Making Incubus

Looking up at Francois fucking. You’d have a hard time holding the camera still, too.


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People often ask about the shot from underneath when fucking in a porn movie. It’s always one of the hardest shots to get… here’s a complete, unedited clip.. you can hear the camera operator telling Francois to move his leg, Titanmen director Brian Mills yelling out to repeat lines to make sure they’re recorded. And yet… the guys keep on fucking…

This is some unedited footage from Incubus. The kind of thing that just gets incorporated into the movie. But this clip has been circulating the office for a couple weeks and considering how many times I’ve had to um… excuse myself and watch it on my iPad in the supply closet, AND considering how popular Francois is here, I figured this would be something that you’d all want to see.

Watch the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Brian Mills Head Cam.


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Titanmen director Brian Mills had a lot of fun with the new head cam he’d gotten to shoot parts of Incubus with Francois Sagat.

So he spent a couple days wearing it on his head to do some work and show people what he saw and did while shooting a porn movie. What he captures is… a mind-blowing and fascinating look into the making of Francois Sagat’s incredible movie.

You can watch both movies in the Incubus series at Titanmen.

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Francois In The Desert


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Doing some location scouting. The Desert in the Cochella Valley is stunning. Huge, and vast and many parts totally empty. Scorching hot and dry, desolate and rather beautiful.

Miles and miles of sand, rock, cactus and… since Francois asks, rattle snakes, tarantulas and scorpions.

Which is why he chose to smear himself with mud, lay naked on the ground and use it for the opening sequence of his movie Incubus.

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Behind the Scenes with Race Cooper and Tristan Jaxx


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Some behind the scenes fun with Tristan and Race while they were on set shooting their new scene for In Deep. Conversations turn from laughing at bloopers, wether a cut or uncut dick feels better to get fucked with, wether depth or width is better to make you cum, which positions look better vs which feel better and then a weird bit where they cast Harry Potter spells on each other.

This is on set at a porn shoot. Hot, funny, strange and obviously just as much fun as fucking with guys as hot as Tristan and Race Cooper.

You can see the finished movie In Deep (which also has scenes with  David Anthony, Christopher Daniels, Tibor Wolfe, Mack Manus and Kieron Knight) here at the newly-designed and totally-amazing new Titanmen Website.

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Classic Mov ies like Gorge, 110° In Tucson, Spy Quest and Breakers.

New Hits like Command Performance, Speechless, Surveillance, and the latest, In Deep.

Genre-Busting hits like Cirque Noir, Francois Sagat’s Incubus, the Fallen Angel Series and Slick Dogs.

PLUS some of Joe Gage’s best work with movies like Arcade on Route 9, Copperhead Canyon, the Men’s Room Series and his massive hit from last year “Inmates.”

Click Here to check it all out now… only at Titanmen.

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How To Take An Ass Shot with Francois Sagat


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Taking a picture of an ass isn’t just pointing and shooting, there’s an art to it. And the more beautiful the ass, the more care and thought you have to give to it.

This is a clip we haven’t seen before from the still shoots for Francois Sagat’s movie Incubus.

You can see the finished movie here. WELL worth it.


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“Fluffing” isn’t a job, it’s more of a “Perk.”


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Yesterday Jesse Jackman posted an article on his blog, complete with an accompanying video clip, about how he’s asked ALL the time how one gets a job as a “fluffer.” It’s a bit of a running joke in the porn industry how we hold open auditions for that job every Thursday afternoon (or it’s a running joke in my own office cubicle, anyway).

Francois Sagat also posted a short clip from that still shoot on his blog, chatting with Jesse and Christopher on set and over on Jasun Mark’s blog, there’s a rather hilarious clip of director Brian Mills telling the story of the shoot that seems more like Kafka.

But here’s what they were all REALLY here to do, which is have their promo shots for Incubus 2 taken, along with some “male bonding” that results from having to be hard and needing some… help.

The movie Incubus 2 is still available on DVD, OR you can streaming it in beautiful HD along with the entire Titanmen online catalogue at

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Shooting the Underwater Jack Off sequence in Francois Sagat’s Incubus


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The hottest part of this scene is seeing Jesse and Francois laughing so much white shooting this scene.

A couple days ago, Francois Sagat posted a montage of underwater test shots that were done in preparation before shooting the underwater wrestling a jerk off sequence in his movie Incubus. Here’s the actual shooting of the scene with Jesse Jackman, Francois Sagat, Brian Mills, Bruce Cam, Paul Wilde, Jasun Mark and also onset was Christopher Daniels who had a very brief cameo (you might not have realized that his legs appear in a 2-second glimpse underwater).

You can see the finished scene in Francois Sagat’s Incubus over at the new Titanmen website… 

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Editing Incubus 2 with Jesse Jackman


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Incubus 2: The Final Chapter will be taking up the story where part 1 ended… with Francois waking up to see he’s been manipulated by his evil side into murdering Hunter Marx in a sex club.

Above you’ll see Jesse Jackman getting a look at the final editing and polishing job done to the video and all the effects and tricks added. You’ll see just how much care and work went into this movie.

And Jesse looks SO handsome in his button down shirt and glasses.

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Making A Scene: Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Durano


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Just a peek at how much work and care goes into making a scene at Titanmen. From the large group of crew and the racks of gear, lights, cameras and even a floaty device to create waves reflected onto the men, Francois got a trial by fire as he learned how to direct and how to bring the ideas in his head to video.

We don’t always put cum shots into the BTS videos but this time it makes sense and besides… why not?

You’ll also see a blink-and-you’ll-misss-it cameo by Jesse Jackman who quietly sat off set and watched the process in the shadows.

I love seeing how porn is made and seeing the casual way that the stars interact with the crowd of people around them while they create the end result. It’s also fun to hear how the directors and cameramen are talking to the performers while they’re fucking. This only makes the whole thing hotter for me.

You can see the whole movie Incubus here on the new Titanmen Website that also gives you unlimited access to the entire online Titanmen catalogue (which contains nearly every movie Titan has released in their 17 years of producing movies) streaming in stunning HD to your computer or mobile devices.


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We could be Heroes…


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While Francois was choosing which of his designs he was going to put on each man in, the guys had a lot of fun posing and playing around. Being a porn star, the guys don’t generally get to work much with wardrobe as much as “bring a pair of jeans and boots and a T-shirt” and then all that gets tossed on the floor.

So… If you were a Super Hero and could choose any super power… what would it be?

This is from the up-coming Francois Sagat movie Incubus 2: The Final Chapter.

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François Sagat Directing…


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Last week François Sagat posted this very enjoyable clip on his blog. Never one to allow himself to just do the same thing over and over again, François took Incubus as a chance to learn how to direct. There have been some great Behind The Scenes clips posted from the making of Incubus and you can see just how much care and dedication the entire crew and cast had to delivering such a phenomenal movie.

Incubus 2: The Final Chapter comes out very soon…

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Making the “Incubus bed Sequence.”


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Here’s a cool “making of” clip from Incubus Part 1. After the editors went through the hundreds of hours of footage shot while Francois and the crew were making Incubus parts 1&2, they found enough that we’ll be able to show you every aspect of making the movie from preproduction to costume design to the shoots and still shoots and even how they did some of the special effects like the green screen body doubles and some of the really wild sequences like the rope tying and the score.

Stay Tuned.

OH… and the Valentine’s Day Sale has been extended!!

So you can still get full and unlimited access to Titan’s HUGE online catalogue streaming beautifully to your iPad, iPhone and computer (and with an Apple mobile device and an AppleTV, you can use airplay to stream to your big screen TV).

And it’s 50% off if you buy 6 months for $69.95.

Incubus Part 2 is out in March…

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Spencer Reed talks about his DJing and music


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Spencer Reed talking about his favorite music and his side-gig of DJing.

Check out his mixing here…

And you can check Spencer out in action at Titanmen in his most recent movie Incubus or his up-coming scene with Hunter Marx in Sticking Point coming VERY soon to Titanmen

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David Anthony’s new job: Fluffer


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OK so as I was VERY upset to find out, the job of “fluffer” isn’t a real one on a porn set. Apparently it’s an “Urban Legend.” And yes, I make air quotes when I say that.

I was also a bit sad when I found out that “filling the void of that nonexistent position” wasn’t in my job description as “Official Titan Blogger.”

Which is why my jock strap was a “heavily wooded area” when I found this clip of David Anthony helping Francois Sagat get hard on the set of Incubus: Part 2.

You can see all of Francois’s movies here and buy his DVDs and dildo here.

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Ever Choke Your Chicken in the Pale Moonlight?


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Every time I see clips from the Making Of Incubus, I’m blown away by how much work and attention to detail that Francois Sagat, Brian Mills and all of the guys put into it.

This clip is beautiful the way that the water is lit and glistening off François’s muscles and how the sound of the crickets and the water in the pool make it feel so secluded and intimate.

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