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Tom Wolfe is Dick Danger.


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In the third scene from the hit movie Dick Danger, hunky blond stud Tom Wolfe reveals that all along, he’s been double-crossing everyone and gets the info he needs. We’re still not quite sure what the heist WAS… but we know that in the end, he pulls the heist and YOU get the shaft.

British uncut and soft-spoken Scott Hunter returns to Titanmen along with Tom and they heat up the screen with the climax of the movie, showing off a bunch of amazing positions that show you every square inch of their bodies.

dick_screencap_171 dick_screencap_172

Such a hot scene and such a hot movie. Dick Danger is streaming in Crystal-Clear HD only at along with the entire Titanmen Online Collection. Get Access to the whole thing for as little as 28¢ per day when you join for a full year for only $99.

More pics after the jump…
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Gay Comic Geek reviews Dick Danger


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We always love it when Gay Comic Geek reviews one of our movies. He’s always funny and adorable and hot as a pistol. He also loves Titanmen movies and his Mancast Channel is always full of stuff to watch.

You can see the whole movie Dick Danger at Titanmen where you can stream not just Dick Danger but the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue, download your favorite scenes and create favorite lists so no more searching for those scenes you go back to over and over again.

And with streaming available to mobile devices, you can watch videos any time, anywhere. With thousands of fun clips like interviews, out takes, making-of features, cumshot collections and yes.. almost 19 years worth of the best gay porn ever made.

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Dick Danger is GO…


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A little over a year ago, the guys from production returned from shooting a scene that they were very excited about. Starring Titanmen Exclusive Hunter Marx and Jake Genesis, they said it was “kind of like a gangster comic book.”

Over the next few months, the internet started to buzz with rumors from the set. A few leaked Twitter pictures, stars talking about the running “wallaby” joke and how the sneak peek they’d seen of the work in progress looked “like no porn movie they’d seen before.” Descriptions like “graphic novel,” or “comic book” or “70s TV show.” But it was clear… the new Titanmen movie Jasun Mark had directed was going to be fun, have a top-notch cast and be hot. Very hot.


Titanmen exclusive Jesse Jackman posted a few stills from the finished movie, stars Rogan Richards and Scott Hunter posted about their fun on set. Even hunky Tom Wolfe returned to Titanmen after a long absence to play the title role of Dick.

Director Jasun Mark blogged about how he’s spent months perfecting the post-production techniques to create the saturated, vibrant colors and comic book textures but never losing the “real” look of the skin and hair and sweat. You feel like you can reach out and touch them.

And now we have it. And it’s everything we heard. Dick Danger has that old-school feel but explodes from the screen with bright, vibrant color. Slickly shot like a comic book but it never forgets that first and foremost… this is a Titanmen movie starring 6 of the hottest stars to heat up the screen.


Click Here to download it DRM-free from Titanmen or stream it in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices. Get Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue. That’s 19 YEARS of Titanmen. Some of the hottest gay adult movies from the best directors in the business.

Or get it On Sale on DVD here.

And check out more stills after the jump…

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Stills from Stag


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Here’s just a few random Behind-The-Scenes shots from the making of Paul Wilde’s Stag.

Starring Titanmen Exclusive George Ce with Donnie Dean, Adam Champ, Scott Hunter, Alessio Romero and Brayden Forrester, Stag is a celebration of natural masculinity and that uncaged sexual energy between men that can happen anywhere at any time…

Check out the full movie at Titanmen.

Also currently on sale at the Titanmen DVD store.

Check out some stills from the movie after the jump….
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Titanmen Set Report…


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IMG_0294 IMG_0315 IMG_0289

Last week another set of stills, tweets and blog posts let us know what was going on over with the production crew while they shot some new scenes for movies to come out later this year.

We caught a few glimpses of Scott Hunter, still excited about his two Grabby Award nominations (Best Newcomer and Best Duo for his scene with Jessy Ares in Nightfall). Tom Wolfe made his return to Titanmen. This was his first scene with us since Manifest with Logan Scott.

No pics yet but a newcomer named Casey More was in one scene and Will Swagger did a scene in what looks like some VERY closed quarters… a large shower room with Tom. Will, by the way, is also in the Grabby-nominated Head Trip where he performs with Brad Kalvo.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Nightfall with Jessy Ares, Dario Beck and Scott Hunter


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Gay Comic Geek recently posted this adorable, funny and entertaining review of Jasun Mark’s first Titanmen movie Nightfall.

If you haven’t checked out his Mancast Channel, it’s filled with fun reviews of porn movies, comics and Gay Comic Geek’s fun outlook on gay geekdom.

You can stream Nightfall in HD only on or get it on DVD at the Titanmen store.

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Get Titanmen 50% OFF – Nightfall – Jessy Ares and Scott Hunter


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The third and final scene from Nightfall. And the movie sure goes out with a BANG.

Scott Hunter plays a very nervous and shy Brit who sheepishly walks into his first gay sex club. The way his eyes bug out of his head in shock when he finds out he’ll have to give identification to enter, shocked and scared but still determined to enter… hot. The way he timidly says “yeah…” when asked “is this your first time at a sex club?” is hotter.

But the action that happens when Jessy Ares the doorman grabs him and fucks him hard right there at the front desk… HOTTEST.

Seeing Scott shout and moan as Jessy’s huge uncut dick slams into his asshole is what gay porn is all about. Scott’s equally-big and beautiful Uncut British Meat makes me wanna hop across the pond and um.. have a… apples and pears… Fuck it, I know shit about British slang I just wanna blow him.

Nightfall tells the stories of men who are no longer willing to keep their walls up, no longer able to resist their most primal needs and go out into the darkness, into the danger, to find what they know they want.

The movie itself is dark, surreal and riveting. You can easily see yourself in the role of the “new” guy… a bit scared but not letting that stop him as he’s drawn to the action.  The characters are real and the settings are exciting. The hardcore scenes… top-notch.

See all of Nightfall at

Nightfall is currently on sale on DVD at the Titanmen store here.

And Titanmen is currently 50% OFF when you get 6 Months for $89.95.

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The trailer for the new Jasun Mark movie Nightfall, available on DVD and now playing over at

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