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Jessy Ares and Will Swagger are Fast Friends


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On a break from his construction job, Will Swagger cruises Jessy Ares in the park. “Wanna be up to something?” asks the flattered stranger, who is soon pressed against an apartment wall as they kiss. Will feasts on Jessy’s massive tool, which juts into the air. Spit falls from Jessy’s mouth, the two kissing in between deep-throat thrusts by Will—who gets his face dick-whipped and fucked, the sucker gasping for air in the aggressive oral sequence. Jessy eats and fingers Will’s muscle butt, grinding his boner on it before fucking him doggie style. Jessy slaps Will’s ass, the bottom emitting laugh-filled moans of pleasure. Will shows off his boner, then turns around as Jessy sucks it. “Damn!” whispers Will, Jessy spitting on his bud’s big chest before grabbing it. On his back, Will gets pounded some more. Still hard as a rock, the bottom stares into Jessy’s eyes, the top licking Will’s leg as he deep fucks him—spitting on him before they squirt.

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Hunter Marx and Will Swagger in Stud Finder


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A while back I posted a hysterically funny clip from a Titanmen movie in production that at the time had the working title of “Fast Friends” but has now been released with the title “Stud Finder.” After seeing the finished scene… I’m agreeing with the decision to change the title.

Hunter Marx is one of the most handsome men who doesn’t seem to have any idea that he’s handsome at all. Soft-spoken and gentle but with a “Strong Silent Type” thing that drives me nuts. Those eyes and that dick that seems to stay hard permanently. And Will Swagger is the happy guy on the receiving end.

Click Here to see the movie at

Stud Finder will also available on DVD and it’s the newest selection in the Titanmen DVD Club.

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Jessie Colter is Hot Wired…


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Always fun to get two of our favorite Titanmen together. Last week while Joe Gage was at the Titanmen studio shooting six up-coming scenes, fans were excited to see that he’s assembled an all-star cast including Hunter Marx, David Anthony, Race Cooper, Kyle Quinn and the “3 Jesseyeies” – Jesse Jackman, Jessy Ares and Jessie Coulter.

Seeing who was paired up with whom, people started trying to piece together who had already been teamed up. They remembered Jesse Jackman and Hunter in Surveillance and Jessy Ares and Hunter in Incubus but that was all anyone could remember.

(one fan also pointed out that although David, Jesse and Jessy were all in Incubus, none of them were in the same scenes)

Still hoping that David Anthony gets to plant that pole atop Mount Jackman but we’re looking forward to seeing Hunter white-knuckle it along with Jessie Coulter.

And for a warm up… here’s Jessie Coulter and Race Cooper together in Hot Wired that came out this week…

Click Here to see the video preview.

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Full gallery after the jump…

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Sneak Peek at “Leather & Piss”


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All I can say is “WOW.”

Adam Herst is one hot mofo and seeing him piss all over himself there is amazing. Scene one from Leather and Piss is already out… look for this one next week on Titanmen.

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The Extended Cut of the “Incubus” opening scene.


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There were two different edits of the opening sequence of Incubus. This is the first version that Francois Sagat and Brian Mills decided was a bit too long and in the words of François, “too linear.” The opening sequence sets up the movie but it made sense to them to work it all in a different order and make it tighter. It meant that the film opens quite differently, which you can see on the newly re-designed Titanmen site NOW!!

The opening they went with everyone agrees it a much better choice. It fits the tone and style of the movie better and visually it explodes onto the screen in color and shapes and sound. The editors did an amazing job of using the hours and hours of footage and creating such a spectacle. But it’s also a lot shorter. François wanted to move it along fast and keep the pacing and excitement up.

This sequence features more shots of various characters at the party. The editors were mesmerized by seeing Spencer Reed and Jimmy Durano dance in their Slick-it-Up outfits. Only a couple shots made the final edit, but we thought it was worth sharing.

Oh, you also get a look at Trenton Ducati in his reddish Slick It Up hood.

There’s a very fun “Making Of” clip over on François’s blog.

Incubus finally has it’s first scene released tomorrow on

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From Joe Gage’s Inmates


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Another clip from Joe Gage’s mega-hit  movie Inmates. Joe’s movies are as legendary and eternal as Joe himself. Inmates is no exception. It’s going to be one we’re still jerking off to years from now.

Inmates is out on Titanmen’s VOD site.

You also get full, unlimited access to Titan’s full catalogue, streaming beautifully to your computer or mobile devices. So grab your iPad, excuse yourself to the men’s room and tell your co-workers you’ll be back in a few minutes. you can create your own favorite lists, watch all the scenes you want… unlimited…

Plus you get access to movies from other super-star directors like Dirk Yates, Michael Lucas and Chi-Chi Larue.

Click Here to watch the whole movie Inmates.

Check out the full gallery of stills from the movie after the jump…

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Inmates Trailer with Allen Silver, Hunter Marx, Troy Daniels and more…


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Joe Gage does it again. Just recently Dario Beck took a trip to Alcatraz and joked about his favorite prison porn movies. Inmates wasn’t out yet but I’m pretty sure it would have been on the list.

Allen Silver is one of the hottest “daddies” in porn but putting him in the “older” category is a shame; Even fans who generally like the bigger and more muscular Titanmen like Spencer Reed or the twenty-something cocky, tattooed boys like Junior Stellano or even the beefy snuggle toys like Hunter Marx all agree that Allen is deserving of a place among the best Titanmen stars.

But yeah, that perfect blend of gentle Dad and intense sexual animal is part of what makes him boner-inducing. And having him featured in another Titanmen movie is just another chance to see him paired up with some of the hottest men in porn.

Inmates is now playing only on Titanmen VOD or on a special DVD/BluRay/Digital Copy pack at the Titanmen Store.

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I’m having trouble coming up with a clever golf-related sexual innuedno.


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I mean… saying something like “THAT’s a hole in one” is about as good as I can come up with. Other contenders were “How long was the putter” and “David gives Leo a Birdy.”

See? There’s just not much to start this with other than “Titan shoots a lot of their movies in the perpetually beautiful and sunny Palm Springs, I wonder why it took so long to make a golf-themed porn movie.” David Anthony brings his movie-star idol good looks to Brian Mills’ “Blind Spot” where he sinks the putt (ok, that one wasn’t so bad) deep into Leo Forte’s… um… green sand trap butt. Fuck it, I tried.

I figure even without clever golf/fucking puns, a dick as big as David’s sliding into home base (note to Brian Mills… baseball scene next?) is all I really needed to give me a nice pick-me-up for the weekend. Check out the full action still gallery after the jump…

Click Here to watch Blind Spot and over 400 other Titanmen movies.

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The Triumphant Return of François Sagat


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When I recently posted a few videos from this year’s Folsom Street Fetish Fair people got a glimpse of new Titan Exclusive Jesse Jackman (who already has a large and growing fan base before his first scene is released) but what created the most buzz and explosion of internet rumors was the appearance of legendary Titan performer.

Some said he was retired from porn and only appeared as one last goodbye (false).

Some said he was returning to performing and some said that he was coming back as a director. Now we know that the answer is “both.” It’s been a Titan secret for a few months now and a few performers have whispered about their involvement in the project that was code-named “Sagat” for a while now but no real information has come to light.

Today, Titan Men announced that in December, they plan to release Part 1 of “François Sagat’s Incubus” which, from the look of the tester trailer is just the kind of wild, crazy and surreal movie we could expect from the enigmatic and fascinating mind of Mr. Sagat. As far as “what is this movie about” goes, the trailer itself seems to give us more questions than answers. I caught a quick glimpse of what looks like Aymeic Deville and hunter Marx kissing, a picture of what appears to be Francois wrestling with himself underwater, a shadow of someone alone in the desert, Francois suspended in the air being forced to watch a video screen and what looks like a giant, scary-ass rabbit.

The lead-off trailer is R-rated but Titan promises an X-rated clip soon along with daily “Behind The Scenes” and “Making Of” clips which will be released to François’ revamped and relaunched blog at

Keep watching this space and Mr. Sagat’s blog for more info as we near the release.

If you want to see Francois in action now, Titan Men is having a Hallowe’en Special Sale where you can get a full year of their unlimited VOD Streaming site for $99. That’s almost 80% off. Click Here to get in on that deal, it’s not going to last more than a few days.

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Inkless presents the very best of tattoo-free TitanMen. Acres and acres of man-flesh just as God made them, unmarred by the needle of a tattoo gun. Six hardcore scenes of the very best in muscular, hairy TitanMen fill up this best-of series disc. Hand-picked scenes by Bruce Cam and Brian Mills feature the most iconic Tat-free men in the TitanMen vault: Dario Beck, David Anthony, Dean Flynn, Chris Steele and more! Over 2 hours of the hottest hairy and natural TitanMen fucking, sucking, and rimming their way right into your hearts. A true collector’s item for the connoisseur of masculine, muscular and tattoo-free men.

See the latest releases on the TitanMen Store.

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