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Dario Beck & Jed Athens… Extended Preview clip from Joe Gage’s “Cut To The Chase.”

Joe Gage continues his Chronicle Series with Cut To The Chase. This scene starring Jed Athens and Dario Beck, who looks fantastic with his porn ‘stache and ripped body. A very hot scene, the guys were really into each other and Joe manages again to capture the raw sexual energy in front of him yet […]

Gay Porn Wardrobe Malfunction

The guys in production promise us that Bad Cop will be finished in time for it’s December release. Although from what we’ve seen… they need to concentrate on porn a bit more. In the meantime, House Rules is a huge hit with fans at Titanmen right now…

The Men of Cut To The Chase (NEW Joe Gage!)

Joe Gage continues his “Chronicle” series with “Cut To The Chase.” Featuring current Gay Porn Mega-Star Dirk Caber (real-life husband of Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman) and porn It-Boy JD Phoenix in his first-ever Titanmen movie. This movie also features Dario Beck in a rather adorable mustache that’s going to bring back the Porn ‘Stache fad, […]

Guess Who Shot His First Titanmen Scene Last Night?

According to all on set, last night Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott was on the receiving end of a “Jackhammering” from new Titanmen Exclusive Eddy CeeTee. This Lebanese hunk reportedly tore it up proper in his Titanmen debut. We can’t wait to see the finished scene, but here’s a still from the set…

Adam Champ and Christopher Daniels in House Rules

Melting into each other, light-skinned blond Christopher Daniels locks lips with tan and beefy Adam Champ. Christopher slides his hand up Adam’s shirt, rubbing his massive hairy body. His hand on Adam’s bulge, Christopher buries his face inside Adam’s pit, licking and sniffing it. Adam is enraptured, staring at his worshipper. The two kiss as a spit strand […]

Titanmen Classics… Ozark Mountain Exit 8 – Men’s Room III

This movie is still a huge hit, even 8 years after it’s original release. Joe Gage returned to the Men’s Room series and brought along a Top-Notch Titanmen cast that blew everyone away… and each other, of course. Award-winning director Joe Gage takes us on a totally perverse tour of the Ozark Mountains with the […]

Alex Graham and Tony Orion

Alex Graham is distracted by sex sounds at work. He pops his head over the cubicle, spotting Tony Orion stroking his uncut meat while watching porn. Alex rounds the corner and plants a kiss on him. Alex teases him like a champ, working his tongue all over before licking up Tony’s sac and shaft. Alex […]

Hans Berlin and George Ce in House Rules

This scene from House Rules is the directorial debut of Dave Richards, one of the production team’s production assistants. Dave had wanted to direct a scene for a while and he finally talked the guys into letting him take the lead. He’s clearly onto something here, this scene is great and has a fun comedic […]

WOW… check out this hot “Amateur” scene that Nick Prescott and Adam Herst shot of themselves….

After finishing shooting a scene for the up-coming Titanmen feature ‘Bad Cop,’ director Jasun Mark gave Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and Adam Herst his GoPro and told them to have some fun in the pool while the crew and I broke down all of the cameras and lighting gear. He figured they’d post some video […]

House Rules. Full Trailer

The lines aren’t supposed to be crossed. But when you’re dealing with House Rules, who can resist? Give in to temptation with TitanMen exclusive George Ce, who leads a trio of scorching scenes from three dirty-minded directors. It’s too hard for Hans Berlin to say goodbye to George Ce, so he pulls his ex in […]

That Time JD Phoenix Almost Blinded Dirk Caber

A quick BTS clip from the upcoming Joe Gage chronicle “Cut To The Chase.” JD Phoenix poked Dirk right in the eye and the two just kept going. Nobody on the crew noticed because they were too focused on other things and it wasn’t until JD couldn’t contain his laughing anymore that they even stopped. […]

The Men of House Rules.

The new Titanmen movie House Rules is three scenes from three different directors; Paul Wilde, Jasun Mark and the directorial debut of David Richards, whom fans will know as long-time production assistant on the Titanmen crew. House Rules features Titanmen Exclusive George Ce along with Hans Berlin, Adam Champ, Christopher Daniels, Alex Graham and Tony […]