Titan Classics

Throwback to my first Titanmen movie Nightfall


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Hard to believe that was 6 years ago when I directed my first scene for my debut Titanmen movie Nightfall.

We shot this at the Oxballs factory and warehouse in the valley. It was late at night and there was that empty, eerie and mysterious feeling being in a deserted industrial area. I was a bit of a mess… I really wanted to impress my new employers and have them happy with my first outing. I had written a loose script and had an idea of what I wanted in mind, but explaining that to my crew was difficult. They all thought I was lighting things too dark, they didn’t like that I had the guys up on a huge table and they thought my concept was “creepy.” It was… I’ll admit that. Thomas is lured to a dark area by a mysterious person he meets online. What follows is a rather stunning sex scene with Alessio Romero that got RAVE reviews and sold an unexpectedly large amount of DVDs and Titanmen memberships.

I still remember feeling vindicated when I was told that the DVD had gone into a third printing.

The opening sequence was shot mostly that night, although I ended up adding the city footage after I spent an evening driving around Los Angeles and getting that amazing night footage (which I then spent hours pixel fucking into looking like Blade Runner).

I was very proud of how I was able to edit the movie and come up with that look of darkness and shadows that still allows you to see everything. I spent days editing the scene and then doing the colour corrections and grading that resulted in the final look. It’s still one of my proudest moments.

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Command Post


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Another remastered Titanmen classic out this week… Command Post is Titanmen Military Men at their best.

Command Post is about military men in the situations you’ve only fantasized about until now: in the barracks, on the base, on the field. Starring TitanMen exclusives Darius Falke, Dean Flynn and Dirk Jager, it also features the first unforgettable on-screen pairing of TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda and Damien Crosse.

Tober Brandt arrives while Alexy Tyler and Marko Hansom are setting up camp. As things start heating up, Tober takes them back to his motorcycle where they take turns fucking each other on it in an explosive three-way. Dean Flynn gets a message from HQ: Rendezvous tomorrow at 0800 hours, which means he’s alone with Dirk Jager in the tent until then, and what better way to pass the time than to get boned by the shaved-headed stud and his massive cock?

It’s a steamy hot night and Darius Falke and Steve Cruz are sweating through their tanks. It’s too hot to rest and the humid weather’s got Steve thinking about one thing: having a ride on Darius’s fat cock. By a campfire, Victor Banda and Damien Cross talk about how everyone thinks they’re brothers and that they’re so close they practically are.

Damien gets up to take a piss, and despite the fact that he’s got a raging boner, he shoots a stream of hot liquid ten feet away. When Damien invites his buddy to “touch it”, Victor soon falls under his command!

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BarnStorm: Another Titanmen Classic


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As Titanmen has been rolling out our HD Remasters, I’ve been having a blast (don’t worry, I don’t blast right at my desk) watching the older titles. With a studio that’s been around since 1995, there’s a LOT of gay porn to wade through… and it’s easy for some amazing movies to get lost in the shuffle of time when there’s so much top quality stuff here.

Today’s Gem is Barn Storm.

Barnstorm starred Titanmen mega-star Dean Flynn and was one of the most popular movies that year. Directed by Joe Gage, the whole movie takes place in… well, a barn. During a storm. Somehow Joe works his magic and makes it work in some rather incredible ways.

Also starring Ultra-Daddy Allen SilverAndrew JusticeBo MatthewsBrandon MonroeJesse SantanaJustin BurkshireJustin RiddickPatrick O’ConnorScott Tanner, & Tyler Labeouf. This is one you don’t wanna miss.

Some Good Ol’ Boy  Redneck fucking in the barn… how can you to love that?

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Titanmen Classics: Pumped Up


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Hard to believe this movie is 17 years old.

Part of the recent wave of Titanmen Remastered Classics, Pumped Up has been upscaled to 1080p, polished up and re-released to Titanmen.com.

One of the best parts of Titanmen Membership is that you get full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue that features titles from the over 20 YEARS of our studio’s history.

Pumped Up is one of those forgotten classics that you’ll want to see again and again. And with crystal-clear HD streaming to your computer or mobile devices, it’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD Library in your back pocket for when the mood strikes you.

It’s the Ultimate Workout! Pumped Up brings to life every dirty thought you’ve ever had about the gym. It’s got bikes fitted with dildos, mouths waiting at the bottom of each squat, and a shower hose with amazing foreskin. With a couple of tattoos, a sprinkling of cockrings and cropped hair, plus lots of furry chests and bulging muscles, the eight super butch, jock-strap clad men at this gym are all psyched to work up a sweat.

Lean and hard gym trainer Ric Hunter drills Eric Evans and bruiser Shane Cole, and then pounds Tony Scalia’s yawning asshole. Hunter’s dropped four copious loads so far-he must be made outta protein. Solidly packed Brant Banes and darkly furred Bill Piatti clog the shower’s drain with cum, and a round robin threeway gets about as creative as you can be on a Nautilus machine, ending with a jaw dropper. Shane Cole rewires the machine so that it’s his ball sac that’s actually lifting the weights. Yikes! Where’s the beef? Right here at the TITAN gym. Don’t forget to have a high-protein cum smoothie before you leave!

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Dad Teaches Son how to use a Gloryhole. Classic Joe Gage only at Titanmen.


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The scene was shocking then, it’s still shocking now.

But it remains one of the top-rated, most watched, most discussed and favorite gay porn scenes ever shot by Joe Gage.  The setup is classic Joe. Dad goes to his favorite porn arcade (on Route 9) and brings his son to teach him how a glory hole  works. What better way to celebrate his 18th birthday?

They encounter a willing man (played by a young Dominic Pacifico) on the other side of the hole and the fun gets going.  “Dad… that guy’s married,” says Jr.  “They’re the best ones,” answers dad.

What happens next is one of the hottest glory hole scenes ever… and just one scene from one of Joe Gage’s top-selling, favorite movies ever.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 19.15.22Screenshot 2014-03-08 10.21.19Screenshot 2014-03-08 19.16.17

The movie stars Adam Young , Alex Brawley , Brett Anderson , Cam Kurtz , Cole Ryan , Dominic Pacifico , Jake DeckardJody Scott , Josh Powell , Josh West , Ken Mack , Matt Cole , Matthew Matters and Peter Axel.

And directed by the one and ONLY Joe Gage.

Click Here to see it at Titanmen.com

Screenshot 2014-03-08 19.20.02Screenshot 2014-03-08 19.15.42

Joining Titanmen.com means you can download your favorite scenes DRM-free, stream the entire Titanmen catalogue in crystal-clear HD. Having such amazing streaming means you can watch every movie when and where you want. It’s like having the complete Titanmen catalogue in your back pocket everywhere you go.

And since you can stream it, that means you can keep it totally to yourself. THAT can come in handy…

But if you want the DVD.. that’s available at the Titanmen DVD Store.

Full gallery after the jump…

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Flashback!! – PORN STAR, BABY!! – Jessy, Hunter and Aymeric walking through the Castro naked and singing.


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Back in late September of 2011, there was a huge Twitter burst of people reporting “three naked guys walking around the Castro in San Francisco shooting a music video.”

What they were seeing wasn’t some group hallucination but Jessy Ares, Hunter Marx and Aymeric Deville shooting the video for Jessy’s song “Porn Star” which is on his album Shameless.

Hunter and Aymeric weren’t in the movie, but you can see the mega-hot 4-way scene starring Jessy here.

It’s also featured in the  Titan movie Command Performance which is due out next week on Titanmen.

And yes, that actually was legal to do in San Francisco. Not anymore.

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CLASSIC Titanmen. Cop Shack on 101.


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Newley Remastered at Titanmen in crystal clear HD. Cop Shack on 101 was a huge hit (so big it got a sequel). This scene brings us to the actual Cop Shack in the title, The Ocean Grill.

Policemen meet for coffee and conversation… and the local men who “support the police” know that if they want to show their appreciation to the boys in blue… they just head to the men’s room where they can let the cops blow off some steam or just blow a load.

People have been asking us to remaster this one into HD for a while… we took our time to get it right. And it’s worth the effort. Enjoy…

While Alex Brawley’s shooting the shit with his cop buddies, Jason Ridge arrives back at the station fresh from his rounds. Alex suggests they grab something to eat at the Ocean Grill, a local late-night cop hangout filled with a mix of locals and law officers, where “everybody gets treated real good.”

Click Here to watch the whole movie at Titanmen.

Join Titanmen.com and you can stream this and the entire Titanmen Online catalogue. That’s over 18 years of the hottest gay porn ever made, streaming in crystal clear HD to your computer and mobile devices. Members can also download their favorite scenes DRM-free. Full and Unlimited access.

It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket.

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Titanmen Classics: Back To Barstow


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It was an instant classic. One of those movies that the moment it hit the shelves, every fan of gay porn was talking about it. They couldn’t get enough.

They still can’t. Back To Barstow is still one of the biggest hits in the Titanmen Vault.

None of director Joe Gage’s legendary movies compare to the concentrated impact of Back to Barstow. For this saga of sex among small-town buddies, TitanMen’s technical facilities and big budget let Gage dive deeper into his obsessions than ever before. Intense cruising, voyeurism, jerk-off buddies, cock worship and hot hard manfucking make this the classic Gage movie of all time.

The carefully chosen cast mixes Gage regulars with outstanding stars like Diego De La Hoya, offers several hot film debuts, and adds TitanMen’s own most cum-crazed sexpigs — Fyerfli, Tyler Boots and Troy Banner, plus scorching cockdude Joey Russo. Mike’s coming back home, and his buddies are burnin’ up at the news. Straight dude Boots is sucked in by cunning Fyerfli, and stunning cock-worship ends in a pulverizing, flip-flop slam fuck. A T-room lockdown steams up a trio of bearded, sweaty men.

Sterling bones up to give Banner a hard ride in preparation for Mike’s coming home party. At the eight man orgy, two kids pig out on the dildos and cocks of some seasoned dads. Nasty Joey Russo calls the shots, struttin’ his electrifying cock and shooting his jizz to the moon, spurring the men into countless rounds of sweaty, balls-out, man sex. Bonus content adds a juicy scene and more, making Barstow a small town with a big fuckin’ payoff

Click Here to watch the whole movie at Titanmen. 

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Will Swagger and Tom Wolfe get WET. Classic Titanmen.


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The third and final scene from Titanmen’s “Wet” was a doozy.

With his hairy muscle bod getting wet, Tom Wolfe shows off in the shower as lover Will Swagger stares while shaving—his own boner propped above the sink. Will smiles and joins him, his smooth, muscular back filling the frame.


They rub each other’s bods, Tom stroking their cocks. He feasts on Will’s thick meat, water falling down on him as he spits on it. Tom snaps up his own boner as he sucks, a hot sound filling the bathroom as his rocket repeatedly smacks against his stomach.

A stream of spit slides down Will’s sac, Tom standing up for a kiss. Will sucks the stud back, his salt-and-pepper beard getting fucked as two strands of spit cling to Tom’s hairy balls—a hot shot showing both of their throbbers. Will looks up at Tom with his watery eyes, his own beast pulsing as he deep throats.

wet_scene03_006Will gets plowed from behind, steadying himself against the wall as his boner bounces with each fast thrust. He gasps for breath, stroking himself to the brink and unleashing a hands-free load—Tom fucking him some more before dumping a wad on his back.

You can still get Wet on DVD, currently On Sale at the Titanmen DVD store.

BUT… join Titanmen.com and you can stream this and the entire Titanmen Online catalogue. That’s over 18 years of the hottest gay porn ever made, streaming in crystal clear HD to your computer and mobile devices. Members can also download their favorite scenes DRM-free. Full and Unlimited access.

It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket.

Check out more pics after the jump…

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Behind The Scenes with Dred Scott: Making Trespass.


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Trespass is one of the most popular and iconic gay porn films in history. It made a mega-star of Dred Scott and it’s still a favorite among die-hard Titanmen fans. And now that it’s been remastered in stunning 1080HD and streaming to your computer or mobile devices…it’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket. (Members can also download their favorite scenes DRM-free).

One of the best perks available to members of Titanmen.com is the HUGE amount of mega-hot bonus content. Trespass alone has over 90 minutes of extras for fans… Water Sports Extras, Model Interviews, Out-Takes, video of the Photoshoots with the guys laughing and getting each other hard for still pictures and “Making Of” features. At Titanmen.com, you’ll find a much longer version of this BTS feature… You’ll feel like you’re really getting to know the guys. And hearing Dred’s hot accent and seeing just how turned on he is… makes the movies even hotter.

The way he says “I’m ready to fffuuuuuuuck” is enough to get me off alone… enjoy.

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The Titanmen Big Dick List (Part 3)


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In case you’re just joining us, you can check out Parts 1 & 2 here and here.

We’ve been having a lot of fun talking about our favorite Titanmen stars with the biggest, most famous dicks. And I’m gonna say that if your dick is as famous (or even MORE famous) than you are… THAT’s something you can brag about among your friends.

Continuing the list…

7. Jesse Jackman 8” Cut, vers

Jesse Jackman. One of the longest running exclusives (if not THE longest-running exclusive), being with us here at Titanmen for a whopping 6 years. Making his debut in the movie Surveillance, Jesse has starred in 31 Titan features (Including two as-yet-unreleased coming later this year).

Jesse also makes two short cameos in Incubus 1 (uncredited) and In The Shadows.

Jesse is also one of the few Titanmen who has a writing credit to his name… he co-wrote the scripts for OUT! and Cauke For Free along with Keith Webb and Jasun Mark (the trio won the Grabby for Best Screen Play at the 2017 Grabbys for Cauke For Free).

His huge, muscular frame (he’s 6’1”) would dwarf most big dicks, but Jesse’s massive 8” dick, with his unique “cocksucker’s curve” shape, still looks big. Happy to top and bottom, Jesse’s also appeared in a bunch of scenes with his real-life husband Dirk Caber.  But one of his most popular scenes ever is probably this one with his real-life good friend Nick Prescott in OUT!


8. Dred Scott 9” Cut, top

One of the most iconic Titanmen stars ever. Dred Scott had a short but sweet career in porn… only 8 movies to his name. But he remains one of the most popular Titanmen ever.

He jokes that he chose his porn name “to stir up a little controversy as I am multi-racial.” One of the legends was that he was cast in his first movie Slammer without his signature tattoos… but when he arrived on set and took off his shirt, Bryan Mills called up to Bruce Cam and Keith Webb to tell them “you’re going to want to come down and see what’s standing in our studio.”

And a legend was born.

A dedicated top, Dred performed in some of the biggest movies in the Titan library (which says a lot since that catalogue goes back over 20 years). He’s one of the few Titanmen to have a DVD collection dedicated to his best scenes (which you can pick up here). It’s hard to choose one scene to best sum him up, but check out my personal favorite movie Gorge.


9. Cliff Rhodes 9” Cut, top

Cliff Rhodes tells us he likes “Redheads, big dicks and group sex.” He appeared in only 5 Titanmen movies, but that 9”, thick dick remains in the minds of Titanmen fans.

One of the “Daddy” type porn stars. Cliff was a bit older than most of the Titanmen at the time, but that just gave him that silver-fox look that the fans (and the younger Titanmen) wanted.

His most popular scene was in the “Father In Law fucking his Son In Law To Be” scene in Joe Gage’s Lifeguards.

REMEMBER… Joining Titanmen doesn’t just get you full and unlimited access to the newest scenes (multiple releases weekly give you an endless supply of new stuff to watch), it gives you COMPLETE access to the Entire Titanmen On-line Catalogue. That’s OVER 20 YEARS of the hottest gay porn ever made… from the top directors like Bruce CamBrian MillsTony BuffJoe GagePaul WildeFrancois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

Members can stream in crystal-clear HD to their computer or mobile devices… so when the mood strikes, you have a complete Titanmen DVD catalogue in your back pocket.

Prefer to download? Members can download their favorite scenes DRM-free.


Check out the Big Dick Gallery after the jump… Continue Reading

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Get Arrested by Dallas Steele in Bad Cop 2! Pre-Order NOW!


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Pre-Order Upcoming Releases

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Bad Cop 2: Internal Investigation

They’ve made their pledge to serve and erect. When long shifts are over, aggression takes control at a precinct where the officers break their own rules. Get arrested by TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele, who leads an Internal Investigation where blue steel meets blue balls.

Shift Change: Towering cop Dakota Rivers takes aim at Jeremy Spreadums, tasering his admirer with a few loaded weapons.

Break Room: Micah Brandt submits to alpha authority figure Tex Davidson, who chokes the sucker with his tool before piledriving his hole.

End of Watch: Keeping his sunglasses on the whole time, Bruce Beckham stays cool as things heat up by the lockers with fellow hung and horned officer Jason Vario.

Mid-Shift: Big-dicked daddy Dallas Steele gets aroused at the station, exchanging expert baton work with Dakota Rivers before offering his ass to the jock cop.

Click Here to Pre-Order Bad Cop 2!


Muscle Daddies

Older. Wiser. Hornier. When it comes to sex, salt and pepper are the best seasonings. Watch TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman, Liam Knox and Dallas Steele prove that age and experience make Muscle Daddies the biggest catch in town.

How do you guzzle a huge, thick dick? Dallas Steele and Jason Vario show you how it’s done before Dallas bends over and gets his sweaty ass slammed.

Big daddy Jesse Jackman gets what he wants, the towering top taking charge of bearded bottom Steve Roman in a grunt-filled suck and fuck.

As their big bulges burst out of their jockstraps, Liam Knox and Luke Adams kiss their way through a passionate poolside flip fuck with a memorably wet ending.

Click Here to pre-order Muscle Daddies!

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Titanmen’s Best Dad/Son Scenes…


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We all love the dynamic of the older man/younger man scenes.

The daddy type teaching the younger man how things are done. How to enjoy man/man sex… helping him discover the best ways to do things.

We’ve had some amazing scenes at Titanmen over the years that fans of “Daddy/Younger Man” scenes have gone CRAZY for…

So here’s my list of some of the best Titanmen Dad/Boy scenes…

1. Dad Teaches Son to suck dick at a Glory Hole
(From Arcade On Rt 9)

One of the hottest moments in Titanmen history. One of those “I can’t believe I’m watching this” scenes where a hot dad takes his son to a sex club for his 18th birthday and teaches him the art of sucking dick through a glory hole.

“Dad… that guy’s married” exclaims the young buck. “Those are the best ones,” answers Dad… and that pretty much sums up this scene. The men are hot, the action is both hot and shocking and don’t we ALL wish we had someone we trusted explain how all that works to us?


2. Luke seduces David in the shower (from Like Father Like Son)

Like Father Like Son tells the story of two 18 year-old best friends who, coming home unexpectedly, catch their dads fucking in the living room. Jerking off while watching the action… they make a pact… “You do my Dad… I’ll do yours.” And they’re off… This scene starts with HUGE-dick David Anthony taking an outdoor shower when Luke – his son’s best friend – comes looking for him. Wasting no time, Luke strips off his clothes and joins David in the shower. When it’s time for fucking, they’re back in David’s room… Luke’s asshole barely stretching to accommodate David’s massively-thick dick. Yelling out for more, Luke and David both blow huge loads in this one… it’s a very hot scene that you’re gonna love.

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When the Sheriff Tells You To Get On Your Knees And Suck Dick… You Do It….


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Another Titanmen Classic scene… I’ve personally jacked off to this about 100 times or more.

One of the hottest moments in Titanmen history. And that’s a LOT of history.

From the Joe Gage movie “Men’s Room 2 – Gale Force.” When four young punks get caught fighting in the Men’s Room… sheriff Gus Maddox doesn’t waste any time telling the boys to shake hands… then get down on their knees and suck each other’s dicks.

Once the the sheriff joins in to get some of that hot 18 year-old action… the sparks fly.

The punks spread the frat boys’ ass cheeks for intense rimming and finger fucking. Gus brings out a bench and lays one of the guys out – literally and figuratively. He fucks him with long, deep, slow strides, as the camera exquisitely captures each thrust.

You gotta see this one to believe it… watch the whole movie here at Titanmen.

Don’t Forget… Joining Titanmen doesn’t just get you full and unlimited access to the newest scenes (multiple releases weekly give you an endless supply of new stuff to watch), it gives you COMPLETE access to the Entire Titanmen On-line Catalogue. That’s nearly 20 YEARS of the hottest gay porn ever made… from the top directors like Bruce CamBrian MillsTony BuffJoe GagePaul WildeFrancois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

Members can stream in crystal-clear HD to their computer or mobile devices… so when the mood strikes, you have a complete Titanmen DVD catalogue in your back pocket.

Prefer to download? Members can download their favorite scenes DRM-free.

Featuring the hottest roster in all of gay porn… men like Dred ScottDean FlynnJesse JackmanFrancois SagatDamien StoneHunter MarxDario BeckNick PrescottJay BentleyDavid AnthonyScott Hunter and MANY more…

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Titanmen Classics… Ozark Mountain Exit 8 – Men’s Room III


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This movie is still a huge hit, even 8 years after it’s original release. Joe Gage returned to the Men’s Room series and brought along a Top-Notch Titanmen cast that blew everyone away… and each other, of course.

Award-winning director Joe Gage takes us on a totally perverse tour of the Ozark Mountains with the latest installment of his sex-in-public restrooms series, Men’s Room III: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8. With Joe at the helm, you can expect all types of men fucking and sucking every which way but loose (and a generous helping of watersports, available only on Titenman.com), thrown in for good measure). The action starts with sheriffs Brody Newport and Dane Hyde taking a piss at a trough, seemingly more interested in each other’s cocks than merely pissing.


When they catch TitanMen exclusive Dillon Buck watching, it quickly turns into a piss-drenched fuck-and-suck threesome with each guy shooting two loads apiece. Dillon then stumbles across two construction workers — TitanMen exclusive Alex Baresi and Jack Bond — pissing in the woods. He joins in and soon the three studs are back at the trough for another white-hot, piss-drenched threeway. Meanwhile, TitanMen exclusive Damien Crosse and Tyler Saint (parole officers driving Jesse Santana to court) pull off the freeway so the three of them can relieve themselves. The action starts red-hot, with Damien deep-throating both their pissing cocks, and only gets nastier from there.


Nearby, hunter Arpad Miklos spies campers Tober Brant and Park Wiley and joins in on their circle-jerk. Before long they’re joined by Dillon and Jack and things quickly heat up between the five hot, hairy studs. Back at their car, Damien and Tyler finish off what they started at the trough by brutally double-penetrating their young offender Jesse in the back of their truck, literally fucking the cum right out of him. Finally, Tyler heads out into the wilderness where he meets up with Tober, Park and Arpad on a blanket for an explosive fucking and watersports finale in the great outdoors.


Membership with Titanmen gets you Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen online collection. That’s over 17 years of the best Gay Porn ever made with some of the biggest stars in the industry. Guys like François Sagat,Dean FlynnDred ScottDavid Anthony and Eduardo.

All streaming in Crystal Clear HD to your computer or mobile devices. That means you’ll have the entire Titanmen catalogue available to you anywhere.. Right in your back pocket.

And… you know… since it’s all just streaming… nobody else has to know.  Ya know?

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.com

Full Gallery after the jump…

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