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Brad Kalvo and real-life pro-soccer player Stany Falcone get Down & Dirty…


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Mega-Dad Brad Kalvo returns to Titanmen for a scene with former pro-soccer player Stany Falcone. These two hunky, hairy men go at it hardcore in Brian Mills’ movie Down and Dirty.

See the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Caption THIS…


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From the new hit Titanmen Movie Fast Friends.

Stany Falcone had just been on the receiving end of Tristan Jaxx’s dick… and was very surprised to see…. that.

Check out Fast Friends at Titanmen.

full gallery after the jump…

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Stany Falcone prepares for Tristan Jaxx… WOW.


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Former pro-football player Stany Falcone (and the kind of football they play in Europe, not the kind they play in America) said he liked “big uncut dicks.” So we called Tristan Jaxx to whip that weapon out, bend Stany over and let him have it.

Stany held on tight and then let Tristan open him wide and deep.

You can see the whole scene in the new Titanmen movie Stud Finder on DVD or at the newly-designed Titanmen Website that gives you full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming in crystal-clear HD.

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Stany Falcone


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People have been asking about Stany Falcone from the new Titan movie “Stud Finder” and his scene with Race Cooper.

Stany is a new face to Titanmen but if you’re a fan of European Football (that North Americans call “Soccer”), you might recognize him as former professional player Jonathan De Falco who played for various Belgian teams from 2003-2010. Having left pro sports behind, he’s now a model, performer, dancer and yes… Titanmen star in the new Brian Mills movie “Stud Finder.”

You can check out his blog and personal website here.

Or you can see him in action at Titanmen here.

And keep watching… Stany has more to come here at Titanmen and we’re sure you’re going to love seeing his hansome, versatile and uncut Belgian stud in action.

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Hunter on set


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It’s been a crazy whirl-wind shoot this week with some Titanmen stars and the new face of Stany Falcone (who many European sports fans have recognized as former professional Belgian soccer player Jonathan DeFalco).

We’ve seen Tristan Jaxx, Race Cooper, Brad Kalvo and today Hunter Marx arrived to shoot a scene for Brian Mills’ movie “Reckless.”

With all the naked men and fucking, the guys somehow found a way to have lots of fun and keep the mood on set light.

Early reports are that Stany’s growing English vocabulary now includes many of the “not suitable for all audiences” things you’ll hear on a Titanmen set like “SUCK IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!” and “Give Me A God-Damn Cheese Burger!”

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