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Bad Cop 2: Internal Investigation

They’ve made their pledge to serve and erect. When long shifts are over, aggression takes control at a precinct where the officers break their own rules. Get arrested by TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele, who leads an Internal Investigation where blue steel meets blue balls.

Shift Change: Towering cop Dakota Rivers takes aim at Jeremy Spreadums, tasering his admirer with a few loaded weapons.

Break Room: Micah Brandt submits to alpha authority figure Tex Davidson, who chokes the sucker with his tool before piledriving his hole.

End of Watch: Keeping his sunglasses on the whole time, Bruce Beckham stays cool as things heat up by the lockers with fellow hung and horned officer Jason Vario.

Mid-Shift: Big-dicked daddy Dallas Steele gets aroused at the station, exchanging expert baton work with Dakota Rivers before offering his ass to the jock cop.

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Muscle Daddies

Older. Wiser. Hornier. When it comes to sex, salt and pepper are the best seasonings. Watch TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman, Liam Knox and Dallas Steele prove that age and experience make Muscle Daddies the biggest catch in town.

How do you guzzle a huge, thick dick? Dallas Steele and Jason Vario show you how it’s done before Dallas bends over and gets his sweaty ass slammed.

Big daddy Jesse Jackman gets what he wants, the towering top taking charge of bearded bottom Steve Roman in a grunt-filled suck and fuck.

As their big bulges burst out of their jockstraps, Liam Knox and Luke Adams kiss their way through a passionate poolside flip fuck with a memorably wet ending.

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Hair… There and EVERYWHERE…. no really, it’s like two fur balls fucking…


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Jesse Jackman brings his buddy Steve Roman by the Titanmen set to shoot a scene for our new movie Muscle Daddies. Steve’s big, round, hairy ass gets devoured by Jesse… clearly enjoying every inch of it.

Jesse’s huge hard dick swells to full size and soon Steve is down on his knees taking as much of it down his throat as he can. And that’s a whole lot of dick.

Soon, Steve is on his back getting all that dick shoved up his asshole. Straining with the girth of Jesse’s dick, he manages to get it all in… barely.

You’re gonna love this movie.

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Dirk makes Jackson Grant “Cum Laude.”


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Dirk Caber plays the “Dirty Professor” in Cum Laude. A university prof brings three of his favorite students to his summer home for some fun in the sun by the pool.

Jackson Grant makes his Titanmen debut in this scene… and it’s a stunner. On top of the action being top-notch, the scene looks hot enough that you’ll want to jump into the action and join in. Beautifully shot with a warm summer sun beaming down on the men.

cuml_action_1_DirkJackson_0024 cuml_action_1_DirkJackson_0013 cuml_action_1_DirkJackson_0005 cuml_action_1_DirkJackson_0073 cuml_action_1_DirkJackson_0100 cuml_action_1_DirkJackson_0193 cuml_sc_1_DirkJackson_006 cuml_action_1_DirkJackson_0124 cuml_sc_1_DirkJackson_015 cuml_sc_1_DirkJackson_018 cuml_action_1_DirkJackson_0134 cuml_action_1_DirkJackson_0136 cuml_sc_1_DirkJackson_024

CLICK HERE to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Liam Knox and Eddy CeeTee in the conclusion of SLING


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Last week’s scene with Tex Davidson and Alex Mecum started with a quick scene taking place at the Gear Leather store in Palm Springs where deliveryman Tex chats with store manager Eddy CeeTee… Tex is going to deliver a sling to a new customer and Eddy is going to head to the factory to meet the new designer.

I hear he’s hot.”

slng_action_3_LiamEddy_0911 slng_action_3_LiamEddy_0922 slng_action_3_LiamEddy_0941 slng_action_3_LiamEddy_0963 slng_action_3_LiamEddy_1004

This week’s conclusion of the movie (shot mostly at the Jim Support Factory where they make slings, fuck benches, rim seats and all sorts of fun fuck furniture) has Eddy arriving to meet the new designer Liam… and of course it’s not long before the two are naked trying out the new fuck bench.

Eddy grinds his bulge against Liam’s ass: “Looks good. How does it feel?” They rub each other’s buff bodies and take off their tanks, kissing as their hairy pecs meet. Eddy releases Liam’s cock, sucking the moaner deep. He gets pulled up for a kiss before Liam returns the favor—grunting as he swallows Eddy’s thick beauty (“Play with my balls!”). Liam bends over, offering his furry hole for Eddy’s tongue (“Arch that ass up!”). Eddy pounds the verbal bottom from behind, Liam’s tight ass rippling (“Gimmie that fucking dick!”).

slng_action_3_LiamEddy_1074 slng_sc_1_LiamEddy_016 slng_sc_1_LiamEddy_010 slng_sc_1_LiamEddy_006 slng_action_3_LiamEddy_1118 slng_action_3_LiamEddy_1102 slng_action_3_LiamEddy_1058

Liam turns over, his hard cock bouncing as Eddy fucks him fast. Eddy then offers his ass in the sling, gripping onto the chain as he gets owned (“You like that dick?”). The excited stud gets on his back, yelling “Keep fucking me! Fuck me hard!” as he strokes out his load, his sac sliding against Liam’s hairy groin. Liam then dumps his hot load all over the bottom’s cock.

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Jack Vidra joins the Titanmen with a scene featuring Matthew Bosch


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Titanmen exclusive Matthew Bosch is joined by red-head porn god Jack Vidra in his debut scene on Titanmen in the new movie Pool Service.

Click Here to watch the full scene. 

Under the blazing-hot California sun, Matthew Bosch and Jack Vidra show off their amazing bodies, big dicks (especially Matthew’s thick 10″ uncut monster) and hairy bodies… but it’s the primal chemistry between the two that really elevates this scene to “Instant Classic” status.


What works about this scene even better than the flip-fuck action is the smiles, kissing, laughing, eye contact and obvious mutual sexual attraction between these two men.

Click Here to watch the whole scene at Titanmen.

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Featuring the hottest roster in all of gay porn… men like Dred ScottDean FlynnJesse JackmanFrancois SagatDamien StoneHunter MarxDario BeckNick PrescottJay BentleyDavid AnthonyScott Hunter and MANY more…

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TitanMen Receives 42 Grabby Nominations


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(SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 16th 2017) – The TitanMen brand and their exclusive performers received 42 Grabby Award nominations, making it one of the most nominated studios in the 2017 Grabby Awards.  TitanMen exclusive performers received 17 nominations, and the TitanMen brand receiving 25 nominations.

“I am so proud that all the hard work Jasun Mark and our team has put in over the past year is being recognized,” says Keith Webb, Vice President of TitanMen. “Through the combined efforts of our exclusive performers, along with some of the most technically advanced and creative film makers in the industry, 2016 was a banner year for the TitanMen brand.”

Presented by Grab Magazine for over 21 years, the awards are the longest-running gay adult video awards show in history.  This year’s awards will be based out of the luxurious Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park Hotel with the awards ceremony on Saturday May 27th. For tickets, additional information and a complete list of nominations please visit


Leading the way are the blockbuster films Cauke for FREE and OUT, each with 8 nominations. Cauke for FREE is nominated for Best Movie, Best Director (Jasun Mark), Best Actor (Matthew Bosch), Best Supporting Actor (Jesse Jackman), Best Screenplay, Best Duo, Hottest Rimming and Hottest Flip (Matthew Bosch, Alex Mecum).   OUT received noms for Best Movie, Best Actor (Jesse Jackman), Best Director (Jasun Mark) Best Screenplay, Best Videography, Best Duo (Jesse Jackman, Dallas Steele), Best Supporting Actor (Jesse Jackman) and Hottest flip (Jesse Jackman, Nick Prescott). Additionally, Rough Trade received 3 nominations, Stopover in Bonds Corner received 2 nominations and BeardsBlue Printand Package each received one nomination.

TitanMen exclusive performers were heavily nominated with Jesse Jackman leading the pack with 10 nominations, followed by Matthew Bosch and Dallas Steele each with 7 nominations, Hunter Marx with 3 nominations, Lorenzo Flexx with 2 nominations and Nick Prescott with 1.


TitanMen in-house director and production head Jasun Mark received 6 nominations for Best Director (Cauke for FREE, OUT), Best Screenplay (Cauke for FREE, OUT), Best Videography (OUT), and Best Still Photographer.

And a shout-out to TitanMen fan-favorite performers Dirk Caber, Bruce Beckham, Luke Adams, Jason Vario, Adam Ramzi, Jack Vidra, Alex Mecum, Tex Davidson, Bennett Anthony, Micah Brandt, Brendan Patrick, Max Sargent and Hugh Hunter for their nominations! powered by GayDVDEmpire/TLAgay, features all available TitanMen DVDs, toys and lube. In addition, you can now find out of print movie titles from TitanMen, TitanMen Fresh, MSR Video and ROUGH thru the exclusive Ready-Disc Program – custom manufactured-on-demand discs, complete with full packaging and artwork.


TitanMen DVDs are available at wholesale exclusively thru For more information contact Andrew Quaintance, Vice President of Sales, Pulse Distribution


TitanMen Toys and lube are available at wholesale thru for more information contact Scott Watkins, VP of Sales and Marketing, Doc Johnson


The complete list of TitanMen Nominations:




  • Jasun Mark – Cauke for Free – TitanMen
  • Jasun Mark – OUT – TitanMen



  • Jesse Jackman, Jasun Mark, Keith Webb – Cauke For Free – TitanMen
  • Jesse Jackman, Jasun Mark, Keith Webb – OUT – TitanMen




  • Stopover in Bonds Corner – Titanmen


  • Jasun Mark – OUT– TitanMen


  • Rough Trade– TitanMen


  • Matthew Bosch & Alex Mecum – Cauke for Free – TitanMen
  • Jesse Jackman & Nick Prescott – OUT – TitanMen


  • Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx & Max Sargent – Package – TitanMen
  • Luke Adams, David Anthony & Dallas Steele – Stopover in Bonds Corner – TitanMen


  • Matthew Bosch – Cauke for Free – TitanMen
  • Jesse Jackman – OUT – TitanMen


  • Jesse Jackman – Cauke for Free – TitanMen
  • Dallas Steele – OUT – TitanMen



  • Matthew Bosch & Alex Mecum – Cauke for Free – TitanMen
  • Jesse Jackman & Dallas Steele – OUT – TitanMen


  • Matthew Bosch & Alex Mecum – Cauke for Free – TitanMen







  • Jesse Jackman
  • Dallas Steele


  • Hunter Marx
  • Dallas Steele


  • Lorenzo Flexx
  • Matthew Bosch


  • Matthew Bosch



  • Jasun Mark




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Director’s Blog: Dallas Steele and Alex Mecum in AUDITION


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I stayed awake all night before this shoot kinda… freaking out.

Not because I was worried about my performers. I had an ace cast. Dirk Caber who’s been a Titan Man longer than I’ve worked here.  Liam Knox had done a couple scenes for us already and his acting wasn’t anything I was worried about. My two main stars for this scene were Dallas Steele and Alex Mecum. They’re amazing. Dallas and Alex are not only hot men who do great performances every single time we shoot together and they can both act well enough to carry off their couple of lines…

No, the reason I was kinda freaking out was that I had to also appear on camera for the first time since 2015 when we shot the Dallas/Jesse duo in OUT. And I’m just… a regular guy who now has to stand next to those Titans. That was kinda scary. But the guys totally stole the show. Most people won’t even notice me buried next to everyone else.

And of course, I was the only one really playing myself. I just had to do a regular photoshoot with Dallas and Alex like I normally do, and both of those men always look great on camera. So really, I just had to give my usual “grab your abs, chin down, big smile, exhale….” that I usually do.

Once we got past the opening bit, we turned it into a regular scene. I uttered my line… “ACTION.” And BANG… Dallas and Alex both rose to the occasion. When I have two vers performers, I always hope to get a flip scene… I always think those are the hottest. Both me were into it, so that’s what we got. I shot the whole thing on one couch and one main camera angle so it wasn’t a lot of moving around, I had to let the men steal the scene… and they did. I wasn’t worried about that, those guys can always deliver.

One of the biggest challenges when you’re shooting on a smaller piece of furniture like a couch is finding more than just a couple of angles to shoot… above, below, straight on… those are usually easy, but under shots, over shots, front and behind.. those can sometimes be a challenge to light and frame well.

This is a short movie… it’s got very little story, three scenes and while I had a lot of fun shooting the opening bits, I didn’t have much story to tell… so the men had to steal the movie from me… they did.

Hope you like this scene. This is two of the biggest porn stars of the moment doing what they do best and I’m very proud to be the one who got to shoot this one.

You can watch the whole movie at Titanmen.

Members of Titanmen get full, unrestricted access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue. That’s over 20 years of the best gay porn made. Streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices, it’s like having a complete Titanmen library in your back pocket… any time the mood strikes you.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Parole


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We always love it when Gay Comic Geek reviews our movies. His take on porn is great… and yes, we’ve taken his opinions as great advice on scenes, too.

Here is is reviewing Parole. You can watch the full movie at Titanmen… Parole_Banner

Members of Titanmen get full, unrestricted access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue. That’s over 20 years of the best gay porn made. Streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices, it’s like having a complete Titanmen library in your back pocket… any time the mood strikes you.

Prefer to download and watch offline? Members can download and save their favorite scenes.

Click Here to get the full movie at Titan.

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Ever Wonder How To Become A Titan Man?


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It’s one of the most common questions that we at Titan get.

“How can I get in a Titan movie?”

There are a bunch of ways. First… you gotta have what it takes. The body, the face, the attitude, the look and a love of performing on camera. You gotta be into Titanmen… we work with gay men who want to show off that natural gay masculinity and sexuality. We want to show real chemistry on video. It’s the secret to our success.

If you happen to know or be friends with one of the Titanmen… ask them to forward your pics to us. We’ll happily take a loot.

If you don’t… we have an online application at Titanmen here.

You can also just be spotted by one of our scouts.


The new Titanmen movie Audition tells the story of how Kevin/Liam Knox came to be the newest Titanmen Exclusive. Out for a run, Kevin runs past Dirk Caber and after some eye fucking, the two hook up at Dirk’s house for some real fucking…

Recognizing Dirk, Kevin tells him he’s always wanted to be in porn and asks if he can maybe visit the set. Watch for scene one tomorrow night at midnight…

Click Here to go to Titanmen…

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Couple hits of the Sledge Hammer and phase three of Titanmen’s “Renovation Series” is in full swing.

Starting with Blueprint and continuing with Say Uncle, Titanmen have been doing a movie about remodeling a house from the planning stages (in scenes with Dallas Steele & Bruce Beckham, Dirk Caber & Adam Ramzi and Matthew Bosch & Eric Nero) and moving onto the work on the pipes and electric removal (in scenes with Eric Nero & Max Sergeant and Tex Davidson & Luke Adams).

Now ready for the house to come down.. Titanmen are proud to present Demolition. Starting with Eric Nero (reprising his role as Big D) and Bruce Beckham (reprising his role as the lead designer) having a fast fuck on the desk and then following up with the crew having their own fun… even Dirk Caber and Adam Ramzi come back to reprise their scene together… this time blowing off the roof.

Next Stage… the walls come down…

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At least 2016 Gets A Happy Ending at Titanmen…


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We here at the Titanmen blog want to thank you all for the fun we’ve had here over the last year. We’ve had some super-hot sneak previews of movies, some exclusive BTS clips, a few special words from Titanmen stars and of course… the best place for info about all things Titanmen.

And how it’s our chance to thank you. Starting today and only until January 2nd, get a FULL year of Titanmen at the super special Blog Readers, Social Media Fans price of $79.99. That’s a full $40 off the regular price.


Membership with gives you Full, Unlimited access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue. That’s over 2000 videos going back over 20 years… the top stars, the top directors and the top award-winning movies. Some of the best gay porn ever made, all streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices.

It’s like having the full Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket whenever you want it.

Prefer to download? Members can download their favorite scenes DRM-Free.

Click Here to take advantage of this special offer.. it’s only available for 3 days…

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Titanmen Signs Liam Knox to an Exclusive Contract


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(San Francisco, December 20th, 2016) TitanMen is pleased to announce they have signed industry newcomer Liam Knox as their newest exclusive performer. Knox, a professional trainer and bodybuilder, stands 5’9” tall, weighs in at 215bs. with a 50” chest, 30” waist, 20” arms and 26” thighs….100% pure BEEF! His sexy Southern twang and amazing smile will melt the hearts, and holes, of his co-stars and fans!

image003The 41-year-old Knoxville Tennessee native will make his gay porn premier in a February 2017 feature set to release for Valentines’ day, co-starring with TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele. Followed by a March 2017 film where he headlines as the up and coming new pornstar, based on the real life story of TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman’s entry into the gay adult industry.

“It’s been AMAZING working with TitanMen! I remember seeing the men of Titan when I first started watching porn,” says Knox. “I’m honored to be amongst their legendary stable of exclusives.”

image004“The moment Liam walked onto the set of his first movie, we knew we had something magic,” says Jasun Mark, Director of Production. “Yes, he’s stunningly handsome with a great body, but his charming southern gentleman style won over the cast and crew instantly. That smile and accent is the finishing touch. Can’t wait for fans to meet him in his debut scene with Dallas Steele, but after that he’ll play the lead in a movie that will answer the question we get all the time… “how does one become a Titan Man.””

You can follow Liam on his social media accounts at

“Liam is the epitome of a TitanMan,” says Keith Webb, VP and managing partner at TitanMen. “He’s smart, sexy, built like a superhero with a humble and thoughtful personality. It takes more than just good looks to be a TitanMan, it takes an extra level of intelligence and masculinity that Liam has in droves!”

Liam, and all the TitanMen exclusives, are an integral part of the reenergized TitanMen brand focus. For 20 years the TitanMen brand has stood for masculine, muscular men and has celebrated the unique sexual connection and energy that can only be found between gay men. Liam joins a celebrated roster of TitanMen exclusives alongside Jesse Jackman, Dallas Steele, Hunter Marx, Matthew Bosch, Lorenzo Flexx, Nick Prescott, Eric Nero, David Anthony and Eddy Ceetee. In addition, TitanMen will be featuring leading industry stars like Adam Ramzi, Bruce Beckham, Alex Mecum, Dirk Caber, Luke Adams, Jason Vario and more. has re-launched a new and improved responsive tour featuring high definition movie trailers and images, which has already increased conversions across all traffic sources. Affiliates looking to promote the iconic gay brand can sign up at to make money from their gay traffic., powered by and , features all available TitanMen DVDs, toys and lube. In addition, you can now find out of print movie titles from TitanMen, TitanMen Fresh, MSR Video and ROUGH thru TLA’s exclusive Ready-Disc Program – custom manufactured-on-demand discs, complete with full packaging and artwork.

TitanMen DVDs are available at wholesale exclusively thru For more information contact Andrew Quaintance, Vice President of Sales, Pulse Distribution

TitanMen Toys and lube are available at wholesale thru for more information contact Scott Watkins, VP of Sales and Marketing, Doc Johnson

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Titanmen Receives 17 Cybersocket Nominations


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Screenshot 2016-09-29 21.57.21

The annual Cybersocket Awards nominations came out with numerous nods to Titanmen movies and stars.

4659-set-1xJesse Jackman received FOUR nominations, Best Porn Blog, Best Porn Star, Best Personality and as a performer along with Eric Nero in Jail Break.

Receiving THREE nominations was Dallas Steele, nominated for Best Porn Star, Best Personality and Best Newcomer.

Receiving TWO nominations is Eric Nero, both for performances… one with Jesse Jackman in Jail Break and one with Tex Davison in Taxman Cumeth.

4533-set-1xAlso receiving TWO nominations was our political satire that skewers closeted gay conservatives, Cauke For President. Nominated for both Best Movie and Best Parody/Satire.

Former Titanmen star Keith Webb got nominated as Business Person of the year.

Congratulations to all the nominees… you can VOTE HERE.


Best Porn Blog

Jesse Jackman

Best Video Site 


Best Fetish Site

Titan Rough

Best Personality

Jesse Jackman, TitanMen

Dallas Steele

Best Porn Star

Dallas Steele

Jesse Jackman, TitanMen

plus our good friends and regular stars

Adam Ramzi

Bruce Beckham

Best Movie or Web Series

Cauke for President from TitanMen

4521-set-1xBest Sex Scene

Best Newcomer
Best Porn Parody or Satire
also… in the Industry Choice awards…
Business Person of the Year
Best Adult Content Producer
Company Of The Year
Best Affiliate Program

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PinkX launches the 5th edition of PinkX Gay Video Awards with its first Awards Ceremony !


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The PinkX Gay Video Awards is going to celebrate their 5th birthday. From 12th September till 12th October 2016, professional and public will vote for their favorite movies, porn stars, scenes and directors on the website Last year’s edition reached more than 15 000 votes from all over the world.

But for the first time, PinkX is also very proud to announce that the PinkX Gay Video Awards’ ceremony will set on Saturday 29th October at “Le Gibus”, famous gay club in Paris.

Starting at 9 pm, the ceremony hosted by Sister Roma will join the select club of gay porn events such as GayVN Awards, Hustlaball, Prowler Porn Awards… 11 awards will be given during that magic and amazing night, shot and broadcast in exclusivity on International labels (producers + directors) and famous porn stars have already confirm their coming ! A limited number of tickets for the ceremony will be available on presales.

After midnight, it’s time for a huge and sexy party with shows by PinkX gogo’s and by Adam Ramzi and Falcon Studios’ exclusive Sebastian Kross and Ryan Rose. Music by Leomeo (international known DJ, Pierre et Gilles’ icon) and Andrei Olariu (Gibus’ resident).

More info and presales :

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Senator Mike Cauke Announces Formation of Political Action Committee, CAUKEpac


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WASHINGTON, June 13 — Former U.S. Senator Mike Cauke is proud to announce the formation of a new 501(c)(4) political action committee called Concerned Americans for Understanding, Kindness and Equality, or CAUKEpac. The PAC will focus on efforts to pass nationwide workplace non-discrimination legislation for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans.

Since leaving the U.S. Senate in early 2016, Sen. Cauke has come out as a proud gay man. This realization has lead him to become a champion for LGBTQ rights, in an effort to make amends for his many years of opposition to progressive gay rights legislation.

“I know I can never fully atone what I did in the Senate in a selfish effort to hide my own sexuality,” says Cauke. “But I hope that my actions can speak louder than my words, and that I can help enact workplace non-discrimination laws that protect all LGBTQ Americans. Equal rights are human rights, and no one should ever be fired for legally marrying the person they love.”

The website has been launched to help advance the FREE Act (Fair and Responsible Employment Equality). The bill, H.R. 1269, is currently stalled in the House Education and Labor committee. CAUKEpac has been pressing House Speaker Ryan Paul and his fellow conservatives to allow the bill to come to the House floor for a full vote by the end of the current legislative session.

Senator Cauke is joined by former U.S. Rep. John Colby, who will serve as Managing Director and chief lobbyist for CAUKEpac. Sgt. Daniel Bingham, USMC (ret.) is CAUKEpac’s Director of Public Relations, and Washington insider Seth Murray has been tapped to be the organization’s Associate Director of Strategy.

Please visit for additional information, and to view the first FREE Act campaign ad that is scheduled to run in 31 states in the upcoming months.

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