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Titanmen’s Mega-Hit Folsom Filth… remastered in stunning 1080HD.


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Folsom Filth doesn’t push the envelope. It shreds it. The movie, chosen as “The Official Leather/Fetish Film of the Folsom Street Fair“, is not only the first to earn that title in the legendary fetish fair’s 23 year history, but one of the most hard-edged films TitanMen has ever produced. The next evolution in the groundbreaking and award-winning Fallen Angel series, Folsom Filth takes leather/fetish play quite literally kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Deep within the bowels of the Folsom Street underworld, abductees earning their place in the Master’s Lair are whipped, pissed on, toyed with and tortured in ways you’ve never seen nor imagined. In 3½ hours of mind-altering, hardcore sensation, TitanMen exclusives Darius Falke, Damien Crosse, François Sagat, towering stud Diesel Washington, power bottom (and incomparable beauty) Alex Baresi, plus a never wilder Tober Brandt savage bound, ball-tortured, fisted submissives, including the human urinal and the bloodied whipping boy. Folsom Filth, directed by Brian Mills, stars the biggest collection of TitanMen exclusives ever put on film.

Hard and hairy Alex Baresi makes his sensational debut, as does massively muscled hunk François Sagat. Brawny Tober Brandt, handsome Damien Crosse, strapping stud Diesel Washington and devilish Darius Falke round out the cast of talented TitanMen exclusives. Innocent-looking but so-very-bad Patrick O’Connor stars as a young man who winds up getting kidnapped and brutally plundered by nasty Vin Nolan, master stud Steve Trevor and Derek da Silva, who’s making his TitanMen debut as the obedient dogboy in Folsom Filth’s underworld lair. Sizzling super-bottom Lee Heyford, dominant daddy Brendan Davies, renowned leatherman Joe G, and raunchy RJ round out the cast of masculine TitanMen.

Remastered and streaming in crystal-clear 1080 HD. Prefer to download? You can download your favorite scenes in 1080 HD resolution, too.

Members of Titanmen.com also get cumshot compilations and a “Making Of” montage showing the funniest and most fun stuff that happened on set.

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Titanmen set to release Rough Trade.


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Titanmen releases a classic leather fetish movie just ahead of IML this coming Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago.  The surreal, artistic look and feel of the film reflects the mood of the dark leather bar where the action takes place. Shot at Los Angeles’ “The Faultline” bar, watch the action in the tradition of Titanmen’s Fallen Angel series.


Bulges burst out of leather harnesses and jocks. Spit drips, piss flows and holes ache after hard fucks from big dicks, dildos and fists. Turn off the lights and join TitanMen exclusives David Benjamin, Jesse Jackman, Nick Prescott and Dallas Steele as they perform their Rough Trade.


After worshipping each other’s big cocks, leather-clad Jesse Jackman and Diesel Washington mount a pool table as Jesse offers his hairy hole.


Adam Ramzi chokes on Dallas Steele’s dick, then returns the favor. They grip each other’s harness as they flip fuck, Adam staying rock hard as he rides the muscle stud.


Pit lickers David Benjamin and Dirk Caber swap sucks before David bends over—then sits in a sling to get stuffed at both ends when Nick Prescott joins the action.

David Benjamin gets pissed and spit on by four horny fuckers—then joins Nick Prescott in abusing Dolan Wolf’s ass, the two fisting and dildoing his hungry hole as piss continues to fly.


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New Behind The Scenes With David Benjamin, Dirk Caber, and Luke Adams


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This week we’re in production making even more exclusive content featuring our masculine and muscular studs. In the meantime, check out our Twitter stream for live Behind The Scenes photos of New Exclusive David Benjamin, Dirk Caber, Luke Adams, and Adam Ramzi on set.

Behind The Scenes TitanMen.com 3 2 4 6

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Super Hole Weekend – Rough DVDs 10 for $69


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Titan Rough DVD Blowout! DVDs Under $7


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Stock is getting low… don’t miss this deal… Click Here to view all the Titles.


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TitanMen Rough DVD’s Now Under $7


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Leather, Fetish and Fisting video Closeout…. TitanMen Rough DVD’s Now Under $7 – Limited Quantity on Hand!


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Daddy Fist


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The second scene from the Titan Rough Daddy Fist movie is out. This time featuring Ethan Ayers and Australian new-comer Blake Oscar.

rf28_scene02_004Beefy Blake Oscar licks dark-haired Ethan Ayers’ face, the two kissing before Blake drops down. Blake sucks Ethan’s thick beast, slurping the hunk’s sac as Ethan dick-whips his face: “Suck those balls! Fuck yeah!” Ethan slaps the sucker’s chest, Blake soon licking the alpha’s leather boot.

Ethan fucks his face, Blake looking up as he services. Ethan unplugs the hollow rod rammed up Blake’s ass, pissing inside it as it drips down—then plugging it up again before letting more piss flow out. Ethan grabs the bottom’s leather jockstrap and rams him from behind, then turns him over in a sling and dildo fucks him with two different tools. The big black dildo disappears, a good warm-up for Ethan’s fist.

Blake jacks his cock as he gets fisted, the top rubbing his own dick on the bottom’s ass. Ethan smiles, spitting down and stroking his own cock. Blake sways back and forth on the hairy forearm, the two soon releasing their loads.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.com.


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Blake, Ethan, Ox and the Butt Toys of DOOM


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OK, this is just another fun little clip showing the guys modeling some of the fun toys at the Oxballs factory before shooting a scene for Titan Rough. Check out Ethan Ayers with Paul Steele in Power Play here.


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Arf. Puppy Play at Titan Rough.


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This scene was, from what the production guys tell me, both the most fun one to shoot and the most difficult. Without being able to see the cameras in their puppy masks and just getting into their own inner doggie mindset, the camera men had to literally run around the room and do their best to capture the action (which all took place on the floor which meant most of the camera work had to be done pretty low).

The end result is a VERY hot, fun, totally original scene that we don’t get to see the likes of very often.

Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek were amazingly hot together in this scene and both loved the whole thing. So do we.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

And check you the BIG gallery of pictures after the jump…
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Struggling With A Cock Ring


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When your hands are that lube-coated and you’re trying to put a cock ring on someone else… things can get a bit… slippery.

Here’s a cute video of Ox from Oxballs getting Dirk Caber suited up before hey shot the new “head shaving” scene from Titan Rough’s Hard Play.

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SPLROINK!!! (that’s the sound of a “dude” cock sheath coming off)


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Dirk and Matt were shooting a scene for Titan Rough… Ox hauled out the camera. That “dude” Cock Sheath makes a very… odd noise when you pull it off.

You gotta love the conversations these guys were having…

They were shooting the new “head shaving” scene with Dirk Caber and Matt Stevens for Titan Rough.

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A couple months ago, we posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes clips from this scene while they were playing around on set before the shoot. Check that out here.

I’ll also have a LOT of video from that shoot coming over the next week so keep checking back. It’s HOT.

Dirk Caber got his head shaved by Matt Stevens for the new Titan Rough movie Hard Play. The guys were having a great time at the Oxballs studio for a couple hours before playing with all the toys and taking a bunch of pictures.

Once we were ready to shoot some video, the guys were both hard as rocks, dripping precum and ready for action. Matt grabbed the clippers and shaved at Dirk like a mad man. We had to run around fast and capture all that hair coming off. There was no second take with that.

Once the clippers part was done, we got Matt to slow it down a bit with the shaving cream and razor. It was obvious this action was making them both hotter than they already were and it was time for some REAL action between the men.

rf27_scene01_004They fucked long and hard for this one. Matt and Dirk deserve a metal for the scene and we’re sure this is going to be one of your favorites.

Once the shaving ends and the fucking begins, the men are back to full speed. We had a lot of trouble keeping up with them as Dirk went from the submissive role getting shaved to turning Matt around and fucking that rock-solid ass of his.

Download it DRM-Free or stream it in crystal-clear HD at Titanmen.com along with the entire Titanmen Online Collection. Spanning back 19 years, there’s some of the hottest gay porn ever shot… all in your back pocket in case the mood strikes you. Anywhere, Anytime. And since it’s all streaming online, nobody needs to know but you.

Cool, huh?

Also On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen Store.

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Nick Prescott and Alecks Buldocheck in a Piss Soaked Boot Black Scene..


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According to the production team, this was a hard scene to shoot because they just set everything up and let Nick and Alecks go at it in a huge space and had to quickly run around the set to capture all of the action. The energy and action between the two was so hot and blazing at full heat, they didn’t want to stop it.

But clearly… they captured what was happening in front of them. A piss-drenched, sweat-covered boot blacking scene that shows the animal attraction between these two ripped, tightly clipped studs going full steam.

Just amazing. Watch the whole scene at Titanmen, streaming in crystal clear HD to your mobile devices and computer or download your favorite scenes. It’s like having the entire Titanmen catalogue in your back pocket.

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And The Guys Go Dildo Shopping.


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Short but sweet clip. Titanmen Director Paul Wilde taking Aymeric Deville around the Mr. S Leather store where we shot the Titan Rough movie Smack.

Check out the scene he was preparing for with Wilfried Knight right here.

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When Adam Met Aymeric


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This clip is a bit long but it’s SO much fun to see the guys getting ready for their scene, prepping their gear and preparing for a fun shoot at the Mr. S Leather location in San Francisco.

They were shooting a scene for the Titan Rough movie Heavy Duty (there’s an extended clip from that movie at the end of this).

The huge cock and ball torture toys were something Aymeric loved to play with and the preparation of all the gear was something they all enjoyed. My favorite thing about this clip is seeing all the guys laughing and joking around. You can clearly see how much fun everyone was having on set.

Titanmen Membership includes Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue that spans the entire 18 years of some of the best gay porn ever made. Stream the whole catalogue to your computer or mobile devices AND download your favorite scenes DRM-free.

There are a bunch of stills after the jump..
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