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“we’re not rolling yet, but you guys can keep fucking…” Out-take from Upper Hand


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The guys from production sent me this cute clip… There’s a lot of shuffling around, moving lights, moving cameras, planning shots and setting up gear. Director Jasun Mark has a pretty solid idea of what he wants to see in each lens and he has to give his instructions to both the cast and the crew before each take.

This time, however, it seems Alessio and Drake were so into fucking each other that they weren’t really aware that nobody had shouted “ACTION” yet.


You can see the full, completed (and very hot) scene from Upper Hand here at Titanmen.

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It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket.

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Blooper: Alessio Romero and Drake Jayden Fall Down and Go Boom…


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Porn is a dangerous business.

Don’t worry… nobody was hurt and the action picked right up after this… You can see the full scene with Alessio Romero and Drake Jayden in Upper Hand at Titanmen.com

Here’s a few stills from that movie…

uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0036 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0046 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0061 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0063 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0069 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0130

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Titanmen Classics: Brian Mills’ “FLUX.”


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As the Titanmen Studio goes through the renovations that have had us all showing up in jeans and work boots and wearing leather gloves to help move things around, we’ve found all sorts of artifacts and pieces of porn history. While some people might find going through old props and moving around boxes filled with back drops and tarps to be dull, I kept recognizing things. The signs from walls that show up in different movies, gauze that creates that pattern of light in the Titan Rough movies, the pipes from every sewer scene. Jasun walked out with the cab topper from Joe Gage’s Campus Pizza movie and I snagged a set of rubber horns from Incubus.

One thing that we had a LOT of was boxes and boxes of rolls and rolls of plastic sheeting. The kind you use to insulate windows or   stop the dust in a construction site. Brian Mills told me that he uses it in just about every movie he’s made. It defuses the light and allows a warm glow to fall over the performers, he said. But it also helps create shadow and lighting effects.

He told me that his favorite movie that he’d ever done was Flux, that he called his movie “all about plastic wrap.” It’s always interesting to hear what a director was thinking when he made the movies you’ve watched. I hadn’t really paid much attention to the plastic wrap although my favorite scene is the one with Drake Jayden and Tyler Saint.

Drake is the tattooed, small and ripped, younger and edgy punk. Tyler the manly, masculine and handsome businessman in a suit, getting a personal performance from Drake. It stunning.

But the whole movie, I realized, has a very calm and simple feeling because of the defused primary colors that wash over everyone and how it makes the sex seem so primal and instinctive.

Now that it’s been remastered and re-released on the new Titanmen website, you can get a look at it all close up and personal.

Watch a clip from it here.

More pictures after the jump…

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