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François Sagat Directing…


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Last week François Sagat posted this very enjoyable clip on his blog. Never one to allow himself to just do the same thing over and over again, François took Incubus as a chance to learn how to direct. There have been some great Behind The Scenes clips posted from the making of Incubus and you can see just how much care and dedication the entire crew and cast had to delivering such a phenomenal movie.

Incubus 2: The Final Chapter comes out very soon…

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Trenton Ducati sticking it to Jayden Grey


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The new scene from Sticking Point features the always-hot Trenton Ducati and Jayden Grey being watched by a jerking Jordan White.

Drifter Jayden Grey needs a place to crash. Handyman Trenton Ducati is happy to help — sending the thankful smoothie to his knees. The trim sucker works up the muscle cock, the tattooed Trenton whipping his dick on Jayden’s face and spitting in his mouth. Trenton stays rock hard as he gulps Jayden’s big cock, spit falling to the floor. Trenton eats Jayden before fucking him doggie style, perfectly varying his tempo. Jayden sits down on the top, their arms wrapped around each other. Voyeur Jordan White strokes his big dick as he watches, soon rubbing cum onto his tight bod. On his back, a breathless Jayden squirts as he gets fucked, Trenton’s chiseled abs clenching before dumping his own load.

Trenton seems to get hotter with each time we see him…

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

Full gallery after the jump…

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More of Trenton Ducati…


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After a long couple of days shooting new scenes with Trenton Ducati, I wanted to remind you all of just how hot this Northern Pacific stud is. Here he is alongside Spencer Reed, Dario Beck and Christopher Daniels in Surveillance.

You can see the whole movie (including the web-only watersports bits) only on Titanmen.

More pictures after the jump…

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Trenton Ducati breaks in 2 new Titanmen


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Trenton Ducati is having a great week here at Titanmen. Yesterday he got topped good and rough by Jesse Ares and today he’s getting to reclaim the Top Position as he breaks in not one but TWO new Titanmen first-timers as they shoot a scene for “Fast Friends.”

Ford Andrews is the hairy hunk (follow him here on Twitter) and Jed Athens is the long and lean southern gentleman with the ripped abs.

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Trenton Ducati has arrived


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Our hot rockabilly stud from the Pacific North West has escaped the blizzard ravaging Washington and come down to the relative nice weather here in California to shoot a few scenes.

Today he’s going to bottom for the handsome European charmer Jessy Ares in a scene for “Betrayed” which should be out in the spring.

If you want to see Trenton in action now, check him out here in Incubus and here in Surveillance.

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Surveillance Scene Three


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Here’s more from the newest Titanmen movie Surveillance which has started 2012 with a BANG. Scene One introduced us to the Mega-Muscle of Jesse Jackman, Scene Two features the equally hulking masses of Harley Everett and Nate Pierce.

Now we get to see the four-way of Dario Beck. Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels and Spencer Reed

You can watch the whole scene (and all of the Titanmen Catalogue) in HD at Titanmen’s newly-designed site.

More stills after the jump…

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Some more fun from the Incubus Party scene…


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Some more from the Incubus shoot. Lots of work but the guys look like they had a blast doing it…

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Trenton Ducati – Naught Santa


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Trenton just sent me these pictures of the fun he had at The Baltic Room in Seattle for a weekly gay night called Elektropop. He can cum down my chimney any time he wants…

You can follow Trenton on Twitter and you can see him in action in Francois Sagat’s Incubus.

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More from the making of the Party scene from Incubus.


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Here is more from the shooting of the party scene at the start of Incubus. We took our time shooting this part which is the start of the madness that follows. But what was so fun about this was that we were actually having a party with refreshments and drinks so the crowd could have a good time while we made the movie around them.

The final bit of this video really says it all. Francois was so excited to see the image of my evil clone approaching the camera and saying “drink” that he was a bit giddy.

Which, I should point out… is about 80% off. This deal won’t last long so nab it now…

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And today on Wild Kingdom…


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I’m still relatively new to the whole Porn Industry, but people always ask me what it’s like on set at a porn shoot when they’re not shooting. I tell them that it’s actually a very professional environment, the guys read books, play the odd video game, maybe work out together. Nothing too crazy going on.

Clearly, I’m totally full of shit.

This, gentlemen (and ladies who like gay porn and yes, we know you’re out there), is what I like to call “down time” on a porn set. Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed had just finished shooting their scene for the up-coming movie “François Sagat’s Incubus” when Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati arrived to shoot their scene together.

Jimmy and Spencer decided to get… reacquainted with each other, the way that guys do in any industry, I’m sure (although I’ve never worked at a bank). Shay decided that there was only one way to welcome a new co-worker and that’s having him suck your dick. Such a friendly guy.

You know, I’m sure it’s no different at your place of work. Although my opinion on that might be the reason I got fired from my last job at the florist.

You can see all these guys in action at Titanmen. (although you’ll have to wait for about a month to see Trenton’s debut in “Incubus.” But as you can see… it’ll be worth the wait…

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Welcome to TitanMen, Trenton Ducati


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We sit down and have a short chat with our newest TitanMen Exclusive man Trenton Ducati. He’s funny and handsome and has ridden lots of bulls.

No, the real kind.

But… well, that too.

You’ll see him in action soon, but here’s your first look.

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