Oops… you dropped the soap.


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The newest scene from Joe Gage’s excellent new movie “Inmates.”

Now playing at Titanmen VOD.

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And the newest Titanmen blog belongs to…


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Here at Titanmen we’re going to be bringing you a lot of Behind-The-Scenes content, plenty of fun exclusive looks at production and giving some of our Titanmen their own place to tell you about their favorite movies, tell you what they’re up to and where they’ve been. Maybe some vacation pictures and a few clips of their cats.

First up was none other than François Sagat who has been blogging up a storm recently and keeping us all entertained.

But the next addition to what we hope will become a large network of time-wasting fun is Dario Beck who has just started to blog for us. First up are couple of videos showing this disarmingly handsome Italian/German hunk from Bareclona having some fun while in San Francisco plus a bit of a story about his first-ever scene for Titan with Dean Flynn and Marco Blaze.

Go read Dario’s blog now…

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Two Days Only… 50% OFF Titanmen Membership!


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Just today and tomorrow… join Titanmen and get access to their HUGE catalogue online… every scene and movie plus all the behind-the-scenes fun, our takes, interviews plus Cumshot and Watersports compilations. LOTS of content you don’t get on DVD..

There are TWO new scenes this week, the final scene from Blind Spot with Marco Wison and Jessie Colter is a mega-hot sex scene shot in the blazing sun and open space in the Southern California Dessert.

You can also check out Allen Silver as the VERY bad Warden in Inmates, Joe Gage’s already-famous movie about young men in jail and all the trouble they get up to…

Join now and get the first month for an incredible 50% off.

More pictures after the jump…

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Titanmen Mega Sale at the DVD Store


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This is one of the best deals ever from the Titanmen DVD store. Mix and Match DVD collections, catch up with the movies you wanted to see and fill in the blanks in your back catalogue.

Getting a 50% OFF discount on our newest DVD/BluRay/Digital Copy sets is huge. I could make suggestions of my own favorite movies from the collection like Copperhead Canyon, Chainsaw, Impulse, Fixation, and of course Jury Duty. But I’m sure you’ll get a great set for yourself.

Then less than $8 for 12 DVDs from our classic titles. Again.. I can suggest a lot like Reserve Duty, Special Delivery, Farm Fresh, Countryside,  Surprise Package and a bunch of the Manplay titles (my favorites are Prowl 1 & 2 and Hardwork 22). But at that price… you can judge a few movies by their covers.

This sale lasts all weekend… Enjoy…



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Inmates Trailer with Allen Silver, Hunter Marx, Troy Daniels and more…


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Joe Gage does it again. Just recently Dario Beck took a trip to Alcatraz and joked about his favorite prison porn movies. Inmates wasn’t out yet but I’m pretty sure it would have been on the list.

Allen Silver is one of the hottest “daddies” in porn but putting him in the “older” category is a shame; Even fans who generally like the bigger and more muscular Titanmen like Spencer Reed or the twenty-something cocky, tattooed boys like Junior Stellano or even the beefy snuggle toys like Hunter Marx all agree that Allen is deserving of a place among the best Titanmen stars.

But yeah, that perfect blend of gentle Dad and intense sexual animal is part of what makes him boner-inducing. And having him featured in another Titanmen movie is just another chance to see him paired up with some of the hottest men in porn.

Inmates is now playing only on Titanmen VOD or on a special DVD/BluRay/Digital Copy pack at the Titanmen Store.

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Allen Silver stars in “Inmates.”


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I only just got home and finally got the chance to spend a bit of “Quality Time” alone with my iPad watching the first scene from Joe Gage’s new movie “Inmates” which, aside from hunks like Troy Daniels and Devin Adams and a quick cameo from Hunter Marx and Leo Forte (more of them later)… it’s got my favorite daddy Allen Silver who seems to get hotter as time goes by.

Anything with Allen Silver in it is something that’s going to cause calluses on my palms. Scene one is already out on Titanmen now…


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Xbiz Award Nominations…


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The office today is buzzing with the excitement of receiving 8 Xbiz award nominations. This is an award show that we really support. It’s an industry event that doesn’t get bogged down with politics and who bought ad space where. Instead, this is an award show that honors many people who really deserve recognition. We couldn’t be more proud of our performers David Anthony, Hunter Marx and Jesse Ares plus directors Joe Gage, Brian Mills and Paul Wilde.

I’ll keep you up to date on how the show goes in January.

Titan Media’s 2012 Xbiz awards nominations are:

Gay Studio of the Year
Titan Media

Gay Performer of the Year
David Anthony (Blind Spot) Hunter Marx (Overheated) Jessy Ares (Overheated)
David Anthony,
TitanMen Exclusive
Hunter Marx,
TitanMen Exclusive
Jessy Ares,
TitanMen Exclusive

Gay Movie of the Year
Full Fetish (Titan Media)
Jury Duty (Titan Media)

Gay Director of the Year
Joe Gage, Jury Duty (Titan Media)
Brian Mills & Paul Wilde, Full Fetish (Titan Media)

The 10th annual Xbiz awards will be presented January 10th, 2012, in Los Angeles. The Xbiz Awards highlight a week of industry trade events including digital media conference XBIZ LA. For almost a decade the Xbiz awards have brought together the very best of the adult entertainment in one the biggest nights of the year. An Xbiz Award is the one of the most prestigious symbols of success within the adult industry.


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Francois Sagat – Making Incubus


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Francois Sagat’s Incubus: Pre-production documentary from Titan Men on Vimeo.

Francois Sagat just posted this extremely enjoyable documentary about the preproduction of his movie “Incubus” which is due out next month on Titanmen.

Gilles Bindi’s revealing look at François Sagat as he prepares to enter a new stage in his life, moving from performer to director, writer and producer. Shot primarily in Paris as he contemplates his place in the adult industry, his own sexual personal development and what’s motivated him to make changes in his life, François allows a rare peek into the enigmatic artist’s world. Featuring his co-director and mentor Brian Mills, Francois is preparing for the production of the first feature he’ll helm, “Incubus.” We get to see the inter-continental pre-production meetings as well as get a glimpse of the costumes from designers like Slick It Up, Charlie Le Mindu (most recently known for his designs for Lady Gaga) and Sagat himself. A fascinating look at a fascinating figure, one we rarely get to see in such casual and un-scripted settings.

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GayCities Top 6


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Titanmen made GayCities’ list of the 6 studios that made San Francisco the Capital of Gay Porn. That half of our movies are shot in the glorious Palm Springs, I guess, didn’t really factor into their equation. We’re proud, either way, to have been named on the list.

Read the whole thing at GayCities.

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The Triumphant Return of François Sagat


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When I recently posted a few videos from this year’s Folsom Street Fetish Fair people got a glimpse of new Titan Exclusive Jesse Jackman (who already has a large and growing fan base before his first scene is released) but what created the most buzz and explosion of internet rumors was the appearance of legendary Titan performer.

Some said he was retired from porn and only appeared as one last goodbye (false).

Some said he was returning to performing and some said that he was coming back as a director. Now we know that the answer is “both.” It’s been a Titan secret for a few months now and a few performers have whispered about their involvement in the project that was code-named “Sagat” for a while now but no real information has come to light.

Today, Titan Men announced that in December, they plan to release Part 1 of “François Sagat’s Incubus” which, from the look of the tester trailer is just the kind of wild, crazy and surreal movie we could expect from the enigmatic and fascinating mind of Mr. Sagat. As far as “what is this movie about” goes, the trailer itself seems to give us more questions than answers. I caught a quick glimpse of what looks like Aymeic Deville and hunter Marx kissing, a picture of what appears to be Francois wrestling with himself underwater, a shadow of someone alone in the desert, Francois suspended in the air being forced to watch a video screen and what looks like a giant, scary-ass rabbit.

The lead-off trailer is R-rated but Titan promises an X-rated clip soon along with daily “Behind The Scenes” and “Making Of” clips which will be released to François’ revamped and relaunched blog at

Keep watching this space and Mr. Sagat’s blog for more info as we near the release.

If you want to see Francois in action now, Titan Men is having a Hallowe’en Special Sale where you can get a full year of their unlimited VOD Streaming site for $99. That’s almost 80% off. Click Here to get in on that deal, it’s not going to last more than a few days.

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We’re an American… BANNED!!


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 Usually, you’d think that a “BFF” would be a good thing. However when it stands for “Bound, Flogged and Fisted,” it goes over the line but won’t go over the border. At least the Canadian one.

It seems that the delicate sensibilities of our friends to the direct north were a bit… ruffled by two of our Titan Rough movies, directed by our favorite killer teddy bear Paul Wilde. Bound, Flogged and Fisted and the Tony Buff co-directed Fist and Piss have been banned by Canadian border guards and copies of the two DVDs are not allowed into the country that invented the Pace Maker.

To be fair, Canada usually does have very liberal laws. They’ve had nationally recognized gay marriage for years and they’ve had gay military personnel for decades. You can even say “fuck” on regular broadcast TV up there after 9PM since all the good Canadian children have been shooed off to bed at 8.

The movies in question are part of the growing “Titan Rough” series that features extreme BDSM play, Water Sports, Fisting, Gear Play, Sounding and just about any other activity that might raise the eyebrows of those with more… vanilla tastes.

Here at Titan, we love it all. Anything that encourages men to get dirty and piggy and partake in a little male bondage bonding.

(still the greatest song in movie history.)


But don’t worry, my maple syrup-loving, Moose-eating and log-jamming lumberjacks to the north… they can stop physical copies from crossing the border but BOTH of these titles are available for viewing online from Titan VOD .  So you’ll be able to enjoy the wholesome entertainment of Titan Rough all in the privacy of your own home. Or… Igloo if you’re from Nunavut.

Xbiz has posted the full list of banned titles here…  Although I’m never an advocate of censorship and believe in free expression… just as a favor, please nobody EVER send me a screener copy of “The Texas Vibrator Massacre.”


Check out the gallery of stills from both of these movies after the jump.

If you think you can handle it…

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