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Titanmen Classics: Road to Redneck Hollow


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Newly Remastered exclusively at the new Titanmen Website.

Joe Gage’s classic The Road to Redneck Hollow that solidified Dean Flynn as one of the most popular gay porn stars going back in 2007 when it was released. Dean’s long and lean, gentle demeanor contrasted perfectly with the Tough Guy that is Tober Brandt and the adorable innocence of Tory Mason and Mason Wyler round out the cast. (Mason and Dean don’t perform in this one, that would have to wait until later that year in Campus Pizza).

The Road to Redneck Hollow tells the story of Good ol’ boy Vernon (Ryan Wood) inviting his childhood fuckbuddy Clay (Logan Robbins) down to Shady Hollow, Tennessee to attend the grand opening of his roadhouse.

And as we say in Joe Gage movies, “Sex ensues.”

Another of Joe’s movies showing off his topnotch ability to depict a sexually ambiguous world where men naturally crave sex with each other. Sex in Joe Gage movies makes you stronger, more powerful. No difference between the roles of top and bottom.

Another reason why Titanmen has been at the top of the heap when it comes to gay porn movies for over 17 years… the top-notch production quality and the best men.

Click Here to watch it, Digitally Remastered, at the new Titanmen Website.

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HUGE DVD and Membership Sale at Titan – plus Joe Gage Reissues


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OK Gents… we do this every year and every year it gets bigger and better.

But this year, we’ve got the best deal we’ve ever had on Titanmen DVD titles. Starting with Reissued Joe Gage Classics. Fans have been calling for us to reissue titles like Bakersfield Men’s Room and Gale Force: Men’s Room 2. Along with the massive hits Arcade on Route 9, Chainsaw, Copperhead Canyon and Road to Redneck Hollow.

Now newly reissued and at 4 for $69, get them NOW before they sell out again.


Top Seller movies.. our newest hits form 2012 are on sale $39.95 each or a whopping 55% Off when you get 4 for $89. Including hits like Reckless, Joe Gage’s Special Reserve and Stud Finder.

And finally… the BIG BLOWOUT. Some amazing Titanmen Classic Titles and collections. Some of the best movies from the Titanmen vaults on sale 4 for $49.

These are some of the best movies Titan has released. Movies like Detour with the one and only Dred Scott, movies from the Spy Quest series, Bruce Cam’s Fallen Angel series and all of the early Francois Sagat movies like Breathless, Folsom Filth, Folsom Leather, H2O and POV.

AND if you’d rather have it all streaming in HD to your computer or mobile devices, is ALSO on sale. 33% off at $19.95 per month or 60% off when you get 4 months for $49.95.

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HardWork – Stephen Colbert’s favorite gay porn movie.


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Last week I wrote that a recent commentary by comedian Stephen Colbert on his news parody show* had mentioned the Classic Titanmen movie “Hardwork.”

And that spawned a LOT of interest in the movie, which has been hard to track down on DVD for quite a while. But when people took one look at that bold look on the face of mega-star Tober Brandt, the email boxes here started to fill with requests to see the movie.

And since we here at Titanmen NEVER want to leave you with a case of blue balls, we re-released it this past weekend to Titanmen’s website. Hardwork had been digitally remastered and was in line to be rolled out along with a lot of classic Titanmen movies that had only been available on DVD… many hadn’t been available in any form for a long time.

Another recent classic that was given the remaster treatment was the similarly-themed Road to Redneck Hollow which also features Tober Brandt alongside iconic Titanmen star Dean Flynn.

Now you get it streaming in crystal clear video that’s cleaned up and looks amazing. And with men like that, you want to see every hair and drop of sweat.

Hardwork’s most famous scene shows Tober Brandt being topped by Chuck Scott. The Blue Collar Men Fucking theme is what backdrops this collection from Brian Mills and all three scenes are favorites if you like those dirty-under-the-nails and rough-skin-on-the-hands types.

So here it is in all it’s glory… The Titanmen Classic Hardwork. Which you can say also helps Stephen Colbert wank out his “angry white man sperm.”  Which I’d be oddly interested in seeing. I love those pent-up, raging sexually types.

(*although it’s on the comedy network, there are reportedly people who actually think it’s a real news show)
Click Here to see it at Titanmen.

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Steven Colbert gets a GRIP on Titanmen…!


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Last night’s episode of The Colbert Report featured a bit about how the GOP has gotten up set that there aren’t enough “angry white men” to support their party in the long-term… or… something. Stephen’s solution to this problem was to market his own brand of “Angry White Man Sperm” that he would “whip up” while watching Tober Brandt and Chuck Scott in action…

But we’re not totally sure that would work.

Try an experiment. Call over three or four of your best buddies, watch Tober in action here with Arpad Miklos, Park Wiley and Tyler Saint, and see if once you’re all done… anyone is in a bad mood.

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Titanmen Older/Younger Scenes


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With the success of the new Titanmen film “Inmates,” Joe Gage has again shown that seeing hot older men in action with younger men is still a huge fascination to gay porn fans. It’s been a recurring theme in many Titan movies… here are our favorite older/younger man scenes from the Titan catalogue.

Oh… and Join Titanmen for 50% OFF today. You can’t beat that price but you CAN beat yourself off…

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Name That Butt


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See if you can guess which ass belongs to which Titan man. Shot at the Folsom Street Fair.

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