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If you’re like a lot of long-time Titanmen fans, you’re not willing to give up those fantastic DVD copies just yet. Watching your library grow and morph into the collection you’ve got is great. Now that all DVDs come with a full-length digital copy of the movie, even the new fans have been taking advantage of that to get copies of their collections.

But the opposite side of the physical copy is Titanmen’s new Video On Demand website that gives members full and unlimited access to the massive Titanmen online catalogue. With movies spanning back 17 years, that’s a pretty large chunk of gay porn.

And if you’re a new fan that’s discovered a love for the old classics like Gorge or Arcade on Route 9 or the Fallen Angel series, having a membership to the old movies is golden. I must have jerked off to 110° in Tucson more times than I can count.

But NOW… you can join the Titanmen DVD Club for $29.95 and not only be first to get the new Titanmen movies (with the digital copy) at the guaranteed lowest price, you also get full and unlimited access to the entire online catalogue. Titanmen movies usually sell for about $59 in stores… so you’ll get them before the stores have them, at a lower price and with full access to the rest of Titan movies on the website thrown in for free.

That’s about the best deal you’ll get.

Last modified: Mar 31, 2012

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