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The Men of ‘BAD COP’

The word is out… Titanmen’s new movie Bad Cop is a hit… fans have been asking to see the men back in uniforms and getting into the kind of trouble that Bad Cops should be getting into… Titanmen Exclusives Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott lead an all-star cast of returning favorites and new performers including […]

Bad Cop Scene One – with Nick Prescott and Adam Herst

This movie has been a topic of industry gossip for months… cell phone pictures and video clips leaking from the set, models tweeting about their involvement and blogs posting sneak peeks… Titanmen was dipping back into the style that established them as a leader in gay erotic movies… Big men, big muscles, body hair, sweat, […]

Bad Cop Full Preview

We’ve been hearing about this one for a while… the new Titanmen movie Bad Cop featuring both on and off-duty cops getting into the hot, sweaty action we ALL want to see. While investigating a triggered alarm, while working private security and even in the locker room at the Police Station… These are good guys… […]

How to NOT Pose Like A Porn Star

This week, Titanmen director Jasun Mark took two Titanmen exclusives (Jesse Jackman and Eddy CeeTee) along with newcomer Hugh Hunter to the hot desert sun-soaked Palm Springs retreat and shot three new scenes for upcoming Titanmen movies. While they were there, the guys also shot a few pictures for Titanmen alumnus François Sagat’s new clothing […]

the Best of Francois Sagat (Volume One)

TitanMen presents Francois Sagat – Volume 1 starring the world’s most iconic pornstar and TitanMen exclusive. Legendary director Bruce Cam has handpicked his favorite Francois Sagat scenes and put them into this one fantastic DVD collection. Join Francois on this epic fuck-fest with ball-busting scenes from Breathless, Telescope, Thrust, Funhouse, Shacked Up and POV. Big, […]

Blooper Reel from Joe Gage’s ‘Arcade On Route 9.”

It’s a classic. One of the most popular movies in the Titanmen catalogue, one of Joe’s biggest movies. Arcade on Route 9, often called “that one where the dad teaches his son how to use a glory hole,” is still a huge hit with fans. You can see the whole movie here. Also currently On […]

Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf and JD Phoenix Cut To The Chase in the new Joe Gage movie

J.D. Phoenix stays after class to talk with instructor Dolan Wolfe. Seems his night job limits his study time: It’s “an online thing. You pay a fee, and I turn on my camera.” Dolan licks his lips as J.D. takes out his cock, the two staring at each other as they stroke. J.D. soon sucks […]

Anthony London and Mike Tanner in Joe Gage’s “Cut To The Chase.”

Redneck lottery winner Mike Tanner is being shown an eight-bedroom home by Anthony London, a high-class realtor with a suit, a fancy accent and a hardon. He compliments Mike’s physique. “Wanna check it out?” offers the blue collar hick. “I ain’t gonna tell nobody.” Anthony holds Mike’s beer for him as he takes his shirt […]

Joe Gage’s Cut To The Chase – Full Preview

Two strangers submit to urges. A clash of cultures heats up. An after-school session crosses the line. See what happens when you Cut to the Chase in the latest Joe Gage Chronicle led by TitanMen exclusive Dario Beck. Arriving early for a garage sale, Dario Beck gets a special offer—Jed Athens’ wet mouth on his […]

Dario Beck & Jed Athens… Extended Preview clip from Joe Gage’s “Cut To The Chase.”

Joe Gage continues his Chronicle Series with Cut To The Chase. This scene starring Jed Athens and Dario Beck, who looks fantastic with his porn ‘stache and ripped body. A very hot scene, the guys were really into each other and Joe manages again to capture the raw sexual energy in front of him yet […]

Gay Porn Wardrobe Malfunction

The guys in production promise us that Bad Cop will be finished in time for it’s December release. Although from what we’ve seen… they need to concentrate on porn a bit more. In the meantime, House Rules is a huge hit with fans at Titanmen right now… Like this:Like Loading…

The Men of Cut To The Chase (NEW Joe Gage!)

Joe Gage continues his “Chronicle” series with “Cut To The Chase.” Featuring current Gay Porn Mega-Star Dirk Caber (real-life husband of Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman) and porn It-Boy JD Phoenix in his first-ever Titanmen movie. This movie also features Dario Beck in a rather adorable mustache that’s going to bring back the Porn ‘Stache fad, […]

Guess Who Shot His First Titanmen Scene Last Night?

According to all on set, last night Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott was on the receiving end of a “Jackhammering” from new Titanmen Exclusive Eddy CeeTee. This Lebanese hunk reportedly tore it up proper in his Titanmen debut. We can’t wait to see the finished scene, but here’s a still from the set… Like this:Like Loading…