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Bad Cop Scene One – with Nick Prescott and Adam Herst


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This movie has been a topic of industry gossip for months… cell phone pictures and video clips leaking from the set, models tweeting about their involvement and blogs posting sneak peeks… Titanmen was dipping back into the style that established them as a leader in gay erotic movies… Big men, big muscles, body hair, sweat, piss, great locations, great production value… authentic cop uniforms… Bap Cop was on the way.

Starring some of the best Titanmen stars past, present and future: Titanmen exclusives Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott lead returning studs Damien Stone, Adam Herst, Donnie Dean (all returning after a long hiatus from shooting with us), along with Ricky Decker in his Titanmen debut.

Director Jasun Mark said for his first feature after taking the helm of production, he wanted to take Titanmen back to the classic look and feel that made him want to direct for Titan all those years ago. Bad Cop is exactly the movie Titan fans have said they want to see… the first scene with Nick Prescott and Adam Herst is finally out at Titanmen.

Also available… the DVD is currently On Sale only at the Titanmen DVD store...


On a late night call to a residential alarm trigger, partners Nick Prescott and Adam Herst find an empty house—and a bottle of lube. Adam drops to his knees, taking out Nick’s rock-hard cock. Nick holds his partner’s head down on his dick, Adam’s own monster throbbing below. Adam sucks him deep, his mustache hairs tickling Nick’s bush—and sliding against his shaft on the way up. Nick whips his dick on Adam’s breathless face. They kiss, cocks grinding, before Nick returns the favor. Nick gasps for air, getting a kiss for his efforts.


Adam sucks his bud again, his face getting dick whipped. He offers his ass to Nick, who soon bangs him from behind (“There you go!”). Nick grabs Adam’s uniform, pulling him in closer as he goes faster. Adam sits down on Nick’s dick, the bottom’s cock rock hard as he rides. Adam eats Nick’s hairy hole before fucking him, the top’s smooth abs tightening. Nick gets on his back, his hairy bod soon covered in cum.

Membership with Titanmen gets you Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen online collection. That’s over 17 years of the best Gay Porn ever made with some of the biggest stars in the industry. Guys like François Sagat,Dean FlynnDred ScottDavid Anthony and Eduardo.


All streaming in Crystal Clear HD to your computer or mobile devices. That means you’ll have the entire Titanmen catalogue available to you anywhere.. Right in your back pocket.

And… you know… since it’s all just streaming… nobody else has to know.  Ya know?

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Bad Cop Full Preview


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We’ve been hearing about this one for a while… the new Titanmen movie Bad Cop featuring both on and off-duty cops getting into the hot, sweaty action we ALL want to see. While investigating a triggered alarm, while working private security and even in the locker room at the Police Station… These are good guys… but sometimes they like to be BAD…

Full movie coming to Titanmen.

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WOW… check out this hot “Amateur” scene that Nick Prescott and Adam Herst shot of themselves….


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After finishing shooting a scene for the up-coming Titanmen feature ‘Bad Cop,’ director Jasun Mark gave Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and Adam Herst his GoPro and told them to have some fun in the pool while the crew and I broke down all of the cameras and lighting gear.

He figured they’d post some video of themselves swimming or horsing around in the water. But no… instead they shot a whole blowjob scene together just for fun. This isn’t staged or planned, this is just two hot men doing what comes naturally under the hot California sun.

These men are a perfect match, so we’re glad we got a bit of a bonus of them just interacting together without anyone directing the action.

Bad Cop will be out early December at

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Morning Wood


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Another one of Gay Comic Geeks funny, entertaining and hot reviews, this time of Jasun Mark’s new movie for Titanmen, Morning Wood.

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Nick Prescott and Tyler Edwards have Morning Wood.


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Waking from his slumber, Nick Prescott stares at Tyler Edwards, their heads resting against each other. He rubs Tyler’s arm, the stud waking up and smiling. They kiss, the sheets removed to reveal their boners. “Good morning!” smiles Tyler, whose cock disappears in Nick’s warm mouth. He goes balls deep, his nose planted in Tyler’s pubes. Nick’s massive balls twitch as he sucks, Tyler soon sucking him back. He grips Nick’s sac and pulls it down as he slurps, Nick moaning as his heavy eyelids show off his pleasure-filled face.mrwd_scene03_020mrwd_scene03_006

Nick offers his ass, yelling “Spit on my hole!” as Tyler munches. Nick arches back for a kiss, his own boner at attention. He sits down on Tyler, spreading his cheeks to ride deep as he pounds his fists on the top’s pecs. Nick stays rock hard as he gets it doggie style, his dick bouncing up and slamming his own stomach with each thrust. On his back, Nick gets stroked and fucked by Tyler—the bottom soon coated in cum.


Click Here to see or download the whole movie at Titanmen.

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George Ce and Nick Prescott pair up in Fast Paced


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Nick Prescott rests on the couch, his head in the lap of muscular George Ce—who is quickly distracted from his book by Nick’s furry chest. Nick wakes from his slumber, rubbing George’s massive body. They kiss, Nick gripping George’s pec and planting his mouth on the hunk’s growing jean bulge. Nick soon opens wide to take in the thick rocket, George guiding the sucker’s head down with his hands. George slides his hand inside Nick’s shorts, rubbing his ass.

They kiss, Nick’s giant tent pole ready to pop. George releases the stiff-as-steel shaft and sucks it deep, Nick whipping it on his face before sucking him back. George eats Nick’s hairy hole and strokes the stud’s boner, his own cock throbbing.

George fucks him fast from behind, Nick breathing heavy as his eyes roll up in his head. Nick gets on his back, his legs held up in the air as the top plunge fucks him from above before getting him flat on his back—an aerial shot looking down at Nick’s defined abs and George’s hot cum gutters before they shoot.


Click here to see it at Titanmen.

Check out the full gallery after the jump…

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Kiss THIS Blarney Stone…


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Titanmen is VERY happy to roll out the new movie “Wet.”  Starring Titanmen exclusive Nick Prescott and featuring an all-star cast including Tom Wolfe, Liam Magnuson and Will Swagger. now lets you download your favorite scenes DRM free, but the best feature of is Full and Unlimited access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue, streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices. That means that you can watch any of your favorite scenes anytime you want.


It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket for any time the mood strikes you. Got an iPhone and and AppleTV? Use airplay to watch it on your big screen TV.

Here’s Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and Brayden Forester in Wet…

check out the whole gallery after the jump…

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Jasun Mark demonstrates the Porno Crab Walk with Nick Prescott and George Ce.


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Too funny. On set today, Nick Prescott and George Ce got carried away as they helped each other get hard for their still shoots.

Jasun did was he does best… got a nice panoramic view of the action from down below so we can see those two BIG dicks and two hot men from every possible angle.

See Nick Prescott’s movies here.

See George Ce’s movies here.

See movies directed by Jasun Mark here.

Don’t forget you can download your favorite scenes DRM-free AND stream the entire Titanmen collection in crystal-clear HD at

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Nick Prescott and the Ball Stretcher


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Some fun behind the scenes on set with Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and Matt Stevens while shooting a Titan Rough movie at the Oxballs factory in Los Angeles.

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Nick Prescott and Alecks Buldocheck in a Piss Soaked Boot Black Scene..


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According to the production team, this was a hard scene to shoot because they just set everything up and let Nick and Alecks go at it in a huge space and had to quickly run around the set to capture all of the action. The energy and action between the two was so hot and blazing at full heat, they didn’t want to stop it.

But clearly… they captured what was happening in front of them. A piss-drenched, sweat-covered boot blacking scene that shows the animal attraction between these two ripped, tightly clipped studs going full steam.

Just amazing. Watch the whole scene at Titanmen, streaming in crystal clear HD to your mobile devices and computer or download your favorite scenes. It’s like having the entire Titanmen catalogue in your back pocket.

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Back When Men Were Men… Those Were The Days…


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Titanmen proudly releases this fantastic mid-century modern themed movie, set in the blazing hot summer sun of Palm Springs at the Titan-owned Palm Springs Mid-Century home that… if you want to rent yourself… click here.

SHAG harkens back to the Space Age Bachelor Pad Sixties, a time when every man came home from work to a waiting partner for a drink, a dip in the pool or a good fuck session in the hot desert air. Join Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott in their sunny open-concept house, Tom Wolfe and Jay Bentley in their shady hideaway and Dario Beck and his lover Rocco Diaz as they climb into their bed together.


All in a summer evening’s work for Titanmen.

OH… and this is the movie where we finally get to hear Dario Beck perform a whole scene in Spanish. You thought he was hot before?

Shag is now streaming at in Crystal Clear HD along with the entire Titanmen online catalogue. Download your favorite scenes or stream any movie, any time from your mobile device when the mood hits you. It’s like having the entire Titanmen DVD collection in your back pocket.

Prefer the DVD? That’s now On Sale at the Titanmen DVD store…

Check out the gallery after the jump…
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Titanmen Production Updates..


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Yesterday, Titanmen released the new movie Resort and today in my email arrived a bunch of stills shot on set. Shot concurrently with scenes from other movies including the recent hits Wide Awake and On Tap, the long production run allowed the guys to spend a lot of time just hanging out by the pool, taking in the sights in nearby Palm Springs and according to production assistant David Richards, the crew introduced the cast to Xanadu, Flash Gordon and Sordid Lives.

IMG_3269Story goes that Dario Beck and Justin King particularly loved Sordid Lives and watched not only the movie but the entire TV series over the course of the shoot.

Coby White  took the guys out for a night of partying in Palm Springs. Coby appears in the new scene from Resort with Titanmen Exclusive Hunter Marx. We love having Coby on set not only  because of his adorable smile and how much fun he is but also because of the INCREDIBLE amount of precum that oozes from his dick.

Coby has been in three scenes… with Dario Beck in Extra Firm and with Conner Habib in Joe Gage’s One Thing Leads To Another and every time he’s on camera, the fans talk about that more than anything…


Tom Wolfe  (in his first Titanmen appearance since Swelter) and Hunter Marx both got quite familiar with new Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott. Nick spent a lot of his time getting to know the other Titanmen exclusives, and while no cameras caught the action, there were rumors of Nick “introducing” himself in a more private setting. HE’s come to the right place.

He also posted this pretty fun clip of himself and Wide Awake Co-star Justin King while they were cooling off in the pool on his own blog.

Jay Bentley and Tom Wolfe were cooling off in the pool one afternoon, director Jasun Mark swam down to the bottom of the pool with his GoPro camera and captured this stunning video collage that was incorporated into Wide Awake.

Submerged from Jasun mark on Vimeo.

And then of course there was THIS.

There’s a HUGE gallery of pics after the jump.


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Gay Comic Geek reviews Wide Awake


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The adorable but hunky Gay Comic Geek has always entertained us when he reviews our movies. His takes on Francois Sagat’s Incubus and Joe Gage’s Chainsaw were favorites here at the Titanmen Office.

When he reviewed Jasun Mark’s Nightfall, we all got a better appreciation for it and even when he posts reviews of other studio’s work, we love watching him.

So we’re especially excited that he loved the newest Titanmen feature Wide Awake as much as he did.

Click Here to see the entire movie at Titanmen.

Check out a gallery of stills after the jump…
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Before a Titanmen movie gets it’s final polish, they put together a video-only edit that has none of the sounds of the director or crew taken out. So you can hear the instructions being given to the performers and anyone else. It’s usually mundane stuff like “I need more light on the right” or “keep going guys, looks great” or “Roll that camera further over.” Nothing you miss when it’s gone.

When I got to see a preview of Wide Awake, Jasun Mark’s new surreal and engulfing movie for Titan, the one direction that really grabbed my attention was in the opening shots of the scene with new Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and Justin King.


Nick was standing under very bright, vibrant light, surrounded by white marble walls and floors, white leather couch and wearing a tight, white spandex pair of boxers, grabbing his throbbing hardon that was bursting out already. Jasun gave a low growl to his saying “Yeah… show the camera that dick… nice and cocky… tell the ’em that ‘this is what you’re gonna get and you’re gonna like it.‘ Perfect… just like that.”

Nick seemingly grew to twice his own height and got that smile as his dick swelled more against the white spandex boxers that were so stretched over it at this point that it was possible to see through just a bit. A drop of precum stained just over his dick head and the scene had it’s start.


Nick and Justin are perfect. Two young, hairy, muscular men with just the perfect amount of “nice guy” and “edgy dangerous” thrown together. Justin with his tattoos that snake around his arms and that rug of thick hair up his chest to his neck. Nick with his blond hair, ripped and rippled with just a touch of hair crowning it all. Those huge blue eyes cut like lazers across my living room from the TV…

And I was hooked.


This scene is amazing. One that’s going to stick with me for a while. The way the two men tear at each other like wild animals through the muscle and sweat. The hard dicks and the way that they can’t take their hands and eyes off each other even while burying their faces in each other’s asses and cocks.

The way that when Nick cums, he loses all of that for just a moment and becomes another boyish young man squealing out while the cum flies from his dick, Justin standing up and blowing his load all over Nick’s.

Don’t miss this scene… It’s now streaming in Crystal Clear HD at and On Sale on DVD over at the Titanmen store.

Gallery after the jump…
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Tour of The Titan Blogs


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Titanmen Legend François Sagat posted a video clip of a VERY dedicated fan getting his own François Sagat Tattoo.

We were all in awe of the amazing work before we knew who the fan was, but when it was revealed that “fan” was none other than Titanmen director Jasun Mark, we were even more intrigued.

Francois, for his part, added his own typical verbal mind fuck when he quipped “So if someone got a tattoo of Jasun, does that mean that they would also have a tattoo with a tattoo of me and my tattoo…. too? lol.”

Apparently the tattoo was done by artist Dave Davenport whose studio was used for the famous Tattoo 3-Way from GRIND that starred Christopher Daniels, Colin Stone and Caleb Colton.

wdaw_IMG_2033New Titanmen Exclusive star Nick Prescott launched his own blog just as his first appearance in a Titanmen movie is released.

Nick appears alongside Justin King in a scene from the new Titanmen movie Wide Awake. A surreal, visually stunning and just plain hot fuck scene with two VERY hot men…

After the scene was shot, however… Nick and Justin jumped into the pool to cool down in the 115° heat in Palm Springs that day. Not one to let that opportunity pass, Production Assistant David Richards handed Nick a GoPro camera and captured some of the fun going on underwater. Note that even though he’s been fucking for hours, Justin is hard again and ready for round two with Nick…

Check out Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott in Wide Awake here.

Check out Nick’s Blog Here.

David Anthony posted this VERY entertaining clip called “How to take a big dick. Starring Me.

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