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Custom Leather at Mr. S in San Francisco


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Since it’s Folsom Weekend coming up in SF, I figured I’d post a few gems from the past over the next few days. There won’t be a Titan Booth this year since the production team are hard at work on a bunch of new projects we’ll tell you about soon.

But if you find yourself in town, don’t hesitate to go visit our buddies over at Mr. S Leather. They do great custom work there, and we’ve shot MANY of the recent Titah Rough movies at their location in the SOMA District, and as you can see, they’re a really fun (and hot) bunch of men.

That’s Shay Michaels in that clip, shooting a scene with Aymeric Deville for the Titan Rough feature Wet And Wild.

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The Leather Cockring Jock


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More fun on set with Hunter Marx from the movie Heavy Duty.

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Adam Herst and the Happy Pig Face.


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I got a laugh out of this cute clip of Adam Herst stretching out his hole with the Beer Bottle-shaped dildo used in his scene with Anthony London in Pumped, Pissed and Pounded.

Click Here to see the whole movie Pumped Pissed and Pounded at Titanmen.

IMG_4109Membership at Titanmen gives you Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue and NOW members can also Download their favorite scenes. That’s over 17 YEARS of some of the hottest gay porn ever made by some of the best directors.

Also included is Full Access to Titan Rough, Titanmen’s All-Fetish site.

Also… the DVD is currently On Sale at the Titanmen DVD Store.

Check out more stills and a preview of the scene after the jump…

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TitanRough… the new Hardcore Fetish site from Titanmen


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Loaded with some of the most intense hardcore Leather, Rubber, Piss, Fisting, Sounding, Electro, BDSM, CBT and other fetish content, TitanRough.com not only promises to give gay fetish fans exactly what they want, it also delivers…

From the iconic Fallen Angel series that changed the world of leather, to the no holds barred ROUGH fetish films of today, there is something to please every fetish fan. As a free bonus, TitanRough.com members also receive complimentary access to Titan Media’s award-winning flagship site, TitanMen.com, with unlimited access to all TitanMen content available online. Membership also includes access to both mobile and desktop versions of the sites.

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Adam Herst and Collin Stone help each other stay hard..


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Long video, but hot as hell as Titanmen director Jasun Mark takes still photos of Collin Stone and Adam Herst before they shoot their piss-soaked scene for Pissed and Probed.

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Behind the Scenes with Race Cooper and Tristan Jaxx


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Some behind the scenes fun with Tristan and Race while they were on set shooting their new scene for In Deep. Conversations turn from laughing at bloopers, wether a cut or uncut dick feels better to get fucked with, wether depth or width is better to make you cum, which positions look better vs which feel better and then a weird bit where they cast Harry Potter spells on each other.

This is on set at a porn shoot. Hot, funny, strange and obviously just as much fun as fucking with guys as hot as Tristan and Race Cooper.

You can see the finished movie In Deep (which also has scenes with  David Anthony, Christopher Daniels, Tibor Wolfe, Mack Manus and Kieron Knight) here at the newly-designed and totally-amazing new Titanmen Website.

The Titanmen Website features daily updates, some of the hottest gay porn in the world, all streaming beautifully in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices. Have an AppleTV? use AirPlay to stream to it and you have the ENTIRE Titanmen online catalogue in the palm of your hand.

Classic Mov ies like Gorge, 110° In Tucson, Spy Quest and Breakers.

New Hits like Command Performance, Speechless, Surveillance, and the latest, In Deep.

Genre-Busting hits like Cirque Noir, Francois Sagat’s Incubus, the Fallen Angel Series and Slick Dogs.

PLUS some of Joe Gage’s best work with movies like Arcade on Route 9, Copperhead Canyon, the Men’s Room Series and his massive hit from last year “Inmates.”

Click Here to check it all out now… only at Titanmen.

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SHOVE IT. (that’s one BIG dildo. Wow.)


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If you want to see a hot young man take dildos that would send most guys running from the room… the new Paul Wilde movie for Titan Rough “Shove It” is your movie…

Donned in a harness and latex, muscular Dirk Caber directs lean Jeof Pierson down to his throbbing cock. “All the way down,” instructs the dom, who grabs hold of the light-skinned sucker’s head and shoves his dick all the way in. Dirk growls as he gets serviced, reaching over to smack Jeof’s ass before turning him around and slurping his hole. Dirk’s boner throbs as he eats, multiple strands of precum leaking from his rod.

They glisten as Dirk dildo-fucks Jeof, warming it up for the top’s cock. “Good boy,” says Dirk as he pounds away, a low shot catching his deep penetration and banging balls as the bottom’s wet ass hairs cling to the shaft. On his back, Jeof’s face lets off expressions of extreme pleasure as Dirk fills his hole with dildo after dildo, the bottom’s ass gaping and begging for more as he gets fucked fast. Dirk gives him the real thing again, grabbing hold of Jeof’s harness as he plows—the two soon releasing their loads.

Click Here to see all the Hardcore fetish action at Titan Rough.

Check out more stills after the jump.

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Liam Magnuson and Cylus Kohen BTS


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Coming soon to Titanmen’s Rough series, these two young men in action in the forests of Northern California.

Paul Wilde walks two new Titanmen stars through the blocking and setup of their first scene. Was a great time had by all, especially these two… This was the first scene that Liam Magnuson ever shot. He was a bit nervous but before long, he was fucking up a storm.

Watch for it coming to Titan’s Rough series soon.

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Things that make you go VROOM


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The above scene pretty much sums it up. From Paul Wilde’s new Titanmen Rough movie “Pissed And Probed.”

Two hot men getting dirty on top of a big, loud motorcycle… pissing, fucking and I assume making the seat a bit harder to stay on. All that lube has to go somewhere.

Click here for the whole “Pissed And Probed” movie and all the fun at Titanmen…

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Pissed and Probed… Part 2.


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A rare Titanmen Rough scene with a script and scenario. Generally, the storylines and dialogue is just used in the main Titanmen features and the Titan Rough series is just hardcore players allowed to just let loose and do what comes naturally.

But since role playing is part of a lot of fetishes, particularly this interrogation scene, Paul Wilde added the script and loose storyline.

Part of the new three-scene “Pissed and Probed” movie out now on DVD and also at the newly-redesigned Titanmen.com website.

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Stany Falcone


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People have been asking about Stany Falcone from the new Titan movie “Stud Finder” and his scene with Race Cooper.

Stany is a new face to Titanmen but if you’re a fan of European Football (that North Americans call “Soccer”), you might recognize him as former professional player Jonathan De Falco who played for various Belgian teams from 2003-2010. Having left pro sports behind, he’s now a model, performer, dancer and yes… Titanmen star in the new Brian Mills movie “Stud Finder.”

You can check out his blog and personal website here.

Or you can see him in action at Titanmen here.

And keep watching… Stany has more to come here at Titanmen and we’re sure you’re going to love seeing his hansome, versatile and uncut Belgian stud in action.

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Adam Herst Is ALL Wet


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OK, this isn’t just a water sports/piss scene… the new scene from Paul Wilde’s “Pissed and Probed.” Not every movie starts with a guy pissing his jeans like the flood that Adam lets loose down his tight, denim-wrapped legs, and nobody gets a smile wider on his face than Adam when he’s drenched by his own and then a BIG gush that Collin Stone lets go right in his face. Don’t worry, Adam gets Collin back after getting his jeans ripped open right up the middle and getting his ass eaten out. Adam lets more piss go in Collin’s face and all over his hairy chest. Wanna see whose ass ends up getting fucked hard in that sling?

The new Titanmen Rough movie “Pissed and Probed” is out today at Titanmen.com

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You Always Bzzzt The One You Love?


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The new Titan Rough scene features real-life boyfriends Dirk Caber and Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman together in this rather shocking scene that features a Violet Wand, a lot of electro play and yes, a Stun Gun appears in the second act.

You can see the whole movie at the Titanmen Website.

Jesse Jackman has been posting about this scene at lot on his own blog (including a lot of behind-the-scenes video) and posting some mega-hot cell phone clips of the couple in action in their “natural habitat” on his Mancast Channel.

Check out an extended clip after the jump…

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Brad Kalvo and Jessie Colter get Loud & Nasty


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This scene gets very loud and very nasty. Brad Kalvo the hairy daddy flogging and fucking Jessie Colter in this new Titan Rough scene. And that piss play bit is amazing.

Click Here to watch a clip.

More pics after the jump…

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A Titan Mixer event.


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We should do one of these every year.



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