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Conner Habib and Adam Russo. Tuxes and Boners.


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Joe Gage does it again with this mega-hot Sex In Tuxedos scene starting Conner Habib and Adam Russo.

The guys start out in Tuxes, get naked too fuck and then get back into the suits to blow their loads all over each other.





At a wedding reception, best man Adam Russo takes Conner Habib aside. “I’d like to watch them fuck,” says Adam of their siblings, surprising the brother of the bride. Adam’s dirty talk quickly breaks down the intrigued Conner in a heated exchange as the sexual energy builds. “What are we doing here?” asks a nervous Conner, the two soon whipping their boners out. They stare and stroke, holding each other’s cocks as the taboo talk continues. Adam drops down and licks Conner’s cock before engulfing it, then gets the dark-haired cutie to suck him back. He starts slow before taking it all in like a pro, a hot aerial shot capturing Conner’s cock pulsing below. Conner eats Adam over the couch, then fucks him doggie style as the bottom bites the pillow (“You take it so good!”). Adam fucks Conner on his back, gyrating inside and then leaning down to get closer—their noses and foreheads grazing in an intense sequence. The two get back in their tuxes, stroking out their loads as Adam’s clothes get drenched by Conner’s geyser.

Watch the whole movie and the ENTIRE TITANMEN ONLINE CATALOGUE at

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When Adam Met Aymeric


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This clip is a bit long but it’s SO much fun to see the guys getting ready for their scene, prepping their gear and preparing for a fun shoot at the Mr. S Leather location in San Francisco.

They were shooting a scene for the Titan Rough movie Heavy Duty (there’s an extended clip from that movie at the end of this).

The huge cock and ball torture toys were something Aymeric loved to play with and the preparation of all the gear was something they all enjoyed. My favorite thing about this clip is seeing all the guys laughing and joking around. You can clearly see how much fun everyone was having on set.

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There are a bunch of stills after the jump..
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Jesse Jackman and Adam Russo Fluffing On Set


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Here’s a pretty fun clip of Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman and Adam Russo shooting their scene for Brian Mills’ Down & Dirty. One of the challenges of shooting porn isn’t getting the chemistry between the performers – you can see that CLEARLY here – as much as it’s capturing it on video, getting the best angles and making sure everything is at the right height. When you have a man the size of Jesse Jackman, sometimes you have to raise things up a bit higher for the “pole to hit the hole.”

Seeing Jesse and Adam joking around on set, both with hard dicks and getting into the perfect position… that’s what the best Behind-The-Scenes looks are made of.

Click Here to watch the full video at Titanmen, along with the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue. Members can now Download their favorite scenes DRM-Free, too.

Check out another clip from this shoot AND a bunch of still pictures from the scene after the jump…
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Jerking Off on the Job? – Working Stiffs – Full Preview


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The day drags on, the stress rising as things get harder. You need to release the tension, and what better way than by taking advantage of the Working Stiffs in front of you? Join TitanMan exclusive Hunter Marx as he and his co-workers come to blows with each other in an office unlike any other.

wstf_dvd_frontTaking a break to ease the ache in his crotch, Thomas (in his first appearance since last year’s Nightfall) watches porn at his desk…and gets caught by boss Adam Russo, who happily offers him the real thing.

After cleaning up a project, Jimmy Durano can’t keep his eyes off Justin Beal’s ass—which soon becomes his reward for a job well done.

The boardroom heats up when suited and bossy executive Landon Conrad exerts his authority—only to have subordinate Hunter Marx come out on top.

Working Stiffs is the third Titanmen movie directed by Jasun Mark, his love of Joe Gage movies clearly showing through on this one. A Blue Collar, rough-handed, working man feature with the guy at the bottom of the ladder getting his revenge on top.

First scene with Adam Russo and Thomas is out today at Titanmen.

Or get the whole movie on DVD, On Sale at the Titanmen DVD store.

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Studio Report…


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Twitter and blogs were buzzing last week about a few things going on with the Titanmen production team over the last couple of weeks. Joe Gage returned to shoot a new collection of scenes, following up last year’s successful “Joe Gage’s Special Reserve.” In front of the lens this time were a few familiar faces… Titanmen Exclusive George Ce, Trenton Ducati, Adam Russo, Christopher Daniels and Brad Kalvo.

But returning to Titanmen after way-too-long is the handsome daddy Josh West, who we haven’t seen since he appeared in Slow Heat in a Texas Town. We also had Casey Williams back, Colby White (who you can see shooting his HUGE cum shot in Extra Firm with Titanmen Exclusive Dario Beck), new-comer Tyler Griz and Conner Habib. Conner’s done a couple of scenes with us here at Titan but one of his biggest roles was as Allen Silver‘s son in Joe Gage’s movie “Dad Goes To College.”

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Jesse Jackman and Adam Russo fluffing each other up…


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In case you missed these gems posted over on Jesse Jackman’s blog last month…here’s a quick peek at the day Adam Russo and Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman met on the set of Down & Dirty.

Glad they got along so well.

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And that “entire Titanmen Online Catalogue” isn’t just a couple hundred videos and scenes.

We’re talking 17 YEARS of some of the best gay porn movies ever made. From Iconic directors like Bruce Cam, Joe Gage, Brian Mills and Paul Wide. Plus newer directors like Francois Sagat, Jasun Mark and even new scenes from Michael Lucas and Mack Manus.

Titanmen is a powerhouse and right now you can get Full and Unlimited access for 50% OFF when you get 6 months for $89.95. That’s less than 50¢ per day.

And working seamlessly with mobile means that you can bring your whole collection with you wherever you go. Even just for  quick break at the office.

Don’t you love technology?

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Making Down and Dirty.


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Here’s some fun pictures from the set of Brian Mill’s movie Down and Dirty. Jesse Jackman and Adam Russo hadn’t met before but since they were about to fuck in a scene together, they “got to know each other better” by helping eachother get hard for their stills.

Check out the whole scene at

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Jesse Jackman and Adam Russo get “Down and Dirty”


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PinkX Video Award Nominations are In…


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We’re very proud of our movies, directors and stars who got nominations, you can vote here

Check out the movies below to see the action that earned nominations. Full and Unlimited access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue, including these gems…
Slick Dogs

Paul Wilde (Slick Dogs)

Dario Beck (Criminal Intent)

Aymeric Deville (Stock Room)
Christopher Saint (Mojave Run)

Francois Sagat & Viktor Jones (Thrust)


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Adam Russo Photoshoot for Power Stroke @adamrussoxxx @dariobeck


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On his blog recently, Dario Beck talked about how when he arrived on the set up in the mountains north of Pasadena, CA for his scene in Power Stroke, Adam Russo was already naked, fully hard and laughing. That was the first time they met.

Which is a pretty good introduction.

You can see Adam and Dario together in Powerstroke at the Titanmen Website.

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Adam Russo gives Dario Beck the Power Stroke


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Titanmen Exclusive Dario Beck returns in Paul Wilde’s PowerStroke. Adam Russo comes across our Spanish hunk jerking off alone and… well, what would YOU do?

The guys had amazing chemistry together. You can tell by the electric energy in this scene just how hot they were for eachother and how excited they were to get going with the action. Adam gives Dario all that he’s got and neither one ever lose the smile form their faces.

Powerstroke also features appearances by Ty Roderick, Jecht Parker, Christopher Daniels and Caleb Colton. It’s out now at the new Titamen Website streaming in beautiful HD.

The Titanmen Website features full and unlimited access to the entire 17-year catalogue of Titanmen movies. Newer films shot and streaming in HD, plus remastered Classics from Bruce Cam and Joe Gage, modern mega-hits from Brian Mills and Paul Wilde. Even genre-busting movies from Tony Buff and Francois Sagat.

One of the best deals going.

You can also get Powertstroke on DVD at the Titanmen DVD store. The Powerstroke DVD includes the entire movie PLUS a full-length digital copy to play on your mobile devices or computer (and if you have an iPad or iPhone plus an Apple TV, using Airplay will allow you to stream the entire Titanmen online catalogue to your big screen TV).

It’s like having a complete Titanmen library (and one that nobody else needs to know you have… ya know?)

OR for the best of BOTH worlds… join the Titanmen DVD Club and be the first to get all the new movies from Titanmen PLUS full access to the full online catalogue.

Check out the Gallery after the jump…

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Dario Does Hollywood


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While in Southern California to shoot the new Titanmen movie Powerstroke, Dario Beck took some time away from the set to travel into Hollywood and see some sights. He checked out Hollywood, Melrose, Rodeo Drive and even had lunch at the famous salad place Tender Greens in Weho (where he was spotted by more than a few fans and even equally-hot porn star Alex Frietas who tweeted about the sighting).

Oh, and he also got to fuck Adam Russo. Click Here to see that in PowerStroke at Titanmen.

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