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Making Cauke: Scene One (Director’s Blog)


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cauk_bts_iPhone_AdamLuke_1499It’s been in the works for nearly a year. Keith Webb and I independently had the same idea… making a gay porn movie that would skewer closeted gay conservative politicians who publicly vote against the rights of GBLT people while privately being gay.

We spent a while going back and forth on ideas… do we make this a straight-forward “porn parody” or do we make it more serious? Do we make it about a real-life politician or do we just make a composite character based on the MANY different guys who fit the profile?

cauk_bts_iPhone_TexDavid_1603We chose to create a fictional character and use aspects of many different people… there were a lot of stories ripe for the picking. We chose to have a few light-hearted moments but not to make a “comedy” at all. Neither Keith or I have ever been accused of being that funny.

Keith came up with the name “Mike Cauke.” It’s pronounced “Coke” but looks like “Cock.” It gave us a good running joke to help tie the scenes together and if you say “Mike Cauke” fast, it sounds like you’re saying “My Cock.” Yes, it’s a silly joke… that’s the point. Once we had that, it was just a matter of choosing a title. Again.. Keith came up with “Cauke For President” and we knew then just how much fun we were about to have.

Once we had our rough script put together, we had to concentrate on how to fine tune it all and pull it off. We needed our leading man. He needed to look like a wholesome young man. No tattoos, no piercings and have that midwestern corn-fed look. He had to be able to act enough to carry off the dialogue and he had to be a good porn performer BUT we wanted a totally unknown actor to play him.

cauk_bts_iPhone_DallasMatthew_1594We found our Senator Cauke in Matthew Bosch. A friend of Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber who had recently mentioned to his friends that he was maybe interested in making porn. He had all the parts we needed… literally. Not only did he have the look of Wally Cleaver, he had a ripped body, a killer smile, a big round bubble butt… he also had a HUGE, thick uncut dick.


Weeks of rewrites, location choices, more rewrites, buying new gear and planning specialty shots with new cameras and gear… and we were ready to go. Nick Prescott was chosen as his first-ever scene partner not only because he’s hot and fun and we knew the two would hit it off… but because Nick is a great “first scene partner.” He’s patient and encouraging to new guys and we knew we could rely on him to help Matthew hit it out of the park the first time. There was a lot of pressure on Matthew here… his first movie was going to be a pretty big event and the movie would open with a solo jerk off scene followed by a bottoming scene and would require some actual acting. He’d be on the cover of the movie, featured in two scenes and we were planning a pretty big news blitz. He had to have a good supporting cast and crew to pull it off. We did. He did. The resulting scene with Nick and Matthew is about as perfect as it could get.

cauk_bts_NickMatthew_1656No porn shoot goes off without a hitch and this wasn’t any different. Nick’s plane was delayed 24 hours and he sat in an airport for a full day waiting to make it to Palm Springs where we were shooting two of the scenes. We chose not to recast but instead spend half of the first day alone with Matthew… taking still shots, getting all of the B-roll of him doing his solo jerk off, jogging through the streets of Palm Springs for the story set-up… even doing his mock campaign ads.

Nick arrived at 3PM after traveling and sitting in airports for 30 hours… he walked in the door, grabbed a small bite to eat, hopped in the shower and was naked, hard and in front of a rolling camera by 3:30. THAT is how much of a reliable rock Nick Prescott is. Even with all of that, Nick took the bull by the horn, became best buddies with Matthew in no time, gave him all the tips and tricks and helped him through his first-scene jitters and before dinner was served, we had a top-notch, bang-on porn scene shot that we’re ALL proud of.

Watch/download the movie at Titanmen.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Cauke For President. (and totally raves about it)


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He’s SO adorable.

When Jasun Mark and Keith Webb were writing and casting Cauke For President last summer, the script they had written called for a news anchor, radio “shock jocks” and a video blogger to open the film with a montage of news clips and commentary helping the audience understand who Mike Cauke was. The idea of having former real-life news caster Dallas Steele play one of those parts but they decided instead to cast Dallas in one of the sexual roles which meant the non-sexual parts needed to be cast.

AFER Spokesman, podcaster, blogger and liberal commentator Matt Baume was brought in to play himself. The “Shock Jocks” were played by Jasun Mark and former Randy Blue live show host Don Mike and the video blogger part was given to the one and only Gay Comic Geek. We’ve been trying to get Paul to bring his “Gay Comic Geek” persona to Titanmen for a long time… glad we finally found the perfect cameo role for him.

Paul really nails this one. Even without the story, the sex scenes are hot as hell and the men all deliver. Matthew Bosch is absolutely amazing in his debut role. He knows just how to open to the camera, act his role and emote in all the right ways. But the story, while never taking way from the action, is fun to watch unspool while you watch. We here at Titan are all very proud of this one.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Up Tibor’s Hole. Today’s Random Cell Phone Clip


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Today while trying to organize or at least catalogue the mess of drives piling up on my desk. I find a huge drive full of… stuff. Including many fun clips, especially this fun clip of Tibor Wolf putting on a ball stretcher and then shoving a testicle-shaped butt plug up his ass.

Most remarkable thing is that this three-minute clip is all one take.

With a Cameo by Allen Silver.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Spur Of The Moment


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We love it any time Gay Comic Geek reviews one of our movies, especially when he really loves them.

Joe Gage’s new “Chronicle Collection” is here starring Dario Beck and Tom Wolfe.

You can check out Gay Comic Geek’s site here.

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Dallas Steele, Dirk Caber and Three False Starts (today’s Random Video Clip)


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If porn was easy, everyone would be doing it….

From Blue Collar Ballers.

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How To Put On A Four-Ring Cock-Ring. Today’s Random Cell Phone Clip


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check out this fun clip shot at the Oxballs Toy Factory while Nick Prescott and Matt Stevens were shooting their scene for Foul Play. Nick gets to try on and demonstrate the silicone 4-ring cock ring.

Watch and Download the resulting scene at Titanmen.

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GROUP SHOT!!! – today’s random clip of the week.


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There’s ALWAYS time for a couple gratuitous cell phone pics of Nick’s legs in the air ready to get fucked.

Check out the full scene with Nick Prescott and Eddy CeeTee at Titanmen.

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Eddy And Nick… Lubing Up… Getting Hard… Today’s Random Cell Phone Clip…


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Eddy’s Going In… a 5-minute out-take clip of raw sexual energy between Eddy and Nick. SO hot…


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This clip is pretty fun… Eddy CeeTee shooting his first scene and Nick Prescott guiding him through the process. Nick starts out telling Eddy to take it easy on him at first. He’s got a big dick and he’s not afraid to use it.

While the crew moves lights and worries about condoms and lubes and camera angles, Eddy and Nick just get lost in each other and the visual in incredible.

You can see their finished scene from Blue Collar Ballers here…

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Today’s Random Clip. “Like in Flashdance…”


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So… it’s kind of hard to make out what director Jasun Mark is saying here, but while Nick Prescott and Eddy CeeTee get hard and ready for the next fucking take, Someone realizes that a bottle of lube might “suddenly appear in the shot” if they change angles. Jasun’s answer is “it’ll be like the opening dance scene from Flashdance where every time they change camera angles, there’s a new prop on the stage.”

I had to go back and watch that scene, but he’s right.

Anyway… the comparisons to Flashdance end there.

Click Here to watch the full, completed scene from Blue Collar Ballers at Titanmen.com

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Eddy CeeTee seemed like such a NICE guy… Random Clip


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While Blue Collar Ballers is Eddy’s third scene for Titanmen (you can see him also in Grease Monkey and Catch 22), this was actually the first scene he ever shot.

Nick Prescott was his scene partner and we really didn’t know what to expect until he walked on set and got down to business.

Needless to say… Eddy had a LOT more energy than anyone on crew expected. And Nick wasn’t quite ready, either.

Watch the full movie at Titanmen….

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I Kissed A Boy. An ALL-NEW Titanmen Car Karaoke…


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Director Jasun Mark, Jesse Jackman and his real-life husband Dirk Caber capped off a week of production with another Gay Porn Star Car Karaoke. This time it was Cobra Starship’s “I Kissed A Boy.”

You can see both Jesse and Dirk in Titanmen’s Blue Collar Ballers this week.

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Ford, Jed and Trenton. A Blast-from-the-past Random Cell Phone Video


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Just for fun… here’s a cute “fluffing out take” from the three-way with Trenton Ducati, Ford Andrews & Jed Athens in Stud Finder. Watch the full scene here at Titanmen.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Arcade on Route 9


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I’ve talked about how Arcade On Route 9 is one of the most favorite movies in the Titanmen vaults before. Now our buddy Gay Comic Geek gives us his fun, insightful and just plan hot reviews.

You can see more of his reviews at his Mancast channel and you can see Arcade on Route 9 at Titanmen.

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Luke Adams Fluffing David Anthony: Random Cell Phone Clip of the Day.


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We’re getting a few more clips from the up-coming movie featuring David Anthony and Luke Adams along with Casey Williams and Caleb King. We don’t have a title or a synopsis yet, but David told us the movie has an actual story.

You can check out David in action over at Titanmen.com

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