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Making Cauke: Scene Three “My Favorite Comfy Chair.”


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Scene 3 in our movie Cauke For President is where I think we all finally earned our stripes.

This is where “shit gets real” in the serialized story. The video covertly shot of Mike Cauke getting fucked (from scene 1) has been sent to Tex Davidson’s reporter character and he’s invited Senator Cauke’s campaign manager to give a quote about the video. David Benjamin’s acting skills were totally put to the test here. He manages to play the asshole political operative perfectly, and when forced to beg on his knees and then get fucked by Tex, he never breaks character. For Tex’s part, he does a great acting job, too.


This scene is a slam dunk. David and Tex knocked it out of the park with this one. They exhausted us all on set.

BUT… I gotta say that the crew really pulled this one out. We shot this at my own house in Silver Lake, a neighborhood located between Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. We wanted a location that was big enough to shoot in and had an open enough layout for all the gear and crew and action, but it had to look like a home office. My house fit the bill, but we hadn’t really planned on the heat. Shot late in the summer, Los Angeles was in the middle of a massive heat wave. With the lights, all the crew and performers and only being able to leave air-conditioning on while we weren’t shooting… it got hot. REALLY hot. At one point it was over 100° inside. David resorted to sticking his head in my freezer between takes and we went through a LOT of water.
This was also the last time we had to use Tungsten lights. After seeing how the heat drained everyone, Keith bought us a nice new set of LED lights.
Keith Webb managed to keep the guys motivated by running down to the corner store and returning with bags of popsicles and ice cream.
OH and if you look closely, you can see my rather large collection of skull shaped vodka and tequila bottles in the background.

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Director’s Blog: Making Cauke Scene 2 with Adam Ramzi and Luke Adams


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Any time you’re making a movie, you have to constantly adjust, change, rearrange and add things… When we were making Cauke for President, we changed, added, rewrote and polished it non-stop for months from writing it to the final edit. Sometimes you have to think on your feet and improvise as you go along.
Each scene starts with an audio commentary from a morning “shock jock” radio station with the voice parts played by Don Mike and me. Instead of having the audio play over a screen shot of JoeMyGod like in the other three scenes, we instead had the radio show playing on the actual radio while David drove Luke to a neighborhood he said was “Full of Reagan Democrats.”

I had planned two specialty drone shots to give the opening sequence some visual punch, but like technology often does… the drone wasn’t cooperating. Hours trying to solve the issue and more time spent on the phone with tech support ascertained that… it wasn’t going to fly. Literally. The drone could shoot video but not fly.

But… since it COULD shoot video, it gave us an idea.

To those drone shots in the start of the scene, we had to… get creative.


I’m a diminutive 5-foot-6 but Keith Webb… he’s tall. So for the opening shot, he held the drone over his head and walked orbiting the car as it pulled up to the curb. For the following shot with Luke walking up to the house, he climbed to the top of the ladder and perched precariously over enough cactus to do some serious damage if he fell. I stood behind him controlling the up/down pan of the onboard camera and we got the shots we wanted.

Click Here to Watch The Trailer.

Since we shot the in-car footage with a Go-Pro stuck to the inside of the windshield, the audio wasn’t usable. That meant we had to record the dialogue and match it up with the video later in editing. I haven’t actually had to ADR a shot like that in a long time. But the end effect is worth it.
We had originally planned just three scenes for the movie with the added jerk off scene to open it. But we were so happy with what we had and had started to notice a lot of attention bubbling up about what we were doing. We had started the Mike Cauke Twitter and Instagram account, launched a website and people had taken some notice.

cauk_bts_AdamLuke_1304We decided we’d give them a bit more to enjoy. Which meant we added a whole extra scene.

Keith wrote the script for this one while I was busy working on editing and the comedic between-scene setups.

He came up with the idea of having a young, innocent campaign volunteer being seduced by a possible voter. The sex scene itself was actually a pretty easy one to shoot. Adam Ramzzi and Luke Adams were both bang-on in their scene that takes place on the front entryway to one of the Titan houses in Palm Springs. But trying to make it flow well with the rest of the movie was the important part. We chose to get David Benjamin to come and play a non-sexual cameo role in the same character he plays in scene 3 with Tex Davidson.

Luke plays the innocent young man perfectly and Adam plays the sexually aggressive potential voter exactly how we wanted it…

finally… just as an in-joke I added the line about how “I can’t vote, I’m Canadian.” That’s true, technically, but it’s also what I always tell canvassers who come to my door while I’m too busy making porn to hear a stump speech.

You can Click Here  to see the whole scene over at

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Flash Back: Covering François Sagat with Mud


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Like digital Pack Rats such as myself who have drives and drives filled with archived video, pictures, audio clips, random apps and various… things backed up, I occasionally will haul out a drive to see what’s on it.

Found this rather cute clip of me on my first day shooting with Titan. I had left my previous job for another studio about a month before and was working for a bunch of studios freelance when I got a call from Brian Mills asking if I’d be interested in coming out to Palm Springs for a week to shoot with the Titan crew. Working for Titan had been a dream job for years, so I jumped at the chance, but it wasn’t until I got there that I realized I’d be working on the new epic François Sagat movie. Quite the trial by fire.

At the time I described it as “an incredible experience and it’s awoken a new love of movie making that I was starting to lose.” Four and a half years later, I still have that fire and it’s still burning away. Being here at Titan has been a total dream and I’m very proud to call Titan home.

The resulting movie from this shoot was, of course, Incubus. You can watch the trailers here for Part One and Part Two.

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Eddy’s Going In… a 5-minute out-take clip of raw sexual energy between Eddy and Nick. SO hot…


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This clip is pretty fun… Eddy CeeTee shooting his first scene and Nick Prescott guiding him through the process. Nick starts out telling Eddy to take it easy on him at first. He’s got a big dick and he’s not afraid to use it.

While the crew moves lights and worries about condoms and lubes and camera angles, Eddy and Nick just get lost in each other and the visual in incredible.

You can see their finished scene from Blue Collar Ballers here…

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Random Clip: Alternate Penetration Shot…


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There are multiple takes of each fucking position from many different camera angles that are put together to create a good all-around view of the action. That means that there are always choices the editors have to make when choosing which shots they use and which they don’t, especially with penetration shots.

This is an alternate take of the initial penetration from the Eddy CeeTee/Nick Prescott scene in Blue Collar Ballers. Shot from underneath. A side-view of the penetration was actually used in the finished movie, but the editors thought this was hot enough to give us as an “extra.”


And you can download the full movie at

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Eddy CeeTee seemed like such a NICE guy… Random Clip


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While Blue Collar Ballers is Eddy’s third scene for Titanmen (you can see him also in Grease Monkey and Catch 22), this was actually the first scene he ever shot.

Nick Prescott was his scene partner and we really didn’t know what to expect until he walked on set and got down to business.

Needless to say… Eddy had a LOT more energy than anyone on crew expected. And Nick wasn’t quite ready, either.

Watch the full movie at Titanmen….

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Hilarious & Hot: Out-takes, Bloopers and the Making of Joe Gage’s Chainsaw


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Originally released in 2008, Joe Gage’s Chainsaw remains one of the biggest hits and most favorite movies of both Joe’s and Titanmen. The cast that included Allen Silver, Dean Flynn, CJ Madison, Dillon Buck, Tony Buff and many more is STILL a huge hit.

Check out Gay Comic Geek’s review…

Everyone has their own favorite scene but everyone agrees that it’s a masterpiece from start to finish. Here’s a rarely-seen Behind-The-Scenes blooper reel that’s funny as well as hot…

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Check out the gallery after the jump…
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Today’s Random Cell Phone Video


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While shooting Diversion with Topher Dimaggio and JR Bronson, production assistant Dave Richards took 30 seconds out of his day to shoot… this. For no real reason, we’ve decided to start sharing random cell phone clips from the Titan vaults. Enjoy…

Watch the full trailer for this scene here at Titanmen.

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Jesse Ares Talks Dick


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A cute BTS clip of Jesse Ares talking about dicks on the set of Titanmen’s Fast Friends.

Here’s some stills from his scene with Will Swagger…

FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger01 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger02 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger03 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger05 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger06 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger09 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger10 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger12 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger13 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger17 FastFriends_JessyAres_WillSwagger18

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“we’re not rolling yet, but you guys can keep fucking…” Out-take from Upper Hand


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The guys from production sent me this cute clip… There’s a lot of shuffling around, moving lights, moving cameras, planning shots and setting up gear. Director Jasun Mark has a pretty solid idea of what he wants to see in each lens and he has to give his instructions to both the cast and the crew before each take.

This time, however, it seems Alessio and Drake were so into fucking each other that they weren’t really aware that nobody had shouted “ACTION” yet.


You can see the full, completed (and very hot) scene from Upper Hand here at Titanmen.

AND… join and you can stream this and the entire Titanmen Online catalogue. That’s over 18 years of the hottest gay porn ever made, streaming in crystal clear HD to your computer and mobile devices. Members can also download their favorite scenes DRM-free. Full and Unlimited access.

It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket.

Check out more pics after the jump…

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Blooper: Alessio Romero and Drake Jayden Fall Down and Go Boom…


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Porn is a dangerous business.

Don’t worry… nobody was hurt and the action picked right up after this… You can see the full scene with Alessio Romero and Drake Jayden in Upper Hand at

Here’s a few stills from that movie…

uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0036 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0046 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0061 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0063 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0069 uphd_action_alyssioDrake_0130

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Making the Military Hotel scene with Alessio Romero and Drake Jayden


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New out at, this scene from Upper Hand… and collection of scenes depicting older tops and younger bottoms… returning Titanmen star Alessio Romereo and Drake Jayden. Set in a military hotel where personnel stay while going to or from active duty, this scene shows the men at their most sweaty and sexual.

Word from the cast and crew is that the set was hot. Not just hot.. but HOT… shot during a heat wave uncharacteristic even for Los Angeles, the team reported that it got so hot with the lights and crew all in that space that both stars were dripping with sweat from head to toe. That just made the end result hotter.

Fun Facts

• Alessio was a last-minute replacement. The original top for that scene had to cancel last minute and director Jasun Mark texted Alessio asking if he’d be able to come down “like… now. right now.” Alessio to the rescue, he jumped in his car and was on set so fast, cameras started rolling right on schedule.

• The Production Assistant on set was Motorboot Robert, who also happens to be a uniform collector. The uniforms you see are authentic and from his private collection.

• Even with the heat, Alessio and Drake were so turned on by the scenario and each other, the scene was shot in record time.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

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Making Bad Cop- Bloopers, outtakes, fun on set… this is great.


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Titanmen has done something a bit different this week. The movie Bad Cop was looked at by a lot of fans as Titanmen’s return to their roots. A simple collection of scenes featuring men in uniform, showing natural masculinity and sexual confidence in a series of situations and settings.

It was also a big hit, winning critical and commercial praise along with numerous award nominations.

A couple very short BTS clips had circulated on our Twitter page and here at, but fans wanted to see more… so Titan gave them more. In addition to our regular update, members were treated to a feature-length “Making Of Bad Cop” they could stream and download (The shorter clip you see above is about half the length of the one members of get) and includes a lot more fun, action and extended cumshots with alternate angles.

See the longer clip and the whole movie Bad Cop at











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Overdrive: Francois Sagat & Marco Blaze (Car-wash extra)


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Check out this very fun, long-lost behind-the-scenes clip from the Titanmen movie Overdrive.

Click Here to see the full movie at Titanmen.

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We call this position the “Upwards Bear.”


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Here’s a fun out-take from the up-coming Titanmen movie Catch-22. Director Jasun Mark is being stand-in for the stars (Eric Nero and Adam Herst) while he tells the crew where to place lights and cameras for the next take. Eric and Adam are much more interested in paying attention to each other than anything else.

While explaining the kind of action to expect for the next position, Jasun and production assistant Todd Stevens come up with a new yoga move. It’s probably not new, but they rename it anyway.

You can see Adam Herst right now in the Titanmen movie Bad Cop and Eric will make his debut this month in the up-coming Titanmen feature Pacific Coast.

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