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Flashback!! – PORN STAR, BABY!! – Jessy, Hunter and Aymeric walking through the Castro naked and singing.


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Back in late September of 2011, there was a huge Twitter burst of people reporting “three naked guys walking around the Castro in San Francisco shooting a music video.”

What they were seeing wasn’t some group hallucination but Jessy Ares, Hunter Marx and Aymeric Deville shooting the video for Jessy’s song “Porn Star” which is on his album Shameless.

Hunter and Aymeric weren’t in the movie, but you can see the mega-hot 4-way scene starring Jessy here.

It’s also featured in the  Titan movie Command Performance which is due out next week on Titanmen.

And yes, that actually was legal to do in San Francisco. Not anymore.

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Flashback: What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever done at Folsom?


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The Titan Men at the Folsom Street Booth talking about their favorite “nasty” memory from Folsom Street Fair. Best story goes to Jesse Jackman. Or Maybe Dirk Caber for his revelation that his nastiest memory was with fellow Titan Man Alessio Romero.

Also, yes.. François Sagat was there, looking amazing and seemingly… up to something. Yes, Francois pissed in a gatorade bottle and then just… left it for whomever was thirsty (with no indication of what was in the bottle because that’s how we roll).



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Officer Marx gets Fucked.


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The newest release from Joe Gage, Exclusively available at Titanmen. Officer Hunter Marx races to the rescue in Jessy Aresí studio, but itís a false alarm. Left without a model, Jessy needs a fine ass to pose for his pictures. The hesitant Hunter relents, his hairy hole soon exposed. “Nice piece of ass,” says Jessy as he eats, his own boner released. ìTurn around. I want that cock in my mouth, he commands, devouring Hunterís big shaft. chnr_scene01_011 The two stare into each otherís eyes, Hunter spitting down on his rod as a spit strand clings from his dick to Jessyís mouth before falling to the floor. chnr_scene01_007“Yeah, spit on that cock motherfucker!” Jessy feeds his uncut meat to the cop, whose own boner pulses as he sucks. ìTime to put your ass to work,î says Jessy, fucking Hunter from behind before turning him over. Hunter strokes his own dick as he gets plowed, rubbing Jessyís chest and exhaling a heavy breath. The two then swallow a double-headed dildo; their asses meeting and legs overlapped before they stroke out their loads. Chain Reaction is the newest release from legendary gay porn director Joe Gage.

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Check out the gallery of pics after the jump…

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Making The Interrogation


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The scene itself is a dark, edgy, Film Noir styled interrogation scene with the two masculine muscle hunks Jessy Ares and Jesse Jackman.

But Here are some fun behind-the-scenes shots of the guys having some fun while shooting the movie. And of course, the above video with Jessy Ares showing off his lederhosen, like ANY self-respecting man from Bavaria must have…

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Jesse, Jessy and Joe Gage


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Joe Gage broke from his usual blue collar, working class, middle America style for this scene with Titanmen Exclusives Jesse Jackman and Jessy Ares and turned to a 50s War Time Film Noir style, not unlike Kubrick’s The Killing.

cact_scene03_011Jessy Ares plays a cold interrogator trying to best the steel-skinned Jesse Jackman as he questions him tied to a chair, then unties him and tops him.

The two men were asking to do a scene together for a long time. So Joe wanted to give them just the kind of build up that they needed to close the deal.

This scene from his collection “Caught In The Act” is now streaming at in crystal clear HD along with the entire Titanmen Online Collection. Join Now for the amazing price of $99 for a Full Year. That’s 80% OFF, a savings of $260.


Prefer the DVD? That’s On Sale over at the Titanmen DVD store…

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The Germans Are Cumming! The Germans Are Cumming!


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This is a REALLY hot scene. The sexual chemistry between Titanmen Exclusive Jessy Ares and Hans Berlin was explosive. Two muscular men with BIG uncut dicks (check out the one on Hans) contrast perfectly. The two of them keep giving each other that knowing smile and sideways glances at each other in the way two men who are really into each other do.

ontp_scene03_004Apparently the story from the set was that Hans, who was a newcomer to porn was just a touch nervous and while Jessy was helping him get prepared, the news that they were both from Germany came out and the two immediately burst into their native tongue and within minutes were both laughing and grabbing at each other. The crew had to race to get the cameras and lights fired up to capture the action.

This is the third scene from Paul Wilde’s movie On Tap, three scenes that revolve around the staff at a bar (not unlike his movie STROBE from last year, but without the continuous dance music soundtrack).

You can always tell when men are absolutely connected to each other in a scene and these guys have it. The look on Hans’ face when when Jessy slides his dick deep into his asshole is something you have to see. It’s a mixture of ecstasy and joy.


Check out the whole movie here at Titanmen (where you can stream not just On Tap but the Entire Titanmen Online Catalogue in Crystal Clear HD and download your favorite scenes).

Check out the full gallery after the jump…
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Jessy Ares “stretching” Trenton Ducati’s hole before shooting “Up Close.”


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A fun Behind-The-Scenes clip of Trenton Ducati and Jessy Ares on set at Titanmen with Brian Mills.

Always hot to see these guys on their own and together they’re incredible. More than that, seeing the way that Jessy and Trenton can’t keep their hands off each other even when the cameras aren’t rolling shows just how hot they were for each other.

Trenton is a power bottom but he still asked Jessy to help him “loosen up a bit” before the big scene.

You can see the whole scene at Titanmen right now or buy in On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen Store.

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New from Titanmen – GRIND


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A deep kiss, your groins and beards affixed to each other. Lips sealed tightly around the shaft, planted to the base. Ass cheeks squeezing, riding down to the root. Do you know how to Grind like you mean it?

Let TitanMen exclusive Jessy Ares and his friends show you how it’s done.

After voraciously sucking Jessy Ares’ uncut monster, James Corman offers his ass as the top grunt fucks him.

Jimmy Durano sees his sketch come to life with the arrival of model Cavin Knight, whose cock stays rock hard as he gets plowed by the artist.

A tattoo parlor gets down and dirty as Collin Stone sucks bud Christopher Daniels and ink artist Caleb Colton, a flip fuck closing out the action.

Instantly stream GRIND today in Crystal-Clear HD only at

This is Titanmen director Jasun Mark’s follow-up to last year’s Nightfall. Writing on his own blog, he explained that GRIND was meant to be the polar opposite of his first Titanmen movie. Where Nightfall had a dark, surreal look and a theme of breaking down the walls and venturing into the dark places of Los Angeles to find the action your instinct told you to find, GRIND shows a very analogue, organic view of the same city.

The low-resolution, static and jittery TV signal over the opening credits sets the style and mirroring the opening shot of Nightfall’s shot of downtown Los Angeles at night, GRIND opens with the same view of downtown, shot at midday with the sun beaming down on Jessy Ares and James Corman making out on the roof.

The second scene features Cavin Knight’s last scene ever shot (Cavin is still very visible in the industry but is now doing more promotions and events with his long-time boyfriend Tristan Jaxx) as a live model posing for Jimmy Durano, an artist with an attraction to Cavin that goes beyond just physical. The two men perform an incredible scene together that’s got a very real emotional slant to it. And Cavin is still one of the best bottoms we’ve had the pleasure of working with (you can see him here in Command Performance with Dario Beck).

The third and final scene is a Balls-To-The-Wall 3-way shot in a downtown Tattoo Studio (using the real-life studio of Marginalized Tattoo and noted comic book and tattoo artist Dave Davenport who worked as a consultant on that scene teaching Caleb Colton how to use the tattoo needles on Collin Stone). Christopher Daniels takes matters into his own hands in that way a lot of us have wanted to… sees something hot, whips out his dick and starts jerking off while watching… then instigates some action right there on the tattoo table (random trivia…. the tattoo studio that was used was repurposed and also used for the Sex Club at the end of Nightfall).

You can Instantly stream GRIND today in Crystal-Clear HD only at

OR you can get the entire movie GRIND on DVD right now 33% OFF (or 45% OFF when you buy four titles) at the Titanmen DVD store.

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Check out the extended preview of Scene One with Jessy Ares and James Corman  PLUS a big gallery of stills after the jump…
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Jessy Ares shows off a big stiff boner in his lederhosen. No, really.


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Here’s part 2 of the video you all loved so much. This isn’t from a movie, just Brian Mills and Jessy Ares having some fun shooting stills of Jessy in his traditional Bavarian lederhosen.

Jesse Jackman was on hand to help Jessy get that beautiful uncut dick hard and keep it that way.

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Jessy Ares shows off his Lederhosen. No, really.


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The story behind the clip is that while Jessy Ares and Jesse Jackman were in town shooting a scene for what’s been described as a “film noir interrogation scene” for an up-coming Joe Gage movie, Jessy mentioned that he had his traditional Bavarian green leather lederhosen. Brian Mills wanted to get some shots of him wearing them, although he’s not wearing them in any scene. Just for fun.

Jesse Jackman was by to watch the proceedings and this video was just a single-take, captured moment of sheer insanity that you’ll find on a Titanmen shoot.

Check out all of Jesse Jackman’s movies here.

Check out all of Jessy Ares’ movies here.

Check out the HUGE Library of Titanmen movies directed by Joe Gage here.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Nightfall with Jessy Ares, Dario Beck and Scott Hunter


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Gay Comic Geek recently posted this adorable, funny and entertaining review of Jasun Mark’s first Titanmen movie Nightfall.

If you haven’t checked out his Mancast Channel, it’s filled with fun reviews of porn movies, comics and Gay Comic Geek’s fun outlook on gay geekdom.

You can stream Nightfall in HD only on or get it on DVD at the Titanmen store.

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Incubus 1 & 2 – XBiz Awards Movie of the Year!


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We couldn’t possibly be more proud of Francois Sagat and the entire team here at Titanmen who came together as a team to produce the Incubus movies. Francois came to Bruce Cam and Brian Mills in early 2011 with a few rough ideas for a movie that would become a massive effort on all parts of our studio.

From the numerous special effects that our video editing and production team needed to plan, the many bridge-scenes that had no sex but involved hours of planning and production, rope-tying specialists, makeup artists, costume designers, prosthetic horns, ariel cameras, night-vision, head cameras and as far as we can find, the first-ever porn movie which used a GoPro head-camera to shoot someone walking naked around a desert, stopping and taking a piss (watch video of the making of that scene).

Brian Mills and Bruce Cam joined in on the underwater wresting scene that incorporated 5 camera men (two of them underwater), two body doubles and thousands of watts of lights(watch the making of that scene). Logistically we had to plan out shooting a movie that used three locations plus our studio, shot in two cities and using a cast of 13 porn stars and 20 extras.

Then TP Deaux took over 100 hours of raw footage, a rough script and the ideas on paper and created a porn movie that looks like nothing anyone had ever seen. Jasun Mark shot the even more hours and hours of footage of the making of the whole epic so we got to see the process of putting it together.

Watching a scene like the Bacchus scene and how it was made demonstrates just how much work and attention to detail and special effects. It was also nice that the gods of thunder and rain cooperated and gave us the perfect touch of a storm while we were shooting.

If you haven’t seen this clip of Brian Mills being interviewed about Francois’s transition from star to director while Francois is tied up in ropes to be suspended for the Video Demon scene, check it out.

More than just everyone doing their own jobs, the set was abuzz with people coming up with ideas on the fly, suggesting things, figuring out how to make them happen and joining in the whole creation of Incubus.

But to diminish the role of Francois in all of this would be a crime. He’s a creative genius and just watching this movie shows that from start to finish. And we’re very proud of Incubus.

You can get both DVDs on sale at Titanmen’s DVD store here.

Or join and stream all movies – the entire Titanmen online catalogue – in crystal clear HD.

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A sneak peek at the new Titanmen movie Strobe. Starring Jesse Jackman, George Ce, Samuel Colt, Jessy Ares, Marcus Isaac and Casey Williams, Strobe takes place all in one night at a huge downtown dance club filled with sweaty men, muscle and sexual energy.

Playing out over a throbbing continuous mix soundtrack by DiscoPup, Strobe takes place all in one night as the men at STROBE just can’t get enough.

On DVD and at

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Get Titanmen 50% OFF – Nightfall – Jessy Ares and Scott Hunter


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The third and final scene from Nightfall. And the movie sure goes out with a BANG.

Scott Hunter plays a very nervous and shy Brit who sheepishly walks into his first gay sex club. The way his eyes bug out of his head in shock when he finds out he’ll have to give identification to enter, shocked and scared but still determined to enter… hot. The way he timidly says “yeah…” when asked “is this your first time at a sex club?” is hotter.

But the action that happens when Jessy Ares the doorman grabs him and fucks him hard right there at the front desk… HOTTEST.

Seeing Scott shout and moan as Jessy’s huge uncut dick slams into his asshole is what gay porn is all about. Scott’s equally-big and beautiful Uncut British Meat makes me wanna hop across the pond and um.. have a… apples and pears… Fuck it, I know shit about British slang I just wanna blow him.

Nightfall tells the stories of men who are no longer willing to keep their walls up, no longer able to resist their most primal needs and go out into the darkness, into the danger, to find what they know they want.

The movie itself is dark, surreal and riveting. You can easily see yourself in the role of the “new” guy… a bit scared but not letting that stop him as he’s drawn to the action.  The characters are real and the settings are exciting. The hardcore scenes… top-notch.

See all of Nightfall at

Nightfall is currently on sale on DVD at the Titanmen store here.

And Titanmen is currently 50% OFF when you get 6 Months for $89.95.

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The trailer for the new Jasun Mark movie Nightfall, available on DVD and now playing over at

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