The Titanmen Big Dick List (Part One)


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Big dicks… we all love ‘em, right? What’s more fun to play with than a big, thick, heavy-hanging, mouthful of a dick? Some like ‘em long… some like ‘em thick… some like ‘em long and thick… some really love those low-hanging balls. They’re all different… one is just right for you.

Here’s a collection of our favorite Big Dicks Of Titanmen.

1.  Matthew Bosch 8” Uncut, vers

Jesse Jackman (who appears in Part 2 of this list) posted a few pictures of his touch football team on his Facebook Page. A bunch of hot men, of course but there was one we couldn’t take our eyes off… he had an adorable face and smile along with an amazing set of abs but we ALL noticed that huge bulge in his pants as he ran towards the camera. We wanted a better look.

Jesse set up a phone meeting and a couple weeks later, Matthew was on set in front of the cameras making his porn debut playing Mike Cauke, conservative senator “from the corn hole state” in the classic movie Cauke For President. Matthew’s rather majestic 8” of thick uncut dick is a sight to see… and with scenes like this one with Alex Mecum, it’s very clear that he knows how to use it.

Other scenes to check out… Pool Service with Jack Vidra and Say Uncle with Bruce Beckham.

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2.  Eric Nero 9” Uncut, vers

Eric Nero sent us a few pictures of himself and asked if we might be interested in working with him. Within a few minutes, we were scrambling to call him and get him on set. His Greek good looks and that long and lean body were hot, of course, with with a dick that hung halfway down to his knees, it was like being hypnotized by a still picture.

That smile he gave the camera made you know he meant business… When Eric fucks you… you KNOW you’re fucked. Eric, however, was quite the versatile man and this mega-hot scene from Demolition with Jason Vario shows off his amazing bottoming skills… Eric also LOVES to get a big face full of cum at the end of a fuck session and we have NO problem letting him have it. A handsome face covered in cum is something we ALL like, right?


3.  David Anthony 9” Cut, top

What can you say about David Anthony? Starring for years in hit movie after hit movie, his stunning looks and incredible body (that he gets, he says, by “working in the yard”) get everyone’s attention. But that massive dick with the almost too-big-to-be-real balls almost defy words. His gentle daddy look has made him a mega star in movies like Coyote Point (fucking the neighbor’s son) and Like Father Like Son (fucking his son’s best friend).

His bad-ass fetish self loved piss-soaking Dirk Caber with piss in Violated and who can forget this jaw-dropping 3-way with Junior Stellano and François Sagat in “Incubus Part 2?”


Watch for Part 2, 3 & 4 later this week…

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Last modified: Sep 25, 2017

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