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Titanmen Presents: SLING


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We had a LOT of fun with this movie.

Sling tells the day of a mostly-fictional day in the life of the Jim Support factory and their Palm Springs store “Gear Leather Company.”

Scene one opens with Jason Vario working on orders to ship out when UPS Delivery man Adam Ramzi shows up to get his delivery in the rear.

Jason Vario tells Adam that they make “play gear.”

slng_posterframe_preview_950x534 “Like for playgrounds?” asks Adam. “No,” laughs Jason, leading him to a sling. “Think a little more adult.” Jason deep throats Adam’s uncut cock, which bursts out of his uniform. Adam bends over for a kiss, beating the sucker’s pecs with his dick. Jason slides off his overalls to release his monster, Adam gasping for breath as he worships it. Jason whips it on the sucker’s face, Adam slapping Jason’s huge pecs. Adam sits on a rim seat, their cocks rock hard as Jason tongues the quivering stud’s hole.

The movie also features Tex Davison, Liam Knox, Eddy Centee and Alex Mecumslng_action_1_JasonAdam_0577slng_action_1_JasonAdam_0354 slng_action_1_JasonAdam_0293 slng_action_1_JasonAdam_0160 slng_action_1_JasonAdam_0086 slng_action_1_JasonAdam_0063 slng_action_1_JasonAdam_0043 cuml_sc_3_JasonAdam_070 cuml_sc_3_JasonAdam_052 cuml_sc_3_JasonAdam_051

Adam sucks Jason as he gets eaten, then gets on all fours. Jason wraps his arm around the bottom, who grips it as he gets plowed (“It’s so fucking big!”). Adam straddles the sling as he gets it doggie style, then gets on his back—his cock bouncing as Jason thrusts inside him. Jason jacks Adam’s load out, then spurts on the bottom’s beard.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen. 

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New Behind The Scenes With David Benjamin, Dirk Caber, and Luke Adams


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This week we’re in production making even more exclusive content featuring our masculine and muscular studs. In the meantime, check out our Twitter stream for live Behind The Scenes photos of New Exclusive David Benjamin, Dirk Caber, Luke Adams, and Adam Ramzi on set.

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