse have wanted to do a scene together for a long time and we at Titan have been trying to find the perfect scene for them. This was it. They both look stunning on the baseball gear and the hot, lazy summer day brought out the sexual energy in both of them. This scene is stunning… and has all the parts you expect from a Titan movie… hot, muscular men, natural sexual energy and beautifully shot action (if I don’t say so myself).

Here’s a rather fun little BTS montage…

Extra points to Keith for the SF Titans logos, uniforms hats, posters, baseball cards and promo material. This was another movie where the whole Titanmen team pitched in to make a hot script into a really hot, fun, entertaining movie.

You can watch the full movie at

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Making Cauke: Scene Three “My Favorite Comfy Chair.”


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Scene 3 in our movie Cauke For President is where I think we all finally earned our stripes.

This is where “shit gets real” in the serialized story. The video covertly shot of Mike Cauke getting fucked (from scene 1) has been sent to Tex Davidson’s reporter character and he’s invited Senator Cauke’s campaign manager to give a quote about the video. David Benjamin’s acting skills were totally put to the test here. He manages to play the asshole political operative perfectly, and when forced to beg on his knees and then get fucked by Tex, he never breaks character. For Tex’s part, he does a great acting job, too.


This scene is a slam dunk. David and Tex knocked it out of the park with this one. They exhausted us all on set.

BUT… I gotta say that the crew really pulled this one out. We shot this at my own house in Silver Lake, a neighborhood located between Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. We wanted a location that was big enough to shoot in and had an open enough layout for all the gear and crew and action, but it had to look like a home office. My house fit the bill, but we hadn’t really planned on the heat. Shot late in the summer, Los Angeles was in the middle of a massive heat wave. With the lights, all the crew and performers and only being able to leave air-conditioning on while we weren’t shooting… it got hot. REALLY hot. At one point it was over 100° inside. David resorted to sticking his head in my freezer between takes and we went through a LOT of water.
This was also the last time we had to use Tungsten lights. After seeing how the heat drained everyone, Keith bought us a nice new set of LED lights.
Keith Webb managed to keep the guys motivated by running down to the corner store and returning with bags of popsicles and ice cream.
OH and if you look closely, you can see my rather large collection of skull shaped vodka and tequila bottles in the background.

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Director’s Blog: Making Cauke Scene 2 with Adam Ramzi and Luke Adams


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Any time you’re making a movie, you have to constantly adjust, change, rearrange and add things… When we were making Cauke for President, we changed, added, rewrote and polished it non-stop for months from writing it to the final edit. Sometimes you have to think on your feet and improvise as you go along.
Each scene starts with an audio commentary from a morning “shock jock” radio station with the voice parts played by Don Mike and me. Instead of having the audio play over a screen shot of JoeMyGod like in the other three scenes, we instead had the radio show playing on the actual radio while David drove Luke to a neighborhood he said was “Full of Reagan Democrats.”

I had planned two specialty drone shots to give the opening sequence some visual punch, but like technology often does… the drone wasn’t cooperating. Hours trying to solve the issue and more time spent on the phone with tech support ascertained that… it wasn’t going to fly. Literally. The drone could shoot video but not fly.

But… since it COULD shoot video, it gave us an idea.

To those drone shots in the start of the scene, we had to… get creative.


I’m a diminutive 5-foot-6 but Keith Webb… he’s tall. So for the opening shot, he held the drone over his head and walked orbiting the car as it pulled up to the curb. For the following shot with Luke walking up to the house, he climbed to the top of the ladder and perched precariously over enough cactus to do some serious damage if he fell. I stood behind him controlling the up/down pan of the onboard camera and we got the shots we wanted.

Click Here to Watch The Trailer.

Since we shot the in-car footage with a Go-Pro stuck to the inside of the windshield, the audio wasn’t usable. That meant we had to record the dialogue and match it up with the video later in editing. I haven’t actually had to ADR a shot like that in a long time. But the end effect is worth it.
We had originally planned just three scenes for the movie with the added jerk off scene to open it. But we were so happy with what we had and had started to notice a lot of attention bubbling up about what we were doing. We had started the Mike Cauke Twitter and Instagram account, launched a website and people had taken some notice.

cauk_bts_AdamLuke_1304We decided we’d give them a bit more to enjoy. Which meant we added a whole extra scene.

Keith wrote the script for this one while I was busy working on editing and the comedic between-scene setups.

He came up with the idea of having a young, innocent campaign volunteer being seduced by a possible voter. The sex scene itself was actually a pretty easy one to shoot. Adam Ramzzi and Luke Adams were both bang-on in their scene that takes place on the front entryway to one of the Titan houses in Palm Springs. But trying to make it flow well with the rest of the movie was the important part. We chose to get David Benjamin to come and play a non-sexual cameo role in the same character he plays in scene 3 with Tex Davidson.

Luke plays the innocent young man perfectly and Adam plays the sexually aggressive potential voter exactly how we wanted it…

finally… just as an in-joke I added the line about how “I can’t vote, I’m Canadian.” That’s true, technically, but it’s also what I always tell canvassers who come to my door while I’m too busy making porn to hear a stump speech.

You can Click Here  to see the whole scene over at

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Flash Back: Covering François Sagat with Mud


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Like digital Pack Rats such as myself who have drives and drives filled with archived video, pictures, audio clips, random apps and various… things backed up, I occasionally will haul out a drive to see what’s on it.

Found this rather cute clip of me on my first day shooting with Titan. I had left my previous job for another studio about a month before and was working for a bunch of studios freelance when I got a call from Brian Mills asking if I’d be interested in coming out to Palm Springs for a week to shoot with the Titan crew. Working for Titan had been a dream job for years, so I jumped at the chance, but it wasn’t until I got there that I realized I’d be working on the new epic François Sagat movie. Quite the trial by fire.

At the time I described it as “an incredible experience and it’s awoken a new love of movie making that I was starting to lose.” Four and a half years later, I still have that fire and it’s still burning away. Being here at Titan has been a total dream and I’m very proud to call Titan home.

The resulting movie from this shoot was, of course, Incubus. You can watch the trailers here for Part One and Part Two.

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