The Titanmen Big Dick List (Part Two)


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4. Tex Davidson 9” Cut, vers

We first met Tex in a cute scene with fellow “Big Dicks Of Titan” entrant Eric Nero in “The Taxman Cummeth.” That southern accent melted the crew who all came back saying they were hard as rocks shooting that scene.

It’s not just that Good-ol-Boy style of his, but that’s a big part of it. When Tex starts fucking, he’s a monster. He even wore out Hunter Marx in SWAP.

But the scene that really blew the lid off everything for us was the incredible scene with Luke Adams in “Say Uncle” where we got to hear his talk and fuck out LOUD. Luke was pushed to the limit with his dick but that southern gentlemanly charm made the scene one of the biggest hits in the Titanmen catalogue.


5. Jason Vario 9” Uncut, top

Our first reaction to Jason Vario was that he was a handsome man with huge muscles and a gentle demeanor. Soft-Spoken and polite. Then we shot his scene with Bruce Beckham for Cauke For Free and those pants came off and according to director Jasun Mark, “everything got quiet. We all just stared at it silently for a minute. Then we all looked at each other with that ‘WOW’ look… Then I asked Bruce ‘you gonna be able to take that?’ and Bruce answered back with a wink ‘already have.’ I knew we had a winner of a scene on our hands.”

Jason’s dick isn’t just big, it’s massive like him. Thick and uncut, stays totally straight when he’s hard. The kind of dick that makes your hole twitch just looking at it.


6. Josh West 8: Cut, top

Josh’s dick is so big, it’s a conversation piece. While it’s not quite as long as others on the list, it’s that incredible girth that makes even a cock-hungry bottom stretch WIDE.

Josh has appeared in many huge Titan hits. Chain Reaction, Morning Wood, the Titan rough hits Ass Attack and Code Yellow all show off that big lug of a guy with his massive cock. But it’s the “Mechanic and Hitchhiker” scene from Joe Gage’s Arcade On Route 9 that is the undisputed top hit from Josh. Seeing that young man with that “I really wanna suck that” look of wonder on his face as Josh feeds him that massive meat… that’s porn cinematic magic.

BTW… it should be noted that his scene partner Cam Kurtz, who only appears in 2 Titan movies, is also hung like a club.

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Last modified: Sep 26, 2017

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