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Will Swagger and Tom Wolfe get WET. Classic Titanmen.


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The third and final scene from Titanmen’s “Wet” was a doozy.

With his hairy muscle bod getting wet, Tom Wolfe shows off in the shower as lover Will Swagger stares while shaving—his own boner propped above the sink. Will smiles and joins him, his smooth, muscular back filling the frame.


They rub each other’s bods, Tom stroking their cocks. He feasts on Will’s thick meat, water falling down on him as he spits on it. Tom snaps up his own boner as he sucks, a hot sound filling the bathroom as his rocket repeatedly smacks against his stomach.

A stream of spit slides down Will’s sac, Tom standing up for a kiss. Will sucks the stud back, his salt-and-pepper beard getting fucked as two strands of spit cling to Tom’s hairy balls—a hot shot showing both of their throbbers. Will looks up at Tom with his watery eyes, his own beast pulsing as he deep throats.

wet_scene03_006Will gets plowed from behind, steadying himself against the wall as his boner bounces with each fast thrust. He gasps for breath, stroking himself to the brink and unleashing a hands-free load—Tom fucking him some more before dumping a wad on his back.

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Titanmen Set Report…


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IMG_0294 IMG_0315 IMG_0289

Last week another set of stills, tweets and blog posts let us know what was going on over with the production crew while they shot some new scenes for movies to come out later this year.

We caught a few glimpses of Scott Hunter, still excited about his two Grabby Award nominations (Best Newcomer and Best Duo for his scene with Jessy Ares in Nightfall). Tom Wolfe made his return to Titanmen. This was his first scene with us since Manifest with Logan Scott.

No pics yet but a newcomer named Casey More was in one scene and Will Swagger did a scene in what looks like some VERY closed quarters… a large shower room with Tom. Will, by the way, is also in the Grabby-nominated Head Trip where he performs with Brad Kalvo.

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HUGE DVD and Membership Sale at Titan – plus Joe Gage Reissues


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OK Gents… we do this every year and every year it gets bigger and better.

But this year, we’ve got the best deal we’ve ever had on Titanmen DVD titles. Starting with Reissued Joe Gage Classics. Fans have been calling for us to reissue titles like Bakersfield Men’s Room and Gale Force: Men’s Room 2. Along with the massive hits Arcade on Route 9, Chainsaw, Copperhead Canyon and Road to Redneck Hollow.

Now newly reissued and at 4 for $69, get them NOW before they sell out again.


Top Seller movies.. our newest hits form 2012 are on sale $39.95 each or a whopping 55% Off when you get 4 for $89. Including hits like Reckless, Joe Gage’s Special Reserve and Stud Finder.

And finally… the BIG BLOWOUT. Some amazing Titanmen Classic Titles and collections. Some of the best movies from the Titanmen vaults on sale 4 for $49.

These are some of the best movies Titan has released. Movies like Detour with the one and only Dred Scott, movies from the Spy Quest series, Bruce Cam’s Fallen Angel series and all of the early Francois Sagat movies like Breathless, Folsom Filth, Folsom Leather, H2O and POV.

AND if you’d rather have it all streaming in HD to your computer or mobile devices, Titanmen.com is ALSO on sale. 33% off at $19.95 per month or 60% off when you get 4 months for $49.95.

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How To Find Your Stud…


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Here’s some fun from the making of the scene in Stud Finder with Jessy Ares and Will Swagger. Shot in a house in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, Stud Finder is all about that instant attraction between men who need to go find a place to get off… fast…

You can see Stud Finder on DVD (with a full-length digital copy of the movie).

OR you can click here to see Stud Finder and the entire Titanmen online catalogue. With the Titanmen Website, you get full and unlimited access to their whole collection, streaming in crystal clear HD. New updates and movies, hours of Behind-The-Scenes fun and classic Titanmen movies going back 17 years… some of the biggest gay porn hits on the  best gay porn site. 

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Jessy Ares and Will Swagger are Fast Friends


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On a break from his construction job, Will Swagger cruises Jessy Ares in the park. “Wanna be up to something?” asks the flattered stranger, who is soon pressed against an apartment wall as they kiss. Will feasts on Jessy’s massive tool, which juts into the air. Spit falls from Jessy’s mouth, the two kissing in between deep-throat thrusts by Will—who gets his face dick-whipped and fucked, the sucker gasping for air in the aggressive oral sequence. Jessy eats and fingers Will’s muscle butt, grinding his boner on it before fucking him doggie style. Jessy slaps Will’s ass, the bottom emitting laugh-filled moans of pleasure. Will shows off his boner, then turns around as Jessy sucks it. “Damn!” whispers Will, Jessy spitting on his bud’s big chest before grabbing it. On his back, Will gets pounded some more. Still hard as a rock, the bottom stares into Jessy’s eyes, the top licking Will’s leg as he deep fucks him—spitting on him before they squirt.

See the whole movie here on DVD or ever better… join the Titanmen DVD club. Most Titanmen DVDs come with a digital copy of the full movie.

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Hunter Marx and Will Swagger in Stud Finder


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A while back I posted a hysterically funny clip from a Titanmen movie in production that at the time had the working title of “Fast Friends” but has now been released with the title “Stud Finder.” After seeing the finished scene… I’m agreeing with the decision to change the title.

Hunter Marx is one of the most handsome men who doesn’t seem to have any idea that he’s handsome at all. Soft-spoken and gentle but with a “Strong Silent Type” thing that drives me nuts. Those eyes and that dick that seems to stay hard permanently. And Will Swagger is the happy guy on the receiving end.

Click Here to see the movie at Titanmen.com

Stud Finder will also available on DVD and it’s the newest selection in the Titanmen DVD Club.

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Will Swagger gives Brad Kalvo a Head Trip


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After Brian Mills had wrapped up his work as director of photography on Francois Sagat’s visually-stunning and phantasmagorical Incubus movies, he mentioned feeling inspired to do something “dreamy and surreal” like his 2009 movie Flux. While not the corneal assault that he helped Francois realize on video, Head Trip is an fascinating mix of mood lighting, dreamy effects and an unreal sense of setting that conjures up more of a jerk-off fantasy than any real-life fucking.

Featuring a cast that skews to the older, hairy daddies from the Titanmen like in this scene with Will Swagger and Brad Kalvo, Head Trip has a lot of that manly and strong action that Titanmen’s movies feature. Seeing two men like Will and Brad go at it you know that these are men who really know how to fuck and just how they like it.

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“Hey Hunter, you got your dick in some dude’s butt”


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I’m not sure how it’s possible that such a dead-pan delivery of line like “Hey Hunter, you’ve got your dick in some dude’s butt” could be so hot that I almost jizzed in my pants.

But it is. And I did.

This clip is from the currently-in-prodcution Titanmen movie “Fast Friends” from a scene with Hunter Marx and Will Swagger.

You can see Hunter in action right now as he gets “some dude’s” dick up his own butt (the dude in question would be Spencer Reed) in Titanmen’s Sticking Point which is out now.

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This is the part we call “boning up.”


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On the set of “Feral” with Will Swagger and Jessy Ares. Coming in the Spring to Titanmen.

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