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How To Take An Ass Shot with Francois Sagat


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Taking a picture of an ass isn’t just pointing and shooting, there’s an art to it. And the more beautiful the ass, the more care and thought you have to give to it.

This is a clip we haven’t seen before from the still shoots for Francois Sagat’s movie Incubus.

You can see the finished movie here. WELL worth it.


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“Fluffing” isn’t a job, it’s more of a “Perk.”


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Yesterday Jesse Jackman posted an article on his blog, complete with an accompanying video clip, about how he’s asked ALL the time how one gets a job as a “fluffer.” It’s a bit of a running joke in the porn industry how we hold open auditions for that job every Thursday afternoon (or it’s a running joke in my own office cubicle, anyway).

Francois Sagat also posted a short clip from that still shoot on his blog, chatting with Jesse and Christopher on set and over on Jasun Mark’s blog, there’s a rather hilarious clip of director Brian Mills telling the story of the shoot that seems more like Kafka.

But here’s what they were all REALLY here to do, which is have their promo shots for Incubus 2 taken, along with some “male bonding” that results from having to be hard and needing some… help.

The movie Incubus 2 is still available on DVD, OR you can streaming it in beautiful HD along with the entire Titanmen online catalogue at

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Shooting the Underwater Jack Off sequence in Francois Sagat’s Incubus


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The hottest part of this scene is seeing Jesse and Francois laughing so much white shooting this scene.

A couple days ago, Francois Sagat posted a montage of underwater test shots that were done in preparation before shooting the underwater wrestling a jerk off sequence in his movie Incubus. Here’s the actual shooting of the scene with Jesse Jackman, Francois Sagat, Brian Mills, Bruce Cam, Paul Wilde, Jasun Mark and also onset was Christopher Daniels who had a very brief cameo (you might not have realized that his legs appear in a 2-second glimpse underwater).

You can see the finished scene in Francois Sagat’s Incubus over at the new Titanmen website… 

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Making the Incubus Pool Sequence


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Francois posted this rather wild clip from the making of the Underwater Wrestling sequence in Incubus 1.

His blog post gave a lot of insight, but the clip itself is so wild I wanted to post it here, too. Seeing the head cam and how they shot that scene is fun but also seeing all the attention and care that went into even the smaller details of that movie still blows me away.

You can see the whole Incubus Saga at the Titanmen Website.

Video after the jump…
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Titanmen Classics: Brian Mills’ “FLUX.”


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As the Titanmen Studio goes through the renovations that have had us all showing up in jeans and work boots and wearing leather gloves to help move things around, we’ve found all sorts of artifacts and pieces of porn history. While some people might find going through old props and moving around boxes filled with back drops and tarps to be dull, I kept recognizing things. The signs from walls that show up in different movies, gauze that creates that pattern of light in the Titan Rough movies, the pipes from every sewer scene. Jasun walked out with the cab topper from Joe Gage’s Campus Pizza movie and I snagged a set of rubber horns from Incubus.

One thing that we had a LOT of was boxes and boxes of rolls and rolls of plastic sheeting. The kind you use to insulate windows or   stop the dust in a construction site. Brian Mills told me that he uses it in just about every movie he’s made. It defuses the light and allows a warm glow to fall over the performers, he said. But it also helps create shadow and lighting effects.

He told me that his favorite movie that he’d ever done was Flux, that he called his movie “all about plastic wrap.” It’s always interesting to hear what a director was thinking when he made the movies you’ve watched. I hadn’t really paid much attention to the plastic wrap although my favorite scene is the one with Drake Jayden and Tyler Saint.

Drake is the tattooed, small and ripped, younger and edgy punk. Tyler the manly, masculine and handsome businessman in a suit, getting a personal performance from Drake. It stunning.

But the whole movie, I realized, has a very calm and simple feeling because of the defused primary colors that wash over everyone and how it makes the sex seem so primal and instinctive.

Now that it’s been remastered and re-released on the new Titanmen website, you can get a look at it all close up and personal.

Watch a clip from it here.

More pictures after the jump…

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François Sagat Directing…


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Last week François Sagat posted this very enjoyable clip on his blog. Never one to allow himself to just do the same thing over and over again, François took Incubus as a chance to learn how to direct. There have been some great Behind The Scenes clips posted from the making of Incubus and you can see just how much care and dedication the entire crew and cast had to delivering such a phenomenal movie.

Incubus 2: The Final Chapter comes out very soon…

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Making the “Incubus bed Sequence.”


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Here’s a cool “making of” clip from Incubus Part 1. After the editors went through the hundreds of hours of footage shot while Francois and the crew were making Incubus parts 1&2, they found enough that we’ll be able to show you every aspect of making the movie from preproduction to costume design to the shoots and still shoots and even how they did some of the special effects like the green screen body doubles and some of the really wild sequences like the rope tying and the score.

Stay Tuned.

OH… and the Valentine’s Day Sale has been extended!!

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Incubus Part 2 is out in March…

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More from the making of the Party scene from Incubus.


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Here is more from the shooting of the party scene at the start of Incubus. We took our time shooting this part which is the start of the madness that follows. But what was so fun about this was that we were actually having a party with refreshments and drinks so the crowd could have a good time while we made the movie around them.

The final bit of this video really says it all. Francois was so excited to see the image of my evil clone approaching the camera and saying “drink” that he was a bit giddy.

Which, I should point out… is about 80% off. This deal won’t last long so nab it now…

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