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Titanmen Classics: Old School Daddy/Boy scene from Signals


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This mega-hot classic scene from Titanmen shows off the hunky, hairy, rugged and uncut daddy Anthony London with the cornfed young man Devin Andrews. Starting out with the two men loading hay out of the back of a truck, it isn’t long before the older man has his hands gently rubbing the chest and body of the younger man until the college stud can’t take it and gets down on his knees to show his appreciation.

sign_scene03_022The action in the hot mountain sun is just the kind of thing Titan has been known for in years past, along with the theme of older and younger men together.

While they were still having a lot of fun with the more edgy, surreal movies of the last couple of years like Nightfall, Wide Awake and Francois Sagat’s Incubus, it’s good to see that the production team hadn’t forgotten how to deliver classic gay porn like this.


Hope we see a lot more.

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Taking The Piss Out Of Anthony London: Today’s Random Cell Phone Clip


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While taking a break from shooting his scene with Devin Adams in Titanmen’s Signals, Anthony London had to take a piss and director Jasun Mark was there with his cell phone to capture the moment.  The very hot Older Man/Young Stud scene is definitely worth checking out.

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Anthony London and Mike Tanner in Joe Gage’s “Cut To The Chase.”


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Redneck lottery winner Mike Tanner is being shown an eight-bedroom home by Anthony London, a high-class realtor with a suit, a fancy accent and a hardon. He compliments Mike’s physique. “Wanna check it out?” offers the blue collar hick. “I ain’t gonna tell nobody.” Anthony holds Mike’s beer for him as he takes his shirt off, soon holding the shaved-headed hunk’s cock. The tan, bearded horndog sucks him deep, teasing the underside of Mike’s cock. Mike wants dick, too—soon sucking the realtor back in a heated sequence that has him breathing deep. Anthony rubs Mike’s head as he sucks, Mike’s nose repeatedly tickling Anthony’s bush as he dives down.

They stand, cock to cock: “Y’all ready to get fucked?” Mike slides his cock inside, fucking Anthony faster as he gets into a groove—his balls banging against the bottom’s hairy leg. On his back, Anthony’s pecs shake as he gets plowed—his furry stomach and groin soon covered with cum.

Click Here to see the whole movie…













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Joe Gage’s Cut To The Chase – Full Preview


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Two strangers submit to urges. A clash of cultures heats up. An after-school session crosses the line. See what happens when you Cut to the Chase in the latest Joe Gage Chronicle led by TitanMen exclusive Dario Beck. Arriving early for a garage sale, Dario Beck gets a special offer—Jed Athens’ wet mouth on his thick cock. Dario sucks the smoothie back, then rides up and down his steel shaft.

Redneck Mike Tanner wins the lottery—and a meeting with realtor Anthony London, who wants his hillbilly hardon. After swapping sucks, Mike buries his dick in the bottom’s high-class hole. J.D. Phoenix stays after class to get help studying, but instead gets the cocks of teachers Dolan Wolfe and Dirk Caber up his holes—with Dolan also taking Dirk’s dick like a man.

See the whole movie and many more of Joe Gage’s classic movies only at Titanmen.



















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Chatting with Anthony London while he takes a piss. Another Day At Work.


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After shooting his scene with Devin Adams for the up-coming Titan feature Signals, Anthony London pulled out his still-hard dick to take a wiz.

Director Jasun Mark wasn’t going to let that moment pass without a commemorative video. So here it is.

Watch for Signals on Titanmen coming next week.

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Adam Herst and the Happy Pig Face.


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I got a laugh out of this cute clip of Adam Herst stretching out his hole with the Beer Bottle-shaped dildo used in his scene with Anthony London in Pumped, Pissed and Pounded.

Click Here to see the whole movie Pumped Pissed and Pounded at Titanmen.

IMG_4109Membership at Titanmen gives you Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue and NOW members can also Download their favorite scenes. That’s over 17 YEARS of some of the hottest gay porn ever made by some of the best directors.

Also included is Full Access to Titan Rough, Titanmen’s All-Fetish site.

Also… the DVD is currently On Sale at the Titanmen DVD Store.

Check out more stills and a preview of the scene after the jump…

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from the last Titanmen shoot. Tom Wolfe Hypnotizing Anthony London.

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Titanmen Set Report – Looks Like They’re Having Fun..


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The guys from the production team have been hard at work out in Palm Springs for the last week with another few days to go. They’ve posted behind-the-scenes peeks at scenes with Titanmen Exclusives Hunter Marx, Dario Beck and Jay Bentley plus some old friends like Tom Wolfe, Anthony London, Colby White and some new faces like Nick Prescott and Justin King.

Let’s Have A Kiki Karaoke from Jasun mark on Vimeo.

The tone of the weekend was set with a hysterical clip of Justin, Dario and Jasun driving through the rush hour traffic along the route from Los Angeles lip syncing to the Glee version of “Let’s Have A Kiki.” Apparently even Scissor Sisters lead singer Jake Shears loved that and Tweeted his support.

Both night and day shoots have been shot and we’ve had a few pictures find their way to Twitter and Facebook keeping us all up-to-date on the goings on at what Hunter called “Gay Porn Summer Camp.” Sounds like fun…

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Every Boy Needs A Daddy To Teach Him…


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The Hot, Hairy and Hung Anthony London debuts at Titanmen with the edgy, tattooed and baby-faced Marcus Isaacs.

Marcus can try to hide behind that thick beard and incredible crow tats, underneath that, he’s a young, inexperienced guy who needs a mentor to show him how it’s done.

aftr_scene02_008And in this case, what everything is…

Marcus comes across a fuck bench while helping Anthony clean up a warehouse, and after innocently asking what it’s for, Anthony takes Marcus into his arms, strips him naked, sucks his dick, bends him over and shows him just how that bench should be used.

Older man with a younger guy, hairy, muscles rubbing up against each other, that look in the eye of the hairy older daddy, the excitement of the younger man learning something new.

And that big thick, hard dick of Anthony’s sliding in and out of Marcus’s asshole.

This is Titanmen’s new movie “After Hours.”

Check out all the stills after the jump…

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