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Joe Gage Daddies…. On Sale

TitanMen, Daddies and Joe Gage…it doesn’t get any better than this! “The Best of Joe Gage Daddies” is the porn trifecta you want to watch! Hot, hung and hairy Daddies showing younger guys how real men suck, fuck and shoot a stream of jizz right across your face! 6 of the very best TitanMen scenes […]

Eric Nero and Ricky Decker in Pacific Coast.

A couple weeks ago, I posted a video with Titanmen’s head of production Jasun Mark demonstrating the process of color-correcting a short clip from the up-coming Titanmen movie Pacific Coast. The scene featured Ricky Decker and a then-unknown star Eric Nero. People wanted to see more… and now they finally get their chance. The scene […]

The Men of Pacific Coast.

Here they are the men of Titanmen’s Pacific Coast. Shot out in the wide open, rural parts of the California coast, 6 men show just what they get up to when they have all that wide open space. A ride down a scenic road. A sunny day at the winery. An outdoor shower. TitanMen exclusives […]

Hunter Marx and Trent Davis on the Pacific Coast.

Driving through the woods, Hunter Marx stops when he spots Trent Davis walking. “What you up to?” he asks the stranger, getting out of his truck to kiss the jock as their muscle chests burst out of their cutoff shirts. They rub each other’s bulges, Trent licking down Hunter’s hairy bod and releasing his big […]

We call this position the “Upwards Bear.”

Here’s a fun out-take from the up-coming Titanmen movie Catch-22. Director Jasun Mark is being stand-in for the stars (Eric Nero and Adam Herst) while he tells the crew where to place lights and cameras for the next take. Eric and Adam are much more interested in paying attention to each other than anything else. […]

Final Cut XXX

Who knew just how much work went into every moment of a Titanmen movie? Well, now you get just a tiny glimpse into the post-production process for fine-tuning and polishing a Titanmen movie. Titanmen’s Head of Production Jasun Mark just posted this funny, fun and oddly-hot video where he color corrects a 5-second clip from the […]

Nick Prescott and Mike De Marko in Grease Monkey

The third and final scene from the latest Titanmen hit Grease Monkey is out… this time starring Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and Mike De Marko. A funny story from the set is that Nick Prescott was originally just going to top but after Jasun Mark saw Nick’s huge dick, he said “I would be negligent […]

Gay Comic Geek reviews Titanmen’s House Rules

We love when Gay Comic Geek reviews our movies. On top of his funny, entertaining videos, he’s so hot we wish he was a Titan man himself (and believe us… we’ve asked). You can see the whole movie House Rules Here. Like this:Like Loading…

Warrick Cade and Rogue Status in Grease Monkey

Last week we got the debut scene of new Titanmen Exclusive Eddy CeeTee in Grease Monkey. This week we have this old-school Titanmen style scene with Rogue Status and (making his Titanmen debut) Warrick Cade. Keeping with the mechanic theme of Grease Monkey, Warrick and Rogue play two men working on a motorcycle who get… […]

Introducing Eddy CeeTee in GREASE MONKEY….

Titanmen is very proud to finally be able to show you our new exclusive Titanmen star, Eddy CeeTee. Here he is in his debut scene with Nick Capra (making his return to Titanmen after years away and we’re happy to have him back). You may already follow him on Twitter here, Facebook here, Instagram here […]

Nick Prescott and Dirk Caber In The Shadows…

Here’s the third scene from Titanmen’s dark, surreal “In The Shadows,” featuring Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and mega-star Dirk Caber. You’ll also see a quick cameo of Dirk’s real-life husband Jesse Jackman. This was a very fun movie for the guys to put together combining the Titan hardcore footage with cellphone and webcam video shot […]

Kevin Lee and Adam Champ

Titanmen Exclusive Kevin Lee blazes up the screen with muscle stud Adam Champ in this surreal hardcore fuck scene from Titanmen’s In The Shadows. Against a dark backdrop punctured by the sights and sounds of water, the silhouettes of muscle men Kevin Lee and Adam Champ appear in the distance. They are soon eye to […]

Tony Orion and Dario Beck… In The Shadows

Titanmen’s new dark, surreal thriller In The Shadows is out… lead by the opening scene featuring Tony Orion and Titanmen Exclusive Dario Beck. The movie also features the return of Titanmen star Kevin Lee. As he drifts to sleep, Tony Orion blurs fantasy and reality as images run through his mind. Suddenly sitting on a […]

Kevin Lee Returns… The Men of ‘In The Shadows’

Since Kevin Lee’s debut on Titanmen with Felix Barça in Diversion,  people have  been begging to see more of him. Well, Kevin is back, now signed on as a Titanmen Exclusive and teamed up with the massive muscle hunk Adam Champ. In The Shadows is a psychological, dream state thriller with a dark, eerie tone, […]