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Bad Cop 2: Internal Investigation

They’ve made their pledge to serve and erect. When long shifts are over, aggression takes control at a precinct where the officers break their own rules. Get arrested by TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele, who leads an Internal Investigation where blue steel meets blue balls.

Shift Change: Towering cop Dakota Rivers takes aim at Jeremy Spreadums, tasering his admirer with a few loaded weapons.

Break Room: Micah Brandt submits to alpha authority figure Tex Davidson, who chokes the sucker with his tool before piledriving his hole.

End of Watch: Keeping his sunglasses on the whole time, Bruce Beckham stays cool as things heat up by the lockers with fellow hung and horned officer Jason Vario.

Mid-Shift: Big-dicked daddy Dallas Steele gets aroused at the station, exchanging expert baton work with Dakota Rivers before offering his ass to the jock cop.

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Muscle Daddies

Older. Wiser. Hornier. When it comes to sex, salt and pepper are the best seasonings. Watch TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman, Liam Knox and Dallas Steele prove that age and experience make Muscle Daddies the biggest catch in town.

How do you guzzle a huge, thick dick? Dallas Steele and Jason Vario show you how it’s done before Dallas bends over and gets his sweaty ass slammed.

Big daddy Jesse Jackman gets what he wants, the towering top taking charge of bearded bottom Steve Roman in a grunt-filled suck and fuck.

As their big bulges burst out of their jockstraps, Liam Knox and Luke Adams kiss their way through a passionate poolside flip fuck with a memorably wet ending.

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Titanmen’s Best Dad/Son Scenes…


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We all love the dynamic of the older man/younger man scenes.

The daddy type teaching the younger man how things are done. How to enjoy man/man sex… helping him discover the best ways to do things.

We’ve had some amazing scenes at Titanmen over the years that fans of “Daddy/Younger Man” scenes have gone CRAZY for…

So here’s my list of some of the best Titanmen Dad/Boy scenes…

1. Dad Teaches Son to suck dick at a Glory Hole
(From Arcade On Rt 9)

One of the hottest moments in Titanmen history. One of those “I can’t believe I’m watching this” scenes where a hot dad takes his son to a sex club for his 18th birthday and teaches him the art of sucking dick through a glory hole.

“Dad… that guy’s married” exclaims the young buck. “Those are the best ones,” answers Dad… and that pretty much sums up this scene. The men are hot, the action is both hot and shocking and don’t we ALL wish we had someone we trusted explain how all that works to us?


2. Luke seduces David in the shower (from Like Father Like Son)

Like Father Like Son tells the story of two 18 year-old best friends who, coming home unexpectedly, catch their dads fucking in the living room. Jerking off while watching the action… they make a pact… “You do my Dad… I’ll do yours.” And they’re off… This scene starts with HUGE-dick David Anthony taking an outdoor shower when Luke – his son’s best friend – comes looking for him. Wasting no time, Luke strips off his clothes and joins David in the shower. When it’s time for fucking, they’re back in David’s room… Luke’s asshole barely stretching to accommodate David’s massively-thick dick. Yelling out for more, Luke and David both blow huge loads in this one… it’s a very hot scene that you’re gonna love.

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When the Sheriff Tells You To Get On Your Knees And Suck Dick… You Do It….


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Another Titanmen Classic scene… I’ve personally jacked off to this about 100 times or more.

One of the hottest moments in Titanmen history. And that’s a LOT of history.

From the Joe Gage movie “Men’s Room 2 – Gale Force.” When four young punks get caught fighting in the Men’s Room… sheriff Gus Maddox doesn’t waste any time telling the boys to shake hands… then get down on their knees and suck each other’s dicks.

Once the the sheriff joins in to get some of that hot 18 year-old action… the sparks fly.

The punks spread the frat boys’ ass cheeks for intense rimming and finger fucking. Gus brings out a bench and lays one of the guys out – literally and figuratively. He fucks him with long, deep, slow strides, as the camera exquisitely captures each thrust.

You gotta see this one to believe it… watch the whole movie here at Titanmen.

Don’t Forget… Joining Titanmen doesn’t just get you full and unlimited access to the newest scenes (multiple releases weekly give you an endless supply of new stuff to watch), it gives you COMPLETE access to the Entire Titanmen On-line Catalogue. That’s nearly 20 YEARS of the hottest gay porn ever made… from the top directors like Bruce CamBrian MillsTony BuffJoe GagePaul WildeFrancois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

Members can stream in crystal-clear HD to their computer or mobile devices… so when the mood strikes, you have a complete Titanmen DVD catalogue in your back pocket.

Prefer to download? Members can download their favorite scenes DRM-free.

Featuring the hottest roster in all of gay porn… men like Dred ScottDean FlynnJesse JackmanFrancois SagatDamien StoneHunter MarxDario BeckNick PrescottJay BentleyDavid AnthonyScott Hunter and MANY more…

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Titanmen Classics… Ozark Mountain Exit 8 – Men’s Room III


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This movie is still a huge hit, even 8 years after it’s original release. Joe Gage returned to the Men’s Room series and brought along a Top-Notch Titanmen cast that blew everyone away… and each other, of course.

Award-winning director Joe Gage takes us on a totally perverse tour of the Ozark Mountains with the latest installment of his sex-in-public restrooms series, Men’s Room III: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8. With Joe at the helm, you can expect all types of men fucking and sucking every which way but loose (and a generous helping of watersports, available only on Titenman.com), thrown in for good measure). The action starts with sheriffs Brody Newport and Dane Hyde taking a piss at a trough, seemingly more interested in each other’s cocks than merely pissing.


When they catch TitanMen exclusive Dillon Buck watching, it quickly turns into a piss-drenched fuck-and-suck threesome with each guy shooting two loads apiece. Dillon then stumbles across two construction workers — TitanMen exclusive Alex Baresi and Jack Bond — pissing in the woods. He joins in and soon the three studs are back at the trough for another white-hot, piss-drenched threeway. Meanwhile, TitanMen exclusive Damien Crosse and Tyler Saint (parole officers driving Jesse Santana to court) pull off the freeway so the three of them can relieve themselves. The action starts red-hot, with Damien deep-throating both their pissing cocks, and only gets nastier from there.


Nearby, hunter Arpad Miklos spies campers Tober Brant and Park Wiley and joins in on their circle-jerk. Before long they’re joined by Dillon and Jack and things quickly heat up between the five hot, hairy studs. Back at their car, Damien and Tyler finish off what they started at the trough by brutally double-penetrating their young offender Jesse in the back of their truck, literally fucking the cum right out of him. Finally, Tyler heads out into the wilderness where he meets up with Tober, Park and Arpad on a blanket for an explosive fucking and watersports finale in the great outdoors.


Membership with Titanmen gets you Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen online collection. That’s over 17 years of the best Gay Porn ever made with some of the biggest stars in the industry. Guys like François Sagat,Dean FlynnDred ScottDavid Anthony and Eduardo.

All streaming in Crystal Clear HD to your computer or mobile devices. That means you’ll have the entire Titanmen catalogue available to you anywhere.. Right in your back pocket.

And… you know… since it’s all just streaming… nobody else has to know.  Ya know?

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.com

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Classic Titanmen: Dean Flynn fucks his son’s best friend…


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One of the most popular moments in Titanmen history. Hot young dad Dean Flynn comes home to his boxer shorts being sniffed by his son’s best friend Kurt Wilde… The gentle and timid way that Kurt is both scared and excited to sniff the real thing… after the dick sucking, Kurt says he’s ready to get fucked… and Dean shows him just how hot man-to-man sex can be.

The movie was Copperhead Canyon but you can also find this moment on the DVD and movie “Titanmen’s Joe Gage Daddies” compilation. It’s a classic scene and people couldn’t get enough of it.

Joining Titanmen.com gives you full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue. That’s over 20 years of the best gay porn starring the biggest names, iconic directors and classic movies. Streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile device… it’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD collection in your back pocket for any time the mood strikes you.

Prefer to download and save? Members can download their favorite scenes DRM-free to keep.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Meet Buck Angel The Transman Who Starred In “Cirque Noir”


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Buck Angel FTM Porn Model

TitanMen.com just released the HD digital remaster of “Cirque Noir” for the week of Halloween.  It’s the last scene and a surprise when Buck’s strap-on comes off and finally reveals his man-pussy, and then he gets fucked!   At the very end we did a watersports scene with Buck pissing on Tober and Mike pissing on Buck, and then Buck fists Tober and Mike at the same time, one on each arm…. its awesome!  We contacted Buck Angel to find out what he’s up to these days, and get him to re-visit the filming of this amazing scene!

TitanMen: What was it like to film in one of TitanMen’s most classic scenes?

Buck Angel: WOW! I did all that!! Hahaa..it was one of the most amazing and positive experiences of my adult career. When Titan and I first started to discuss this scene we were both on the same page about making it a hot man fuck scene and not a freak show. That was one of the reason I even decided to do the scene with them. They respected me as a man and a performer. One of the key elements was to make sure that we got two guys that would be super into fucking my pussy. I am sure you know that was not easy to do back then. Most gay men would freak at the site of a pussy much less having to fuck it. But we did and these guys rocked it with me! We had such an awesome time all the way around. I don’t think we even expected what was about to happen with that scene, how it has become a porn classic as well as a world first! So for me it was and is one of my favorite shoots. It broke down so many sexual barriers in the gay porn world. Now gay men are hunting for trans men! I Love to make change!

Buck Angel in "Cirque Noir" by TitanMen

TitanMen:  Would you be willing to work with TitanMen again?  If so, is there any of their current ‘stable’ of models you’d be interested to get kinky with? 

Buck Angel: I am so down for that! I haven’t shot a scene in years because I have been putting my efforts towards shooting more trans guys. But that could be pretty awesome to do. As for which Titan guy..well some of these guys are my friends and so I always feel kinda funny fucking my friends, but Diesel Washington being one of them, I would love to do a scene with him.

TitanMen: Tell us a bit about what your current projects are, and what the future holds for Buck Angel.

Buck Angel: Man I have so much going on lately that I had to dump some projects just to concentrate on the ones I feel need me right now. I am writing my book, After the big and continued success of my documentary Mr. Angel, the book was just needed I think. I am also working on some new trans male porn stuff with my solo site Buck-Angel.com which is going to blow everyone away. Mostly though now I am traveling the world speaking about transformation, gratitude and how to learn to become who you have always wanted to be, something along the lines of a motivational speaker. I have a series called Sexing The Transman XXX , the docu-porn series. It’s on its 4 volume now with great success.

Cirque Noir Starring Buck Angel by TitanMen

TitanMen: With female to male exploding in the news and social media at the moment, what do you think the future holds for ftm trans porn?

Buck Angel: Like I said above I am working on a great new project that will finally get this genre to explode. It is still very small and under represented. So now I feel like I need to come back towards my adult work and really focus on bringing all this new transgender attention to the porn world as well. People are finally ready for it. Remember I started my work in 2002. It’s been many many years trying to educate people about men like me and sex. Now is the time.

TitanMen: What percentage of your fans would you say are men, and how many would you say are women?  Why do you think this is?

Buck Angel: At this time I would say 70% are gay men and 30% women ( all women not just gay) I could have that wrong but it really feels like more woman are becoming fans. I think that is because we are letting people feel empowered by sex, specially woman. And because I talk about how becoming sexually connected to my vagina as a man, well that changed everything for me. The world is going through a type of evolution as I like to say. It’s incredible and amazing. We finally get to start celebrating our diversity and well that’s a fucking game changer!

Buck Angel Transman Porn Star and Role Model

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Titanmen Stars To Unveil Digitally Remastered Classics. first up… Desert Train


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We here at Titanmen are very proud of our 20+ years worth of some of the best gay porn ever made. We’ve brought you some of the biggest hit movies going, some classics movies that are still huge hits with fans. We introduced you to some of the biggest gay porn stars ever like Dred Scott, Francois Sagat, Dean Flynn, Jesse Jackman, Dario Beck, Eduardo, David Anthony, CJ Madison and many, many more…

Top directors like Bruce Cam, Brian Mills, Joe Gage, Paul Wilde and Jasun Mark.

But when our older movies pre-date digital movie making, we decided to go deep into the long-out-of-print catalogue and work some MAJOR digital remastering work. The editing and production team have been working on this for quite a while and the results are pretty amazing.

Take a look at this new print of the 1997 classic Desert Train.

Bruce Cam’s epic story of the desert drifter follows Titanmen Adriano Marquez, Eduardo, Michel D-Amours and more as they find solace in each other’s muscular arms. Filmed in the Mojave Desert the visual imagery is so stunning and the sex so intense this movie received GAYVN awards for “Best Cinematography” and “Most Romantic Video”. “Desert Train” is one of the all-time greats of gay porn, right up there with “The Bigger the Better,” “Boys in the Sand” and the Joe Gage Trilogy.

Director Bruce Cam’s stunning videography, smooth editing, masculine men, and outstanding sex lend the movie an abstract and dreamlink quality that heightens it’s eroticism. Starring Adriano Marquez, Brian Hansen, Eduardo, Jackson Phillips, Marcello Reeves, Michael D’Amours, Rich Ryan, and Xavier De Paula. 

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Titanmen Classics: Road to Redneck Hollow


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Newly Remastered exclusively at the new Titanmen Website.

Joe Gage’s classic The Road to Redneck Hollow that solidified Dean Flynn as one of the most popular gay porn stars going back in 2007 when it was released. Dean’s long and lean, gentle demeanor contrasted perfectly with the Tough Guy that is Tober Brandt and the adorable innocence of Tory Mason and Mason Wyler round out the cast. (Mason and Dean don’t perform in this one, that would have to wait until later that year in Campus Pizza).

The Road to Redneck Hollow tells the story of Good ol’ boy Vernon (Ryan Wood) inviting his childhood fuckbuddy Clay (Logan Robbins) down to Shady Hollow, Tennessee to attend the grand opening of his roadhouse.

And as we say in Joe Gage movies, “Sex ensues.”

Another of Joe’s movies showing off his topnotch ability to depict a sexually ambiguous world where men naturally crave sex with each other. Sex in Joe Gage movies makes you stronger, more powerful. No difference between the roles of top and bottom.

Another reason why Titanmen has been at the top of the heap when it comes to gay porn movies for over 17 years… the top-notch production quality and the best men.

Click Here to watch it, Digitally Remastered, at the new Titanmen Website.

check out the HUGE pic gallery after the jump…

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JACKED UP – Remastered And Rereleased to Titanmen.com!


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Your Titanmen membership includes full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue.. that’s 20 YEARS of some of the best all-male action ever. It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket any time the mood strikes. Streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer and mobile devices… OR download your favorite scenes. It’s the best deal going and with memberships as low as $9.99 per month, the deal just won’t get any better.

This lost Titanmen classic has been way over-due for a remaster and rerelease and fans have been asking to see this mechanic’s garage over-run with hot, sweaty, oily hunks in action. Who are we to hold back?

Digitally remastered and finally released to Titanmen.com is JackedUp… Including the one scene from the original VHS that was left off the DVD.

The hard bodied guys in this car repair garage are always using their tools, but never seem to work on any cars. Tits get tuned up with pliers, balls are torqued with weighty wrenches, the tool chest is stuffed with dildos, and the work-pit and front office are jumpin’ with a four way fuck-stack and a sweaty gangbang.

Tattooed Eddie Moreno wants customer service delivered fast and hard, and long-haired garage boss Joe Hix makes sure he’s wracked with pleasure and pain. When Steve Carlisle clocks in for work, foul-mouthed Joe piston fucks his hairy blond hole. Jack Simmons’ big black crankshaft is a center of attention, and two studs in the john are pissing rivers everywhere but in the urinal.

When a snotty kid with a cell phone stuck to his ear complains his car isn’t ready, he’s tied up to the pit rack and cooled off with a stinging shower of piss and abuse. It’s just a normal workday for eight tool obsessed, super horny workmen, who keep their valves wide open and well lubed. Over two hours of twisted tool play and hot garage action.

Click Here to see the whole movie exclusively at Titanmen.com

Check out the full gallery after the jump…

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Titanmen Classics: Dred Scott


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When Titanmen hired me to come handle some of the basic office stuff and occasionally help out on shoots by holding up a light or picking up used condoms off the floor*, one of the questions that they asked me was “How familiar are you with Titanmen movies?”

I honestly told them that the first porn movie that I jerked off to was Gorge. That was the first time I ever mentioned jerking off in a job interview. Well, and still got the job, anyway.

I still remember the overwhelming masculinity of Dred Scott. His bulging muscles, outlined and accentuated by
those tattooed flanks, the intense look in his piercing eyes, his handsome face and the “I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to love every second of it” facial expression that I’ve tried (and failed) to recreate in the mirror ever since.

As Titanmen goes back through their catalogue to put together some of the most impressive “Best Of” collections on DVD, they finally have made it to the movies of Dred Scott. Featuring six of his jizz-in-pants-inducing scenes, you’ll see just how incredible his performances were. His movies like Tresspass and Detour are unmissable but it’s Gorge, Fallen Angel 4 and the “Can’t look away” Carny that has given me boners just walking through the stock room every day.


Released in a remastered set, all these movies are available individually on DVD and streaming on the newly-designed Titanmen Website which is currently on sale for 60% off when you buy 180 days for $69 or a full 365 days for $119.

*(which I gotta say is about 10 times hotter than it sounds, and it sounds pretty hot)

More pictures after the jump…
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Titanmen Classics – Joe Gage’s Inmates


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Titanmen’s Prison-themed classic is still a favorite of Joe Gage’s fans. Still on Titanmen’s site along with the ENTIRE Titanmen online catalogue that spans 20 years of the hottest gay porn ever shot.


From the showers to the warden’s office, no place is safe. Are you tough enough to handle the corruption that bursts behind the walls of a state detention center? A new resident learns that life behind bars may be harder than he ever imagined as his fellow Inmates force him to toe the line—or pay the price. Join legendary director Joe Gage and TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx as they lead a cast of cocky criminals ready to help you bust out.


inmt_1140inmt_1175Repeat offender Troy Daniels is put in his place by warden (Mega-star Allen Silver)—who strokes as he watches Devin Adams go down on the new captive.

Guard Hunter Marx orders showering inmates Jayden Grey and Leo Forte to play with each other, then joins the blind Jayden in plowing Leo’s hole.

A laundry room encounter finds clean-cut Devin Adams feasting on the uncut throbber of tattooed and mohawked instigator Draven Torres.

As night descends, Leo Forte blackmails bunk bud Troy Daniels—an escape plan in exchange for the toned hottie’s ass.

After capturing his prisoners, Allen Silver enlists guards Hunter Marx and Devin Adams in doling out punishment to Troy Daniels, Leo Forte, Jayden Grey and Draven Torres.

inmt_1137 inmt_1140 inmt_1141 inmt_1144 inmt_1151 inmt_1158 inmt_1168 inmt_1175 inmt_1181 inmt_1184 inmt_1196 inmt_1202 inmt_1203 inmt_1207 inmt_1212 inmt_1225 inmt_1228

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Titanmen Classics – Breakers


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It’s hard to even choose a favorite scene, a favorite star. Bruce Cam’s classic “Breakers” starred a who’s-who of the gay porn world at the time. Damien Crosse, Jackson Wild, Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant, Tony Buff, Darius Falke, François Sagat, Alex Baresi, Eduardo, Arpad Miklos, Dillon Buck, Diesel Washington and Victor Banda all tore up the screen in this stunning beach and forest-themed movie that showed exactly why Titanmen was (and remains) the top gay porn studio.

Still available on DVD and of course always streaming at Titanmen.com.

If you haven’t seen this one… see it.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Another Classic Titanmen Blooper Reel: Spy Quest 2 (aka ‘getting cum off the windshield)


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Both hot and hilarious with a touch of disturbing… here’s a 10 year-old blooper reel from the set of the Titanmen classic movie Spy Quest 2.

After posting this on the Titanmen Facebook page, Spencer Quest dropped us a note to thank us for the memories of this shoot. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Spencer, by the way, is doing great… happily married and he and his husband live on the east coast.

Check out the whole movie here at Titanmen.

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Titanmen Classics: Command Post


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This is one that’s been sitting in the Titanmen Vaults. Newly remastered and re-released to Titanmen.com.

Command Post is about military men in the situations you’ve only fantasized about until now: in the barracks, on the base, on the field. Starring TitanMen exclusives Darius Falke, Dean Flynn and Dirk Jager, it also featured the first unforgettable on-screen pairing of TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda and Damien Crosse.

Command Post also stars Tober Brandt, Steve Cruz, Marko Hansom and Alexy Tyler .

The inclusion of Steve Cruz is an interesting one. He went on to be a very successful director himself and did appear in one other titanmen feature, H2O with Francois Sagat.


Directed by iconic director Brian Mills, Command Post was a big hit with fans of military action.

It’s been a few years since this movie has been available anywhere and it’s finally been remastered and re-released only at Titanmen.com.

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Cop Shack 1 & 2: Fuck The Police. or Fucked BY the Police.


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Jason Ridge plays the new Rookie in the sleepy ocean down of Santa Mira.

The men in blue are eager to serve and protect in Cop Shack on 101, this classic 2-part TitanMen feature drawn from the mind of legendary director Joe Gage.

Like most of Joe’s movies… the men casually find ways to get all the dick they want, get off and exchange that manly power-play that the buddies always share.

Part one ends with Jason shown just how the locals “support the police” at the local restaurant “The Ocean Grill while the cops suck and fuck each other and local jock Dean Tucker. That scene ends with Dean getting piss-soaked by all the cops.

cp2h_d4_022Part two takes place almost simultaneously with part 1… this time the final orgy scene involves the back room where the men hang out and really get down to the action. While the two locals (Dean Tucker and Collin O’Neal) look on and fuck, the cops line up to get their dicks sucked by Office Jason Ridge and then line to up fuck his hole one by one.

Classic Joe Gage, restored to include the too-hot-and-wet-for-DVD scenes.



Only at Titnmen.com

most stills after the jump…
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