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Liam Knox and Steve Roman

Scene 2 in the new Titan hit “SWAP.” Starting with that big, hairy, muscular ass right to the final cumshots. The guys clearly had a great time shooting this. Starting out in the glass-walled shower in one room and then moving to another one for the fucking… the energy is off the charts. Liam and […]

Gay Porn Star Carpool Karaoke “GO”

After shooting a scene for the movie “Swap,” (featuring Liam Knox and Steve Roman, back seat) Jasun Mark and the guys climbed into the Mark Mobile with Jesse Jackman (passenger seat) and drove around Palm Springs looking for some fun… which they found with this catchy Kelly Clarkson rarity called “Go.” Liam and Steve can be seen […]

Gay Comic Geek Review of Cum Laude! (spoiler: he loved it)

We had a lot of fun making this movie. Keith Webb wrote the script wanting to show the dynamic between older and younger men but to move past the same “My step son” thing. A movie with only four men in various pairings doesn’t always work but it does here… and Paul also mentions how […]

Liam Knox and Matthew Bosch go “BOOM.”

The newest edition in Titanmen’s “Renovation” series is out… Starting with BluePrint, continuing with Say Uncle, Parole and Demolition and now BOOM… Watch as one of the huge houses used for Titan locations is transformed into a new place.. and see a lot of hot, sweaty men at work. First scene features contractor Matthew Bosch (whose […]

Professor Caber and his favorite student Lorenzo finally get some “alone time.”

A lounging Lorenzo catches the professor’s attention from across the pool, eliciting a smile from Dirk. Lorenzo rubs oil on his own huge pecs, asking “Can you get my back?” Dirk obliges, the growing bulge in his swimsuit grazing Lorenzo’s ass. Dirk helps himself, rubbing, fingering and tonguing Lorenzo’s hairy hole before turning him over—feasting […]

Jonah Fontana delivers another GUSHER of a cumshot

Part Three of Titanmen’s Cum Laude is out… in the last scene, Jonah and Lorenzo caught Jackson and Dirk fucking by the pool and then got into some action themselves. Today Jackson and Jonah start by just chatting but before long their dicks are out and the two grads get into some action in Jackson’s […]

Gay Comic Geek review of Sling

You can check out the slings, rim chair and fuck bench in Sling at The Jim Support website OR the actual Gear store in Palm Springs. AND you can see the whole movie Sling at Titanmen.

Dirk makes Jackson Grant “Cum Laude.”

Dirk Caber plays the “Dirty Professor” in Cum Laude. A university prof brings three of his favorite students to his summer home for some fun in the sun by the pool. Jackson Grant makes his Titanmen debut in this scene… and it’s a stunner. On top of the action being top-notch, the scene looks hot […]

Liam Knox and Eddy CeeTee in the conclusion of SLING

Last week’s scene with Tex Davidson and Alex Mecum started with a quick scene taking place at the Gear Leather store in Palm Springs where deliveryman Tex chats with store manager Eddy CeeTee… Tex is going to deliver a sling to a new customer and Eddy is going to head to the factory to meet […]

Titanmen Presents: SLING

We had a LOT of fun with this movie. Sling tells the day of a mostly-fictional day in the life of the Jim Support factory and their Palm Springs store “Gear Leather Company.” Scene one opens with Jason Vario working on orders to ship out when UPS Delivery man Adam Ramzi shows up to get […]

Adam Ramsey and Bennett Anthony

Another scorcher of a scene from Titan’s stunning “Pool Service” movie. There’s not much of a story here… two red head brothers running a pool cleaning and service company… but that gives director Jasun Mark and his crew the freedom to pull out every stop on the production side. That includes some jaw-dropping drone shots, […]

Jason Vario pounds Bennett Anthony in Pool Service

Scene Two from Pool Service brings us back to the same back yard from Scene One… but the guests have arrived and the pool isn’t quite clean yet. Bennett finishes up working while houseguest Jason Vario suns himself nearby. When Jason rolls over to show off a big, thick, uncut and VERY hard dick, Bennet […]