Titanmen Classics: Road to Redneck Hollow

Newly Remastered exclusively at the new Titanmen Website.

Joe Gage’s classic The Road to Redneck Hollow that solidified Dean Flynn as one of the most popular gay porn stars going back in 2007 when it was released. Dean’s long and lean, gentle demeanor contrasted perfectly with the Tough Guy that is Tober Brandt and the adorable innocence of Tory Mason and Mason Wyler round out the cast. (Mason and Dean don’t perform in this one, that would have to wait until later that year in Campus Pizza).

The Road to Redneck Hollow tells the story of Good ol’ boy Vernon (Ryan Wood) inviting his childhood fuckbuddy Clay (Logan Robbins) down to Shady Hollow, Tennessee to attend the grand opening of his roadhouse.

And as we say in Joe Gage movies, “Sex ensues.”

Another of Joe’s movies showing off his topnotch ability to depict a sexually ambiguous world where men naturally crave sex with each other. Sex in Joe Gage movies makes you stronger, more powerful. No difference between the roles of top and bottom.

Another reason why Titanmen has been at the top of the heap when it comes to gay porn movies for over 17 years… the top-notch production quality and the best men.

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Joe Gage Daddies

TitanMen, Daddies and Joe Gage…it doesn’t get any better than this! “The Best of Joe Gage Daddies” is the porn trifecta you want to watch! Hot, hung and hairy Daddies showing younger guys how real men suck, fuck and shoot a stream of jizz right across your face! 6 of the very best TitanMen scenes directed by the legendary Joe Gage and hand-picked by Bruce Cam. In classic Gage style the slow build of heat and passion rises, pushing you right to the edge before exploding right before your eyes.

Come play with some of the very hottest TitanMen Daddies like big dicked Cliff Rhodes, silver fox Allen Silver, fan favorites Dean Flynn and David Anthony, donkey dicked Matt Majors and everyone’s favorite ginger haired boy Blu Kennedy. If you like hung hairy intergenerational sex, you can’t afford to miss this soon to be classic! Get it now!

Joe Gage’s “REDNECKS” collection. It’s time to “Take out the trash.”

No one does Rural and Redneck quite like legendary director Joe Gage! Pick-up trucks, back roads, beer, cousins, uncles, fathers, sons and always big dicks! If you like older guys showing younger guys the ropes combined with “keeping things in the family” then you’ll love The Best of Joe Gage: Rednecks!


Six of Joe’s all-time favorite rednecks scenes with some of the biggest and fattest dicks in TitanMen history.

From hitchhiking college students to door-to-door salesmen, they all get more than they were looking for in typical Joe Gage fashion. And of course you get the legendary Gage inter-generational play with hot Daddies showing younger guys how a real man sucks cock or take a fat dick up his ass….its a game the whole family can play! 2+ hours of the best Joe Gage has to offer!


Get Titanmen for 80% Off when you get a Full Year for only $99. Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue. That’s over 17 YEARS of the best Gay Porn ever released from directors like Bruce CamJoe Gage,Brian Mills and Paul Wilde plus new directors like Francois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

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Introducing JoeGageMen. The exclusive site of Joe Gage, director of some of the Hottest Gay Porn in History.

Screenshot 2014-04-15 13.09.16

Titanmen is VERY excited to launch, the biggest exclusive collection of  the movies of Joe Gage.

Featuring hundreds of scenes, Bonus videos and of course the hot men that Joe captured in front of his lens in classic movies like Arcade on Route 9, Jury Duty, 110° In Tucson, Chainsaw, Coyote Pointe and MANY more.

Starring some of the hottest men in the Titanmen stable like  Bronson Gates , David Anthony , Dirk Caber , Ethan Hudson , Roman Wright , Ray Dragon, Allen Silver,  Scotch Inkom , Tyler SaintHunter Marx , Jessy Ares , Josh West, Dean Flynn  and Blu Kennedy.

ALSO part of the site is are the classic  Joe Gage Sex Files videos that launched a long line of down-home, middle American jerk off fantasies for us all.

When you join you get full access to not only all the Joe Gage movies but Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue at Streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices or download your favorite scenes DRM-Free.

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Check out the newest Joe Gage Chronical, “Chain Reaction.”

David Anthony Stills

Here’s a HOT clip from the still shoot of David Anthony while they were on set shooting Joe Gage’s “One Thing Leads To Another.”

The thing that blew me away the most was the way that Hunter Marx became a cock-hungry little pig when presented with that massive dick of David’s. He was down on his knees sucking away at that thing, couldn’t get enough. And can you blame him?

It’s moments like this that I know I got into the right industry.

Here’s a few of the stills taken that day…

Click Here to see the movie they were shooting, Joe Gage’s One thing Leads To Another.

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We LOVE A Man In Uniform…


From one of the most Iconic directors in gay porn history comes one of his most popular genres. The Best of Joe Gage: Men in Uniform is a must have for Gage aficionados and anyone that likes a man in uniform.

6 of the very best Joe Gage scenes handpicked and presented together for the very first time. From the Cop on the beat, the Drill Sargent of your dreams or the Security guard that makes you pay for your transgressions…its all here in one of the hottest collections we’ve produced. Featuring some of the hottest and most iconic MEN: Andrew Justice , Brenden Davies , Damien Crosse , Darius Falke , Devon Cade , Dirk Caber , Enrique Currero , Ivan Andros , Jason Ridge , Mason Wyler , Ray Dragon , Roman Wright , Tony Buff , Tony Masala , Tory Mason , Tyler Saint , Vinnie D’Angelo Don’t miss this one!!

Streaming at, remastered and rereleased and streaming to your computer or mobile device.

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Jesse, Jessy and Joe Gage

Joe Gage broke from his usual blue collar, working class, middle America style for this scene with Titanmen Exclusives Jesse Jackman and Jessy Ares and turned to a 50s War Time Film Noir style, not unlike Kubrick’s The Killing.

cact_scene03_011Jessy Ares plays a cold interrogator trying to best the steel-skinned Jesse Jackman as he questions him tied to a chair, then unties him and tops him.

The two men were asking to do a scene together for a long time. So Joe wanted to give them just the kind of build up that they needed to close the deal.

This scene from his collection “Caught In The Act” is now streaming at in crystal clear HD along with the entire Titanmen Online Collection. Join Now for the amazing price of $99 for a Full Year. That’s 80% OFF, a savings of $260.


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shut your fucking face, Uncle Sucker…


OK so there’s no fucking in this movie… but lots of curious guys jerking off together to porn and the brave ones drop down to their knees and suck their buddies dicks. That’s what buddies are for in the Joe Gage universe.

Including a hot young jock and his uncle.

This is one of those Joe Gage “walk right up to the line and blow a load over it” movies that he’s so famous for. Only at

Check out a preview for the whole movie here.

Studio Report…

Twitter and blogs were buzzing last week about a few things going on with the Titanmen production team over the last couple of weeks. Joe Gage returned to shoot a new collection of scenes, following up last year’s successful “Joe Gage’s Special Reserve.” In front of the lens this time were a few familiar faces… Titanmen Exclusive George Ce, Trenton Ducati, Adam Russo, Christopher Daniels and Brad Kalvo.

But returning to Titanmen after way-too-long is the handsome daddy Josh West, who we haven’t seen since he appeared in Slow Heat in a Texas Town. We also had Casey Williams back, Colby White (who you can see shooting his HUGE cum shot in Extra Firm with Titanmen Exclusive Dario Beck), new-comer Tyler Griz and Conner Habib. Conner’s done a couple of scenes with us here at Titan but one of his biggest roles was as Allen Silver‘s son in Joe Gage’s movie “Dad Goes To College.”

Titanmen Classics: Men’s Room Bakersfield Station

Joe Gage is the guy who has managed to change the way we all look at hooking up with guys for sex of any kind.

Some of us want to fuck, some of us just wanna suck dick. Some guys just want to get their dicks sucked.

Some guys just want to sit around with the guys and jerk off, watching some porn.

But there are those guys who really love to go out in public, don’t really care who sees and just wanna get as dirty as they can. And those guys head to the men’s room at bus stations. Or they do in Joe Gage movies, anyway. First in a three-part series, Men’s Room Bakersfield is set in the men’s room of the bus station in the city of Bakersfield, located at the south end of California’s Central Valley. If you’re missing the significance of this particular bus depot, it’s known for many reasons. Buses and trucks heading north and south along I-5 make their stops here. Many Because of the booming farming businesses in the valley there are any number of manual laborers, businessmen, students and locals who hang out there looking for some action.

It’s also where recently-released convicts from Wasco State Prison, about 40 minutes north, are dropped when their sentences come to an end.

And that’s where this entire movie takes place. This isn’t a collection of scenes, it’s one big, long, extended scene where the guys, including Kent Larson, Alex Leon, Andy Dill and Matt Majors start a small jerk off, suck off session that adds new men one by one until the whole cast has joined in.

Men’s room Bakersfield Station has a lot of piss and watersports so you may not have seen the “real” version of this movie, even if you have one of the original DVDs.

It’s been out of print and hard to get for a while. A favorite of Joe Gage fans who love his depiction of those rural, middle American cock suckers.

But the entire Men’s Room series has finally been remastered and rereleased to both DVD at the Titanmen Store (where you can get it on sale here) and the Titanmen website where you can watch the entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming in crystal clear, high quality video. New movies shot in HD give incredible picture quality, even on mobile devices.

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