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Porn Star, Baby… Jessy Ares Live!


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Jessy Ares takes to the stage in Greece. His new album causing controversy and impressive sales at the same time, he’s become a hot commodity in the European dance clubs where he starts his show singing acapella as a bit of a wink at the few haters who suggested that it either wasn’t his voice on the album or that it had been auto-tuned.

“Of course some parts of the songs have vocoder and effects of them… I mean it’s what you do with dance-music sometimes. On “pornstar” the only thing that effected were the spoken parts, everything else was straight up real, even with choirs in the refrain, but I guess some stupid people don´t know the difference between choir voices in the backround and auto-tune.”

Too busy performing to really care about people saying he’s not really performing, he also got a bit of a dig in at the people who were shocked by the video for the song “Pornstar” that intercut clips from his new movie for Command Performance, his new movie for Titanmen, with a video of him stripping naked in the streets of San Francisco accompanied by his Incubus scene partners Hunter Marx and Aymeric Deville.

“I just got back from Greece-Thessaloniki performing “Striptease” and “Pornstar” getting naked, singing with a hard on, on stage 😉 The crowd loved it… At least in the club I can strip down naked and sing without ignorant people making a big issue about it saying ‘what if children were watching…..blablabla…..'”

He also mentioned being interviewed about his double life as Porn Star and Pop Star in the Greek gay magazine “Fagazine,” but not being able to read it, fucked if I can find it.

Jessy sings live in his show, and wrote all the songs on his album. The song Pornstar is included as part of the soundtrack on the new Titanmen movie “Command Performance.”

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Tour of the Titan blogs…


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In case you’ve missed what the guys have been up to…

Jesse Jackman posted a fun clip of himself in the shower with Hunter Marx after the finished shooting Jesse’s first Titanmen scene in the movie Surveillance due out any day now…

Dario Beck had himself a viral hit with his adorable music video for “Blame It On The Bossa Nova.”

Francois Sagat posted a bunch of clips from the making of his movie Incubus and plans to have many more on the way…

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Trenton Ducati – Naught Santa


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Trenton just sent me these pictures of the fun he had at The Baltic Room in Seattle for a weekly gay night called Elektropop. He can cum down my chimney any time he wants…

You can follow Trenton on Twitter and you can see him in action in Francois Sagat’s Incubus.

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Trenton Ducati shops naked


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This weekend, Brian Mills wasn’t the only one having fun. New Titanmen exclusive man Trenton Ducati was in town shooting with Brad Kalvo in another scene for Hard Wired. But in some downtime, he ventured out to Arenas Road in downtown Palm Springs to Bear Wear where ho not only dropped his pants and shopped naked, he got this rather form-fitting vest.

Trenton’s first movie for Titan will be the up-coming “Incubus” coming out in December. But you can see get to know this Rockabilly Hunk on Twitter right now and you can follow his Facebook page to see what he’s up to.

You can also see him here being welcomed to the Titanmen family by Shay Michaels. Who welcomed him by thrusting his dick into Trenton’s eager mouth. You know… we have a different traditional way to welcome new employees here. They never did that for me when I worked at the bank.

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No need to wait, here’s all the full moons you could want.


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I know I posted the “Name That Butt” video a couple weeks ago. But Bruce Cam also happened to be there with his camera snapping pictures of the guys at the Folsom Street Fair booth. And any time you’re standing with your back to Bruce when he’s holding a camera, you’re going to see your butt on-line somewhere.

Check out the whole gallery after the jump.

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Meet Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts


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Athens’ top fetish club “Club Fcuk” will present Titanmen Jesse Ares and Jay Roberts on November 26th. If you’re not familiar with Club Fcuk, they describe themselves as “The most subversive business for gay men in Athens. The only one original dark room in town with gay hardcode movies projection, private cabins with mirrors & monitors, glory holes, sling, darkrooms, pissing room and smoking area. Special live shows with guests famous pornactors and theme nights such as underwear and fist.”

Sounds like fun to me.

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Someone stuck a fist up Race Cooper’s ass, and all he got was this T-shirt.


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And it wasn’t just “someone,” it was Leo Forte. The two hunks were at the Titanmen Studio today for a Rough shoot with Leo stretching Race WAY out. He loved every second of it. But before they left, director Paul Wilde* gave the two men T-shirts from Oxballs as well as a few cock and ball toys. We don’t have a home version of our game but if you’re into the Rough movies, I have a feeling you already know how to play.

(*who has more than earned his nickname “killer teddy bear here at the office)

Look for that scene to come out sometime early next year. But you can watch the newest Rough videos today at Titanmen.

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Spencer and Alessio Flogging in Public


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While at the Folsom Street Fair last month, Spencer Reed and Alessio Romero grabbed the spotlight when they hopped up on a make-shift stage next to our tent and started to demonstrate just what you’d see if you picked up a copy of their new movie “Full Fetish” or joined up at Titanmen.com to see them in all their glory.

Click Here to watch the movie at Titanmen.

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Dirk Caber gets GRABBED!


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Titan man Dirk Caber recently sat down for an interview with Chicago’s Grab Magazine, known to many in the Gay Porn Fandom world as the entity that brings us the annual Grabby Awards.

Dirk’s unguarded and honest candor make the interview less of a “10 creepy questions to ask gay porn stars” that often mire chats with our favorite performers and more of an intimate and inspiring story of how he spent a good deal of his life overweight and unhappy with his body, reinventing himself at 30 and then going on to become one of the most beloved hardcore fetish performers.

He talks about his videos with Titan, especially the Titan Rough series. His appearance in those films have helped them become one of the most successful fetish series’ in gay porn history. And considering gay porn history, that’s saying a lot.

Click Here to see a video preview of Dirk with Alessio Romero in “Fist Deep” from the Titan Rough series.

My personal favorite scene with Dirk, however, isn’t from the Titan Rough series but from the Brian Mills feature “Sting” where he takes part in a Lava-Hot three way with hunter Marx and Shay Michaels. Click Here for a preview of that.

Talking about his slow exploration into the fetish world and how BDSM sex is something that “is” and lot different than it “looks.” He even compares being flogged to a “deep tissue massage.” Which any man in his right mind would LOVE to give Dirk.

Dirk mentions briefly being smitten with another (un-named) Titan man at this year’s Folsom booth. Considering the parade of incredible men there this year, it would be hard to guess which one. But if you want to ask him in person, you can meet him as he hosts this year’s Manhunt X Tour tomorrow when he hosts at The Sidekick in Chicago with fellow Titan men Hunter Marx and Ethan Hudson.

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Name That Butt


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See if you can guess which ass belongs to which Titan man. Shot at the Folsom Street Fair.

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