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Joe Gage is the guy who has managed to change the way we all look at hooking up with guys for sex of any kind.

Some of us want to fuck, some of us just wanna suck dick. Some guys just want to get their dicks sucked.

Some guys just want to sit around with the guys and jerk off, watching some porn.

But there are those guys who really love to go out in public, don’t really care who sees and just wanna get as dirty as they can. And those guys head to the men’s room at bus stations. Or they do in Joe Gage movies, anyway. First in a three-part series, Men’s Room Bakersfield is set in the men’s room of the bus station in the city of Bakersfield, located at the south end of California’s Central Valley. If you’re missing the significance of this particular bus depot, it’s known for many reasons. Buses and trucks heading north and south along I-5 make their stops here. Many Because of the booming farming businesses in the valley there are any number of manual laborers, businessmen, students and locals who hang out there looking for some action.

It’s also where recently-released convicts from Wasco State Prison, about 40 minutes north, are dropped when their sentences come to an end.

And that’s where this entire movie takes place. This isn’t a collection of scenes, it’s one big, long, extended scene where the guys, including Kent Larson, Alex Leon, Andy Dill and Matt Majors start a small jerk off, suck off session that adds new men one by one until the whole cast has joined in.

Men’s room Bakersfield Station has a lot of piss and watersports so you may not have seen the “real” version of this movie, even if you have one of the original DVDs.

It’s been out of print and hard to get for a while. A favorite of Joe Gage fans who love his depiction of those rural, middle American cock suckers.

But the entire Men’s Room series has finally been remastered and rereleased to both DVD at the Titanmen Store (where you can get it on sale here) and the Titanmen website where you can watch the entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming in crystal clear, high quality video. New movies shot in HD give incredible picture quality, even on mobile devices.

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Last modified: Mar 7, 2013

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