19 Things You Missed In The David Benjamin/Bennet Anthony Scene in Silverlake


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All of the reviews of the new Titanmen scene from Silverlake mention the stunning opening sequence and skillful camera work by director Jasun Mark. Watch it here…


And with the amazing fucking going on in the foreground once they make it back to Bennet’s converted garage apartment, it was easy to overlook the spartan decor in the room. However, a few eagle-eyed fans started to point out a few things  they saw.. here’s a list of the 19 Things You (Probably) Missed In The David Benjamin/Bennet Anthony Scene in Silverlake.

  1. Photograph of Jasun in a scuba diving suit.
  2. Photograph of his dog HAlford
  3. Titanmen Lube bottles
  4. A Lake-Crossing Swimming Trophy
  5. Jasun’s 2014 Grabby Award for “Best Still Photography.”
  6. Picture from “Pissed And Probed” with Collin Stone and Adam Herst
  7. Jasun wearing Micky Mouse Ears
  8. Lance Navarro’s back tattoo
  9. Titan Man Stany Falcone
  10. Josh West fluffing Jesse Jackman
  11. Dario Beck on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  12. Comic Books featured in Grind
  13. Dario Beck on Dean Martin’s Star
  14. Jesse Jackman being fluffed by Josh West. Again.
  15. Jasun shows off his Hogwarts Tattoo
  16. Jasun’s Wedding Announcement Picture
  17. Tattoo with Francois Sagat
  18. Jesse Jackman fluffing Josh West.
  19. Taxi-Topper prop from the movie Campus Pizza

Last modified: Jul 29, 2016

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