Titanmen Classics – Joe Gage’s Inmates

Titanmen’s Prison-themed classic is still a favorite of Joe Gage’s fans. Still on Titanmen’s site along with the ENTIRE Titanmen online catalogue that spans 20 years of the hottest gay porn ever shot.


From the showers to the warden’s office, no place is safe. Are you tough enough to handle the corruption that bursts behind the walls of a state detention center? A new resident learns that life behind bars may be harder than he ever imagined as his fellow Inmates force him to toe the line—or pay the price. Join legendary director Joe Gage and TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx as they lead a cast of cocky criminals ready to help you bust out.


inmt_1140inmt_1175Repeat offender Troy Daniels is put in his place by warden (Mega-star Allen Silver)—who strokes as he watches Devin Adams go down on the new captive.

Guard Hunter Marx orders showering inmates Jayden Grey and Leo Forte to play with each other, then joins the blind Jayden in plowing Leo’s hole.

A laundry room encounter finds clean-cut Devin Adams feasting on the uncut throbber of tattooed and mohawked instigator Draven Torres.

As night descends, Leo Forte blackmails bunk bud Troy Daniels—an escape plan in exchange for the toned hottie’s ass.

After capturing his prisoners, Allen Silver enlists guards Hunter Marx and Devin Adams in doling out punishment to Troy Daniels, Leo Forte, Jayden Grey and Draven Torres.

inmt_1137 inmt_1140 inmt_1141 inmt_1144 inmt_1151 inmt_1158 inmt_1168 inmt_1175 inmt_1181 inmt_1184 inmt_1196 inmt_1202 inmt_1203 inmt_1207 inmt_1212 inmt_1225 inmt_1228

Titanmen Classics – Breakers

It’s hard to even choose a favorite scene, a favorite star. Bruce Cam’s classic “Breakers” starred a who’s-who of the gay porn world at the time. Damien Crosse, Jackson Wild, Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant, Tony Buff, Darius Falke, François Sagat, Alex Baresi, Eduardo, Arpad Miklos, Dillon Buck, Diesel Washington and Victor Banda all tore up the screen in this stunning beach and forest-themed movie that showed exactly why Titanmen was (and remains) the top gay porn studio.

Still available on DVD and of course always streaming at

If you haven’t seen this one… see it.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.


Titanmen Classics… Ozark Mountain Exit 8 – Men’s Room III

This movie is still a huge hit, even 8 years after it’s original release. Joe Gage returned to the Men’s Room series and brought along a Top-Notch Titanmen cast that blew everyone away… and each other, of course.

Award-winning director Joe Gage takes us on a totally perverse tour of the Ozark Mountains with the latest installment of his sex-in-public restrooms series, Men’s Room III: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8. With Joe at the helm, you can expect all types of men fucking and sucking every which way but loose (and a generous helping of watersports, available only on, thrown in for good measure). The action starts with sheriffs Brody Newport and Dane Hyde taking a piss at a trough, seemingly more interested in each other’s cocks than merely pissing.


When they catch TitanMen exclusive Dillon Buck watching, it quickly turns into a piss-drenched fuck-and-suck threesome with each guy shooting two loads apiece. Dillon then stumbles across two construction workers — TitanMen exclusive Alex Baresi and Jack Bond — pissing in the woods. He joins in and soon the three studs are back at the trough for another white-hot, piss-drenched threeway. Meanwhile, TitanMen exclusive Damien Crosse and Tyler Saint (parole officers driving Jesse Santana to court) pull off the freeway so the three of them can relieve themselves. The action starts red-hot, with Damien deep-throating both their pissing cocks, and only gets nastier from there.


Nearby, hunter Arpad Miklos spies campers Tober Brant and Park Wiley and joins in on their circle-jerk. Before long they’re joined by Dillon and Jack and things quickly heat up between the five hot, hairy studs. Back at their car, Damien and Tyler finish off what they started at the trough by brutally double-penetrating their young offender Jesse in the back of their truck, literally fucking the cum right out of him. Finally, Tyler heads out into the wilderness where he meets up with Tober, Park and Arpad on a blanket for an explosive fucking and watersports finale in the great outdoors.


Membership with Titanmen gets you Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen online collection. That’s over 17 years of the best Gay Porn ever made with some of the biggest stars in the industry. Guys like François Sagat,Dean FlynnDred ScottDavid Anthony and Eduardo.

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And… you know… since it’s all just streaming… nobody else has to know.  Ya know?

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Another Classic Titanmen Blooper Reel: Spy Quest 2 (aka ‘getting cum off the windshield)

Both hot and hilarious with a touch of disturbing… here’s a 10 year-old blooper reel from the set of the Titanmen classic movie Spy Quest 2.

After posting this on the Titanmen Facebook page, Spencer Quest dropped us a note to thank us for the memories of this shoot. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Spencer, by the way, is doing great… happily married and he and his husband live on the east coast.

Check out the whole movie here at Titanmen.


Titanmen Classics: Command Post

This is one that’s been sitting in the Titanmen Vaults. Newly remastered and re-released to

Command Post is about military men in the situations you’ve only fantasized about until now: in the barracks, on the base, on the field. Starring TitanMen exclusives Darius Falke, Dean Flynn and Dirk Jager, it also featured the first unforgettable on-screen pairing of TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda and Damien Crosse.

Command Post also stars Tober Brandt, Steve Cruz, Marko Hansom and Alexy Tyler .

The inclusion of Steve Cruz is an interesting one. He went on to be a very successful director himself and did appear in one other titanmen feature, H2O with Francois Sagat.


Directed by iconic director Brian Mills, Command Post was a big hit with fans of military action.

It’s been a few years since this movie has been available anywhere and it’s finally been remastered and re-released only at

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Cop Shack 1 & 2: Fuck The Police. or Fucked BY the Police.

Jason Ridge plays the new Rookie in the sleepy ocean down of Santa Mira.

The men in blue are eager to serve and protect in Cop Shack on 101, this classic 2-part TitanMen feature drawn from the mind of legendary director Joe Gage.

Like most of Joe’s movies… the men casually find ways to get all the dick they want, get off and exchange that manly power-play that the buddies always share.

Part one ends with Jason shown just how the locals “support the police” at the local restaurant “The Ocean Grill while the cops suck and fuck each other and local jock Dean Tucker. That scene ends with Dean getting piss-soaked by all the cops.

cp2h_d4_022Part two takes place almost simultaneously with part 1… this time the final orgy scene involves the back room where the men hang out and really get down to the action. While the two locals (Dean Tucker and Collin O’Neal) look on and fuck, the cops line up to get their dicks sucked by Office Jason Ridge and then line to up fuck his hole one by one.

Classic Joe Gage, restored to include the too-hot-and-wet-for-DVD scenes.



Only at

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Jerking Off With your Dad… GOTTA Be A Joe Gage Movie. (Video Preview)

It’s a classic scene. Allen Silver plays the forest ranger dad who discovers his sons jerking off together. Instead of getting bugged he just has a laugh and tells them not to make a mess.

Gee, Dad, I can’t believe you’re being so cool about this” is their reaction. Dad tells them that he knows what it’s like to get horny and knows what guys do. Before long, they’ve talked their dad into joining them and the fun begins…

Click Here to see the preview for the whole movie Chainsaw at Titanmen.

Screenshot 2014-04-01 11.47.57

Screenshot 2014-04-01 11.48.13

Screenshot 2014-04-01 11.48.29

Screenshot 2014-04-01 11.48.56


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Screenshot 2014-03-20 11.12.52

Fucking Your Son’s Best Friend? GOTTA Be a Joe Gage Movie.

Another Titanmen Classic with the mega-hot Dad/Son’s best friend scene from Joe Gage’s Copperhead Canyon.

Set in the mountains of Colorado,  Copperhead Canyon tells a story of a dangerous escaped criminal and the trouble he gets up to, but being a Joe Gage movie, there’s a lot of man-on-man fucking in them thar hills. When the hot young dad played by Dean Flynn comes upon his underwear being sniffed by his son’s best friend, Dean’s gentle “it’s ok… we all got secrets” reaction is what leads the young Kurt Wilde to push his luck a bit more and sniff the pair his buddy’s dad is wearing.

Screenshot 2014-03-20 11.12.52Screenshot 2014-03-20 11.12.10

Four cumshots later, both men are sweaty and out of breath but both VERY happy to have had some alone time together. The way that Dean encourages Kurt to go further and faster and then fucks him gently at first before rolling him back and pile-driving him is the thing that makes this movie SO hot.

Screenshot 2014-03-20 11.15.23

This is just one scene from a movie that still gets named in the top movies of Titanmen.

You can still get Copperhead Canyon on DVD, currently On Sale at the Titanmen DVD store.

BUT… join and you can stream this and the entire Titanmen Online catalogue. That’s over 18 years of the hottest gay porn ever made, streaming in crystal clear HD to your computer and mobile devices. Members can also download their favorite scenes DRM-free. Full and Unlimited access.

It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket.

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Screenshot 2014-03-08 19.15.22

Dad Teaches Son how to use a Gloryhole. Classic Joe Gage only at Titanmen.

The scene was shocking then, it’s still shocking now.

But it remains one of the top-rated, most watched, most discussed and favorite gay porn scenes ever shot by Joe Gage.  The setup is classic Joe. Dad goes to his favorite porn arcade (on Route 9) and brings his son to teach him how a glory hole  works. What better way to celebrate his 18th birthday?

They encounter a willing man (played by a young Dominic Pacifico) on the other side of the hole and the fun gets going.  “Dad… that guy’s married,” says Jr.  “They’re the best ones,” answers dad.

What happens next is one of the hottest glory hole scenes ever… and just one scene from one of Joe Gage’s top-selling, favorite movies ever.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 19.15.22Screenshot 2014-03-08 10.21.19Screenshot 2014-03-08 19.16.17

The movie stars Adam Young , Alex Brawley , Brett Anderson , Cam Kurtz , Cole Ryan , Dominic Pacifico , Jake DeckardJody Scott , Josh Powell , Josh West , Ken Mack , Matt Cole , Matthew Matters and Peter Axel.

And directed by the one and ONLY Joe Gage.

Click Here to see it at

Screenshot 2014-03-08 19.20.02Screenshot 2014-03-08 19.15.42

Joining means you can download your favorite scenes DRM-free, stream the entire Titanmen catalogue in crystal-clear HD. Having such amazing streaming means you can watch every movie when and where you want. It’s like having the complete Titanmen catalogue in your back pocket everywhere you go.

And since you can stream it, that means you can keep it totally to yourself. THAT can come in handy…

But if you want the DVD.. that’s available at the Titanmen DVD Store.

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Winter Storm Titan? Dude… We Did That YEARS Ago…

bsrv_dvd_front We got the news that the current weather patterns and storms around the world have been dubbed “Winter Storm Titan,” and while we love the name… suggest you all stay inside where it’s warm and safe. And while you’re in there, how about checking out the Titanmen classic movie from Joe Gage, Barn Storm.

Barn Storm starred Titanmen Exclusive Dean Flynn so fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. But when they did, they were also introduced to Allen Silver, the man who would go on to become everyone’s favorite “Silver Fox” daddy porn star, shattering the stereotype that men over 50 couldn’t fuck with the best. Allen went on to perform in LOTS of Titanmen movies and even starred in the title role in Joe Gage’s “DAD” movies.

A flurry of storm clouds over a small town in Kansas means the thing they fear the most: tornadoes … a whole slew of ’em. As Allen Silver heads to his farm to survey the damage, he has no idea the storm of intense sex that awaits him inside his barn.

GAYVN Hall Of Fame director Joe Gage’s latest movie Barnstorm features a diverse cast of 11 horny men including TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn. From young to old, hairy to smooth, thin to meaty: these guys have one thing in common—they’re all sex-starved studs dying for a roll in the hay inside the barn. The winds may have died down, but the storm is just getting started—and the forecast is that it’ll leave you out of breath and begging for more.

The movie was a massive hit with fans and critics. The years have been very kind to this movie and and it’s still one of the favorites in the Titanmen catalogue.


Want to check it out? Currently it’s only available at where you can stream the ENTIRE Online Catalogue in the highest possibly digital quality.  Nearly 19 years of the hottest gay porn ever made… you’re never going to run out of things to watch. And since it streams smoothly to your mobile devices, too… it’s like having the complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket for whenever the mood strikes.

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We LOVE A Man In Uniform…


From one of the most Iconic directors in gay porn history comes one of his most popular genres. The Best of Joe Gage: Men in Uniform is a must have for Gage aficionados and anyone that likes a man in uniform.

6 of the very best Joe Gage scenes handpicked and presented together for the very first time. From the Cop on the beat, the Drill Sargent of your dreams or the Security guard that makes you pay for your transgressions…its all here in one of the hottest collections we’ve produced. Featuring some of the hottest and most iconic MEN: Andrew Justice , Brenden Davies , Damien Crosse , Darius Falke , Devon Cade , Dirk Caber , Enrique Currero , Ivan Andros , Jason Ridge , Mason Wyler , Ray Dragon , Roman Wright , Tony Buff , Tony Masala , Tory Mason , Tyler Saint , Vinnie D’Angelo Don’t miss this one!!

Streaming at, remastered and rereleased and streaming to your computer or mobile device.

Also On Sale on DVD now…



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Gay Porn Classic “White Trash” streaming at Titanmen!

This diamond in the rough is one of those gay porn movies that looks, on the surface, like just another silly porn parody. But White Trash not only made stars of the cast and became on of the highest-selling gay porn movies ever… it also walked home with an astonishing NINE Grabby Awards.

While MSR Video faded from the top of the shelf once the porn world went online to get their fix, White Trash is still looked at as one of the best gay porn movies ever made, some of the hottest scenes and men and it’s still hysterical and entertaining all at once.

Starring Anthony ShawBret WolfeChad DonovanClay MaverickLuke PearsonRod Barry and Trent Cougar, the movie is still a classic that stands up. It’s probably funnier now than before… thanks to the reality shows that bare a very… odd resemblance to it.

Part of the MSR Video catalogue… White Trash is now one of the MANY new additions to Streaming in high quality video to your computer or mobile devices… no need to download, you can watch all the movies any time the mood hits you.



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The XBiz Nominations Are In… Vote Here



Titanmen is VERY excited that yet again, we’ve been honored in multiple categories at the XBiz Awards.

We’ve always been very proud to be recognized by our peers in the industry and for a short time, you can also weigh in on the nominations and vote for as Gay Site Of The Year or George Ce, Jesse Jackman or Hunter Marx for Gay Performer Of The Year.

cact_scene03_001Jesse Jackman

pndd_scene01_001George Ce

rsrt_scene01_001Hunter Marx





You’re Gonna Swear You Got More Bear


What’s a Muscle Bear you may ask?

In the world of TitanMen it equals big, beefy, burly, hairy, horny and hung! Come along for the journey as some of the hottest and horniest Muscle Bears suck, fuck, sweat, grunt and pop their loads!

The name TitanMen is synonymous with Muscle Bears and you’ll find 6 of the hottest Muscle Bear scenes we’ve ever shot waiting for you! Starring TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, Alex Baresi, Eduardo, Dean Coulter, Mike Roberts, Tober Brandt, beloved superstar Arpad Miklos and many more. If you are into hot, hung and hairy Muscle Bears doing incredibly nasty things you can’t afford to miss this one!

ALSO on SALE on DVD only at the Titanmen DVD Store!

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