Hans and George – the South American Soap Opera Version

ok this is NOT NOT NOT the actual scene. This is a clip taken from the newest Titanmen movie House Rules, except the guys in the video editing department decided to have a bit of fun. This clip has been circulating around the Titanmen office for a couple of weeks and since the team here is still laughing at it… I figured I’d share it with you. But check out the real version of the movie here at Titanmen….

Gay Comic Geek reviews Sweat

Our buddy Gay Comic Geek reviews Sweat.

We always love to hear Paul’s opinion on our movies and his style is not only informative and insightful, it’s also funny and a blast to watch.

Yes…we’re hoping that one day he ends up in front of our cameras, too.

Check out more from Gay Comic Geek at his Mancast Channel, his Blog or on Twitter.

You can see the whole movie Sweat at Titanmen.com.

Gay Comic Geek reviews Dick Danger

We always love it when Gay Comic Geek reviews one of our movies. He’s always funny and adorable and hot as a pistol. He also loves Titanmen movies and his Mancast Channel is always full of stuff to watch.

You can see the whole movie Dick Danger at Titanmen where you can stream not just Dick Danger but the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue, download your favorite scenes and create favorite lists so no more searching for those scenes you go back to over and over again.

And with streaming available to mobile devices, you can watch videos any time, anywhere. With thousands of fun clips like interviews, out takes, making-of features, cumshot collections and yes.. almost 19 years worth of the best gay porn ever made.

Gay Comic Geek reviews Wide Awake

The adorable but hunky Gay Comic Geek has always entertained us when he reviews our movies. His takes on Francois Sagat’s Incubus and Joe Gage’s Chainsaw were favorites here at the Titanmen Office.

When he reviewed Jasun Mark’s Nightfall, we all got a better appreciation for it and even when he posts reviews of other studio’s work, we love watching him.

So we’re especially excited that he loved the newest Titanmen feature Wide Awake as much as he did.

Click Here to see the entire movie at Titanmen.

Check out a gallery of stills after the jump…
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Jay and Tom’s Underwater Adventure Part 2


A couple days ago I posted the still shots from this video and today we finally got the beautiful and dreamy video of the guys swimming together in the pool.

May God have Mercy on your Hole.

I almost feel bad that Hunter has NO idea what he’s got coming.

You can see them together in upcoming scene from the new Titanmen movie “Sticking Point” out very soon on Titanmen.

Hunter Marx learns the VERY hard way not to say “yes” without knowing…

…what he just said “yes” to.

If you remember this clip from a few months back at the Folsom Street Fair, Hunter Marx and Spencer Reed were magnetically attracted to each other. Spencer wanted to tap Hunter’s hole… Hunter said “yes” without knowing just what he’d agreed to.

IF you wanna see how this worked out… stay tuned.

As we say at Titanmen, “don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash.”

Immortalizing the Dean Flynn Dick

OK, he’s one of the hottest men in the history of porn. I would do just about anything to just spend five minutes with him in a shower and yes, I have had a nice spank session to pretty much every scene he’s ever been in.

And I also have a mold of his cock that I display proudly on the wall behind my desk here at the Titan Office.

They just released the “Best of Dean Flynn” to DVD at the Titanmen Store plus collected it all perfectly in the Online Version on Titanmen’s Video On Demand site.


The Marco Manhood Mold

More video from the making of the Titanmen Realistic Dildo signature series.

Marco gets his beautiful, perfect uncut dick immortalized for all time. You can get his dildo and all the ones at the Titanmen Store.