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HUGE DVD and Membership Sale at Titan – plus Joe Gage Reissues


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OK Gents… we do this every year and every year it gets bigger and better.

But this year, we’ve got the best deal we’ve ever had on Titanmen DVD titles. Starting with Reissued Joe Gage Classics. Fans have been calling for us to reissue titles like Bakersfield Men’s Room and Gale Force: Men’s Room 2. Along with the massive hits Arcade on Route 9, Chainsaw, Copperhead Canyon and Road to Redneck Hollow.

Now newly reissued and at 4 for $69, get them NOW before they sell out again.


Top Seller movies.. our newest hits form 2012 are on sale $39.95 each or a whopping 55% Off when you get 4 for $89. Including hits like Reckless, Joe Gage’s Special Reserve and Stud Finder.

And finally… the BIG BLOWOUT. Some amazing Titanmen Classic Titles and collections. Some of the best movies from the Titanmen vaults on sale 4 for $49.

These are some of the best movies Titan has released. Movies like Detour with the one and only Dred Scott, movies from the Spy Quest series, Bruce Cam’s Fallen Angel series and all of the early Francois Sagat movies like Breathless, Folsom Filth, Folsom Leather, H2O and POV.

AND if you’d rather have it all streaming in HD to your computer or mobile devices, is ALSO on sale. 33% off at $19.95 per month or 60% off when you get 4 months for $49.95.

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Titanmen Scores TEN XBiz 2013 Awards Nominations! (and kind of 13)


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Titan Media once again scored nominations in every possible category at the annual XBiz Awards. Winner of  Gay Studio Of The Year for five years running, Titanmen has again been given the nod in this years nominations, but the bigger news is the huge list of Titan movies, directors and performers who also earned recognition for their top-notch work.

On top of the Gay Studio of the Year nomination, Francois Sagat’s ground-breaking and visually stunning Incubus Parts 1 & 2 landed a nomination for Gay Movie Of the Year. Incubus Parts 1 & 2 also earned Francois Sagat his first-ever nomination for Gay Director of the Year. was nominated for Best Gay Website.

Also nominated for Gay Director of the Year are Titanmen legends Brian Mills and Joe Gage. Brian directed many movies for Titanmen in 2012, most notably his biggest hits Surveillance and Command Performance. Joe Gage directed this year’s retro-themed Anthology Joe Gage’s Special Reserve.

Joe also landed nominations for two movies he directed for his own studio, Dad Goes To College (starring beloved Titanmen star Allen Silver and Conner Habib, who just made his first-ever appearance in the Marl/Wilde production Wide Open) and for his fantastic After The Heist that also featured Titanmen’s David Anthony plus our friends and Titanmen stars Brad Kalvo, Dirk Caber and Conner Habib.

Rounding out the categories, Titanmen Exclusives Hunter Marx, Jessy Ares and David Anthony all scored Gay Performer of the Year nods along with some of our favorite stars from Titanmen movies, Trenton Ducati (Incubus 1, Hot Wired), Jimmy Durano (Incubus 1) and Spencer Reed (Incubus 1, Hot Wired, Sticking Point)

As an added bonus, a Gay/Lesbian Pleasure Product of the Year nomination went to Titan Men Tools by Doc Johnson.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

You can get all of these movies On Sale at the Titanmen DVD Store.

Or get them all in one place all for one price at where you get Full and Unlimited access to the Entire Titanmen online catalogue, streaming in crystal clear HD on your computer or streaming to your mobile devices. It’s like having 17 years of the best gay movies in your back pocket.

You know… just in case the mood strikes you.

Complete List of Titanmen Nominations….


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Brian Mills Head Cam part 2


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More from the Brian Mills Head Cam Production Diary.

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Looking up at Francois fucking. You’d have a hard time holding the camera still, too.


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People often ask about the shot from underneath when fucking in a porn movie. It’s always one of the hardest shots to get… here’s a complete, unedited clip.. you can hear the camera operator telling Francois to move his leg, Titanmen director Brian Mills yelling out to repeat lines to make sure they’re recorded. And yet… the guys keep on fucking…

This is some unedited footage from Incubus. The kind of thing that just gets incorporated into the movie. But this clip has been circulating the office for a couple weeks and considering how many times I’ve had to um… excuse myself and watch it on my iPad in the supply closet, AND considering how popular Francois is here, I figured this would be something that you’d all want to see.

Watch the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Brian Mills Head Cam.


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Titanmen director Brian Mills had a lot of fun with the new head cam he’d gotten to shoot parts of Incubus with Francois Sagat.

So he spent a couple days wearing it on his head to do some work and show people what he saw and did while shooting a porn movie. What he captures is… a mind-blowing and fascinating look into the making of Francois Sagat’s incredible movie.

You can watch both movies in the Incubus series at Titanmen.

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Francois In The Desert


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Doing some location scouting. The Desert in the Cochella Valley is stunning. Huge, and vast and many parts totally empty. Scorching hot and dry, desolate and rather beautiful.

Miles and miles of sand, rock, cactus and… since Francois asks, rattle snakes, tarantulas and scorpions.

Which is why he chose to smear himself with mud, lay naked on the ground and use it for the opening sequence of his movie Incubus.

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PinkX Video Award Nominations are In…


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We’re very proud of our movies, directors and stars who got nominations, you can vote here

Check out the movies below to see the action that earned nominations. Full and Unlimited access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue, including these gems…
Slick Dogs

Paul Wilde (Slick Dogs)

Dario Beck (Criminal Intent)

Aymeric Deville (Stock Room)
Christopher Saint (Mojave Run)

Francois Sagat & Viktor Jones (Thrust)


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Jesse Jackman sees his Ass. I think that’s six more weeks of HOT.


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It’s been a year since Jesse Jackman joined us here at Titanmen. And almost a year since I did. So we’re kinda bonded that way.

It’s been great to see him have so much fun performing in his movies, falling in love with Dirk Caber and going around having fun meeting people in pubic, putting on shows and showing you all of it on his blog and his Mancast channel. And there will be more… oh yes… there will be more…

Click Here to see Jesse’s movies at Titanmen.

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How To Take An Ass Shot with Francois Sagat


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Taking a picture of an ass isn’t just pointing and shooting, there’s an art to it. And the more beautiful the ass, the more care and thought you have to give to it.

This is a clip we haven’t seen before from the still shoots for Francois Sagat’s movie Incubus.

You can see the finished movie here. WELL worth it.


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365 Days of Jackman


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Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman just posted about his first anniversary of being a Titanman. Over at his blog, he posted his original model application and the pictures that he sent that made us fall in love with him at first sight. (if you don’t regularly check his blog.. do so. It’s always filled with fun, insightful and entertaining stuff)

Jesse had already performed in two scenes for us when he made his first public appearance as a Titan Man at the Folsom Street Fair, but none of his movies were out yet. Fans didn’t know who he was but they fell head over heels for him the moment that massive wall of muscle smiled and spoke to them and they couldn’t get enough.

His first appearance was an un-credited role as Francois Sagat’s body double in the famous underwater wrestling scene in Incubus Part 1. I posted a lot of video from that scene here before. Do some searching.

His first “REAL” appearance was with Hunter Marx in Surveillance and people went crazy to see the big muscle man bottom for the Hairy Hunter.

We’ve also seen him in Command Performance, an actual appearance in Incubus 2 and his most recent scene with Mack Manus in Fast Friends.. He also did a scene for the extreme fetish Titanmen Rough movie Loud and Nasty with his real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber (whom he met while they were both working the Titanmen booth at Folsom. How’s that for fate?).

More scenes coming up including one shot the an unnamed Joe Gage movie with Jessy Ares that was described as “film noir… like 60s crime mystery.”

We’re happy to have him with us… Click Here to see all of Jesse’s movies.

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Tour of the Titanmen Blogs


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Francois Sagat has been a posting fiend over on his blog, sharing images from his pictures in Julien Vallon’s new book “Madonnaramma” and Porn Legend Terry Richardson,  plus some other random pictures that are stunning (and even stunning for Francois), but also posting some very fun behind-the scenes video from the set of Incubus 2.

Dario Beck wants to see if you can guess who his next scene partner is

And Jesse Jackman has posted a lot of great video from the set of Incubus 2 along with a MEGA hot video clip he shot himself with his boyfriend Dirk Caber giving him a hands-free cumshot.

But the bad news (that I guess most of us already suspected), is his revelation that there is no such thing as a Fluffer on the set of a porn movie.

So there’s another career path gone awry.

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“Fluffing” isn’t a job, it’s more of a “Perk.”


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Yesterday Jesse Jackman posted an article on his blog, complete with an accompanying video clip, about how he’s asked ALL the time how one gets a job as a “fluffer.” It’s a bit of a running joke in the porn industry how we hold open auditions for that job every Thursday afternoon (or it’s a running joke in my own office cubicle, anyway).

Francois Sagat also posted a short clip from that still shoot on his blog, chatting with Jesse and Christopher on set and over on Jasun Mark’s blog, there’s a rather hilarious clip of director Brian Mills telling the story of the shoot that seems more like Kafka.

But here’s what they were all REALLY here to do, which is have their promo shots for Incubus 2 taken, along with some “male bonding” that results from having to be hard and needing some… help.

The movie Incubus 2 is still available on DVD, OR you can streaming it in beautiful HD along with the entire Titanmen online catalogue at

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Shooting the Underwater Jack Off sequence in Francois Sagat’s Incubus


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The hottest part of this scene is seeing Jesse and Francois laughing so much white shooting this scene.

A couple days ago, Francois Sagat posted a montage of underwater test shots that were done in preparation before shooting the underwater wrestling a jerk off sequence in his movie Incubus. Here’s the actual shooting of the scene with Jesse Jackman, Francois Sagat, Brian Mills, Bruce Cam, Paul Wilde, Jasun Mark and also onset was Christopher Daniels who had a very brief cameo (you might not have realized that his legs appear in a 2-second glimpse underwater).

You can see the finished scene in Francois Sagat’s Incubus over at the new Titanmen website… 

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Tour of the Titanmen Blogs


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Dario Beck was excited that his scene in Surveillance won for “Best Group Scene” at the Grabbys. This was Dario’s first award and we have to agree that the Grabbys got this one right. The four-way with Spencer Reed, Dario, Trenton Ducati and Christopher Daniels is a slam-dunk.

Surveillance is also the movie that introduced us to Jesse Jackman in a scene with Hunter Marx.

We’re really happy for our stars of that movie and hope there are a lot more awards in their future.

You can watch Surveillance at the new Titanmen Website (and all of Dario’s movies).

Read Dario’s blog post about it here.

Jesse Jackman had a GREAT time at IML with Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx and I wanna know who the guy between Jesse and Dirk is. I wanna know now.

If you missed Jesse’s Live Blog from IML as he posted videos to his Mancast Channel, check it out now.

And also check out his VERY hot and fun-looking collection of pictures that he shot while he was there.

Jesse’s Blog is a regular must-read. His witty, insightful and very unguarded posts show that he’s actually hotter on the inside than the out.


Francois Sagat posted this to his blog. Notice anything missing?


Don’t worry… Francois has not has his signature head tattoo removed. That was for a video project that he posted to his blog.

Francois is never one to miss an opportunity to shock us, confuse or or surprise us. So it doesn’t come as a shock that he’d send us something like that without any explanation.

You can also get a look at Francois and 5 other Titanmen stars in the new DVD collection “Top to Bottom” showcasing the best versatile Titanmen stars.

And finally…

David Anthony would like you all to know that he does have an asshole.


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Making the Incubus Pool Sequence


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Francois posted this rather wild clip from the making of the Underwater Wrestling sequence in Incubus 1.

His blog post gave a lot of insight, but the clip itself is so wild I wanted to post it here, too. Seeing the head cam and how they shot that scene is fun but also seeing all the attention and care that went into even the smaller details of that movie still blows me away.

You can see the whole Incubus Saga at the Titanmen Website.

Video after the jump…
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