It Gets WETTER… the top 6 Titanmen Piss Scenes


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If you wanna browse through 70+ Titanmen movies with Piss Play… click here. But your old buddy Finn has compiled my own favorite moments in Titan Water Sports.

1. Adam Herst and Collin Stone

Everything about this scene was perfect. Adam Herst opens the scene by pissing in his own pants, the two men (who clearly have a lot of chemistry) take turns soaking each other and the piss keeps flowing for the whole scene. You can see just how much Adam loves a good piss spray and you can see just how much Collin likes to give it to him. Adam gives Collin the soaking of his life and then finishes the scene by drenching himself in the sling. Five Golden Boners for this scene… it’s amazing.

2. Nick Prescott and Aleks Buldocek

This scene was so hot there really were few words… Nick down on his knees polishing Aleks’s boots… subservient and loving it. Aleks then stands up and lets out a HUGE stream of piss right into Nick’s face… the dirty pig look he’s got while his face and body are being soaked alone will probably get you off. But you’ll wanna watch to the end.

Rumor from the set was that one of the camera men was so horned up by the end of shooting it, he went to the bathroom and jerked off before helping the crew strike the set…

3. Trespass: The Water Sports Extra

There was a time when online streaming was a wild frontier. A time when most porn was viewed on DVDs sold in local stores. But because of differing laws of what was “acceptable” and what wasn’t… a lot of the content of retail porn DVDs was edited out. That included a lot of stuff on the most extreme end of fetish movies but it even extended to things as wholesome as piss play.

Titanmen’s way of getting around that was to have a separate “Director’s Cut” DVD version of the film only available from our website and a “Water Sports Extra” scene only for the website.

Trespass is a classic Titanmen movie that – now 15 years old(!?!) – is still cited as one of the hottest gay porn films ever. Dred Scott became an instant mega-porn star over night. People still talk about how this changed everything for them and how they viewed gay male sexuality.

The “Water Sports Extra” has a section that isn’t part of the film it’s just a few short clips of the whole cast pissing alone in a field. It also has a lot of piss play including boots, piss-filled condoms and of course a lot of facial piss shots.

This isn’t the only “Water Sports Extra” you’ll find on other classics like Breathless and Fallen Angel (even Campus Pizza has a whole series of them), but this is the one you wanna see first.

4. Rogue Status and Felix Barca

The focus of this ‘Skin Heads And Bleachers” scene isn’t piss, but the scene was so hot (and the piss section part of it rocks) that I had to include it.

5. Spencer Reed and JR Matthews

What would a rubber scene be without piss? Those two fetishes almost go hand in hand. So mixing together the Prince Charming looks of JR Matthews, the Executioner look of Spender Reed and rubber fetish uniforms together (Spencer wears a stunning bleacher style and JR looks like a CHP Officer)… it’s perfect.

Spencer doesn’t give JR much of a break. Fucking his mouth, his hole and drenching him through the whole scene (at one point making JR drench himself), this is an intense, non-stop fuck and piss fest.



6. Boys Will Be Boys scene from Men’s Room 2 – Gale Force.

I blogged about this yesterday, but didn’t really go too deep into the piss aspect of it. Any Joe Gage movie that takes place in a men’s room is gonna have some piss, of course, but this one starts with 4 young punks pissing at a trough in front of each other and checking out each other’s dicks. The four streams at once makes things hotter. The bulk of the scene is about the bad sheriff making the young bucks suck each other off and then get into a 6-man pile on, but just when you think it’s over, the piss starts flowing again.

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Adam Herst and the Happy Pig Face.


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I got a laugh out of this cute clip of Adam Herst stretching out his hole with the Beer Bottle-shaped dildo used in his scene with Anthony London in Pumped, Pissed and Pounded.

Click Here to see the whole movie Pumped Pissed and Pounded at Titanmen.

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Check out more stills and a preview of the scene after the jump…

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On set shooting “Pissed And Probed.”


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I got sent these gems by one of the crew who worked on the new Titanmen Rough movie Pissed and Probed. While the movies are dark and rough and powerful, the guys always tell me they have a blast on set together shooting the scenes.

I can imagine the kind of vibe on set is… pretty inspiring.

Click here to see the whole movie at Titanmen…

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Two Pissers is better than One


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OK, I pissed THAT one up.

A couple days ago I posted this clip of Adam Herst taking a mid-scene piss break while shooting a scene with Deven James for the Titan Rough movie Leather and Piss,

Except I messed up the video link and some of you couldn’t play it.

Well, it’s fixed now… and here’s another clip with both Adam and Deven to… wet your thirst for more…


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