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365 Days of Jackman


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Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman just posted about his first anniversary of being a Titanman. Over at his blog, he posted his original model application and the pictures that he sent that made us fall in love with him at first sight. (if you don’t regularly check his blog.. do so. It’s always filled with fun, insightful and entertaining stuff)

Jesse had already performed in two scenes for us when he made his first public appearance as a Titan Man at the Folsom Street Fair, but none of his movies were out yet. Fans didn’t know who he was but they fell head over heels for him the moment that massive wall of muscle smiled and spoke to them and they couldn’t get enough.

His first appearance was an un-credited role as Francois Sagat’s body double in the famous underwater wrestling scene in Incubus Part 1. I posted a lot of video from that scene here before. Do some searching.

His first “REAL” appearance was with Hunter Marx in Surveillance and people went crazy to see the big muscle man bottom for the Hairy Hunter.

We’ve also seen him in Command Performance, an actual appearance in Incubus 2 and his most recent scene with Mack Manus in Fast Friends.. He also did a scene for the extreme fetish Titanmen Rough movie Loud and Nasty with his real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber (whom he met while they were both working the Titanmen booth at Folsom. How’s that for fate?).

More scenes coming up including one shot the an unnamed Joe Gage movie with Jessy Ares that was described as “film noir… like 60s crime mystery.”

We’re happy to have him with us… Click Here to see all of Jesse’s movies.

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Meet Titanmen Exclusives Jesse Jackman and Hunter Marx (plus Dirk Caber and Christopher Daniels)


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Market Days, here they come.. In addition to the live shows, they’re also going to be playing (nearly) naked Twister at the Steamworks booth on Sunday afternoon to benefit Chicago House, a fantastic non-profit organization that serves at-risk youth and families in the Chicagoland area.

How can you say no to THAT?

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Hunter Marx and Will Swagger in Stud Finder


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A while back I posted a hysterically funny clip from a Titanmen movie in production that at the time had the working title of “Fast Friends” but has now been released with the title “Stud Finder.” After seeing the finished scene… I’m agreeing with the decision to change the title.

Hunter Marx is one of the most handsome men who doesn’t seem to have any idea that he’s handsome at all. Soft-spoken and gentle but with a “Strong Silent Type” thing that drives me nuts. Those eyes and that dick that seems to stay hard permanently. And Will Swagger is the happy guy on the receiving end.

Click Here to see the movie at

Stud Finder will also available on DVD and it’s the newest selection in the Titanmen DVD Club.

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Shay Michaels and Hunter Marx throw down in the mud pit


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This was one of those scenes that while we were upstairs working in the Titanmen office, we kept talking about what was going on down stairs in the studio. Paul Wilde asked Hunter Marx what his biggest fetish was when he was coming out to shoot a scene for the Titan Rough series.

Hunter told him about his home mud pit. Yeah, I had the same reaction that most of you probably did. I didn’t realize that a “home mud pit” was a thing you could “have.” Learn something new every day. I posted a video with Hunter talking about that here.

Anyway… the resulting scene is on the latest Titan Rough DVD and it’s brought a lot of “mud men” to Titan for the first time. Again, I wasn’t totally aware that there were enough gay men who were fans of mud wrestling as a fetish to actually have a name for themselves, but ever since Jasun tweeted out a few pictures from the set, the Mud Men have been asking when they’d be able to see the whole scene.

And more than a few of them have written back to tell us that what they loved the best about the scene, after the mud itself, was that you can tell just how much the guys are really into mudding up. I’m not sure if “mudding up” is a term used by the Mud Men when they have their Mud Man weekends (I’m not making this up, I swear), I hope I’ve coined a new phrase.

And I also hope that I get invited to a Mud Man weekend one time because… I’m kinda getting off on this scene too. Again… many unexpected things happen at Titan, one of which is that I seem to discover another fetish I didn’t know I had every month or so.

Watch the whole scene here.

Check out the action gallery after the jump…

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Hunter is a Mud Man


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In the few months that I’ve worked here at Titanmen, I’ve learned many things. One of which is to never assume anything about anyone.

Hunter Marx, when you meet him, is such a soft-spoken, friendly and downright lovable guy that you’d think would be more interested in playing soccer or… something that a nice boy would play.

Turns out that Hunter is an A#1 Mud Pig and actually has his own home-made mud pit in the back yard where he and his friends… wallow.

I’m to sure what “wallowing” actually is, but I’m sure it’s fun. Either way, he jumped at the chance to do a Mudpit wrestling scene with Shay Michaels for Paul Wilde’s new Titan Rough movie ‘Fight Fuck & Fist.” enjoy…

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“Hey Hunter, you got your dick in some dude’s butt”


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I’m not sure how it’s possible that such a dead-pan delivery of line like “Hey Hunter, you’ve got your dick in some dude’s butt” could be so hot that I almost jizzed in my pants.

But it is. And I did.

This clip is from the currently-in-prodcution Titanmen movie “Fast Friends” from a scene with Hunter Marx and Will Swagger.

You can see Hunter in action right now as he gets “some dude’s” dick up his own butt (the dude in question would be Spencer Reed) in Titanmen’s Sticking Point which is out now.

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Hunter Marx readies “The Impaler.” Note the VERY nervous smile…


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A Super-Hot clip of Hunter Marx and Spencer Reed as they prepare to do their scene together in Titanmen’s new movie “Sticking Point” with Hunter bottoming for the first time.

Seeing these two muscular men going at it is just what Titanmen is all about. Hunter’s reddish blond body hair and beard and his blue eyes up against the massive Spencer Reed and his massive dick and his unstoppable masculine sexual energy.

This is a scene you don’t want to miss.

Watch it here at the new Titanmen Website.

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Last Chance for the Titanmen Sale and some Preview Pics from “Sticking Point”


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So Hunter Marx getting his asshole popped for the first time isn’t the only thing to be excited about with the new Titanmen movie Sticking Point, you also get the Titan debut of Brad Kalvo, a mega hot scene with Trention Ducati and Jayden Grey and a three-way with Brad, Jayden and Race Cooper.

And right now you can get 6 months of Titanmen for 50% off, $69,95 for half a year of full access to the best collection of hardcore gay porn movies anywhere.

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Why Hunter Marx chose Spencer Reed to top him first.


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All men have those things that they find irresistible and all men have that line they want to step across even if they haven’t yet.

Hunter’s was a big muscle man with the Brutish Force of Spencer Reed and his line was bottoming.

You can see Hunter bend over and take it for the first time in the new Titan movie “Sticking Point” out only on Titanmen’s new website.

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Hunter Marx learns the VERY hard way not to say “yes” without knowing…


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…what he just said “yes” to.

If you remember this clip from a few months back at the Folsom Street Fair, Hunter Marx and Spencer Reed were magnetically attracted to each other. Spencer wanted to tap Hunter’s hole… Hunter said “yes” without knowing just what he’d agreed to.

IF you wanna see how this worked out… stay tuned.

As we say at Titanmen, “don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash.”

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Hunter on set


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It’s been a crazy whirl-wind shoot this week with some Titanmen stars and the new face of Stany Falcone (who many European sports fans have recognized as former professional Belgian soccer player Jonathan DeFalco).

We’ve seen Tristan Jaxx, Race Cooper, Brad Kalvo and today Hunter Marx arrived to shoot a scene for Brian Mills’ movie “Reckless.”

With all the naked men and fucking, the guys somehow found a way to have lots of fun and keep the mood on set light.

Early reports are that Stany’s growing English vocabulary now includes many of the “not suitable for all audiences” things you’ll hear on a Titanmen set like “SUCK IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!” and “Give Me A God-Damn Cheese Burger!”

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Introducing Jesse Jackman


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OK, first of all, yes it’s a bit odd to introduce someone that I’ve been blogging about regularly since Folsom Weekend when the crowd fell in love at first site with Jesse. He’s tall and big and muscular and handsome with a huge dick and bulging EVERYTHING but he also has a smile and demeanor that makes you think you almost would rather cuddle with him.


He’s sexually versatile, he’s got a massive dick and has one of the sexiest voices ever.

But this is the first time we really get to see Jesse in full-on action. His scene with Hunter Marx opens up the new Brian Mills movie “Surveillance” and the two of them steam up the screen. He’s such a great bottom and Hunter clearly loves to get to the top of Mount Jesse.

You can catch a video clip from the scene here at the newly redesigned and reloaded Titanmen website.

That’s a story in itself. I’ve said it before but it bares repeating. The new website is amazing. The complete Titan Catalogue streaming beautifully in speeds up to HD, unlimited access allows you to watch all the Titan movies as much as you want… where ever you are… the mobile version of the site is a dream, complete with a simple interface designed to work with the touch screens on devices like iPads. (and with an Apple TV, you can choose your movie on your iPad and then stream it wirelessly in stunning HD right to your big screen TV. It’s like having the entire Titanmen catalog remastered onto DVD.)

With movies from the top directors in gay porn like Bruce Cam, Joe Gage, Brian Mills, Dirk Yates, Michael Lucas, Chichi LaRue and Paul Wilde. And with the recent release of Incubus, you can add Francois Sagat to that list.

The new website also allows members to download complete photo sets with one click.

They didn’t spare anything with this site. The perfect site to match the quality of Titanmen’s movies.

(by the way… this isn’t exactly the first time we’ve seen Jesse in action, this is just the first time we knew who we were watching. Jesse revealed on his blog just recently that in the soon-to-be legendary “Francois wrestling with himself underwater” scene in Incubus, the stand in was none other than Jesse Jackman.)

Click here to see Jesse and Hunter in action at Titanmen.

A huge gallery of pictures after the jump…

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Tour of the Titan blogs…


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In case you’ve missed what the guys have been up to…

Jesse Jackman posted a fun clip of himself in the shower with Hunter Marx after the finished shooting Jesse’s first Titanmen scene in the movie Surveillance due out any day now…

Dario Beck had himself a viral hit with his adorable music video for “Blame It On The Bossa Nova.”

Francois Sagat posted a bunch of clips from the making of his movie Incubus and plans to have many more on the way…

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Francois Sagat’s Incubus – and a SUPER SPECIAL join from price at Titanmen!


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It’s finally here.

After months of production, industry rumors and a closely-guarded set in the desert of the Cochella Valley in Southern California, François Sagat’s Incubus is out. The jaw-dropping visuals and compelling imagery seen in the leaked shots fascinated and baffled people, starting countless conversations of just what François was up to this time. Featuring a mega-star cast including Hunter Marx, Spencer Reed, David Anthony, Junior Stellano, Jessy Ares, Shay Michaels, Jimmy Durano and Shay Michaels, Incubus was shot as two parts as the direct oral debut of Francois Sagat. It’s artistic, it’s compelling but above all else, it’s a full-on gay hardcore porn movie starring one of the most iconic porn stars ever.

And news gets better than Titan is also launching a totally redesigned site where members can get access to the complete Titanmen catalogue, streaming beautifully in HD on your computer and mobile devices. I just watched the whole first scene (which clocks in at a full 53 minutes and features 6 cum shots from 3 men!) on my iPad and I think it’s my new best friend.

And I’ll even better that.

Right now, you can join Titanmen’s site for a whopping 80% off. $99 for a full year of unlimited streaming of the entire catalogue of Titanmen, plus more movies by huge directors like Michael Lucas and Chichi Larue.

Incubus also features the first-time appearances of Jessie Jackman and Trenton Ducati, both of whom have already gained large followings before their first scenes are even released. Fans won’t be disappointed to finally see them in action.

Here at I’ve been posting lots of “making of” and “behind the scenes” video from the set and now that it’s out I’ll have a LOT more to post. You can also see a lot of bonus video on the blogs of Francois Sagat, David Anthony, and Jesse Jackman.

Check out the full gallery after the jump…

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Inmates Trailer with Allen Silver, Hunter Marx, Troy Daniels and more…


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Joe Gage does it again. Just recently Dario Beck took a trip to Alcatraz and joked about his favorite prison porn movies. Inmates wasn’t out yet but I’m pretty sure it would have been on the list.

Allen Silver is one of the hottest “daddies” in porn but putting him in the “older” category is a shame; Even fans who generally like the bigger and more muscular Titanmen like Spencer Reed or the twenty-something cocky, tattooed boys like Junior Stellano or even the beefy snuggle toys like Hunter Marx all agree that Allen is deserving of a place among the best Titanmen stars.

But yeah, that perfect blend of gentle Dad and intense sexual animal is part of what makes him boner-inducing. And having him featured in another Titanmen movie is just another chance to see him paired up with some of the hottest men in porn.

Inmates is now playing only on Titanmen VOD or on a special DVD/BluRay/Digital Copy pack at the Titanmen Store.

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