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I give it Two Bums Up


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When I got asked if I’d like to write a blog about Titanmen it was a really weird dream come true. I love Titan movies but I also think they’ve got some of the hottest men going. Which means than when the odd model finds his way to the second floor of the Titan office here in San Francisco, I get to meet them.

I figure instead of just giving you the news, I can also tell you what my personal favorite scenes are from my personal favorite Titanmen movies.

First up is the “Hotel Three-Way” scene from Joe Gage’s Jury Duty. The premise is pretty simple… a jury of 6 men (shut up, it could happen) are sequestered over night and the pants start to hit the floor. Scene one takes place that night as Scotch Inkom, Sven Norse and Bronson Gates get it on.

You can almost smell the sweat and testosterone dripping on the floor.

Check out a clip from it here.

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