Meet the TitanMen

The Men of Day Into Night.


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Here are all 6 men from the new Titanmen movie Day Into Night. Click Here to see the extended preview video at Titanmen..

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The Men of ‘Fast Paced.”


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The new Titanmen movie Fast Paced will be released tomorrow on DVD and at

Here’s your fist look at the cast… Titanmen Exclusives Nick Prescott and George Ce, returning friends Jake Genesis, Trenton Ducati, Marcus Rhul and JR Bronson.

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Tony Orion naked on a trampoline with a boner. That’s all.


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Our editor, T.P. Deaux (who, if there were awards for editing in porn, would deserve at least half a dozen of them), worked up this animated gif of Brazillian hottie Tony Orion.

Bouncing on a trampoline.

With a raging hard-on.

You’re welcome.

And you can see Tony in full motion action, with scene partner Alessio Romero, in Titanmen’s newest movie “Night Heat.”

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Stills by Marco VanRijt for LHOMO Magazine Netherlands- April issue  – styling JeanPaul Paula …

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Introducing New Titan Man Kevin Lee


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The new Titanmen movie Diversion is out and already, the gay porn blogs are all asking about Kevin Lee, who makes his debut in scene one. This muscular hunk from Chicago has been a stage performer for while and now makes his first porn appearance with Felix Barca.

divr_scene01_003The scene is a hot, outdoor fuck session with the two muscular men letting all their animal instinct out on each other. Kevin’s cock sucking skills are put on full display while he plays with Felix’s big uncut dick, then shows us what a real man looks like getting a good, swift fucking.

(fun note from the crew… this was shot in Oakland in a barely-hidden lot right next to the 580 Freeway. The only thing shielding them from the thousands of commuters was a large tarp hung up to obscure the view. You can hear the traffic throughout the scene and it makes it even hotter knowing that so many people passed right by without having any idea what they were passing by…)

You can see the whole scene at Titanmen here.

 Membership with Titanmen gets you Full and Unlimited Access to the entire Titanmen online collection. That’s over 17 years of the best Gay Porn ever made with some of the biggest stars in the industry. Guys like François Sagat, Josh West, Hunter Marx, David Anthony and Allen Silver.

All streaming in Crystal Clear HD to your computer or mobile devices.

That means you’ll have the entire Titanmen catalogue available to you anywhere.. Right in your back pocket.

And… you know… since it’s all just streaming… nobody else has to know.  Ya know?


Got an AppleTV and an iPhone or iPad? Use Airplay to stream all the movies to your big screen TV. It’s like having a Complete Titanmen DVD Collection and doesn’t take up an inch of shelf space.

BUT if you want… you can also download your favorite scenes DRM-Free. The best deal you could imagine.

Check out the gallery after the jump…

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Tour of The Titan Blogs


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Titanmen Legend François Sagat posted a video clip of a VERY dedicated fan getting his own François Sagat Tattoo.

We were all in awe of the amazing work before we knew who the fan was, but when it was revealed that “fan” was none other than Titanmen director Jasun Mark, we were even more intrigued.

Francois, for his part, added his own typical verbal mind fuck when he quipped “So if someone got a tattoo of Jasun, does that mean that they would also have a tattoo with a tattoo of me and my tattoo…. too? lol.”

Apparently the tattoo was done by artist Dave Davenport whose studio was used for the famous Tattoo 3-Way from GRIND that starred Christopher Daniels, Colin Stone and Caleb Colton.

wdaw_IMG_2033New Titanmen Exclusive star Nick Prescott launched his own blog just as his first appearance in a Titanmen movie is released.

Nick appears alongside Justin King in a scene from the new Titanmen movie Wide Awake. A surreal, visually stunning and just plain hot fuck scene with two VERY hot men…

After the scene was shot, however… Nick and Justin jumped into the pool to cool down in the 115° heat in Palm Springs that day. Not one to let that opportunity pass, Production Assistant David Richards handed Nick a GoPro camera and captured some of the fun going on underwater. Note that even though he’s been fucking for hours, Justin is hard again and ready for round two with Nick…

Check out Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott in Wide Awake here.

Check out Nick’s Blog Here.

David Anthony posted this VERY entertaining clip called “How to take a big dick. Starring Me.

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Making Scruffy


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The newest Titanmen movie Scruffy just got released to Titanmen and it’s at a special Sale Price on DVD at the Titanmen Store.

Starting with a stunning scene with Muscle Hunk Rogan Richards and Titanmen Exclusive Dario Beck starting by the pool in the blazing California sun, continuing with the first-ever scene shot by Titanmen Exclusive Jay Bentley with Dirk Caber and then ending with another outdoor romp featuring the two hairy daddies Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman and Anthony London out in a secluded mountain trail under the heavy green trees.

Check out previews of all the scenes over at

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Kick Sagat


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Earlier this month, our very good friend François Sagat let it be known that he had no plans to return to porn after going out with a HUGE hit in the back-to-back Incubus movies.

Incubus part 2 became a high point in an incredible career that you can see exclusively from Titanmen. Click Here to see the massive and stunning legacy that Francois left for his fans present and future.


He told us, however, that he wanted to leave people wanting more and that more we would GET.. just not more of the same.

Among the many projects he’s been telling us about is his first new project, KICK SAGAT, a T-shirt line that he and long-time collaborator Pierre-Henri dreamed up. If the name Pierre-Henri sounds familiar to you, he has already made an appearance on this blog in the behind-the-scenes documentary “Saturn’s Return” that followed Francois as he prepared to leave Paris to go shoot Incubus. Pierre-Henri appears in a scene where he and Francois try on the many different costumes designed for the movie.


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David Anthony explains how to get fucked by his REALLY BIG DICK…


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Yeah it’s huge… but he’ll help you take it and if you can’t… he’s got a few other ideas for you.

David Anthony tells us how he preps his bottoms to take that monster. This is from the set of Joe Gage’s “One Thing Leads To Another” available at Titanmen.

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Dangling Rogue


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Rogue Status hanging out on the set of Pumped, Pissed and Pounded before his scene with Titanmen Exclusive George Ce. The scene involved Rogue being suspended from the ceiling for the whole time, manipulated and turned around by George who stood on a high platform above the studio floor so the maximum views and angles could be shot. An excellent scene with two VERY hot men in some unique action from the Titan Rough series.

You can watch the trailer from this movie at

Check out all of George Ce’s movies here.

This DVD is currently on sale at the Titanmen DVD Store here

Check out some stills from this scene after the jump…

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Paul Wilde Teaches how to Clothespin your Friends.


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While shooting at the Mr. S Leather space last month for an up-coming Titanmen Rough movie, Paul Wilde gave Shay Michaels some quick tips on the best way to partake in a bit of light BDSM with some Clothespins and Aymeric Deville.

As an added bonus, Aymeric shows us how to lock up your balls.

There really never is a dull moment around here.

You can see Aymeric Deville’s Titanmen movies here. And you can see Shay Michaels in action at Titanmen here.

And check out the entire Titanmen Rough series here.

And remember… Titanmen is currently 50% Off when you get 6 Months for $69.95

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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An increasingly less regular collection of the best group emails floating around the Titanmen office intranet.

While shooting scenes with Titanmen exclusive Aymeric Deville plus Titanmen friends Wilfried Knight, Adam Russo, Shay Michaels and Lance Navarro, Titanmen director of production Paul Wilde took the guys on a field trip to Mr. S Leather in San Francisco’s SoMa district. A good time was had by all… (more video of the trip at Mancast)

Think Geek continues their line of bacon products. This time with the irresistible Talking Bacon Plush Toy. You’ve got a friend in meat.

The internet has ended with it’s ultimate goal…an educational Wiki Page with nothing but different GIF videos of different techniques for male masturbation. Try them all, one is just right for you.

In the interest of keeping Nickleback off of Titanmen, I’ll just link to this “bad video and song will eventually bite you in the ass” parody “Look At this Instagram.”

15 Facts you should know about your Penis.

More Disastrous Results of ending DADT. The Four-Military-Man Piggy Back.

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Joe Gage’s Special Reserve Still Shoot


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Titan Media Signs George Ce as Newest Exclusive Performer


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(San Francisco, November 6, 2012) Titan Media, parent company of gay mega-brands TitanMen and Titan Rough, is pleased to announce it has signed a multiyear contract making George Ce their newest exclusive performer.

The 30-year-old  TitanMen debut with Tristan Jaxx in the Wilde/Mark directed film Wide Open, released November 6th.

“George has a quality that’s a rare find in the industry,” says director Jasun Mark. “Ruggedly handsome, naturally muscular and masculine but with a disarming smile. His first scene with Tristan shows his ability to show his body from any angle and look stunning.”

Viewers will get a chance to see a lot of George in the coming months. He’ll also be featured in the highly-anticipated Strobe in a scene already being talked about on blogs with Samuel Colt plus scenes with Rogue Status and Felix Barca for Paul Wilde’s Titan Rough series.

Born in Eastern Europe (half Bulgarian and half German), George has the qualities of a TitanMan: Strong, handsome and sexually confident. His beefy, muscular physique and piercing eyes, dark body hair and a big, thick, uncut cock epitomizes a TitanMan.

“My first day on set was great,” says Ce. “The guys kept us all laughing and having fun, the action was hot and my scene partner Tristan Jaxx couldn’t have been better. I’m very much looking forward to many more scenes with the Titan family.”

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Francois In The Desert


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Doing some location scouting. The Desert in the Cochella Valley is stunning. Huge, and vast and many parts totally empty. Scorching hot and dry, desolate and rather beautiful.

Miles and miles of sand, rock, cactus and… since Francois asks, rattle snakes, tarantulas and scorpions.

Which is why he chose to smear himself with mud, lay naked on the ground and use it for the opening sequence of his movie Incubus.

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