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Flashback: What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever done at Folsom?


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The Titan Men at the Folsom Street Booth talking about their favorite “nasty” memory from Folsom Street Fair. Best story goes to Jesse Jackman. Or Maybe Dirk Caber for his revelation that his nastiest memory was with fellow Titan Man Alessio Romero.

Also, yes.. François Sagat was there, looking amazing and seemingly… up to something. Yes, Francois pissed in a gatorade bottle and then just… left it for whomever was thirsty (with no indication of what was in the bottle because that’s how we roll).



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“we’re not rolling yet, but you guys can keep fucking…” Out-take from Upper Hand


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The guys from production sent me this cute clip… There’s a lot of shuffling around, moving lights, moving cameras, planning shots and setting up gear. Director Jasun Mark has a pretty solid idea of what he wants to see in each lens and he has to give his instructions to both the cast and the crew before each take.

This time, however, it seems Alessio and Drake were so into fucking each other that they weren’t really aware that nobody had shouted “ACTION” yet.


You can see the full, completed (and very hot) scene from Upper Hand here at Titanmen.

AND… join and you can stream this and the entire Titanmen Online catalogue. That’s over 18 years of the hottest gay porn ever made, streaming in crystal clear HD to your computer and mobile devices. Members can also download their favorite scenes DRM-free. Full and Unlimited access.

It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket.

Check out more pics after the jump…

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Blooper: Alessio Romero and Drake Jayden Fall Down and Go Boom…


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Porn is a dangerous business.

Don’t worry… nobody was hurt and the action picked right up after this… You can see the full scene with Alessio Romero and Drake Jayden in Upper Hand at

Here’s a few stills from that movie…

uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0036 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0046 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0061 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0063 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0069 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0130

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Day Into Night


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Gay Comic Geek has always been fun to watch and his enjoyment of comics, movies, porn and fan conventions make us want to put on a spandex superhero suit and join him.

Check out his blog here.

Check out Day Into Night here…

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Alessio Romero and Ray Nicks in ‘Day Into Night’


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Loving this meeting of the hairy daddies in the new Titanmen movie Day Into Night starring Ray Nicks and Alessio Romero. The hairy, sweaty action takes place on a lazy late afternoon up in the Hollywood Hills, bathed in sunlight and the fresh autumn air.

dayn_AlessioRomero_0142 dayn_RayNicks_1074

As their hairy bodies grind against each other, Alessio Romero and Ray Nicks kiss in the living room—their hands all over each other. Ray licks Alessio’s nipple before dropping to his knees to suck his cock. Alessio has his hand on the back of the sucker’s head, guiding him down and moaning “Yeah! Just keep doing that!” as his dick gets worked over.


They kiss again, Alessio then sucking his bud back as the camera looks up at his toned bod. Hard as a rock, Ray gets deep throated—Alessio also sucking his hairy sac, placing his hand on Ray’s abs the entire time in a romantic touch. Ray bends over and gets eaten, his ass soon rippling as Alessio pounds him from behind. Ray sits down on the top, his own cock throbbing as he grinds down. The two take turns doing the work, Alessio pounding from below before Ray bounces on it (“Yeah! Ride that!”). On his back, the bottom’s balls bounce as he gets it hard—his body soon covered in cum.


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Check out the movie Day Into Night here at Titanmen.

more pics after the jump…

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The Men of Day Into Night.


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Here are all 6 men from the new Titanmen movie Day Into Night. Click Here to see the extended preview video at Titanmen..

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Alessio Romero and Tony Orion in Night Heat


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OK so this scene takes place in the late afternoon, but it fits with the lazy poolside under the hot desert sky theme of the movie.

Tattooed Tony Orion and Alessio Romero play in the pool—their kisses escalating as Tony wraps his muscular legs around his hairy bud. Alessio spreads Tony’s cheeks, grinding his boner against the stud’s ass as their beards meet in a passionate kiss. Tony moans as he gets fingered, the two soon out of the pool as their cocks touch. Tony opens wide to engulf Alessio’s rock hard, thick meat. Tony gets his uncut cock sucked, spit dripping down as Alessio takes it to the root.


Tony bends down to kiss the sucker, who continues to worship it as a wad of spit forms at the base of Tony’s sac, sliding to the ground. Alessio snaps up his cock as he sucks, his meat throbbing in excitement. Alessio buries his stubbly chin in Tony’s hole, then shoves his cock in as he varies him rhythm. Tony smiles, his ass shaking before he gets on his back, gripping the sheet as Alessio’s pubes slam his ass. Tony strokes his boner as he get fucked, the two soon shooting.






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Movies featuring Mega Stars like François SagatDean FlynnDreddScottHunter MarxJesse JackmanDario Beck,David Anthony and Tober Brandt.


Check out the gallery of pics after the jump…

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All The Pictures Too Hot for the Titanmen Facebook Page.


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If you follow Titanmen on Facebook, you know that the guys have been posting a LOT of new pictures live from the set, giving updates on who and what and how and where…

Here’s some of the best pictures posted. PLUS all the ones that they couldn’t post.

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Stills from Stag


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s just a few random Behind-The-Scenes shots from the making of Paul Wilde’s Stag.

Starring Titanmen Exclusive George Ce with Donnie Dean, Adam Champ, Scott Hunter, Alessio Romero and Brayden Forrester, Stag is a celebration of natural masculinity and that uncaged sexual energy between men that can happen anywhere at any time…

Check out the full movie at Titanmen.

Also currently on sale at the Titanmen DVD store.

Check out some stills from the movie after the jump….
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Titanmen Production Diary


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Introducing new Titanmen star Nick Prescott. Anyone watching the Titanmen Production channel on Mancast caught a glimpse of him already, here’s a BTS clip from his first scene. Get your full fix in two weeks when Nick’s first movie, the Titanmen feature “Wide Awake” gets released. In the meantime, here are a few quick shots of him in action…

More fun from the set after the jump…
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Gay Comic Geek reviews Nightfall with Jessy Ares, Dario Beck and Scott Hunter


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Gay Comic Geek recently posted this adorable, funny and entertaining review of Jasun Mark’s first Titanmen movie Nightfall.

If you haven’t checked out his Mancast Channel, it’s filled with fun reviews of porn movies, comics and Gay Comic Geek’s fun outlook on gay geekdom.

You can stream Nightfall in HD only on or get it on DVD at the Titanmen store.

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Nightfall – Scene 1 with Alessio Romero and Thomas


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In all the excitement last week of the HUGE DVD blow-out, the Joe Gage reissues and the field trip we took to Mr. S Leather, I didn’t mention this rather amazing scene with Alessio Romero and Thomas in the new Titanmen movie Nightfall.

Alessio Romero is handsome as always, playing a mysterious and dominating character, luring the new-comer Thomas to his empty warehouse for an intense sexual encounter that blows the roof off the place.

Thomas has created a HUGE stir with his first-ever performance. We fell in love with his puppy dog eyes and that beautiful uncut dick… thick and meaty with a big cherry on top. Hope we get to see more of him later.

Click Here to buy it on DVD (currently 33% off) at

Click Here to get full and unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices.

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The trailer for the new Jasun Mark movie Nightfall, available on DVD and now playing over at

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On set shooting “Pissed And Probed.”


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I got sent these gems by one of the crew who worked on the new Titanmen Rough movie Pissed and Probed. While the movies are dark and rough and powerful, the guys always tell me they have a blast on set together shooting the scenes.

I can imagine the kind of vibe on set is… pretty inspiring.

Click here to see the whole movie at Titanmen…

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Things that make you go VROOM


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The above scene pretty much sums it up. From Paul Wilde’s new Titanmen Rough movie “Pissed And Probed.”

Two hot men getting dirty on top of a big, loud motorcycle… pissing, fucking and I assume making the seat a bit harder to stay on. All that lube has to go somewhere.

Click here for the whole “Pissed And Probed” movie and all the fun at Titanmen…

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