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Jessy Ares shows off his Lederhosen. No, really.


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The story behind the clip is that while Jessy Ares and Jesse Jackman were in town shooting a scene for what’s been described as a “film noir interrogation scene” for an up-coming Joe Gage movie, Jessy mentioned that he had his traditional Bavarian green leather lederhosen. Brian Mills wanted to get some shots of him wearing them, although he’s not wearing them in any scene. Just for fun.

Jesse Jackman was by to watch the proceedings and this video was just a single-take, captured moment of sheer insanity that you’ll find on a Titanmen shoot.

Check out all of Jesse Jackman’s movies here.

Check out all of Jessy Ares’ movies here.

Check out the HUGE Library of Titanmen movies directed by Joe Gage here.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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An occasionally regular (more accurately periodical) collection of the fucked up, messed up, jizzed up and just plain hilarious inter-office emails from the Titanmen office.

 • Titanmen got our second shout-out on The Colbert Rapport, this time it was the Joe Gage classic Campus Pizza that got the quick moment on the screen.  Check for it at about 12:50. We must have a fan over there.
• Would you like some… “Balls Of Steel?”
• The only way to make a birthday cake cooler is to put green army men candles on it.
• A custom Pez dispenser. If you happen to want to eat candy out of your own throat.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Joe Gage’s Chainsaw


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If you haven’t checked out Gay Comic Geek’s videos, see his whole X-rated reviews at his Mancast Channel.

Also check out his blog. On top of being adorable and funny and brilliant, he’s also one of the more fascinating guys I’ve found on the internet.

And if you want to see Joe Gage’s Chainsaw, you can buy it on DVD here or see in at here.

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Titanmen Scores TEN XBiz 2013 Awards Nominations! (and kind of 13)


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Titan Media once again scored nominations in every possible category at the annual XBiz Awards. Winner of  Gay Studio Of The Year for five years running, Titanmen has again been given the nod in this years nominations, but the bigger news is the huge list of Titan movies, directors and performers who also earned recognition for their top-notch work.

On top of the Gay Studio of the Year nomination, Francois Sagat’s ground-breaking and visually stunning Incubus Parts 1 & 2 landed a nomination for Gay Movie Of the Year. Incubus Parts 1 & 2 also earned Francois Sagat his first-ever nomination for Gay Director of the Year. was nominated for Best Gay Website.

Also nominated for Gay Director of the Year are Titanmen legends Brian Mills and Joe Gage. Brian directed many movies for Titanmen in 2012, most notably his biggest hits Surveillance and Command Performance. Joe Gage directed this year’s retro-themed Anthology Joe Gage’s Special Reserve.

Joe also landed nominations for two movies he directed for his own studio, Dad Goes To College (starring beloved Titanmen star Allen Silver and Conner Habib, who just made his first-ever appearance in the Marl/Wilde production Wide Open) and for his fantastic After The Heist that also featured Titanmen’s David Anthony plus our friends and Titanmen stars Brad Kalvo, Dirk Caber and Conner Habib.

Rounding out the categories, Titanmen Exclusives Hunter Marx, Jessy Ares and David Anthony all scored Gay Performer of the Year nods along with some of our favorite stars from Titanmen movies, Trenton Ducati (Incubus 1, Hot Wired), Jimmy Durano (Incubus 1) and Spencer Reed (Incubus 1, Hot Wired, Sticking Point)

As an added bonus, a Gay/Lesbian Pleasure Product of the Year nomination went to Titan Men Tools by Doc Johnson.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

You can get all of these movies On Sale at the Titanmen DVD Store.

Or get them all in one place all for one price at where you get Full and Unlimited access to the Entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming in crystal clear HD on your computer or streaming to your mobile devices. It’s like having 17 years of the best gay movies in your back pocket.

You know… just in case the mood strikes you.

Complete List of Titanmen Nominations….


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Joe Gage’s Special Reserve Still Shoot


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“The Interview” – new from Joe Gage


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Here’s the third and final scene from Joe Gage’s new Titanmen release “Joe Gage’s Special Reserve” with Titanmen Exclusive Jessy Ares and Kyle Quinn.

Someone at the office yesterday described  “Special Reserve” as “The Love American Style of gay porn.” For those of you who watched TV in horrified bafflement on saturday afternoons while the 70s anthology show of short but cute stories about couples hooking up, you’ll get it. “Special Reserve” isn’t a full-length movie with a story arc and characters, but a bunch of new scenes with single-scene story lines.

Joe has already released a very successful bunch of one-off scenes for his self-produced “Joe Gage Sex Files” series on his own site (click to check those out).

But unlike his intentionally low-fi Sex Files movies, Special Reserve is the top-quality that you’d expect when you get Joe Gage and Titanmen together (For proof of this, check out his mega-hits 110° In Tucson, Arcade on Route 9, Home Invasion and Copperhead Canyon) but shows Joe adapting to the new medium of one-off scenes that the internet made possible.

With the success of “Special Reserve,” Joe has promised more self-contained scenes coming to Titanmen.

Stay Tuned….

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Tour of the Titanmen Blogs


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• Dario Beck writes about his recent trip to a furniture store that he found while shopping for furnishings for his new apartment in Barcelona. Seems that while the couch was comfortable, the lamp looked like it might be fun to sit on, too.

• David Anthony has been having a great time with his Mancast channel, mostly posting videos of himself working naked in his garage or his kitchen but last week he posted a VERY hot video of himself jerking off and blowing a big load.

• The Always-Busy-With-Something Jesse Jackman wants to get fucked in your bedroom.

• Speaking of Jesse, He’s also posted this fun video of Dirk Caber sleeping. Which is strangely hot.

• But most fun this week on Jesse’s blog was all the candid shots that he posted from his recent run of scenes with Casey Williams and Anthony London.

• New performer Liam Magnuson has only shot a couple of scenes and none have been released yet, but he’s already got a growing fanbase on Twitter who were excited to see this video over at Mancast with he and Devin Adam blowing each other to while having their still pictures taken.

• New Titanmen director Jasun Mark posted some very entertaining video with Race Cooper and Kyle Quinn over on his blog of fun they had while shooting promotional stills for the most recent Joe Gage movie “Special Reserve.”

Francois Sagat is many things. Fascinating, hot, enigmatic, hard working, funny and creative.

But he’s never boring.

His blog has become a place to find amazing behind-the-scenes video, engaging music and short glimpses into his life. He also posts some stunningly beautiful photographs of himself along with some fascinating commentary about what the pictures mean.

His most recent addition, “Le Miroir” is no exception.

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What’s Up, Coach? – Extended Preview


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And extended preview of the latest scene from Joe Gage’s “Special Reserve.”

Joe Gage is a legend in the gay porn industry, directing some of the best and most celebrated movies ever. From Kansas City Trucking Co in the early 70s to his work with Titan on such Nut-Busters as 110° In Tucson, Arcade on Route 9, Copperhead Canyon and last year’s Inmates.

Instead of his epic, 4-hour movies with numerous characters and a story that binds it together, Joe Gage’s Special Reserve is a collection of all-new single-scene glimpses of hot men in action. He takes you to the basement man-caves, the offices and locker rooms where those un-planned, quick-fucks happen.

This scene features Kyle Quinn, Race Cooper and Titanmen Exclusive David Anthony. Special Reserve also stars Jessy Ares and Jessie Colter. Now available on DVD as part of a Special Labor Dad DVD Sale.

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Joe Gage’s Special Reserve – New at Titan!


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YES… Titanmen proudly announces our latest Joe Gage-directed movie Special Reserve, with Titanmen Exclusives Jessy Ares and David Anthony plus Kyle Quinn, Race Cooper and Jessie Colter.

In three stand-alone scenes, Joe brings you what in many other director’s hands would be “typical porn scenarios” but… well… done the way that ONLY Joe Gage would do them….

Tense stud Jessie Coulter needs to loosen up, his body soon quivering in excitement from the “Full Service” offered by masseur Jessy Ares.

“What’s Up, Coach?” asks eager jock Kyle Quinn, who soon finds himself stuffed at both ends by aggressive athletes David Anthony and Race Cooper.

“The Interview” finds alpha businessman Jessy Ares taking advantage of late candidate Kyle Quinn, who will do anything to get the job.

You can stream Special Reserve now at the Titanmen website and you can also get it on DVD with a bonus full-length digital copy of the movie.

We’ll have some exclusive clips here at for you soon…

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