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Flashback: What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever done at Folsom?


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The Titan Men at the Folsom Street Booth talking about their favorite “nasty” memory from Folsom Street Fair. Best story goes to Jesse Jackman. Or Maybe Dirk Caber for his revelation that his nastiest memory was with fellow Titan Man Alessio Romero.

Also, yes.. François Sagat was there, looking amazing and seemingly… up to something. Yes, Francois pissed in a gatorade bottle and then just… left it for whomever was thirsty (with no indication of what was in the bottle because that’s how we roll).



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Gay Comic Geek Reviews Upcoming Movie “Like Father Like Son”


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Gay Comic Geek recaps our upcoming movie “Like Father Like Son” (out on November 26th 2015) and made our day.

“Like Father Like Son” is directed by Jasun Mark, Written By Jasun Mark and Keith Webb, and stars David Anthony, Luke Adams, Caleb King, Casey Williams.

You can check out Gay Comic Geek’s site here.

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David Anthony Stills


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Here’s a HOT clip from the still shoot of David Anthony while they were on set shooting Joe Gage’s “One Thing Leads To Another.”

The thing that blew me away the most was the way that Hunter Marx became a cock-hungry little pig when presented with that massive dick of David’s. He was down on his knees sucking away at that thing, couldn’t get enough. And can you blame him?

It’s moments like this that I know I got into the right industry.

Here’s a few of the stills taken that day…

Click Here to see the movie they were shooting, Joe Gage’s One thing Leads To Another.

The rest of the images after the jump…
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David Anthony… still dripping with his own cum… interviewed about his dick. HOT.


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This is another lost gem from the amazing Joe Gage movie Caught In The Act.

After blowing his load all over Hunter Marx, David Anthony stand there with that handsome smile and gets asked about his dick and how he handles it when someone might not be able to take it.

Though a lot of us would try…

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Jobs That Suck


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Imagine a job where you got to go to work, hang out with stunning hunks like Jessie Colter or Titanmen Exclusives David Anthony and Hunter Marx. Then you got to get into a big Three-way Suck Fest.

Here’s the three men on the set of Joe Gage’s One Thing Leads To Another.

Clearly the camera men enjoy watching it as much as the rest of us…

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Tour of The Titan Blogs


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Titanmen Legend François Sagat posted a video clip of a VERY dedicated fan getting his own François Sagat Tattoo.

We were all in awe of the amazing work before we knew who the fan was, but when it was revealed that “fan” was none other than Titanmen director Jasun Mark, we were even more intrigued.

Francois, for his part, added his own typical verbal mind fuck when he quipped “So if someone got a tattoo of Jasun, does that mean that they would also have a tattoo with a tattoo of me and my tattoo…. too? lol.”

Apparently the tattoo was done by artist Dave Davenport whose studio was used for the famous Tattoo 3-Way from GRIND that starred Christopher Daniels, Colin Stone and Caleb Colton.

wdaw_IMG_2033New Titanmen Exclusive star Nick Prescott launched his own blog just as his first appearance in a Titanmen movie is released.

Nick appears alongside Justin King in a scene from the new Titanmen movie Wide Awake. A surreal, visually stunning and just plain hot fuck scene with two VERY hot men…

After the scene was shot, however… Nick and Justin jumped into the pool to cool down in the 115° heat in Palm Springs that day. Not one to let that opportunity pass, Production Assistant David Richards handed Nick a GoPro camera and captured some of the fun going on underwater. Note that even though he’s been fucking for hours, Justin is hard again and ready for round two with Nick…

Check out Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott in Wide Awake here.

Check out Nick’s Blog Here.

David Anthony posted this VERY entertaining clip called “How to take a big dick. Starring Me.

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Titanmen Classics: Slick Dogs (Titanmen currently 80% OFF!)


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Found this little gem while clearing out a drive of old video clips, odd and ends.

This was shot at the 2012 Folsom Street Fair (same time as the now-famous Name That Butt and Nastiest Thing At Folsom clips)

Here’s Paul Wilde talking about his iconic “Slick Dogs” movie, featuring some of the hottest Titanmen in stunning custom rubber gear.

Get Titanmen for 80% Off when you get a Full Year for only $99. Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue. That’s over 17 YEARS of the best Gay Porn ever released from directors like Bruce CamJoe GageBrian Mills and Paul Wilde plus new directors like Francois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

Movies featuring Mega Stars like François SagatDean FlynnDreddScottHunter MarxJesse JackmanDario BeckDavid Anthony and Tober Brandt.

dghc_200 dghc_197


Check out more stills after the jump…

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Just Another Day at Work…


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Here’s another clip shot behind the scenes on the set of the new Joe Gage release “One Thing Leads To Another.”

David Anthony, Hunter Marx and Jessie Colter are just casually sucking dick on set while the rest of the crew and Joe Gage himself set up for the scene.

See the resulting scene over at Titamen here.

You can also pick up the whole movie on sale over at the Titanmen DVD store…

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When The Cameras Are Off… the Guys Are Still Sucking Dick.


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I’m loving this fun clip from the new Joe Gage collection “One Thing Leads To Another.”

You can tell that the guys are good friends off camera, too and how much fun the guys are having sucking dick. And with a dick like David Anthony’s, who wouldn’t have fun sucking that?

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David Anthony explains how to get fucked by his REALLY BIG DICK…


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Yeah it’s huge… but he’ll help you take it and if you can’t… he’s got a few other ideas for you.

David Anthony tells us how he preps his bottoms to take that monster. This is from the set of Joe Gage’s “One Thing Leads To Another” available at Titanmen.

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Hunter Marx, David Anthony and Jessie Colter sucking on set…


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Some Behind-The-Scenes fun from the set of Joe Gage’s One Thing Leads To Another.

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Casting A Great Big Dick – Making the David Anthony Dildo


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David Anthony’s dick is a sight to see. While David is tall and statuesque himself, his dick is so big that the guys on set often joke about how it’s hard for him to stand upright when he’s hard.

And in this video, you can see that while they really did take a mold of his dick for the David Anthony Realistic Dildo, they had to do his balls separately because of the sheer size of all his junk.


And now you can get a copy of Titanmen’s HUNG – The Best of David Anthony when you get a copy of his massive and legendary cock. Only for the brave… see if you can maybe take the punishment taken by his scene partners while you’re watching the video.

Get the DVD here.

OR get the DVD FREE here when you get the David Anthony Dildo.


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Incubus 1 & 2 – XBiz Awards Movie of the Year!


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We couldn’t possibly be more proud of Francois Sagat and the entire team here at Titanmen who came together as a team to produce the Incubus movies. Francois came to Bruce Cam and Brian Mills in early 2011 with a few rough ideas for a movie that would become a massive effort on all parts of our studio.

From the numerous special effects that our video editing and production team needed to plan, the many bridge-scenes that had no sex but involved hours of planning and production, rope-tying specialists, makeup artists, costume designers, prosthetic horns, ariel cameras, night-vision, head cameras and as far as we can find, the first-ever porn movie which used a GoPro head-camera to shoot someone walking naked around a desert, stopping and taking a piss (watch video of the making of that scene).

Brian Mills and Bruce Cam joined in on the underwater wresting scene that incorporated 5 camera men (two of them underwater), two body doubles and thousands of watts of lights(watch the making of that scene). Logistically we had to plan out shooting a movie that used three locations plus our studio, shot in two cities and using a cast of 13 porn stars and 20 extras.

Then TP Deaux took over 100 hours of raw footage, a rough script and the ideas on paper and created a porn movie that looks like nothing anyone had ever seen. Jasun Mark shot the even more hours and hours of footage of the making of the whole epic so we got to see the process of putting it together.

Watching a scene like the Bacchus scene and how it was made demonstrates just how much work and attention to detail and special effects. It was also nice that the gods of thunder and rain cooperated and gave us the perfect touch of a storm while we were shooting.

If you haven’t seen this clip of Brian Mills being interviewed about Francois’s transition from star to director while Francois is tied up in ropes to be suspended for the Video Demon scene, check it out.

More than just everyone doing their own jobs, the set was abuzz with people coming up with ideas on the fly, suggesting things, figuring out how to make them happen and joining in the whole creation of Incubus.

But to diminish the role of Francois in all of this would be a crime. He’s a creative genius and just watching this movie shows that from start to finish. And we’re very proud of Incubus.

You can get both DVDs on sale at Titanmen’s DVD store here.

Or join Titanmen.com and stream all movies – the entire Titanmen online catalogue – in crystal clear HD.

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HUGE DVD and Membership Sale at Titan – plus Joe Gage Reissues


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OK Gents… we do this every year and every year it gets bigger and better.

But this year, we’ve got the best deal we’ve ever had on Titanmen DVD titles. Starting with Reissued Joe Gage Classics. Fans have been calling for us to reissue titles like Bakersfield Men’s Room and Gale Force: Men’s Room 2. Along with the massive hits Arcade on Route 9, Chainsaw, Copperhead Canyon and Road to Redneck Hollow.

Now newly reissued and at 4 for $69, get them NOW before they sell out again.


Top Seller movies.. our newest hits form 2012 are on sale $39.95 each or a whopping 55% Off when you get 4 for $89. Including hits like Reckless, Joe Gage’s Special Reserve and Stud Finder.

And finally… the BIG BLOWOUT. Some amazing Titanmen Classic Titles and collections. Some of the best movies from the Titanmen vaults on sale 4 for $49.

These are some of the best movies Titan has released. Movies like Detour with the one and only Dred Scott, movies from the Spy Quest series, Bruce Cam’s Fallen Angel series and all of the early Francois Sagat movies like Breathless, Folsom Filth, Folsom Leather, H2O and POV.

AND if you’d rather have it all streaming in HD to your computer or mobile devices, Titanmen.com is ALSO on sale. 33% off at $19.95 per month or 60% off when you get 4 months for $49.95.

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Titanmen Scores TEN XBiz 2013 Awards Nominations! (and kind of 13)


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Titan Media once again scored nominations in every possible category at the annual XBiz Awards. Winner of  Gay Studio Of The Year for five years running, Titanmen has again been given the nod in this years nominations, but the bigger news is the huge list of Titan movies, directors and performers who also earned recognition for their top-notch work.

On top of the Gay Studio of the Year nomination, Francois Sagat’s ground-breaking and visually stunning Incubus Parts 1 & 2 landed a nomination for Gay Movie Of the Year. Incubus Parts 1 & 2 also earned Francois Sagat his first-ever nomination for Gay Director of the Year.

Titanmen.com was nominated for Best Gay Website.

Also nominated for Gay Director of the Year are Titanmen legends Brian Mills and Joe Gage. Brian directed many movies for Titanmen in 2012, most notably his biggest hits Surveillance and Command Performance. Joe Gage directed this year’s retro-themed Anthology Joe Gage’s Special Reserve.

Joe also landed nominations for two movies he directed for his own studio, Dad Goes To College (starring beloved Titanmen star Allen Silver and Conner Habib, who just made his first-ever appearance in the Marl/Wilde production Wide Open) and for his fantastic After The Heist that also featured Titanmen’s David Anthony plus our friends and Titanmen stars Brad Kalvo, Dirk Caber and Conner Habib.

Rounding out the categories, Titanmen Exclusives Hunter Marx, Jessy Ares and David Anthony all scored Gay Performer of the Year nods along with some of our favorite stars from Titanmen movies, Trenton Ducati (Incubus 1, Hot Wired), Jimmy Durano (Incubus 1) and Spencer Reed (Incubus 1, Hot Wired, Sticking Point)

As an added bonus, a Gay/Lesbian Pleasure Product of the Year nomination went to Titan Men Tools by Doc Johnson.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

You can get all of these movies On Sale at the Titanmen DVD Store.

Or get them all in one place all for one price at Titanmen.com where you get Full and Unlimited access to the Entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming in crystal clear HD on your computer or streaming to your mobile devices. It’s like having 17 years of the best gay movies in your back pocket.

You know… just in case the mood strikes you.

Complete List of Titanmen Nominations….


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