Dario Beck and Alex Graham in Day Into Night


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On a balcony overlooking a pool at night, Dario Beck is approached by Alex Graham—whose smooth, muscular chest catches his attention. They kiss, Alex unbuttoning Dario’s shirt and pulling the hairy-chested stud in closer as their jean bulges touch. Alex reaches down to stroke Dario’s thick boner, his own big cock soon released. He strokes them together in one hand, Dario’s foreskin sliding up. They engage in hot swordplay as they look down at their beautiful dicks, Dario dropping down to suck.


Hot shots look up at Alex’s amazing body, the shaved-headed hunk whipping his slab on Dario’s face. Dario gets rammed from behind, Alex placing his hand on the bottom’s back. Dario sits on the top, his own thick shaft stiff as steel as he rides. On his back, Dario gets stroked and fucked at the same time, Alex rubbing the bottom’s leg as he goes nice and steady. The two release, Alex’s chiseled bod tightening up as he squirts.

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dayn_scene03_AlexGraham_001 dayn_scene03_AlexGraham_002 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_001 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_002 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_003 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_006 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_009 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_010 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_013 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_015 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_016 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_017 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_018 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_020 dayn_scene03_Beck_Graham_022 dayn_scene03_DarioBeck_001 dayn_scene03_DarioBeck_002

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