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The First Look… Incubus 2: The Final Chapter


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Today is the LAST DAY for the Titanmen 60% off Sale… more about that at the end of this post…

It’s finally here.

Such amazing men all in one movie. And I think I finally “get” it. This is Francois Sagat’s statement on Francois Sagat. Which probably sounds as confusing as watching the entire movie. But FUCK is it worth it.

Francois Sagat directs the second (and he says final) installment of Incubus, this time seemingly giving his word on what being a porn star does to a person. At times Francois is in the middle of a huge party, surrounded by lights and action and sound and people, the next moment he’s naked and alone, lost in an empty dessert alone. At times he quietly watches a private romantic tryst at night by a pool, other times, he’s bound in ropes, put on display and taunted by his own image. Suspended up in the air one minute after being pulled under water and drowned, Francois is both the victim and the assailant.

But none of the narrative ever gets in the way of the hardcore action and the sex scenes are incredible. Multiple cum shots, the muscles and hair and sweat and piss flying… don’t think this isn’t one of the best porn movies ever made.

And that was just part one.

Part 2 opens with Francois modeling for still pictures. The scene is beautiful until he gently whispers “I want to kill you” into the ear of Junior Stellano. Francois looks like the man we’ve all jerked off over a thousand times but looking into the mirror, he sees himself become a monster. Seeing that the professional photo shoot has become a photographer having sex with his models, it will finally dawn on you just where Francois has been going with this series and just what he’s been saying…

The polished camera work and editing in this opening sequence is jaw-dropping and TP Deaux, the guy who put it all together and wrote the score, has actually managed to put on screen what most of us have long-assumed was going on inside Francois’s head.

A trip through the disjoined mind of Francois brings us to a sun-drenched location, this time Jesse Jackman (who’s been blogging a lot about this scene and posting some really great video from the production), in a lavish, expensive poolside location. A big man, surrounded by grapes and wine, the scene conjures up images of gluttony, excess and alcoholic abandon. Excessive everything. Christopher Daniels seems to magically appear out of the pool (a few BTS clips explains that the simple shot of him walking out of the pool took a lot of planing and practice, you’ll understand when you see it). Francois takes the voyeur role again, this time watching from the bushes as the men drink, eat and piss all over each other and fuck.

While the two men are in full-on fucking mode, the sky opens up and it begins to rain and thunder and downpour. This was just dumb luck, it gives the scene an energy you’d expect to see in something like The Immortals or Clash of the Titans, but Brian Mills and Jesse have both told the story of how the thunder and lightning storm was totally real and not expected. Francois said it was the gods on top of the mountain giving their approval of the action. It’s hard to disagree with him, Jesse Jackman is one of the most stunning men you can imagine. Huge and solid muscle with a dick that defies description. He gets fucked into submission by Christopher Daniels.

But the final scene is where Francois earns the Oscar and seems to give his final word. In one of the most convincing CGI/Blue Screen/Body Double scenes I’ve seen, Francois wrestles with himself, both tops and bottoms for himself and finally wins the battle against himself that he’s been fighting since the opening scene.

I won’t give away the final moments but Francois wraps his statement on the adult industry and his notoriously conflicted relationship with his own fame together with amazing men, amazing imagery and a team that brought this idea to life. But it’s just the kind of thing you’d expect from Francois.

Incubus is out on DVD (you can join the Titanmen DVD club and get not only their new movies released every month but also a membership to the Video on Demand site and have full access to every movie in the huge Titanmen Online Catalogue).

Today is the last day for the Titanmen 60% off sale… get 180 days for $69 or a full 365 for $120. And that’s a lot of masturbation. Plus, and I guess I won’t be giving anything away, you’re not going to want to miss the movies that Titan has coming out this year…

Don’t miss the big gallery of stills after the jump…

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Editing Incubus 2 with Jesse Jackman


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Incubus 2: The Final Chapter will be taking up the story where part 1 ended… with Francois waking up to see he’s been manipulated by his evil side into murdering Hunter Marx in a sex club.

Above you’ll see Jesse Jackman getting a look at the final editing and polishing job done to the video and all the effects and tricks added. You’ll see just how much care and work went into this movie.

And Jesse looks SO handsome in his button down shirt and glasses.

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Finally… the full X-Rated Trailer for Incubus 2: the final chapter


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It’s been a long time coming and having been given an advance screener to watch so I’d know what to write about… WOW.

Francois Sagat returns with the second half of his Baffling-But-Riveting porn opus “Incubus,” this time it becomes more clear that this is Francois’s statement about how the porn industry captures, ensnares and devours it’s stars.

Divided again in three sections bridged with imagery of forced bondage, stark emptiness and raging storms, Incubus 2: The Final Chapter never lets the art and stunning visual explosion over-shadow the sex scenes which – let’s face it – is what porn is all about.

Scene 1 shows Francois being sexually  objectified (and possibly harassed) by a sleazy photographer played by David Anthony, scene 2 shows a picture of decadent abandon as a massive and muscular Jesse Jackman eating and drinking until he halucinates bottoming for Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and intoxication in the middle of a violent thunder and lightning storm. (the storm was real… If you watch the behind-the-scenes clips I’ve posted before, you’ll see and hear the storms while they shot the scene).

Scene 3 depicts Francois battling himself, finally. We saw a short preview in Part 1 with a clip of Francois wrestling himself under water in a sort of breath-control, Auto-erotic asphyxiation scene (not a lot of those in porn), but here we see a full wrestling and hardcore scene. Francois actually fucking himself is a sight to see. But the real stars here, aside from Francois who delivers a bang-on performance even for him, are the editors who really do convince you that you’re seeing Francois and Francois together in a porn scene.

Coming soon only to Titanmen

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Incubus 2: the Final Chapter


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It started out as the secret project that Titan was working on, whispered rumors about the return of Francois Sagat, performers quietly relaying stories about intense late night shoots, costumes and set design that none had seen before, CGI, body doubles, and an army of consultants and production crew.

When Francois Sagat’s Incubus finally debuted late last year, the anticipation was deafening and Titanmen unleashed a porn movie that not only brought porn movies to a new level and created a new career for it’s star, it also turned in some of the hottest performances from porn mega stars like Spencer Reed, Shay Michaels, Aymeric Deville and Sagat himself. Incubus wasn’t genre-busting, it was a genre-creating movie that fans and porn blogeratti debated, deconstructed and ultimately hailed as the movie that would change everything.

Titan used the movie to launch their new, and extremely successful, website and, if I may be so bold, brought in your new friend Finn Brooks (aka me) to give you a before-unseen view of the production process. Unlike a lot of porn movies shot in a matter of days, Incubus and it’s soon-to-be released second part took nearly 6 weeks to shoot, bringing crew from the crack of dawn, late into the night and even a 4 AM surprise session when Francois’s mentor, Titanmen director Brian Mills shot tapes full of the violent thunder and lightning storms that blanket the film.

Notoriously media-shy and more interested in letting fans try to make sense of his madness on their own, Francois further surprised the porn world when it became known he’d allowed the entire production process to be documented and captured on video. For the first time fans were not only able to see him performing in his final creations and performances, they got a glimpse of a Francois they hadn’t seen before… casually laughing with his crew over breakfast, expressing doubts in his own abilities as a director and even talking frankly about the way he saw himself. A “Pre-Production” documentary shows him in Paris, hanging out with friends, taking part in a video conference meeting with the Titanmen production team in San Francisco and preparing for the next chapter in his life.

Francois’s blog was filled with countless Behind-The-Scenes video showing everything from him shopping at Home Depot to directing his first scenes and even giving fans advice on how to give the best blow job. Showing an unexpected comedic side, his blog has become a hugely-popular destination for fans.

What he didn’t do was really explain the whole meaning behind the visually stunning movie he’d just released. That’s apparently about to change. Sagat promises that with Incubus 2: The Final Chapter, fans will finally understand the narrative he’s been showing. Wether or not that’s true remains to be seen but the newly-released trailer for Incubus 2 shows him one-upping himself; In Incubus, he wrestled himself underwater in a beautiful a mind-fuckingly hot scene (which reportedly took four cameramen, a massive bank of lights and a Francois Sagat body double who sat through two hours of makeup to have all the signature tattoos applied to him). In Incubus 2, Francois battles himself in a real wrestling match on the mat and fucks “himself.”

This is also where we finally get to see the scene that Jesse Jackman has been talking about on his blog with “about a hundred pounds of grapes.”

I’ll have more later. A lot more. Hope you enjoy the trailer…

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Tour of the Titan Blogs


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Unless you have little to no life outside jerking off to porn, reading Twitter, posting to Twitter, Re-Tweeting and reading blogs, you can’t keep up with everything. So here’s a quick look at what Titanmen stars, Titanmen Exclusives and Titanmen friends have been posting…

Jesse Jackman posted a very cool interview with PoundnStella along with some mega-hot pictures of himself in rubber, pictures of himself on a skiing vacation with his real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx and Ethan Anders (which apparently turned into a big fur pile) and a look at his new movies Surveillance and Command Performance.

Also, note his “I love to cuddle” shirt.
Francois Sagat relays his love of Big Balls. In this clip he posted on his blog, There are a couple of quick fuckups from the cutting room floor (including lube landing on a camera lens while getting one of Brian Mills’ famous ‘undercarriage shots’) and then a bit with David Anthony and Francois Sagat on the set of Incubus 2 keep themselves hard while the crew adjusts lights and camera positions. Francois seems VERY excited by the size of David’s balls.

David just seems enamored with Francois and wants to touch him all over.


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Introducing Jesse Jackman


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OK, first of all, yes it’s a bit odd to introduce someone that I’ve been blogging about regularly since Folsom Weekend when the crowd fell in love at first site with Jesse. He’s tall and big and muscular and handsome with a huge dick and bulging EVERYTHING but he also has a smile and demeanor that makes you think you almost would rather cuddle with him.


He’s sexually versatile, he’s got a massive dick and has one of the sexiest voices ever.

But this is the first time we really get to see Jesse in full-on action. His scene with Hunter Marx opens up the new Brian Mills movie “Surveillance” and the two of them steam up the screen. He’s such a great bottom and Hunter clearly loves to get to the top of Mount Jesse.

You can catch a video clip from the scene here at the newly redesigned and reloaded Titanmen website.

That’s a story in itself. I’ve said it before but it bares repeating. The new website is amazing. The complete Titan Catalogue streaming beautifully in speeds up to HD, unlimited access allows you to watch all the Titan movies as much as you want… where ever you are… the mobile version of the site is a dream, complete with a simple interface designed to work with the touch screens on devices like iPads. (and with an Apple TV, you can choose your movie on your iPad and then stream it wirelessly in stunning HD right to your big screen TV. It’s like having the entire Titanmen catalog remastered onto DVD.)

With movies from the top directors in gay porn like Bruce Cam, Joe Gage, Brian Mills, Dirk Yates, Michael Lucas, Chichi LaRue and Paul Wilde. And with the recent release of Incubus, you can add Francois Sagat to that list.

The new website also allows members to download complete photo sets with one click.

They didn’t spare anything with this site. The perfect site to match the quality of Titanmen’s movies.

(by the way… this isn’t exactly the first time we’ve seen Jesse in action, this is just the first time we knew who we were watching. Jesse revealed on his blog just recently that in the soon-to-be legendary “Francois wrestling with himself underwater” scene in Incubus, the stand in was none other than Jesse Jackman.)

Click here to see Jesse and Hunter in action at Titanmen.

A huge gallery of pictures after the jump…

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Tour of the Titan blogs…


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In case you’ve missed what the guys have been up to…

Jesse Jackman posted a fun clip of himself in the shower with Hunter Marx after the finished shooting Jesse’s first Titanmen scene in the movie Surveillance due out any day now…

Dario Beck had himself a viral hit with his adorable music video for “Blame It On The Bossa Nova.”

Francois Sagat posted a bunch of clips from the making of his movie Incubus and plans to have many more on the way…

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Francois Sagat’s Incubus – and a SUPER SPECIAL join from price at Titanmen!


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It’s finally here.

After months of production, industry rumors and a closely-guarded set in the desert of the Cochella Valley in Southern California, François Sagat’s Incubus is out. The jaw-dropping visuals and compelling imagery seen in the leaked shots fascinated and baffled people, starting countless conversations of just what François was up to this time. Featuring a mega-star cast including Hunter Marx, Spencer Reed, David Anthony, Junior Stellano, Jessy Ares, Shay Michaels, Jimmy Durano and Shay Michaels, Incubus was shot as two parts as the direct oral debut of Francois Sagat. It’s artistic, it’s compelling but above all else, it’s a full-on gay hardcore porn movie starring one of the most iconic porn stars ever.

And news gets better than Titan is also launching a totally redesigned site where members can get access to the complete Titanmen catalogue, streaming beautifully in HD on your computer and mobile devices. I just watched the whole first scene (which clocks in at a full 53 minutes and features 6 cum shots from 3 men!) on my iPad and I think it’s my new best friend.

And I’ll even better that.

Right now, you can join Titanmen’s site for a whopping 80% off. $99 for a full year of unlimited streaming of the entire catalogue of Titanmen, plus more movies by huge directors like Michael Lucas and Chichi Larue.

Incubus also features the first-time appearances of Jessie Jackman and Trenton Ducati, both of whom have already gained large followings before their first scenes are even released. Fans won’t be disappointed to finally see them in action.

Here at I’ve been posting lots of “making of” and “behind the scenes” video from the set and now that it’s out I’ll have a LOT more to post. You can also see a lot of bonus video on the blogs of Francois Sagat, David Anthony, and Jesse Jackman.

Check out the full gallery after the jump…

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the shape of things to come…


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Jesse Jackman posted this gobsmacking image of himself to his Facebook Page. from a few years ago when he was… just as hot but still in college.

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No need to wait, here’s all the full moons you could want.


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I know I posted the “Name That Butt” video a couple weeks ago. But Bruce Cam also happened to be there with his camera snapping pictures of the guys at the Folsom Street Fair booth. And any time you’re standing with your back to Bruce when he’s holding a camera, you’re going to see your butt on-line somewhere.

Check out the whole gallery after the jump.

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Things that make you go “oink.”


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Jesse Jackman sent me over these very fun pictures from his Hallowe’en Party which, while I’m sure all the men there were hot, was attended by two other Titanmen hunks Dirk Caber and Hunter Marx.

Oh, to be a bowl of punch.

Be sure to check out Jesse’s Facebook page and his Twitter.

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Jesse and Alessio… together?


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Posted recently to Jesse Jackman’s Facebook page… Seems the two hunks randomly met up at a Gold’s Gym in Hollywood. Considering the star power and the clientele you’d expect at a Gold’s Gym in Hollywood, I’m willing to bet that most of the guys working out took one look at the two together and had to excuse themselves to go jerk off in the shower.

Or maybe just encouraged them to get it on right there. Hey, in Hollywood, anything goes, right? And don’t about 34% of all porn movies start with two studs like that randomly meeting at a gym, store, laundry mat, Dr.’s office or bank line anyway?

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Name That Butt


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See if you can guess which ass belongs to which Titan man. Shot at the Folsom Street Fair.

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