Gay Comic Geek reviews “Hard At Work” (then shows us his own ass. no, really)


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We love Paul Charles, the Gay Comic Geek. Not only is he just a sweet, funny, enthusiastic fan of Titanmen, and not just because his videos are extremely entertaining all on their own… and not just because he’s hot… IT’s… well it’s all that.

You can read his blog Gay Comic Geek here.

hawk_screencap_107As far as Hard At Work goes… we knew people would love Tom Nero’s Titanmen debut and we knew that the scene with Landon Conrad and George Ce would be a hit…. but the love for Eric Nero (no relation to Tom) really made us happy… we love him too, so much that we signed him as our newest Titanmen Exclusive.


You can see the whole movie here….

Check out the gallery of pics after the jump…

hawk_screencap_102hawk_screencap_107hawk_screencap_108hawk_screencap_121hawk_screencap_122hawk_screencap_133hawk_screencap_144hawk_screencap_161hawk_screencap_001hawk_screencap_002hawk_screencap_022hawk_screencap_030hawk_screencap_040hawk_screencap_055hawk_screencap_070 hawk_screencap_072 hawk_screencap_091 hawk_screencap_095 hawk_screencap_096



Last modified: Apr 21, 2015

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