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Fucking in the Hot California Sun


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Titanmen Exclusive Dari Beck with Rogan Richards in this beautiful scene that makes you want to dive in head first. Both men with their big, uncut dicks, their nut-brown, sun-kissed skin and those lips… Wow.

Lounging by the pool, Dario Beck watches Rogan Richards swim. The muscle man surfaces—water cascading down his huge muscles as he lifts himself out. Dario’s eyes dart to the massive boner that greets him. The swimmer towels off, his smile drawing Dario closer. The two kiss, Rogan guiding his tall, lean admirer down to his knees. Dario opens wide to take the thick beast in his mouth, the gulp sounds getting louder as Rogan fucks his face.


Moving inside by the couch, Rogan jacks his throbber as he sucks Dario back—nibbling on the foreskin before tonguing the shaft. Rogan eats out Dario’s hairy hole before shoving his cock inside, his beast disappearing as he goes balls-deep. Rogan’s abs tighten as he fucks, the bottom moaning. On his back, Dario jacks his boner as he gets fucked, his ass hair wet with sweat. Rogan works it in slow before picking up th e pace, his body gyrating and grinding with hypnotic rhythm. Dario stops jacking, his big load released in a hot, stroke-free stream before the two kiss.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

Gallery after the jump…

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Colby White’s Epic Cumshot


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Gay Comic Geek reviews Nightfall with Jessy Ares, Dario Beck and Scott Hunter


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Gay Comic Geek recently posted this adorable, funny and entertaining review of Jasun Mark’s first Titanmen movie Nightfall.

If you haven’t checked out his Mancast Channel, it’s filled with fun reviews of porn movies, comics and Gay Comic Geek’s fun outlook on gay geekdom.

You can stream Nightfall in HD only on Titanmen.com or get it on DVD at the Titanmen store.

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Incubus 1 & 2 – XBiz Awards Movie of the Year!


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We couldn’t possibly be more proud of Francois Sagat and the entire team here at Titanmen who came together as a team to produce the Incubus movies. Francois came to Bruce Cam and Brian Mills in early 2011 with a few rough ideas for a movie that would become a massive effort on all parts of our studio.

From the numerous special effects that our video editing and production team needed to plan, the many bridge-scenes that had no sex but involved hours of planning and production, rope-tying specialists, makeup artists, costume designers, prosthetic horns, ariel cameras, night-vision, head cameras and as far as we can find, the first-ever porn movie which used a GoPro head-camera to shoot someone walking naked around a desert, stopping and taking a piss (watch video of the making of that scene).

Brian Mills and Bruce Cam joined in on the underwater wresting scene that incorporated 5 camera men (two of them underwater), two body doubles and thousands of watts of lights(watch the making of that scene). Logistically we had to plan out shooting a movie that used three locations plus our studio, shot in two cities and using a cast of 13 porn stars and 20 extras.

Then TP Deaux took over 100 hours of raw footage, a rough script and the ideas on paper and created a porn movie that looks like nothing anyone had ever seen. Jasun Mark shot the even more hours and hours of footage of the making of the whole epic so we got to see the process of putting it together.

Watching a scene like the Bacchus scene and how it was made demonstrates just how much work and attention to detail and special effects. It was also nice that the gods of thunder and rain cooperated and gave us the perfect touch of a storm while we were shooting.

If you haven’t seen this clip of Brian Mills being interviewed about Francois’s transition from star to director while Francois is tied up in ropes to be suspended for the Video Demon scene, check it out.

More than just everyone doing their own jobs, the set was abuzz with people coming up with ideas on the fly, suggesting things, figuring out how to make them happen and joining in the whole creation of Incubus.

But to diminish the role of Francois in all of this would be a crime. He’s a creative genius and just watching this movie shows that from start to finish. And we’re very proud of Incubus.

You can get both DVDs on sale at Titanmen’s DVD store here.

Or join Titanmen.com and stream all movies – the entire Titanmen online catalogue – in crystal clear HD.

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Live from the set


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While the guys are out in Palm Springs currently wrapping up the last scenes being shot in 2012, a few random cell phone pictures, stories and video clips are hitting Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Here’s a few you may or may not have seen.

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The trailer for the new Jasun Mark movie Nightfall, available on DVD and now playing over at Titanmen.com

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HUGE DVD and Membership Sale at Titan – plus Joe Gage Reissues


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OK Gents… we do this every year and every year it gets bigger and better.

But this year, we’ve got the best deal we’ve ever had on Titanmen DVD titles. Starting with Reissued Joe Gage Classics. Fans have been calling for us to reissue titles like Bakersfield Men’s Room and Gale Force: Men’s Room 2. Along with the massive hits Arcade on Route 9, Chainsaw, Copperhead Canyon and Road to Redneck Hollow.

Now newly reissued and at 4 for $69, get them NOW before they sell out again.


Top Seller movies.. our newest hits form 2012 are on sale $39.95 each or a whopping 55% Off when you get 4 for $89. Including hits like Reckless, Joe Gage’s Special Reserve and Stud Finder.

And finally… the BIG BLOWOUT. Some amazing Titanmen Classic Titles and collections. Some of the best movies from the Titanmen vaults on sale 4 for $49.

These are some of the best movies Titan has released. Movies like Detour with the one and only Dred Scott, movies from the Spy Quest series, Bruce Cam’s Fallen Angel series and all of the early Francois Sagat movies like Breathless, Folsom Filth, Folsom Leather, H2O and POV.

AND if you’d rather have it all streaming in HD to your computer or mobile devices, Titanmen.com is ALSO on sale. 33% off at $19.95 per month or 60% off when you get 4 months for $49.95.

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Dario Beck Still Shoot


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Showing us that he’s still one of the most handsome men in porn right now and still one of the nicest ones, too… Dario Beck posted a few videos of his still shoot with Titanmen director Jasun Mark for the upcoming movie Nightfall. Also on hand in Ty Roderick who hung around on set so he could volunteer as “Fluffer” to keep Dario hard. Somehow I’m thinking that’s not a hard position to fill.

See more here at Dario’s blog.

Dario plays a guy cruising for sex in a public park using a GPS cell phone app and snagging the guy by sending him some random cell phone pictures of his smile. And yeah. Cast perfectly. If a guy who looks like Dario sent me pictures of that smile, I’d go out at midnight and meet him in a dark, secluded part of the park, too.

You can see all of Dario’s movies here at Titanmen.com.

Watch for Nightfall starting November 27th at Titanmen.

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Tour of the Titanmen Blogs


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• Dario Beck writes about his recent trip to a furniture store that he found while shopping for furnishings for his new apartment in Barcelona. Seems that while the couch was comfortable, the lamp looked like it might be fun to sit on, too.

• David Anthony has been having a great time with his Mancast channel, mostly posting videos of himself working naked in his garage or his kitchen but last week he posted a VERY hot video of himself jerking off and blowing a big load.

• The Always-Busy-With-Something Jesse Jackman wants to get fucked in your bedroom.

• Speaking of Jesse, He’s also posted this fun video of Dirk Caber sleeping. Which is strangely hot.

• But most fun this week on Jesse’s blog was all the candid shots that he posted from his recent run of scenes with Casey Williams and Anthony London.

• New performer Liam Magnuson has only shot a couple of scenes and none have been released yet, but he’s already got a growing fanbase on Twitter who were excited to see this video over at Mancast with he and Devin Adam blowing each other to while having their still pictures taken.

• New Titanmen director Jasun Mark posted some very entertaining video with Race Cooper and Kyle Quinn over on his blog of fun they had while shooting promotional stills for the most recent Joe Gage movie “Special Reserve.”

Francois Sagat is many things. Fascinating, hot, enigmatic, hard working, funny and creative.

But he’s never boring.

His blog has become a place to find amazing behind-the-scenes video, engaging music and short glimpses into his life. He also posts some stunningly beautiful photographs of himself along with some fascinating commentary about what the pictures mean.

His most recent addition, “Le Miroir” is no exception.

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PinkX Video Award Nominations are In…


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We’re very proud of our movies, directors and stars who got nominations, you can vote here

Check out the movies below to see the action that earned nominations. Full and Unlimited access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue, including these gems…
Slick Dogs

Paul Wilde (Slick Dogs)

Dario Beck (Criminal Intent)

Aymeric Deville (Stock Room)
Christopher Saint (Mojave Run)

Francois Sagat & Viktor Jones (Thrust)


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Adam Russo Photoshoot for Power Stroke @adamrussoxxx @dariobeck


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On his blog recently, Dario Beck talked about how when he arrived on the set up in the mountains north of Pasadena, CA for his scene in Power Stroke, Adam Russo was already naked, fully hard and laughing. That was the first time they met.

Which is a pretty good introduction.

You can see Adam and Dario together in Powerstroke at the Titanmen Website.

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Adam Russo gives Dario Beck the Power Stroke


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Titanmen Exclusive Dario Beck returns in Paul Wilde’s PowerStroke. Adam Russo comes across our Spanish hunk jerking off alone and… well, what would YOU do?

The guys had amazing chemistry together. You can tell by the electric energy in this scene just how hot they were for eachother and how excited they were to get going with the action. Adam gives Dario all that he’s got and neither one ever lose the smile form their faces.

Powerstroke also features appearances by Ty Roderick, Jecht Parker, Christopher Daniels and Caleb Colton. It’s out now at the new Titamen Website streaming in beautiful HD.

The Titanmen Website features full and unlimited access to the entire 17-year catalogue of Titanmen movies. Newer films shot and streaming in HD, plus remastered Classics from Bruce Cam and Joe Gage, modern mega-hits from Brian Mills and Paul Wilde. Even genre-busting movies from Tony Buff and Francois Sagat.

One of the best deals going.

You can also get Powertstroke on DVD at the Titanmen DVD store. The Powerstroke DVD includes the entire movie PLUS a full-length digital copy to play on your mobile devices or computer (and if you have an iPad or iPhone plus an Apple TV, using Airplay will allow you to stream the entire Titanmen online catalogue to your big screen TV).

It’s like having a complete Titanmen library (and one that nobody else needs to know you have… ya know?)

OR for the best of BOTH worlds… join the Titanmen DVD Club and be the first to get all the new movies from Titanmen PLUS full access to the full online catalogue.

Check out the Gallery after the jump…

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Dario Does Hollywood


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While in Southern California to shoot the new Titanmen movie Powerstroke, Dario Beck took some time away from the set to travel into Hollywood and see some sights. He checked out Hollywood, Melrose, Rodeo Drive and even had lunch at the famous salad place Tender Greens in Weho (where he was spotted by more than a few fans and even equally-hot porn star Alex Frietas who tweeted about the sighting).

Oh, and he also got to fuck Adam Russo. Click Here to see that in PowerStroke at Titanmen.

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Tour of the Titanmen Blogs


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Francois Sagat has been a posting fiend over on his blog, sharing images from his pictures in Julien Vallon’s new book “Madonnaramma” and Porn Legend Terry Richardson,  plus some other random pictures that are stunning (and even stunning for Francois), but also posting some very fun behind-the scenes video from the set of Incubus 2.

Dario Beck wants to see if you can guess who his next scene partner is

And Jesse Jackman has posted a lot of great video from the set of Incubus 2 along with a MEGA hot video clip he shot himself with his boyfriend Dirk Caber giving him a hands-free cumshot.

But the bad news (that I guess most of us already suspected), is his revelation that there is no such thing as a Fluffer on the set of a porn movie.

So there’s another career path gone awry.

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Tour of the Titanmen Blogs


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Dario Beck was excited that his scene in Surveillance won for “Best Group Scene” at the Grabbys. This was Dario’s first award and we have to agree that the Grabbys got this one right. The four-way with Spencer Reed, Dario, Trenton Ducati and Christopher Daniels is a slam-dunk.

Surveillance is also the movie that introduced us to Jesse Jackman in a scene with Hunter Marx.

We’re really happy for our stars of that movie and hope there are a lot more awards in their future.

You can watch Surveillance at the new Titanmen Website (and all of Dario’s movies).

Read Dario’s blog post about it here.

Jesse Jackman had a GREAT time at IML with Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx and I wanna know who the guy between Jesse and Dirk is. I wanna know now.

If you missed Jesse’s Live Blog from IML as he posted videos to his Mancast Channel, check it out now.

And also check out his VERY hot and fun-looking collection of pictures that he shot while he was there.

Jesse’s Blog is a regular must-read. His witty, insightful and very unguarded posts show that he’s actually hotter on the inside than the out.


Francois Sagat posted this to his blog. Notice anything missing?


Don’t worry… Francois has not has his signature head tattoo removed. That was for a video project that he posted to his blog.

Francois is never one to miss an opportunity to shock us, confuse or or surprise us. So it doesn’t come as a shock that he’d send us something like that without any explanation.

You can also get a look at Francois and 5 other Titanmen stars in the new DVD collection “Top to Bottom” showcasing the best versatile Titanmen stars.

And finally…

David Anthony would like you all to know that he does have an asshole.


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