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Gay Comic Geek reviews In The Shadows.

Always fun to watch the GCG videos. You can check out his Mancast channel here.

And read his blog here.

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Nick Prescott and Dirk Caber In The Shadows…


Here’s the third scene from Titanmen’s dark, surreal “In The Shadows,” featuring Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and mega-star Dirk Caber.

You’ll also see a quick cameo of Dirk’s real-life husband Jesse Jackman. This was a very fun movie for the guys to put together combining the Titan hardcore footage with cellphone and webcam video shot by the stars at their homes and in their real bedrooms. A gritty, fantasy fetish feature that’s still just as hot as a Titanmen movie. Perfect.

Dirk Caber twitches as he sleeps, his hot bod at the mercy of Nick Prescott in his dream. With his wrists and ankles bound to a table, Dirk’s cock drips and throbs as his balls—squeezed in a stretcher—get bluer by the second. Dirk spits a flying wad that lands on Nick’s scruffy chin, the two soon kissing as Nick teases and edges his bud—squeezing his nipples, tonguing him, spitting in his mouth, exchanging pit licks. He licks down Dirk’s muscles, a strand of precum clinging to Nick’s beard before he opens wide to devour Dirk’s cock.


He rubs Dirk’s hole, the two spitting at each other as they growl. Nick twists a big dildo up Dirk’s ass (“Want me to stretch your hole more?”), the bottom’s cock throbbing as he gets it deep. Nick then sits down on Dirk’s dick and rides, the two taking turns going up and down in a heated fuck. Nick fires off his load before Dirk begs for more: “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Nick dildos him again, using his own cum as lube to stroke Dirk off at the same time—exclaiming “Yeah, pig!” as the grunting hunk releases.

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Joe Gage’s Cut To The Chase – Full Preview

Two strangers submit to urges. A clash of cultures heats up. An after-school session crosses the line. See what happens when you Cut to the Chase in the latest Joe Gage Chronicle led by TitanMen exclusive Dario Beck. Arriving early for a garage sale, Dario Beck gets a special offer—Jed Athens’ wet mouth on his thick cock. Dario sucks the smoothie back, then rides up and down his steel shaft.

Redneck Mike Tanner wins the lottery—and a meeting with realtor Anthony London, who wants his hillbilly hardon. After swapping sucks, Mike buries his dick in the bottom’s high-class hole. J.D. Phoenix stays after class to get help studying, but instead gets the cocks of teachers Dolan Wolfe and Dirk Caber up his holes—with Dolan also taking Dirk’s dick like a man.

See the whole movie and many more of Joe Gage’s classic movies only at Titanmen.




















The Men of Cut To The Chase (NEW Joe Gage!)


Joe Gage continues his “Chronicle” series with “Cut To The Chase.

Featuring current Gay Porn Mega-Star Dirk Caber (real-life husband of Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman) and porn It-Boy JD Phoenix in his first-ever Titanmen movie.

This movie also features Dario Beck in a rather adorable mustache that’s going to bring back the Porn ‘Stache fad, we’re almost positive. PLUS, returning stars Anthony London, Mike Tanner, Jed Athens and the first-time appearance in a Titanmen movie of Dolan Wolfe, whom we’re sure you’ll see more of in the future.

Cut To The Chase comes out this week at Titanmen…

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That Time JD Phoenix Almost Blinded Dirk Caber

A quick BTS clip from the upcoming Joe Gage chronicle “Cut To The Chase.” JD Phoenix poked Dirk right in the eye and the two just kept going. Nobody on the crew noticed because they were too focused on other things and it wasn’t until JD couldn’t contain his laughing anymore that they even stopped.

The third guy in this scene is Dolan Wolfe. Watch for Cut To The Chase at Titanmen and next month…


Titanmen signs newcomer Eddy CeeTee to an exclusive contract

(San Francisco, October 10th, 2014) TitanMen is pleased to announce it has signed industry newcomer Eddy Ceetee as their newest exclusive performer. The 25 year-old stud stands 5’9” and weighs in at 195 lbs. of thick and hairy muscle. Eddy was discovered by TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman and his husband Dirk Caber while working at a local club.

(Left to right- TitanMen Dirk Caber, Eddy Ceetee and Jesse Jackman)

“When Dirk and I first met Eddy we were immediately impressed by his handsome face, killer smile and of course his thick and muscular body.” says TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman. “In addition to those great looks, he demonstrated intelligence, charm, respect, and an ease that only comes with confidence. As Dirk and I kept talking to him, it because increasingly clear to us that he’d make a perfect Titan Man”

Eddy’s Lebanese descent clearly shines through in his dark swarthy complexion, piercing eyes, hairy muscular body and an impressive fat cock. Eddy will be filming his first scenes later this month with TitanMen lead director Jasun Mark. Potential scene partners include TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman, Nick Prescott, Jay Bentley, Hunter Marx and George Ce.

“I am excited to announce that I have decided to sign on as an exclusive with TitanMen. This decision was so easy to make, especially since meeting Jesse and Dirk who I gotta say are 2 of the greatest sweetest guys,” says Eddy. “TitanMen is a perfect place for me to start my porn career. After speaking with Jasun it felt like a good fit and I felt very comfortable, which I think is essential. I’m looking forward to making my viewers fantasies come true on screen with TitanMen and to creating some hard hitting scenes, because after all that’s what porn is all about, so be on the lookout!”

When Jesse first texted Eddy’s pics to director Jasun Mark, his initial response was “Stunningly handsome… wow… yes… oh my God that fucking smile. Perfect!”. “I am so looking forward to filming Eddy,” says Jasun. “He’s the epitome of a young TitanMan…smart, confident, handsome and with a killer body and smile!”

 Can’t wait to see him in action? Check out his Instagram Page for more…


Dirk Caber and Felix Barca blow a ‘Heavy Load.” New at Titanmen.

After a safety inspection, Dirk Caber isn’t ready to leave Felix Barca: “There’s one more thing I’d like to inspect,” says the stud, moving in for a kiss. Their hands roam, the bulges in their jeans touching as they kiss. Dirk licks Felix’s pit, arm and chest, soon burying his face in his bud’s groin—licking his shaft before it pops out.


Dirk slurps on the uncut beauty, teasing the foreskin and taking it deep, his beard rubbing Felix’s shaft after he sucks on his balls. Dirk reaches up to grip Felix’s chest—then rubs his beard and head on Felix’s cock before taking it deep. They kiss as their big boners grind against each other in hot swordplay—Felix’s rod poking Dirk’s sac.

Dirk feasts on his hole, then fucks Felix from behind. The bottom smiles as he gets rammed, his ass rippling. Felix sits down on the top, his own big boner bobbing as he goes down. On his back, the bottom gets stroked and fucked by Dirk at the same time, their sweaty bods soon covered in cum.


The new Titanmen movie is called Heavy Load and also stars Jesse Jackman, Jay Bentley, Hans Berlin and Mack Manus.


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Dirk And Jesse shoot another home sex tape

In This case, I guess it’s not “home” as much as on vacation. But Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber have been posting a lot of very fun video they shot while on vacation in Key West over at their Mancast page.

Gay Comic Geek reviews Sweat

Our buddy Gay Comic Geek reviews Sweat.

We always love to hear Paul’s opinion on our movies and his style is not only informative and insightful, it’s also funny and a blast to watch.

Yes…we’re hoping that one day he ends up in front of our cameras, too.

Check out more from Gay Comic Geek at his Mancast Channel, his Blog or on Twitter.

You can see the whole movie Sweat at

Titanmen do the Cock-In-A-Sock

Putting aside jokes about how men can only get involved in a fund or awareness-raising campaign if they’re selfies on Facebook, this is one we can get behind. Or Below.

Raising awareness about men’s cancers while showing off what you’ve got… Here’s some Titanmen doing the Sock On Cock.

For more info on the “Sock on Cock” campaign… check out their Facebook Page here.

So here are Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber, George Ce,  Hunter Marx, Alex Graham, Tony Orion and Hans Berlin.

If any more Titanmen send me pics, I’ll add them to the collection…

Gay Comic Geek reviews Worked Over.

We LOVE Gay Comic Geek here at Titanmen. His reviews are always funny, always fun, always hot and his commentary is alway spot-on. Plus he’s always got a bit of inside info to share.

Here’s his review of Worked Over.

Remember that you can always get Titanmen for 80% Off when you get a Full Year of access for only $99.

OR get it On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen DVD Store.

Struggling With A Cock Ring

When your hands are that lube-coated and you’re trying to put a cock ring on someone else… things can get a bit… slippery.

Here’s a cute video of Ox from Oxballs getting Dirk Caber suited up before hey shot the new “head shaving” scene from Titan Rough’s Hard Play.

SPLROINK!!! (that’s the sound of a “dude” cock sheath coming off)

Dirk and Matt were shooting a scene for Titan Rough… Ox hauled out the camera. That “dude” Cock Sheath makes a very… odd noise when you pull it off.

You gotta love the conversations these guys were having…

They were shooting the new “head shaving” scene with Dirk Caber and Matt Stevens for Titan Rough.



A couple months ago, we posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes clips from this scene while they were playing around on set before the shoot. Check that out here.

I’ll also have a LOT of video from that shoot coming over the next week so keep checking back. It’s HOT.

Dirk Caber got his head shaved by Matt Stevens for the new Titan Rough movie Hard Play. The guys were having a great time at the Oxballs studio for a couple hours before playing with all the toys and taking a bunch of pictures.

Once we were ready to shoot some video, the guys were both hard as rocks, dripping precum and ready for action. Matt grabbed the clippers and shaved at Dirk like a mad man. We had to run around fast and capture all that hair coming off. There was no second take with that.

Once the clippers part was done, we got Matt to slow it down a bit with the shaving cream and razor. It was obvious this action was making them both hotter than they already were and it was time for some REAL action between the men.

rf27_scene01_004They fucked long and hard for this one. Matt and Dirk deserve a metal for the scene and we’re sure this is going to be one of your favorites.

Once the shaving ends and the fucking begins, the men are back to full speed. We had a lot of trouble keeping up with them as Dirk went from the submissive role getting shaved to turning Matt around and fucking that rock-solid ass of his.

Download it DRM-Free or stream it in crystal-clear HD at along with the entire Titanmen Online Collection. Spanning back 19 years, there’s some of the hottest gay porn ever shot… all in your back pocket in case the mood strikes you. Anywhere, Anytime. And since it’s all streaming online, nobody needs to know but you.

Cool, huh?

Also On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen Store.

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Dirk Caber’s Piano Miniature No. 6: Vigoureux. No, really.

THIS, gentlemen… is the extremely talented gay porn star Dirk Caber’s performance of his own composition Piano Miniature No. 6: Vigoureux. While it doesn’t come as anything remotely surprising to those of us who know him what a talented man he is… some people who don’t know him will be surprised to hear it. Enjoy.

Oh, and check out Dirk Caber in his most recent Titanmen feature Worked Over with Marcus Rhul here…