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Geroge Ce and Tristan Jaxx – Sucking on Set.


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We’ve had a chance to check out the mega-handsome new Titanmen Exclusive hunk George Ce already in his debut scene with Tristan Jaxx in Wide Open.

One of the things that people have mentioned is the chemistry between George and Tristan. They were really into each other form the start… even making out and blowing each other from the moment they met on set. Hands all over each other and the crew had to speed things up to get the whole thing on camera.

These stills aren’t from the movie, this is the guys just “interacting” while the crew set up lights and the set.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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George Ce makes his Debut in Wide Open with Tristan Jaxx


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We just introduced you to our newest Titanmen Exclusive George Ce. His first scene in the new Wilde/Mark movie from Titanmen, Wide Open, is exploding. The beefy mass of muscle sucks dick like a fiend and then bottoms for Tristan in some of the hottest fucking footage you’ve seen.

Seeing that massive uncut dick slide in and out of George’s hole while the two paw at each other and the sweat and cum flies… what an incredible scene.

See it here at Titanmen.

Titanmen’s website offers full and unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming is crystal clear digital HD. And fully compatible with Mobile devices so if you happen to wanna grab your iPad or Kindle Fire and go “have a stroke break…” Well… nobody in the office needs to know.

Or catch it here on DVD. The DVD includes a full-length digital copy of the movie so you can keep it in your library and watch it on your computer or mobile devices.

Click Here to watch a longer trailer at Titanmen.

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Behind the Scenes with Race Cooper and Tristan Jaxx


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Some behind the scenes fun with Tristan and Race while they were on set shooting their new scene for In Deep. Conversations turn from laughing at bloopers, wether a cut or uncut dick feels better to get fucked with, wether depth or width is better to make you cum, which positions look better vs which feel better and then a weird bit where they cast Harry Potter spells on each other.

This is on set at a porn shoot. Hot, funny, strange and obviously just as much fun as fucking with guys as hot as Tristan and Race Cooper.

You can see the finished movie In Deep (which also has scenes with  David Anthony, Christopher Daniels, Tibor Wolfe, Mack Manus and Kieron Knight) here at the newly-designed and totally-amazing new Titanmen Website.

The Titanmen Website features daily updates, some of the hottest gay porn in the world, all streaming beautifully in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices. Have an AppleTV? use AirPlay to stream to it and you have the ENTIRE Titanmen online catalogue in the palm of your hand.

Classic Mov ies like Gorge, 110° In Tucson, Spy Quest and Breakers.

New Hits like Command Performance, Speechless, Surveillance, and the latest, In Deep.

Genre-Busting hits like Cirque Noir, Francois Sagat’s Incubus, the Fallen Angel Series and Slick Dogs.

PLUS some of Joe Gage’s best work with movies like Arcade on Route 9, Copperhead Canyon, the Men’s Room Series and his massive hit from last year “Inmates.”

Click Here to check it all out now… only at Titanmen.

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DJ Tristan Jaxx


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Just in case you missed that Tristan Jaxx is not only a Mega-Hung porn star, he’s also one of the most popular DJs in the Bay Area Dance scene, hosting his Chaos night where he spins to hundreds of men moving to his… rhythm.

Check out Tristan’s latest scene in the new Titanmen movie In Deep here.

Check out his Podcast above…

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Tristan Jaxx goes In Deep


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We always love working with Tristan Jaxx and Race Cooper. So when we got the chance to get them together… it was just the explosion of sexual energy and massive cum shots that you’d expect.

With Race Cooper’s jock bod slumbering near him, Tristan Jaxx can’t help himself—he goes straight for his lover’s jock ass, firing his tongue deep inside. Race turns around and feeds his steel shaft to Tristan, who fingers his moaning bud as he sucks him. Tristan stands up and feeds his big uncut cock to Race, who wraps his lips tightly around the shaft. Tristan flashes a killer smile down at the sucker, soon turning him around and fucking him from behind as Race’s boner is splayed out against the edge of the mattress.

Race then sits on the top and grinds his bubble butt down tight, grabbing hold of Tristan’s pecs as he bounces (“Fuck you’re hot!”) and the top jacks and sucks him. The bottom turns around and rides, his rock-hard cock bouncing off his own chiseled abs. The two come, including a multi-gusher from Tristan that has them both smiling.

Click Here to see it at Titanmen.

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Caption THIS…


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From the new hit Titanmen Movie Fast Friends.

Stany Falcone had just been on the receiving end of Tristan Jaxx’s dick… and was very surprised to see…. that.

Check out Fast Friends at Titanmen.

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Stany Falcone prepares for Tristan Jaxx… WOW.


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Former pro-football player Stany Falcone (and the kind of football they play in Europe, not the kind they play in America) said he liked “big uncut dicks.” So we called Tristan Jaxx to whip that weapon out, bend Stany over and let him have it.

Stany held on tight and then let Tristan open him wide and deep.

You can see the whole scene in the new Titanmen movie Stud Finder on DVD or at the newly-designed Titanmen Website that gives you full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming in crystal-clear HD.

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