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Jerking Off on the Job? – Working Stiffs – Full Preview


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The day drags on, the stress rising as things get harder. You need to release the tension, and what better way than by taking advantage of the Working Stiffs in front of you? Join TitanMan exclusive Hunter Marx as he and his co-workers come to blows with each other in an office unlike any other.

wstf_dvd_frontTaking a break to ease the ache in his crotch, Thomas (in his first appearance since last year’s Nightfall) watches porn at his desk…and gets caught by boss Adam Russo, who happily offers him the real thing.

After cleaning up a project, Jimmy Durano can’t keep his eyes off Justin Beal’s ass—which soon becomes his reward for a job well done.

The boardroom heats up when suited and bossy executive Landon Conrad exerts his authority—only to have subordinate Hunter Marx come out on top.

Working Stiffs is the third Titanmen movie directed by Jasun Mark, his love of Joe Gage movies clearly showing through on this one. A Blue Collar, rough-handed, working man feature with the guy at the bottom of the ladder getting his revenge on top.

First scene with Adam Russo and Thomas is out today at Titanmen.

Or get the whole movie on DVD, On Sale at the Titanmen DVD store.

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Cavin Knight at Jimmy Durano do the GRIND.


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Cavin Knight and Jimmy Durano  return to Titanmen for this rougher-edged and softer-toned scene from GRIND.

The last time we saw Jimmy, he was in Francois Sagat’s phantasmagorical Incubus in a mysterious and dark scene with then-newcomer Trenton Ducati. The last time we saw Cavin, he was interrupting Dario Beck as he gleefully sang in the shower in Command Performance.

This scene contrasts with both in the very bare-boned and real-life setting and tone. Jimmy plays an artist quietly sketching a picture of a guy he’s got a crush on. When Cavin comes in and sees himself through the eyes of Jimmy, his only words are “it’s beautiful.”

Jimmy doesn’t look up from the paper but quietly responds “it is.”

What follows is a passionate and stunningly hot scene, maybe a bit more emotionally grounded than we’re used to seeing from either of these guys but after seeing it, I hope we see more.

And Cavin has the most beautiful cherry-pink asshole I’ve ever seen. No wonder Jimmy plunges his face in there with such a smile.

GRIND is now available only at Titnamen.com, streaming in Crystal Clear HD to your computer, smart phone and mobile devices.

Have an Apple TV and a Mac computer or mobile device? You can use AirStreaming to play the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue on your big screen TV. It’s like having the entire 17 YEARS worth of the greatest gay porn movies made all in the palm of your hand.

You can also get GRIND on DVD (which is on Sale Right Now at the Titanmen Store).

grnd_screencap_081 grnd_screencap_113

Big gallery of still after the jump…
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New from Titanmen – GRIND


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A deep kiss, your groins and beards affixed to each other. Lips sealed tightly around the shaft, planted to the base. Ass cheeks squeezing, riding down to the root. Do you know how to Grind like you mean it?

Let TitanMen exclusive Jessy Ares and his friends show you how it’s done.

After voraciously sucking Jessy Ares’ uncut monster, James Corman offers his ass as the top grunt fucks him.

Jimmy Durano sees his sketch come to life with the arrival of model Cavin Knight, whose cock stays rock hard as he gets plowed by the artist.

A tattoo parlor gets down and dirty as Collin Stone sucks bud Christopher Daniels and ink artist Caleb Colton, a flip fuck closing out the action.

Instantly stream GRIND today in Crystal-Clear HD only at Titanmen.com

This is Titanmen director Jasun Mark’s follow-up to last year’s Nightfall. Writing on his own blog, he explained that GRIND was meant to be the polar opposite of his first Titanmen movie. Where Nightfall had a dark, surreal look and a theme of breaking down the walls and venturing into the dark places of Los Angeles to find the action your instinct told you to find, GRIND shows a very analogue, organic view of the same city.

The low-resolution, static and jittery TV signal over the opening credits sets the style and mirroring the opening shot of Nightfall’s shot of downtown Los Angeles at night, GRIND opens with the same view of downtown, shot at midday with the sun beaming down on Jessy Ares and James Corman making out on the roof.

The second scene features Cavin Knight’s last scene ever shot (Cavin is still very visible in the industry but is now doing more promotions and events with his long-time boyfriend Tristan Jaxx) as a live model posing for Jimmy Durano, an artist with an attraction to Cavin that goes beyond just physical. The two men perform an incredible scene together that’s got a very real emotional slant to it. And Cavin is still one of the best bottoms we’ve had the pleasure of working with (you can see him here in Command Performance with Dario Beck).

The third and final scene is a Balls-To-The-Wall 3-way shot in a downtown Tattoo Studio (using the real-life studio of Marginalized Tattoo and noted comic book and tattoo artist Dave Davenport who worked as a consultant on that scene teaching Caleb Colton how to use the tattoo needles on Collin Stone). Christopher Daniels takes matters into his own hands in that way a lot of us have wanted to… sees something hot, whips out his dick and starts jerking off while watching… then instigates some action right there on the tattoo table (random trivia…. the tattoo studio that was used was repurposed and also used for the Sex Club at the end of Nightfall).

You can Instantly stream GRIND today in Crystal-Clear HD only at Titanmen.com.

OR you can get the entire movie GRIND on DVD right now 33% OFF (or 45% OFF when you buy four titles) at the Titanmen DVD store.

Want the best of both? Join the Titanmen DVD Club and get copies of the new movies before anyone else PLUS Full and Unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue at Titanmen.com (that’s 17 YEARS worth of some of the best gay porn ever made).

Check out the extended preview of Scene One with Jessy Ares and James Corman  PLUS a big gallery of stills after the jump…
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Titanmen Scores TEN XBiz 2013 Awards Nominations! (and kind of 13)


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Titan Media once again scored nominations in every possible category at the annual XBiz Awards. Winner of  Gay Studio Of The Year for five years running, Titanmen has again been given the nod in this years nominations, but the bigger news is the huge list of Titan movies, directors and performers who also earned recognition for their top-notch work.

On top of the Gay Studio of the Year nomination, Francois Sagat’s ground-breaking and visually stunning Incubus Parts 1 & 2 landed a nomination for Gay Movie Of the Year. Incubus Parts 1 & 2 also earned Francois Sagat his first-ever nomination for Gay Director of the Year.

Titanmen.com was nominated for Best Gay Website.

Also nominated for Gay Director of the Year are Titanmen legends Brian Mills and Joe Gage. Brian directed many movies for Titanmen in 2012, most notably his biggest hits Surveillance and Command Performance. Joe Gage directed this year’s retro-themed Anthology Joe Gage’s Special Reserve.

Joe also landed nominations for two movies he directed for his own studio, Dad Goes To College (starring beloved Titanmen star Allen Silver and Conner Habib, who just made his first-ever appearance in the Marl/Wilde production Wide Open) and for his fantastic After The Heist that also featured Titanmen’s David Anthony plus our friends and Titanmen stars Brad Kalvo, Dirk Caber and Conner Habib.

Rounding out the categories, Titanmen Exclusives Hunter Marx, Jessy Ares and David Anthony all scored Gay Performer of the Year nods along with some of our favorite stars from Titanmen movies, Trenton Ducati (Incubus 1, Hot Wired), Jimmy Durano (Incubus 1) and Spencer Reed (Incubus 1, Hot Wired, Sticking Point)

As an added bonus, a Gay/Lesbian Pleasure Product of the Year nomination went to Titan Men Tools by Doc Johnson.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

You can get all of these movies On Sale at the Titanmen DVD Store.

Or get them all in one place all for one price at Titanmen.com where you get Full and Unlimited access to the Entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming in crystal clear HD on your computer or streaming to your mobile devices. It’s like having 17 years of the best gay movies in your back pocket.

You know… just in case the mood strikes you.

Complete List of Titanmen Nominations….


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Making A Scene: Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Durano


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Just a peek at how much work and care goes into making a scene at Titanmen. From the large group of crew and the racks of gear, lights, cameras and even a floaty device to create waves reflected onto the men, Francois got a trial by fire as he learned how to direct and how to bring the ideas in his head to video.

We don’t always put cum shots into the BTS videos but this time it makes sense and besides… why not?

You’ll also see a blink-and-you’ll-misss-it cameo by Jesse Jackman who quietly sat off set and watched the process in the shadows.

I love seeing how porn is made and seeing the casual way that the stars interact with the crowd of people around them while they create the end result. It’s also fun to hear how the directors and cameramen are talking to the performers while they’re fucking. This only makes the whole thing hotter for me.

You can see the whole movie Incubus here on the new Titanmen Website that also gives you unlimited access to the entire online Titanmen catalogue (which contains nearly every movie Titan has released in their 17 years of producing movies) streaming in stunning HD to your computer or mobile devices.


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François Sagat Directing…


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Last week François Sagat posted this very enjoyable clip on his blog. Never one to allow himself to just do the same thing over and over again, François took Incubus as a chance to learn how to direct. There have been some great Behind The Scenes clips posted from the making of Incubus and you can see just how much care and dedication the entire crew and cast had to delivering such a phenomenal movie.

Incubus 2: The Final Chapter comes out very soon…

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Some more fun from the Incubus Party scene…


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Some more from the Incubus shoot. Lots of work but the guys look like they had a blast doing it…

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And today on Wild Kingdom…


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I’m still relatively new to the whole Porn Industry, but people always ask me what it’s like on set at a porn shoot when they’re not shooting. I tell them that it’s actually a very professional environment, the guys read books, play the odd video game, maybe work out together. Nothing too crazy going on.

Clearly, I’m totally full of shit.

This, gentlemen (and ladies who like gay porn and yes, we know you’re out there), is what I like to call “down time” on a porn set. Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed had just finished shooting their scene for the up-coming movie “François Sagat’s Incubus” when Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati arrived to shoot their scene together.

Jimmy and Spencer decided to get… reacquainted with each other, the way that guys do in any industry, I’m sure (although I’ve never worked at a bank). Shay decided that there was only one way to welcome a new co-worker and that’s having him suck your dick. Such a friendly guy.

You know, I’m sure it’s no different at your place of work. Although my opinion on that might be the reason I got fired from my last job at the florist.

You can see all these guys in action at Titanmen. (although you’ll have to wait for about a month to see Trenton’s debut in “Incubus.” But as you can see… it’ll be worth the wait…

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Game ON!


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Jimmy Durano, Marc Dylan and Harley Everett score the Three Way finale to “Game On” that starts with a game of “Strip Darts” (I really need to play more games that have “Strip” in the name) and the stunning Tattooed British hunk Harley Everett takes his prize as he pounds the other guys into submission.

Watch the full movie at Titanmen.

Check out the gallery after the jump…

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