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Catch 22 – Starring Tom Nero and Eddy CeeTee – New At Titanmen


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The days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer… that can mean only one thing… summer is coming back to Titanmen and the guys can’t wait to get their clothes off and get into some action.

Our two newest Exclusive Titanmen Stars Eric Nero and Eddy CeeTee lead a mega-hot cast that includes returning favorites Adam Herst, Adam Champ and Donnie Dean plus Hugh Hunter in his Titanmen debut.

ca22_screencaps_013 ca22_screencaps_047 ca22_screencaps_061

Earlier this year, Titanmen introduced you to Eric Nero in the sure-to-be-classic Mobile Home scene in Pacific Coast. Fans were immediately taken by the Greek handsome stud, but even MORE taken by his 9″ uncut dick. In Pacific Coast, Eric Bottomed for Ricky Decker and in his second appearance in Hard At Work, Eric bottomed for Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott.

Fans really wanted to see someone be on the receiving end of Eric’s huge dick… and who are we to argue with THAT? The story from the set of Catch 22 is that Eric’s costar Adam Herst was set to just top but after seeing that cock flop out of Eric’s shorts, volunteered to be his first on-camera bottom.

And again… who are we to argue with THAT?

Catch 22 comes out today at Titanmen.

Keep reading for more previews after the jump…

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Gay Comic Geek reviews In The Shadows.


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Always fun to watch the GCG videos. You can check out his Mancast channel here.

And read his blog here.

Click Here to see In The Shadows at

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Adam Champ and Christopher Daniels in House Rules


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Melting into each other, light-skinned blond Christopher Daniels locks lips with tan and beefy Adam Champ. Christopher slides his hand up Adam’s shirt, rubbing his massive hairy body. His hand on Adam’s bulge, Christopher buries his face inside Adam’s pit, licking and sniffing it. Adam is enraptured, staring at his worshipper. The two kiss as a spit strand connects their lips, Christopher squeezing Adam’s huge pec before slurping his uncut cock—Adam’s foreskin sliding up to get nibbled. Adam reaches for the sucker’s ass, which he soon fingers and munches as Christopher’s eyes roll up in pleasure.

Adam fucks him from behind, gripping the bottom’s shoulder as he goes faster—his dark pubes slamming against the bottom’s strawberry blond ass hair. Christopher sits on the top, Adam reaching around to stroke him as they take turns doing the work. They kiss, hands all over each other before Christop her gets on his back for more (“It’s all yours!”). Adam slams it, his massive pecs quivering before they release their loads.


Membership with Titanmen gets you Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen online collection. That’s over 17 years of the best Gay Porn ever made with some of the biggest stars in the industry. Guys like François Sagat,Dean FlynnDred ScottDavid Anthony and Eduardo.

All streaming in Crystal Clear HD to your computer or mobile devices. That means you’ll have the entire Titanmen catalogue available to you anywhere.. Right in your back pocket.

And… you know… since it’s all just streaming… nobody else has to know.  Ya know?


Click here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

more pics after the jump…
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Gay Comic Geek reviews Wide Awake


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The adorable but hunky Gay Comic Geek has always entertained us when he reviews our movies. His takes on Francois Sagat’s Incubus and Joe Gage’s Chainsaw were favorites here at the Titanmen Office.

When he reviewed Jasun Mark’s Nightfall, we all got a better appreciation for it and even when he posts reviews of other studio’s work, we love watching him.

So we’re especially excited that he loved the newest Titanmen feature Wide Awake as much as he did.

Click Here to see the entire movie at Titanmen.

Check out a gallery of stills after the jump…
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We’re WIDE Awake


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The newest, most vibrant Titanmen movie is out.

A couple months ago, director Jasun Mark posted a strange, surreal and dreamy clip of Jay Bentley and Tom Wolfe frolicking together in a pool, shot from below the water up at the men. He said that it was part of a dream sequence for his upcoming movie but that the video itself, which managed to rack up a very impressive 10,000 views on Vimeo, would only be part of a quick hallucination sequence.

Well, the movie itself is finally out and Wide Awake is already the subject of a lot of buzz on Twitter and the Blogosphere.

wdaw_screencaps_108A surreal, visually stunning and a mix of images, sounds and colors, Wide Awake shows George Ce walking down the hallway in a dark house, passing by different rooms and seeing different action scenes including Jesse Jackman and Johnny Parker fucking in an outdoor, sun-drenched and very green garden, a quick glimpse of the previously-mentioned underwater clip and a scene with the cocky Nick Prescott and muscular, tattooed British hunk Justin King. (the full-length underwater clip is added as a DVD extra)

Before this, fan’s only look at new Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott was this “introduction” clip posted to Mancast.

wdaw_screencaps_165Now they can see him in action in a super intense fuck session showing off Nick’s handsome face, hairy chest and Justin’s huge uncut dick.

Finally, George Ce comes to a room with only Adam Champ inside, waiting for him. The following sex scene shows these two dark-skinned, hairy, muscular and masculine men fucking up a storm.

Wide Awake is out on DVD at the Titanmen DVD store and scene one is already streaming in crystal-clear HD at

wdaw_screencaps_063 gives members Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen online collection… gay porn movies spanning 17 years and some of the best gay porn directors in the business.

And yes… members can now download their favorite scenes or stream to their computers OR mobile devices. It’s like having the entire Titanmen DVD collection in your back pocket.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

Also check out the new blogs of George Ce and Nick Prescott.

Check out lots of stills after the jump…

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Stills from Stag


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s just a few random Behind-The-Scenes shots from the making of Paul Wilde’s Stag.

Starring Titanmen Exclusive George Ce with Donnie Dean, Adam Champ, Scott Hunter, Alessio Romero and Brayden Forrester, Stag is a celebration of natural masculinity and that uncaged sexual energy between men that can happen anywhere at any time…

Check out the full movie at Titanmen.

Also currently on sale at the Titanmen DVD store.

Check out some stills from the movie after the jump….
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Caption This


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Sent today from the set of a movie starring Adam Champ and Shay Michaels. Stay Tuned…

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