Jon Galt’s Nearly-Naked Pool Swim

Once a Titan man, always a Titan man. Our old friend Jon Galt was recently in Key West with current Titan super stars Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber and took part in this rather silly bathing suit change race.

Check out Jon’s Titanmen movies here.

A Side Of Dirk Caber You May Not Have Seen…

Titanmen exclusive Jesse Jackman posted this video of his real-life boyfriend and On-Screen scene partner Dirk Caber showing off his skills as a pianist.


Jesse Jackman’s IML Live Blog

Can’t make it to IML this week? Click Here to see regular updates of the trouble, debauchery and just plain fun that Jesse and Dirk get up to in Chicago.

Read more and see pictures at Jesse’s Blog.

Jesse Ares (aka Arestirado) sings “Striptease”

I mentioned recently that while he was in town for Folsom weekend and shooting scenes for his movie “Command Performance,” Jesse Ares walked naked through the streets of San Francisco with Hunter Marx and Aymeric Deville shooting a video for his song “Porn Star.”

Seems he can’t keep his pants on while singing. I can live with that.

(thanks to Queermenow for pointing me to this…)

Immortalizing the Dean Flynn Dick

OK, he’s one of the hottest men in the history of porn. I would do just about anything to just spend five minutes with him in a shower and yes, I have had a nice spank session to pretty much every scene he’s ever been in.

And I also have a mold of his cock that I display proudly on the wall behind my desk here at the Titan Office.

They just released the “Best of Dean Flynn” to DVD at the Titanmen Store plus collected it all perfectly in the Online Version on Titanmen’s Video On Demand site.



Spencer Reed’s first Podcast.

Spencer Reed – Deep Dark Kisses – podcast 1 by Spencer Reed

Titanmen star Spencer Reed released his first-ever podcast yesterday, saying it was “just a few of my favorite tracks mixed together. Its a blend of house, progressive and tribal on the darker side. ENJOY!!”

A full hour of what sounds like ritual, rhythmic and creepy dark beats. Hypnotic and engaging. I’m riveted to this. Just the kind of music I’d be happy to have playing while Spencer threw me down on the ground, fucked me to the beat and made me beg for more.

I mean… Um… nice music.

Click Here to see Spencer Reed naked and fucking like the animal he is.

And check out Spencer’s lessons for giving a good blow job after the jump…
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the shape of things to come…

Jesse Jackman posted this gobsmacking image of himself to his Facebook Page. from a few years ago when he was… just as hot but still in college.


Things that make you go “oink.”

Jesse Jackman sent me over these very fun pictures from his Hallowe’en Party which, while I’m sure all the men there were hot, was attended by two other Titanmen hunks Dirk Caber and Hunter Marx.

Oh, to be a bowl of punch.

Be sure to check out Jesse’s Facebook page and his Twitter.

François Sagat: have you ever had sex with a famous person?

He’s being tight-lipped about it but it doesn’t mean we can’t all try to guess. Anyone want to speculate as to which lucky star got to spend some personal time with our favorite craneally-tattooed Frenchman?

Jesse and Alessio… together?

Posted recently to Jesse Jackman’s Facebook page… Seems the two hunks randomly met up at a Gold’s Gym in Hollywood. Considering the star power and the clientele you’d expect at a Gold’s Gym in Hollywood, I’m willing to bet that most of the guys working out took one look at the two together and had to excuse themselves to go jerk off in the shower.

Or maybe just encouraged them to get it on right there. Hey, in Hollywood, anything goes, right? And don’t about 34% of all porn movies start with two studs like that randomly meeting at a gym, store, laundry mat, Dr.’s office or bank line anyway?